ARE YOU READY TO RUMBLE? Liberal Senate preselection Friday Fight Night reported at the speed of live


The positioning, the lobbying is over. At half-past seven this evening, the Policy Assembly of the Liberal Party will convene in Festival Centenary Hall for a gruelling knock-down slug-fest between candidates for the glittering prize of six years on the red leather in the states’ house. You even get to travel around the US calling yourself Senator where their Senators are many fewer in number proportionally and in some quarters are worshipped as household gods.

The doors to Centenary Hall at 104 Exhibition Street will be locked at 7.30pm. There are six candidates in the field and the fight night will include “round tables” of ten minutes with each candidate and following that each candidate receives six minutes to make a speech with four minutes of questions to all of the PA.

It is expected voting will start at 9.50pm for the first position and then a new vote each time a candidate is eliminated.

Faction boss and Turnbull numbers-man Senator Michael Ronaldson is expected to coast back comfortably as #1 Senate candidate with a fight to the death between caged contestants incumbent and devout Senator Julian McGauran and a well-credentialed pesky challenger in the form ex-McKinsey & Co. Oxford graduate and political staffer Ross Fox.

We will update this page with results as they come to hand.

May the best upholder of the Menzies legacy win.

Game on

In order to get the results as they come in via Twitter, be sure to refresh this page of freedom or if you’re a Twitter user get into it there. We’re not expecting a whole lot of action prior to the times outlined above but we’ll update when we hear anything interesting, like Old Man Winter David Kemp falling asleep or Ted Baillieu spewing profanities at rivals – real or imagined.

UPDATE: Senator Julian McGauran won in what was ultimately a very strong showing. Ross Fox had support from the younger Krogerites and in the final contest from some of the Baillieu brigade but in what some saw as a test of Peter Costello’s authority, McGauran enjoyed pretty overwhelming support.

McGauran’s pitch included references to his financing of country offices around the state with his own money and to the DLP that he also finances in order to continue its ongoing quest for the mistaken identity vote.

He showed the tremendous power of incumbency which still seemed to count in his favour despite or perhaps because of serving in the Senate since 1987.

So it’s six more years for Julian McGauran and a vote for Peter Costello should he one day decide to fulfil his destiny and claim the federal party leadership.



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141 responses to “ARE YOU READY TO RUMBLE? Liberal Senate preselection Friday Fight Night reported at the speed of live

  1. anon

    Why can’t we twitter ‘results as they come to hand’? How old school is this site?


    LOL, ok we’ll put them on twitter too.

  3. Noel Jackson

    As for round #2, why would you want to trust a known defector?

    The Paris end of Collins St nice guy, is just that, but its not clear what he is offering to the Libs.

    A generational change might just be what the Liberal doctor ordered.

  4. Noel Jackson

    What’s the twitter address likely to be used?

  5. Noel Jackson

    Yabba dabba do – thanks AL

  6. Anonymous

    McGauran is the answer!

  7. anon

    But what is the question, Tim?

  8. Ollie

    Who will tango with me?

  9. Anon

    Did Melbourne just experience an earthquake?

  10. anon

    It was Foxy Ross with the very young Thai girl in his old Magna.

  11. Ollie

    That’s just McGauran moving furniture out of his office.

  12. anon

    No it was McGauran behind his prize Ewe.

  13. Krogerite

    It’s great to have the only two viable candidates.

  14. Anon

    Ronno is a nasty piece of work who leaves wrecks in his wake – Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong and his toxic and divisive effect on Victorian Division.

  15. Anon

    C’mon. Rono is a lad. Apart from the toupe and his smooching all the girls young and old,dosen’t he also dine at Rosati’s?

  16. What a choice

    One likes sheep.
    The other is not sure if it is boys or young Thai girls.
    No wonders the Libs are stuffed!

  17. All Over

    It’s Mac

  18. anon

    Fox is very experienced as being a LOSER!

  19. malcolm in the middle

    ross fox.. the world’s slimmest loser

  20. Anonymous

    I was right!

  21. Lithgow

    Did I ever mention that I can’t stand Ronno?

