BAD BOY BURKE: Senior Herald Sun Editor Given His Marching Orders Over Sex Scandal

BAD BOY BURKE: Senior Herald Sun Editor Given His Marching Orders Over Sex Scandal

Published on the OC: Monday, 2 June 2008


The Herald Sun is one of the world’s finest newspapers, with a hard earned reputation in the community. In per capita terms it is one of the most read English language publications in the world and has a real sense of Melbourne.

All too often the OC compares its views – for example on the stupid 2AM lockout of nightclubs – with the Herald Sun and realise that while I may be right on principle, it is they that are squarely in touch with where Melbourne is at. While by no means perfect, the Herald Sun is an instant opinion poll on Melbourne’s views on practically any issue at any time.


Because of that, the OC reluctantly reports that one of that paper’s senior editorial staff Shane Burke has been ordered to take leave following a scandal involving his alleged sexual harassment of young female staff at the newspaper.

Insiders say it’s a commendable sign of the zero-tolerance policy for sexual harassment within News Corporation.

Bad Boy Burke is alleged to have propositioned two female cadets for a threesome in an incident said to have occurred at Crown Casino.

There have been rumours for a long time relating to Burke and his status as a “pantsman”. Nothing wrong with that, unless you’re hitting on young staff who depend on you for promotion and advancement in which case it’s all rather ugly.

Some believe that under Burke’s stewardship, a cadre of attractive looking female cadets has been hired with him regarding them as a personal harem from which he could take his pick. Most of them wisely seemed to not be interested.


But at least one twenty something female reporter was taken in by Shocker Shane’s charms apparently on a long-term basis. We won’t be naming her because according to one critic “we’re going soft”. Actually, it’s more that it’s not really her fault what her lover gets up to without her knowledge.

Anyway, ironically given Bad Boy Burke’s allegedly close ties with the Liberal side of politics (former Jeff Kennett media adviser Steve Murphy was once his best man), his allegedly long-term fling professes (in writing on her Facebook page) to be a Labor person who even joined up an online group “One Million Strong Against Andrew Bolt” while she continues working at the daily Herald Sun.

That group contains profane, salacious and vile attacks on their most popular and best columnist so it’s a source of some puzzlement that Herald Sun staff would undermine (or at least pathetically attempt to) one of their own like that. Anyway, we won’t be naming and shaming her so please don’t ask. (In case it’s all denied though, we’ve taken screenshots of the offending pages)

And in late-breaking news, it appears the young journo has wisened up and has given Shane the Shocker his marching orders, with some speculating that he was heard yelling at her from outside her residence the other night pleading for “one last chance.”

Looks like he’s already had that.

Game on.


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