PARTY IN LIMBO: Victorian Libs go lower than ever under Red Ted

Vic Liberal Leader Ted Baillieu Victorian Liberal leader “Red” Ted Baillieu’s most recent poll numbers – from The Australian’s Newspoll – should be the final nail in his coffin.

The fact that those woeful numbers barely pass without comment in 157 Spring Street, that we hear barely a murmur from obvious leadership alternative Terry Mulder, that Baillieu and crew seem perfectly content being in Opposition is a damning indictment on the Liberal party in Victoria.

If they’re not hungry, the Victorian voters won’t even seriously consider giving them a feed.

For too many Liberals, they are like the ALP when it’s at its worst. Those in Baillieu/David Davis’s faction won’t agree to knife him mostly because he’s their guy. His performance isn’t even seriously evaluated. The only possible alternative, the Baillieu folk think, could be David Davis and he’s in the wrong house.

And when a reshuffle is politely suggested, that can’t happen either. Again for mainly factional reasons.

As the graphic suggests, the Victorian Liberals are a party in limbo.

On Friday night, they preselected a person who – while very worthy in many respects – is not going to be a minister or a serious prospect of being one. They rejected a person – while just as flawed as every other political hack and CV builder – who could have been a minister one day.

Progressing in politics is about making the right choices. You go backwards when you get things wrong.

Once the jewel in the crown for the Liberal party, the Victorian division has clearly lost its way.

Its president is a useless old grouch who was put up by the Kroger crew to smite the Baillieu brigade. He hasn’t even done that particularly well. He just does what he wants, complain many insiders to VEXNEWS on condition of anonymity for fear of being turned into stone by his old man winter Medusa style death-stare.

libsseatsvic The internal maneuverings are fun. What isn’t fun for state Liberals consider is who among them could lose their seats if the swing suggested by Newspoll was reflected in an actual election.

Ten seats at risk. At least notionally. Maybe the country ones would be out of reach, even on those numbers.

Nick Wakeling in Ferntree Gully, he likes both factions to think he’s with them. But sometimes, Mr Nick, a non-decision is a decision.  If you snooze, you lose. He’d be first to go, with any adverse swing.

David Hodgett, in Kilsyth, not so committed to Red Ted we hear. He’d be next to lose.

Then there’s beefy Neale Burgess in Hastings. He doesn’t support Ted at all because he’d be a goner if an election was held today under Ted’s leadership.

Morwell and Narracan, probably safe unless Ted springs the Churchill arsonist from jail and makes him his man-servant. And one of them is held by the Nats anyway, who seem to be travelling OK, for now, under the leadership of lawyer Peter Ryan.

Christine Fyffe in Evelyn, sensibly opposes the Red Ted way. For good reason, with a 60:40 Brumby landslide, she’d be out on her bum.

Heidi Victoria in Bayswater. Loves Red Ted big-time. At least will until she loses her seat on its 2.9% margin. Ciao for now, comrade.

Dr Dennis Napthine, in South West Coast, probably safe. The locals know he isn’t anything like Red Ted. He is believed to still be a vote in his column though.

Robert Clark, in Box Hill. Said to be retiring. Not a fan of the Red Ted. Could be replaced by Chairman Gladys Liu, a devoted supporter of the Red Ted cause. She might not ever know the sweet smell of the green leather of legislature.

Ken Smith in Bass. Has just as much of a spring in his step as George Seitz. Meant to be retiring too. Is believed to be a Ted supporter in any ballot. His Wonthaggi based seat should be safe as houses but could Red Ted cost them that too? Probably not but Liberals might well ponder why they are having to contemplate these issues.

They should be ready to roll in 2010. An alternative government. An effective core of half-dozen who are regularly on the news, punching the government on the nose over something.

Instead we get a Ted focused Opposition that has lost its way.

Ted might want to blame the bushfires but someone really needs to put a fire under the Liberal party room. Act now or those named above will burn, baby burn.

Their best effort – from loyal Ted supporter Andrew McIntosh – was recycling a story from Gerard McManus in the Herald Sun a couple of weeks ago about bushfire warnings. We doubt anyone in Victoria – even the most fanatical anti-Brumby person – would think his pre-bushfire warning was anything other than very direct and sadly prescient.



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18 responses to “PARTY IN LIMBO: Victorian Libs go lower than ever under Red Ted

  1. Right Said Fred

    If the Baillieu’s had stuck with the time old tradition of rich people sending their idiot sons into the clergy or the military instead of politics then they would have saved the Victorian Liberals a world of pain. Can’t slag them off too much, anything to get him out of the family business was mission accomplished.

  2. Anonymous

    John Brumby is no Steve Bracks when it comes to Brumby’s 1st election.

  3. GTM Express


  4. Anonymous

    Morwell is a Labor seat, only non-Labor because of the crazy independant ex-ALP member who ran and preferenced the Nats.

    Was Labor from 1970-2006

  5. If Ted Baillieu is concerned about his lack of publicity then he needs do something that is guaranteed to grab the public’s attention, as well as taking a stand of principle on an important issue of Human Rights – just as I did.

    He and all his MPs should forthwith voluntarily remove themselves from the electoral roll, and thus take a stand against the pernicius law of the jungle that is the Victorian Electoral Act. Even though none of them will be eligible to stand in their seats in 2010, they will have taken a stand of principle, for which posterity and the editor of The Age will be eternally grateful. And if they are really lucky, like me, they will be able to write columns in The Age denouncing their own party just before a federal election.