  22. Anonymous

    i think you made that pretty clear tonight lithgow and your nutter mate bev made it clear she does not like fox. good on old man kemp for shooting her down

  23. Anonymous

    VETERAN Victorian senator Julian McGauran survived a fight for his political life when the Liberal Party settled the Senate ticket it will take to the next election.

    lucky the herald sun is covering the results

  24. The Mac is Back

    Why would anyone think that Julian McGauran would not win? He was an incumbent running in a multi member electorate. He had the backing of the party’s dominant faction. He is the biggest individual donor to the party’s coffers. He is a personal friend of some of the party’s most influential and powerful people. He is liked by country folk. He has worked hard in country and marginal seats ever since his defection. He is clever and presents well. This was a no-brainer.

  25. Disillusioned

    This has set the Liberal Party back. They are obviously not ready to win back Government. It’s all about getting the biggest followers in so they can do what they’re told. Can someone please tell me what McGauran’s biggest achievement is in Parliament?

    The Party had a great chance to elect an intelligent candidate that would help the party move forward in 2010 and 2013 and took the weak option.

    It hurts to say this but losing the number 3 spot might be a blessing in disguise as next time around we might be hungrier and pick a candidate on talent instead of picking Ronno’s biggest puppy dog.

  26. Astounded of Melbourne

    the disappointment of the evening was provided by the candidate who lost his job late last year, joined the party & immediately set about applying for preselection with a fundiraising & community organising background consisting of a bunnings bbq & a stint in the navy. equipped with an underbite that would put the habsburgs in the shade & debating agility on a par with an arthritic mute, he would have done the party proud if selected. but it was not to be

  27. Natasha the Despoiler

    Honeys at PA, you failed to vote for my favourite candidates, Owen and Ross.

    You are not “honeys”!

  28. Choo choo

    It’s time.

  29. Railyard Worker

    Indeed it is.

  30. Choo choo

    Rick Wallace is on board the GTM Express.

  31. GTM Express

    We are just fine tuning some necessary components in the engine. But we will be stopping all stations … Bass, Bayswater, Benambra …..

  32. GTM Express

    … Kew, Malvern, Mornington …

  33. McPerton

    It is a shame that being in San Fran meant that PA delegates could not benefit from my sage advice.

  34. Anonymous

    GTM express ought to be aware that the Mornington train line was closed down in the early 1980s. A disgrace given the population and development there. The tickets were sold on the train and the claim that there were no passengers was a lie. There were, but Frankston got the credit. The Mornington line was closed down falsely and should be re-opened. How about it Terry?

  35. Anonymous

    Great work Vexnews. Always first with the latest news. A real scoop.

    No wonder ASIO and the CIA use Vexnews as their first call and source of Australian political news. Vexnews clearly demonstrates how incompetent our spooks are. The former OC Investigations Unit was a hundred or even a thousand times better than ASIO in tracking terrorists in Australia.

  36. anon

    First with the latest news, yes, and worthy of praise for it. But it’s hardly admirable to re-post AS NEWS slanderous comments and untrue claims made by an anonymous source about a candidate ON THE EVE of an important ballot. It was clear those remarks were made by someone with an interest in bringing Fox down; reproducing the comments as news the day before the vote is just shameful.

  37. Anonymous

    My name is Banyule Councillor Jenny Mulholland and I’m really happy about the Jake the Snake article and what it means for politics in my area.

  38. Anonymous

    You mean a possible by-election Jenny?

  39. Waiting for Costello's return now

    Phew! What great news.
    Now that the really significant backer and worker for Costello is back in the Senate, it wont be long before Costello is also back.

    Thank you members of PA that voted for Costello (I mean Mcgauran). We knew you would see the light and want a return for Costello.

  40. Victory for Costello/McGauran

    Good work Julian, you kept quiet and your head down all of this time…until you had the victory required in pre-selection to help you more vigorously work at returning Costello.

    Surely you will get a ministerial position for this. I am sure that is what the voters at PA were thinking when they voted you back in:
    1. returning Costello
    2. a ministerial reward for you

    Who says that commonsense and vision doesn’t exist among members of the liberal party — especially those in policy assembly.

  41. a Victory for the ALP & the Greens


    Thanks to the party members who were stuck in the past and hell bent on silly retribution against Fox & too stuck in their square boxes to vote in an eligible woman. Yhey let the strongest and most determined worker for Costello back in.


    Peter, we anxiously await your return.

    moowah moowah moowah liberal party members.

  42. Yes, a victory for Costello

    Thanks to all the PA members who obviously saw the light and decided to go with the real Costello backer (Julian) as opposed to the fair weathered supporter of Costello, who clearly had moved on.

