Kevin Bracken is a Truther – OC -19 May 2008

Monday, 19 May 2008
LOONEY LEFT: Union Boss Kevin Bracken Is A Truther

The OC loves taking down a conspiracy theorist, whether it’s Red Ted Baillieu or truther randoms, but this one is a real worry.

The OC Investigative Unit has learned today that a powerful Victorian union boss Kevin Bracken is a “truther” or someone who believes the US government was knowingly concerned in perpetrating the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York and the Pentagon in September 2001.

Bracken is the state secretary of the Victorian branch Maritime Union of Australia and is normally seen as a rough-headed but pretty decent bloke who is old school unionist through and through.


But clearly he has “issues” as a lefty social worker or the effete SL secretarytard Andrew Giles would say because patriotic sources within the MUA have told us that Bracken is absolutely feral about 9/11, carries around the much disparaged lunar “Loose Change” on DVDs and waves them around at various meetings saying “I’ve got the evidence (that 9/11 was an inside job).”

We’ve now got the evidence he’s barking mad.

So to does Brian Boyd, the boss of the Victorian Trades Hall, and not a chap one would normally consider inviting to the neo-conservative barricade of freedom. Boyd has been desperately trying to hose down Bracken’s repeated attempts to propose lunatic motions blaming the United States for faking the terrorist attacks against it in 2001.

We understand he foreshadowed a motion at Trades Hall executive but was “counselled” against proceeding with it with some of the usual gruff talk that occurs in the corridors of power at Trades Hall. Words rhyming with “truck” are probably the most commonly uttered in the precinct. The OC feels right at home of course.


Not to be deprived his moment of moon-howling though, Krazy Kevin then proposed a formal motion which was actually debated at the Victorian Trades Hall Council. The motion went down like a lead balloon with even some very militant leftard types cringing about his lunacy.

Much more disturbingly for people working inside the union, Bracken apparently has told many hundreds of union members about his conspiracy theories on the subject which leads to a massive amount of eye rolling and laughing behind the clown’s back. One jokingly asked whether the unionist “had banged his head on a container or something.”

It’s one thing to hate America, everyone’s entitled to their ignorant prejudices but this is a man in a position of responsibility, who controls votes at the Victorian ALP’s highest decision making body, its State Conference which meets this coming weekend.

And that is a worry.

Game on.


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