    Ted – be true to the Menzies Legacy and take my advice. You have nothing to lose (it’s only an election) and everything to gain (martyr status on the opinion pages of The Age!)

  6. Terry Mulder

    Time to give Terry Mulder a go!

  7. Terry Mulder lives in his seat – he has betrayed the Menzies Legacy.

  8. In shock developments yesterday that have derailed the Liberal campaign, Mr Doyle said he had been forced to terminate Dr Dean’s political career after discovering he had failed to enrol as a person eligible to vote at the election.

    Dr Dean had nominated to stand in the seat of Gembrook and listed his enrolment address as Gardiner Street, Berwick, located in the electorate. Dr Dean had rented the property before contesting preselection for the seat in May.

    But the Victorian Electoral Commission ruled him ineligible to stand, stating yesterday that he had been struck off the electoral roll when it was discovered he was not living at his nominated address in the seat.

    Dr Dean has lived with his wife in Hawthorn for about a decade.

  9. McPerton

    As I am now in San Fran I am off the roll. Furthermore, I didn’t live in my seat, even when I was an MP.

    I am an excellent defender of the Menzies Legacy.

  10. Quizzical


    Since you might be going to parliament to answer for your dirty tricks during the Kororoit election, don’t you think it might be wise to kiss Big Ted’s Ass?

  11. Liberal Member

    Tragically too accurate Andrew.
    Ted has no drive, no hunger and no ambition. He seems content to wallow around in opposition and spend the family fortune. I’m sure he’s a nice guy but a leader he is not. The trouble with the Libs (my party I hasten to add) is that they are still populated at the top end by born to rule upper class twits and wankers who have never done it tough and can’t relate to the average man in the street. Good luck attracting quality candidates while you are lead by a moron lefty dill and cohorts happy to nuzzle at the public teat whilst rejecting any form of responsibily.

    Sadly though there seems to be no viable alternative other than four more years of labor.

    Mcintosh – out of touch and dull

    Clark – Old, boring and out of touch

    Shardey- non-performing drunken party girl past her prime

    Asher – see Shardey

    Wells- Clinically dead

    Naphthine- Yesterdays man. Boring and unelectable but sadly the only possible alternative

    It infuriates me that this is the best we can do. Think about this one fellow Libs. Can you name one current liberal policy or one time that Ted has articulated a view point other than a 5 second news grab where he has a whinge about labor but offers no alternative. I think he thinks that he will inherit government if he holds out long enough for the voters to lose interest in Brumby. Given that the ALP seem to have a succession policy of sorts and attract fresh blood on a semi regular basis I can’t see it happening any time soon. In fact its the libs that look old, tired and past their use by date.

    Here’s a thought Ted. Why don’t you piss off the last of the Kennett era hacks ( they’re always going to be a millstone around the party’s neck and inject some fresh blood. Not political hacks and self serving toadys but real local folks from local communities. Believable people. Local coppers, nurses, teachers and small business people. You know, members of the community not toffy tossers from Toorak and their hangers on.

    take a stand, grow some balls and take the fight up to Brumby and co

    Until you do the party is doomed.

    I apologise to Liberal patriots who might read these and wince but some times the truth hurts

  12. Liberal Member

    P.S [deleted] smells

  13. Natasha The Despoiler

    Listen Honey…

    It’s never going to happen – the entrenched sense of entitlement is just too strong to fight from the inside…

    If you are serious, leave, take a deep breath and look around Australian politics at what is happening.

    Then do something. make it practical…

    Whingeing about the Liberals / Conservatives (with or without Ted) is now just pissing into the wind. A waste of your time.

  14. Quizzical, I would so dearly love to appear before a parliamentary inquiry into my own patriotic actions. Please bring me in as a witness, I promise I have very many explosive secrets to tell. Not really, but I’m sure I could think of a few if it could swing me an invite.

    My only regret would be that I could not appear in full dress marine uniform, Ollie North style and tell Red Ted’s pinko Twentyman supporting scum a thing or two about how to defend freedom from commie subversion.

    Dreams are free.

  15. Steve Sensible

    When someone can tell me why Terry Mulder will drag the Libs out of the wilderness, then I may be open to the idea of him being a good leader.

    If Queensland has showed us anything, it is that when an election is called, things have a habit of tightening up.

  16. annon annonski

    The polls highlight the absurd nature of Ted and his team and their approach to politics.

    1.The Vic Libs have a state president, a state director and a campaign machine. You don’t have to like them, they may annoy the crap out of you but it has ever been thus. Its stupid the way Team Ted’s main focus is the party organisation rather than the ALP and the irony is that when Kennett won he had a similarly tense relationship with the Team Ted Godfather P Georgiou! Get it through your heads Team Ted you aren’t at 104 any more!

    2. David Davis and Andrew McIntosh to a lesser extent are the only members of the Liberal Parliamentary party with any record, drive or skill at hitting the ALP in government. Whatever you think of these too they work bloody hard. The question is why don’t the rest of their team?

    3. What has been the contribution of kapel, troeth, pink panther (except perhaps to photography and general colour and movement), the mincing poodle tim wilson, Louise Staley, Nick Wakeling or anyone other Ted supporter to hurting the ALP – NONE!

    They think, wait for it, they think that there is no point working on it because its tooo early!!!! They think that as soon as an election is called they will miraculously by osmosis leap into the consciousness of Victorians who rather than wondering where the hell they have been will welcome them into their hearts and minds and vote for them in droves!

  17. Murray Thompson

    Hey I am still here

  18. Ming

    Ted is tosser and tryhard. A perpetual loser

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