    Costello…its only a matter of time for your grand return.

    Thanks for your forethought PA members!

  43. anon

    Thanks to the person transparently posting four messages with the same argument right after each other.

  44. Yes, a victory for Costello

    actually, I only know one of the other people. Sorry to disappoint.

  45. shameful indeed

    I agree with anon.
    Whoever in the LP leaked that the day before preselection should be expelled from the party.

    Clearly it served McGauran’s interests.

  46. Anonski

    Yeah….. right….

    The motivating factor behind the majority of PA delegates was whether Foxy Ross or Senator McGauran would support Cossie or Turnbull for the Parliamentary Leadership.


  47. Anon

    Someone shold be expelled for telling the truth?


  48. Google it

    That’s not what another site constantly says about all the fake posts to this blog by the blogger himself.

  49. Dr Dean

    By supporting McGauran the Menzies Legacy has been upheld.

    Sir Robert voted DLP after retiring as PM. Accordingly, it is fitting that Senator McGauran, who will deliver DLP preferences to the Liberal Party, was pre-selected as a Defender of the Menzies Legacy.

  50. here here

    expel expel expel the tool that leaked private & confidential information.

    He probably offers to clean between people’s toes gratis, in order to gain keep friends.

    Then again, one does have to feel a bit sorry for a perenial gofer boy. I wonder how quickly he can run for coffee….loser!

  51. Henry VIII

    “Defender of the Menzies Legacy”? Is that like being made Defender of the Faith/Fidei Defnsor by Leo X?

  52. here here

    Oh yeh Dr Dean, let’s forget about serving the people…

    …After all, as you pointed out, Julian defends the central linchpin legacy of Menzies: support for the DLP. Glad we have cluey historians like you in the party with their eye on what really matters.

    Gosh, if we get those DLPers votes (because they are the only people we care aboutserving), then we can forget the other hundres of thousands of voters…and of course demographics don’t change overtime. Yes, thanks for pointing that out.

  53. Henry VIII

    O dear, my Latin is a bit rusty, Cranmer forbade me to speak it, you know.

    I meant “Fidei Defensor”.

  54. Anonski

    here, here, you do seem a litlle bitter and twisted.

    Bad luck, old chap.

  55. Fairness please

    Be nice to the gofer boy responsible for the leak.

    I am sure that he has alot more talent than that.
    I can just imagine the acrobatics that he can also do.
    ‘Jump’, his master would command.
    ‘As high as you like’, he would cheerfully respond– with the widest of smiles and a distant vacant look that comes with only the most earnest of hearts and a Guiness Book of Records low emotional/social IQ.

  56. Fairness please

    Apologies, I meant be nice to the ‘perenial gopher boy’ responsible for the leak.
    He should be addressed by his full & proper title, after all.

  57. Just_In McKeegan

    Why do you think I was responsible for the leak?

  58. anon

    does anyone know the numbers?

  59. Just_In McKeegan

    I am proud to be the important Mr Fifield’s gopher boy.

  60. Anonski

    McGauran 70, Fox 39

  61. anonski-cc

    And the perenial gopher boy’s number is 6 –IQ.

    The perenial gopher boy has also acquired noteriety now, so it only fair we mention his critical number.

    Unfortunately, for privacy reasons, his name cannot be disclosed and he resides in a secret (undisclosed) location underground, in close proximity to the sewers.

  62. Natasha The Despoiler

    Well…well… Honeys…

    They say imitation is the deepest form of flattery!

    The lowlife conservative who masquerades on this site as me cannot even copy my name correctly (Natasha the Despoiler) with a small t for the!!!! LOL (very heartily).

    Anyhow honeys… most conservatives come from a very low gene pool anyway – don’t they?

    Lets take the Vic Conservatives Senate ticket for example… Each federal and state election for the last decade in Victoria has seen the Conservative vote as a total proportion of the vote fall, fall, free fall time after time!


    Whilst they insist on preselecting red neck conservative tub-thumpers, this proud record of decline is assured!!!

    I hereby declare the Vic Conservatives Senate Ticket as “anti-honeys”, which is anathema to thinking liberals ofcourse.

  63. The Mac is Back

    McGauran had this sown up from day one. 70 – 39. What were the others thinking?

  64. anon.

    Perenial gohper boy (aka, The Mac is Back), do they pay you to do sundays, or is licking the last bit of dirt between McGs toes to make him look presentable, something that gives you a sense of importance and being loved? No real meaningful relationship in your life ha?

    Ahhh, always the obsequiese gopher boy, doing everyone’s butt wiping, coffee buying, research, seat wiping…but never ever, the candidate or one with a real life.

    Mother’s who dont breast feed, or prematurely take the babe off their breast, have alot to answer for it seems.
    Oh, and I guess being socially awkward and physically unpleasant also inclines you to seek the grazing knees servant role in order to receive that infant childhood love & attention that they just didnt show you enough of…pooor pathetic boy… all for the unoriginal non-specific praise “good work mate” and a pat on the back.

    What was the cause of the break up of your family? Did they ever really tell you the truth?

  65. followup

    Has anyone tracked down McGauran’s ex fiancee from the 1990s to get a better insight into McGauran?
    I think discussion with his ex’s making be revealing.The fiancee was a journo I think.

  66. anony

    Perenial gohper boy (aka, The Mac is Back), do they pay you to do sundays? Or is licking the last bit of dirt between McGs toes to make him look presentable, something that gives you a desperately needed sense of importance and being loved? No real meaningful relationship in your life ha?

    Ahhh, always the obsequiese gopher boy, doing everyone’s butt wiping, coffee buying, research, seat wiping…but never ever, the candidate or one with a real life.

    Mother’s who dont breast feed, or prematurely take the babe off their breast, have alot to answer for it seems.
    Oh, and I guess being socially awkward and physically unpleasant also inclines you to seek the grazing knees servant role in order to receive that infant childhood love & attention that they just didnt show you enough of…pooor pathetic boy… all for the unoriginal non-specific praise “good work mate” and a pat on the back.

    What was the cause of the break up of your family? Did they ever really tell you the truth?

  67. Anonski

    anon 10.48 – you are a sick fuck.

  68. Laughing Hard

    What a humiliation for the Victorian Turnbull faction. The walking hairpiece (Ronno), the obese toxic avenger (Barry) and MT himself couldn’t get rid of Jules. I wouldn’t bet on barry or ronno holding their jobs when PC day comes.

  69. Gotcha

    Alright anon 10.48 and anony.

    “Silence of the Lambs”!…those lines are so cobbled/lifted from that movie.

    Your point is taken though: the person who leaked that stuff,and is now gleefully defending Julian’s win in this blog, is the real sick one.
    Victory by defamation. Good on you all, congrats. Such victories come at a cost to the party’s future.

    I’ve put the parachute on and am leaving this plane.

    “So long and thanks for all the fish”. (Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy)

  70. The Mac is Back

    A good week for patriots.

  71. Joan

    Given the strength of McGauran’s victory, one wonders where to now for Ross Fox?

    No doubt he will seek preselection again. Maybe for a State seat.

  72. GLB Barry

    Hey, Laughing Hard, be fair. I am no longer obese.

  73. tHE jOKER

    If the NUW yes case gets up I am joining the Liberal Party

  74. Get your facts straight.

    It wasn’t 70 – 39. It was 77 – 32.

  75. Paaalease

    McG didnt win, those with egos who were seeking petty selfish revenge for having their feelings hurt by Fox are the winners. The other winners were those unwilling to punish McGauran for his complete lack of achievement over the past couple of decades. His selling point was the money he could raise…good to see that “democracy” is for sale in the Liberal party.
    Oh yes, and the DLP preferences he can deliver. Well, that might just a little bit hard at the next election I suspect…

    The win was only for such people, and McGauran benefitted incidentlly as he was the only other candidate left standing.
    The real loser is the party.

    I am NOT renewing my membership and neither are 3 others that I know.

    So long LOSERS!

  76. I quit the LOSER party

    Oh, if the results were weighted that heavily in favour of Julian, then I also quit.

    What a bunch of morons!

  77. Natasha The Despoiler

    Yes Honeys…

    You are hereby declared “Pure Honeys” which is a very high accolade!

    Come out of the whore of Exhibition Street – built upon the blood of the progressive liberal martyrs!!!

  78. Lawrie Springborg


    Nats 2, Neo – Cons 1, libs 0.

    Well done bastards!

  79. Dr Dean

    my Dear fellow Victorian Liberals,

    I do not believe you are upholders of the Menzies Legacy any longer.

  80. Anonski

    if 16.17 and 16.31 really are members of the Liberal Party i’d be very surprised. But if they are and then good riddance! The preselection was a transparent & democratic process with the best candidates winning. If whingers can’t handle that there dud candidate lost them they

  81. Anonski

    that should’ve read: if whingers can’t handle that their dud candidate lost then it is no loss to the Party if these types fail to renew. These ppl, like NTD, are the real losers.

  82. LOL -- anonski, I think you are the leaker

    A transparent and democratice process, was it?
    Is that why they held it as a closed event with NO party guests allowed.
    Oh, and VERY critically, they insisted on it being done under the OLD system so that way more people wouldn’t get to vote. With more voters, McGauran wouldnt have had a chance & Cossie’s mob knew it.
    Anonski, I think that these days (in fact for years) they call your brand of democracy, communism.
    Go try that that primary school logic somewhere else. How dumb do you think we are you dumbnut?

  83. Clarification

    So, let me get this right Anonski.

    Those who don’t agree with the outcome of Policy Assembly’s process & ballot on friday night, are no loss to the party if they fail to renew?
    That means that disgreement with the decision of Policy Assembly, and the free expression of such opinions where they are contrary to the outcome is frowned upon. Your logic unequivocally also means that the party only wants YES men.

    Looks like a duck, sounds like a duck, yep the fascists in the party are finally coming out of the closet.

    Anonski, can you let the rest of the members know that dissent, free thought and speech have been erased from the party’s mantra.

  84. Quoting Lawrie:

    Nats 2, Neo – Cons 1, libs 0.
    Well done bastards!”

    Sorry Lawrie the last time a farmer was leader of Qld that ended in farce. I’m sorry to say that your leadership is over. Forget the mickey mouse polls being blurgghed out of the Courier Fail and every other media outlet with some sembelence of credibility.

    You were a loser from the start, the Rudd cash splash maybe irresponsible but it will have one somewhat positive side effect. That of killing off your Leadership at the next Qld Election.

    Truth is thats not nessesarily a bad thing, it will strangle Turnbull’s leadership and also kill off Barnaby’s crazy talk about going into the lower house.

    All in all you’re screwed!

  85. ghostofSirJoh

    Now motion29 that’s Wrong…Wrong Wrong Wrong Wrong Wrong Wrong Wrong.

    [Brown paper bag appears]

    [Defeaning Silence]

  86. Democracy

    To LOL — anonski, I think you are the leaker: The result was 77- 32. Under the NEW system, Policy Assembly has an extra 32 members. Even if they all would have voted for Fox, the Mac would have won 77 – 64.

  87. Anonymous

    Who will get the number 2 spot for the nats

  88. Clarification

    DEMOCRACY ???lol.

    Under the new system, PA is being replaced by another creature with a different name.
    I think with even more now, be 100% honest if you can.
    I think you know what new system was being discussed FAUX “democracy”.
    Mahatir was honest at least when he claimed to be a democrat on the basis that it means so many things to so many people…& not because it is practised with bona fide susbstance, just as you have demonstrated it is not.
    Clearly LOL-anonski was not impressed with the result, so it is hardly likely that person was the leaker of the RF stuff.
    The leaker was obviously a person who was trying to achieve a non-RF result & a supporter of the outcome…thus, it would better fit…oops…maybe such someone such as yourself who has conveniently forgotten that the new REAL system doesn’t commence until AFTER the first state council meeting??
    Democracy, my foot!

  89. Julian

    I will get the no.2 spot
    also :-)))

  90. Anonski

    21.11, you are a spastic, but at least you make me laugh! I don’t know of a political party in Australia where non-delegates attend preselections! Only a moron like you would suggest that a standard practice is somehow something sinister.

  91. I think you have a comprehension problem 23:18

    23:18 they werent suggesting NON-delegates get a vote.

    a) only that non-delegates have the capacity to attend as guests (as is normally the case??) and
    b) see 22:45, where after the next state council meeting, apparently the new system with MORE delegates will get a vote.

    Or am I wrong that a new system kicks in after the next state council meeting???

  92. Anon

    Surely there is a place somewhere for Fox. What are his options now? State seats? Which ones?

  93. Ronno

    I’m happy to get Foxy endorsed as the candidate for Yuroke or Broadmeadows. Good luck fella

  94. Natasha The Despoiler

    Come out of her my children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. Anonski

    0:05, No, it is normally the case for non-delegates to attend a preselection, even as non-voting guests.

  96. what a great party ho hum

    The constant questions about Ross Fox’s future by someone on this blog indicate that the party is hell bent on continuing to pursue a person until they have well and truly ruined their lives.

    Run for your lives members… it will be your turn some day.
    These people pursue their prey in the same systematic manner as happened in WW2. Very sick.

  97. informed

    I hear the Nats have got two ex libs in their field for the number 2.

  98. anon

    Fox’s only hope is knocking off the “very odd” Murray in the state seat of Sandringham. Otherwise he could do something he has never really done, get a real job and build a career. You never know Ross finally might succeed in something!!

  99. why should he?

    Julian never had a real job or career before entering the senate.
    And, his CV for pre-selection said that he had done uni courses to stay in touch with current issues. Get his academic record for those courses and check to see if he ever completed or handed in an essay. Who was the one gilding the lily in his CV??

    Were it not for his family’s money, Julian would probably be very well known to the staff at centrelink.
    Money obscures many faults, for the shorsighted at least.

    Like was said by 10:12, run for your lives members…they wont be happy until Fox is without a pulse. What hypocritical nutters.

    Why bother having a pre-selection when the party’s attitude is that an encumbent is NEVER rolled? Is that really democracy?
    Where is the accountability?

    To say that the other candidates didn’t have the experience is the most pathetic logic. If Julian was not running, then that logic would mean that no-one would get up, because they didnt already have the experience in the senate. It also assumes that encumbents are always doing a great job.
    That kind of logic also fails to respond to the fact of Julian’s complete lack of experience before entering the senate,AND his pathetic performance since. Imagine, the Nats booted him and would have booted him again, BECAUSE he was so lacklsutre. But, the merit-based Liberal Party (not!) willingly embraced him.
    This was not about choosing someone to serve the party and the interests of the people of Australia, this was about an immature bunch of people getting back at Ross Fox AT ANY COST, and being used unwittingly by Cossie forces to do so.
    This party doesnt care about putting up talent to serve the people of Australia, it cares about internal party politics.
    Fortunately, this result will garantee a sufficient time out of

    Are there anymore seats for sale? I know of someone that can get the preferences from the conservative penguin party…they only insist on wearing tux-like outfits everyday.

  100. The Mac is Back

    Why is everyone attacking the Mac? He has brought over a million dollars to the party since his defection. He works hard. He is a good man. Instead, why not attack Ronno? What has he done? Why should he have a seat instead of Ross Fox? Answer that one.

  101. at the mercy of minority parties, well catered of course

    I would also like to buy a seat (a really comfy one with soft tan leather) and I should have put my hand up for pre-selection.
    I can effectively compete with Julian for the preferences of any serious minority party that serves and bolsters the interest of the Liberal Party.
    1) Flies Without Wings Party: very important party because it is so much effort to swat them when they can fly. Rich people like me aren’t used to doing any real hard work ourselves.

    2)Democratic Agrarian Party Without Tractors.
    Honestly darlings, they are so noisy those tractor cars; which is why I moved to Collins street, where it is so much more plesant listening to the hum of mercedes.
    I just like the label agrarian/country, it makes me look good for pre-selection.

    3) Farms Without Cows.
    Oh they are so smelly. Nothing like my designer cologne: good thing I moved to Collins St years ago.
    But, I am happy to say the right words and praise the country folk to get pre-selection. Yes, just feed me lines and I shall happily spit them out. Whatever you like, just hurry up, so I can get this over and done with and get back to high end shopping & ballet lessons. Ballet is so much more my style.

  102. you put your finger on it

    12:00 you hit the nail on the head.
    THAT, is the problem, he bought himself a seat, just as he did in the National Party. That is not democracy, that is plutocracy.

    There is alot that cannot be said about Julian on this site…

    Ask Julian why he prefers the Senate to the lower house & if he can answer that honestly (as he has on other occsaions when his guard has been down), you will understand why we find his win offensive and an anathema to democracy.

  103. Happy ALPer

    12:00 thanks for that information.

  104. Happy

    I am a better liar than Ross Fox, because I have been around sheep and have lots of wool to pull over your eyes.
    Thanks honeys.

  105. Anonymous

    McGauran promised the world to the Nats in 2004 to buy his preselection, and looks like he has done it again with the Libs.

    This outcome says more about the Libs than it does McGauran, as everybody knows McGaurans ability, or complete lack there of

  106. Green eyed monsters

    Well, I think that some of these comments show jealousy toward people with enough money to gain influence and get elected.
    What is wrong with using your wealth to give you political mobility and allowing you to “buy a seat” and have great influence in politics?

    McGauran’s wealth means that he will be independent of Turnbull and can do what he wants without impunity. Any other candidate would have had to ultimately tow the line. They wouldn’t have had the wealth to give them free reign.
    Is that such a bad thing?
    I think that the vote was a good one; it shows that the party rewards wealth-making above all else.

  107. Anonski

    Seems the critics of the Mac are blinkered by their hatred of him.

    The Mac is a worthy winner of the 3rd Senate spot.

    To Ross’ credit he seemed very magnanimous in defeat, unlike his supposed supporters on Vexnews.

  108. AKD

    Hello Darlings

  109. The Mac is Back

    My father often recalls my coming home from university and saying I had heard that day a future leader speak. It was Peter Costello. Peter’s influence in the Government and upon the country for 12 years was profound as we all know. He is the Liberal Party’s
    Captain John Miller.


  110. The Mac is Back

    The Senate preselections brought a victory for supporters of Mr Costello when veteran Senator Julian McGauran, a long-time Costello ally, withstood concerted attempts to relegate him to an unwinnable spot on the ticket.

    Victorians aligned with Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull were supporting party figure Ross Fox for the winnable third spot but Senator McGauran prevailed.

    “Would-be powerbrokers have got to show they can be powerful otherwise they will be seen as the mouse that roared,” a party source said.

  111. Helen K

    Only Tony Barry could write that Ronno didn’t get involved in this preselection. The truth is Ronno was up to his wig in it. His failure isolates him even more from the dominant power in Victoria (Costello) and possibly means he will never be a minister in a Liberal government…a spectre that dominates his pillow talk to this very day.

  112. Anonymous

    Fox for Kooyong!

  113. Don't get carried away with yourselves!

    Ronno – should be scapled , wig an’ all, for his thuggery and division in the regional seats for which he had responsibility.

    Julian – he won because he is not Ross Fox. And having Julian advocate for Costello would do even more damage to Costello than he is doing to himself.

    Ross Rox – whoever is suggesting that he is not a Costello man needs to get his hand off it! Fox is a fox, but that’s why so many foxes have been skinned. Fox has been too clever by half and his role on the executive makes him more enemies by the day. Murray Thomspon would kick the Fox butt if he tried anything.

    Dealher and Kenny – Kenny’s inexperience stood out like dog’s balls. Dealher will end up like Karen Synon. Kroger ?Costello team will promise to support her for a seat, but that will never come, because there will always be a mate ahead of her.

    The rush to have pre-seelctions under the old structure was a Ronno, costell/kroger plan – they are all in cahoots.

  114. McGauran for a ministerial position

    I think that McGauran’s massive winning margin shows what many have secretly believed: Julian has been the talent in the party that for years has shamefully gone unnoticed.
    I think that McGauran should feel confident using that massive margin win and demanding a ministerial position. Only with a portfolio, can he prove how worthy he was of the win and do the party proud.
    What do all of you critics expect Julian to do when he has no portfolio? How can he possibly achieve policy feats without a portfolio?
    Give McGauran a ministerial position! He has earned it!

    I would say treasurer, if he were in the lower house, because having so much money, he knows alot about it.

  115. a new spot for Ross

    Yes, I agree. Fox for Kooyong!

  116. MESSAGE FOR VEX NEWS...are u listening??

    Is there a prize for the funniest posting, or some kinda recognition?

    VEXNEWS: There certainly should be. Please send in nominations to editor (at) to be eligible for your God fearing Gloria Jeans voucher.

  117. a new role for PA??

    You wrote:
    “Kenny’s inexperience stood out like dog’s balls”.

    Good thing PA picked that up. Don’t know how she fooled the panel for an SC title, and how she has been pulling it off all of these years, successfully operating in different

  118. Natasha The Despoiler


    Stephen Newnham can start printing the pamphlets today…


    The electoral commission would have to agree that this statement is not misleading at all.

  119. think positive & make the most of the outcome

    14:30 is on the right track. Enough negativity.
    The result was a fair and democratic one, made for the right reasons, which resulted in the best man being chosen for the position.
    More significantly, the fantastic margin indicates that here is a man, that has been unfairly overlooked in ministerial appointments.
    The dominant will of the party, as reflected in the PA ballot also deserves to be reflected by way of Julian being given a ministerial position. He has done his time, his talent is evident to everyone that meets him and especially those in PA.
    Make the most of this opportunity and support the push for Julian as a substantive shadow minister.

    If he can woo the members of PA, imagine his capacity to woo the public as a substantive shadow minister. With opportunities for lots of interviews, Julian can really make a difference to the party’s image and put it in the right direction.
    This is an election winner that has been sadly overlooked.
    I personally, have been impressed by his very calm and balanced personality, his amazingly sharp intellect, and sudden poignant obseravtions.

  120. Natasha The Despoiler

    Absolute, unmitigated, delusional garbage!

    You are herewith declared an “Anti Honey”… which is anathema to thinking liberals.

  121. Anonymous

    What the party needs is some real star candidates, people like Peter Georgas, Paul Mullet, Danny Frawley, Hot Dogs, and Victor Perton. If Policy Assembly had a chance to select a real star like these guys, then of course it would have picked them over Ronno or the Mac. But until these true stars are given an opportunity, what do you expect Policy Assembly to do?

  122. Anono

    15:30 – here is a sudden poignant observation for you: Number three is now an unwinnable position on your ticket.

    You don’t need an amazingly sharp intellect to deduce this.

  123. think positive & make the most of the outcome

    So,you don’t agree that Julian would have been a serious contender against Turnbull if he were in the lower house?

    Oh no, are Julian & I the only ones under the impression that he is great talent overlooked?

    I am so sad to hear that. Perhaps I need to go away and re-think the delivery of my sarcasm.

  124. Anonymous

    Isn’t Fatty Doyle doing an awesome job as Lord Fatty? It is such a tragedy that he isn’t Premier Fatty.

  125. Not in this lifetime

    15:44, you are correct, but it aint likely to happen in this lifetime.

  126. soothsayer

    With a win like that, Julian should be thinking about calling up the Big Mal and giving him some tips on how to win the next election.
    When you’re a winner, you have obligations to share the secrets of your success.

  127. Don't get carried away with yourselves!

    Re: a new role for PA?? | March 9, 2009, 15:06

    You know about politics about as much as Kenny.

    And that has nothign to do with her being a capable SC, dingbat. Get real.

  128. a party for the white anglo-celtic boys

    16:05, see 11:42’s arguments about experience in politics.

    We sisters all the way up North can’t believe what’s been happening in the South.

    If Julian hadn’t been running, who would you have chosen 16:05? No-one? I think not.

    Julian is well-known for his endless and amazing faux pas & gaffes…even after all of those years of “critical” political experience.

    Oh well, we aren’t stuck with the consequences.

  129. Anonymous

    The Mac’s victory is a victory for the true believers, people like Fifield and Smith. Ronno and Scott Ryan have a lot to answer for.

  130. Anonski

    The Mac is a true patriot!

  131. anon

    The Mac is a useless Sheep Mater, lets hope he cops a lung full of the Big C.

  132. Yawn

    The Mac is a massive tantrum throwing diva.
    Do we want to compare stories on his temper tantrums?

  133. Really...

    17:12, if R & R have alot to answer for, then what about SP on the Mac team?

    True believers of what? Use of a sanctimonious tone is misplaced here, save the rhetoric for another blog.
    This is nothing but a naked power play & it doesn’t matter how anyone dresses it up.

  134. Anonski

    The Mac has slain his enemies and there is rejoicing in the heavans. He reigns triumphant.

  135. Natasha The Despoiler

    The real reason I don’t like McGauran, honeys, is because he once rejected my advances at the Holy Grail!

    How dare he!

  136. Natasha The Despoiler

    PS I very much like the word “anathema”.

  137. balancings

    Anonski, don’t get ahead of yourself.

  138. The Historian

    Natasha, it may be worthwhile tracking down the daughter of a South American dictator (Guatemalan, I believe)that he was proudly associated with.

  139. The Historian

    Will the doors of Mac’s closet succumb to the weight of skeletons by the next election?
    That is the real question…tum, tum, tum, tum.

  140. Ollie

    Pynie pls return my butt plug.

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