DEPARTURE LOUNGE: At least 6 Club Fed Labor MPs to pull the pin

ComcarsA growing number of federal Labor MPs are contemplating retirements according to Club Fed sources, VEXNEWS can exclusively reveal.

Hard-working Federal MP for Chisholm Anna Burke, popular lefty Bendigo MP Steve Gibbons, painful and Ruddite Daryl Melham, grumpy teddy bear Laurie Ferguson, NSW Right patriot John Murphy, and former Minister and Left factional titan Alan Griffin have all decided not to re-contest their seats.

Chisholm, while built up to a 6.1% margin by Anna Burke, is seen as highly vulnerable to a strong Liberal campaign without her personal following. The feisty and dynamic Burke has long had a gripe that others elected at the same time as she – and with no more capacity – were promoted over the top of her, so she’s believed to be openly talking about her imminent departure without formally announcing anything just yet.

Bendigo is safer again on 9% with Gibbons seen as having a fair following too. Some in Labor circles hope Gibbons will be able to be persuaded to stay on.

Griffin’s seat of Bruce has been assiduously worked over by him too but most Labor people think it could be held even with the unpopular carbon tax looming large at the next campaign, as Liberals hope.

Both Melham and Ferguson achieved their 15 minutes of fame by angrily denying the veracity of ABC reports of a leadership spill against Kevin Rudd which turned out to be rather well-informed. They are in safe seats, to the extent they exist for Labor in NSW these days.

John Murphy – a good man who has vigorously fought the good fight against over-zealous portion-control at “The Trough” and other Parliament House eateries – is in the now marginal seat of Reid which was strangely mostly the re-badged seat of Lowe.

With NSW Labor’s stocks what they are, it seems likely to be a struggle to hold it too.

Labor insiders tell VEXNEWS there could be even more voluntary departures given how bad the polls are for the federal government at the moment. Political analysts continue to express surprise that Victoria “the Massachusetts of the South” and South Australia still show the ALP is relatively strong compared with rather dire numbers elsewhere.



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72 responses to “DEPARTURE LOUNGE: At least 6 Club Fed Labor MPs to pull the pin

  1. anon

    Plus the 25 that will lose their seats!!

  2. mate

    Banks is a marginal seat – 51/49, more marginal than Lowe.

  3. Nico

    Well with Griffin out of the way Bob Hudson can get out the hair dye and have a crack at Bruce. He currently works for Griffin so he needs work from somewhere. Who ever the new Liberal member turns out to be they won’t need Bob.

  4. Anonymous

    Great, maybe Feeney can take…oh that’s right. There’s nothing available.

  5. arther

    The Log to quit OMG!

  6. Giuseppe De Simone

    Mmmm. I am not surprised that some long serving ALP members who have been overlooked for promotion are thinking of leaving with their full pension entitlements rather than risk their legacy by facing up to electoral oblivion.

  7. political realist

    Steve Gibbons popular? Perhaps amongst the publicans in Bendigo who receive the bulk of his paycheque, but as useless as an ashtray on a motorcycle.
    The same could be said for Griffin. His seat of Bruce may have been “worked over” but lazy Alan hasn’t done a days work in his life.
    Anna Burke, however, will be missed. She is a very good operator.
    Anna is one of those women preselected because she was a quality candidate, not because she is a woman.

  8. Wrongs of the NSW Right

    Anna Burke is the only one of that cohort who will be missed. I have had a bit to do with Anna, she is a really good local member and will be missed. She should have been promoted. Anyway, given that about 30 of them will be gone anyway perhaps now is as good a time as any.

  9. redterror

    Red Ted hack Peter Clarke should resign after a writ landed on him over Prime scandal. Tisk tisk. Wooldridge MD also facing bankruptcy.

  10. Anon

    Will Simon Crean continue or will young Steve Dimopolous try to parachutte into the seat?

    Mark Dreyfus, who has failed to warm to the electorate, and it has failed to warm to him, will also be on the ropes. Unfortunately, local Liberal campaigns have been less than ordinary over successive elections, so Dreyfus may cling on to the seat by a 2-3 % margin.

  11. Better to jump than to be thrown in the dustbin of history as part of Australia’s most useless ever governmentpushed.

  12. Nessy

    What about Anthony Byrne in Holt? Wasn’t this going to be his last term?

  13. The Insider

    The Isaacs incumbent has bigger problems that you think, his point blank refusal to live in his seat, breaking a promise from 2007, and the level of hostility he receives from Manufacturers and their staff because of his arrogance regarding the carbon tax is starting to bite, who needs an out of touch 10K a day QC in a seat in which he has no connection!

  14. Anonymous

    Great, maybe Feeney can take…oh that’s right. There’s nothing available.Feeney’s backer Kathy Jackson has ensured that.

  15. Michael

    Mark Dreyfus does not live in the electorate and his actions in supporting Gillard and the Greens carbon tax is an utter disgrace given the amount of small engineering firms etc in the area where a lot of local people stand to lose out big time as businesses close and their jobs go off shore. I would hope he is replaced by someone who gives a stuff about the people of his electorate.

  16. Political Junkie

    I think we will see Wayne Swan and possibly Craig Emerson choose not to recontest either. Swan will lose his seat at the next election, so this might be his way of going out with “dignity”. Simon Crean won’t contest even though these leadership rumours are encouraging him. Jenny Macklin and Alan Ferguson are also expected to choose not to contest. The real question is will Stephen Smith choose to contest and become Leader of the Opposition, or will he feel that he will just be a Brendan Nelson. A lot of the Labor old folk are leaving.

  17. enema

    Scott the rat Ryan has done a dirty deal with Peter Clarke and Red Ted over the Senate. DisGusting with a capital G.

  18. enyehobbaboy

    Peter Clarke is innocent until proven guilty….. like Thompson.

  19. Freddy

    come on Mr Jackson fess up do the right thing

  20. Freddy

    bring back Rudd

  21. Angus

    The only thing “The Insider” has a clue about is hiding behind an anonymous tag like a coward, slagging off members making a difference.
    Last time I checked, Dreyfus took Isaacs from 1.5% in 2004 to over 11% in 2010. The only thing you are on the inside is your own ass.

  22. Mitchell Observer

    I give Gillard a month at the most.

  23. Annon

    Isn’t Anthony Byrne a classic example of a seat warmer – a useless individual who has held a safe seat forever without achieving squat. Shouldn’t seats like Holt be reserved for future leaders and ministers? Obviously not..

  24. woodlands

    Is John Pessuto running for Deakin with 104, dropkick Teddy and Scot Ryan backing him??????????

  25. Anon

    Sounds like lots of Labor vacancies, but where is the new talent that can enter parliament?

    The Thomposon controversy will soil even the best union leaders who should have a crack but with a royal commission in the wings, they’ ll all be busy shredding documents, I guess.

  26. Little Blonde Choir Boy

    Speaking from an unfortunate experience I am not at all suprised, Mr Abbott offered his arse to the Independents.

  27. Taking of Pell 123

    For Sale One Arse, 1 owner , high kilometres but still tight. Make an offer. Call Tony

  28. Giuseppe De Simone

    I’ve waited all weekend for one of the long-serving ALP parliamentary members to announce their retirement at the next election. I am very disappointed.

  29. Peter of Kooyong

    For those in Labor desperate to cling to any theory, a quick reality check on the – Victoria the Massachusetts of the South theory. A Repubican grabbed Ted Kennedy’s old Senate seat in the Democratic bastion of Massachusetts last year, and handed the Republicans a critical 41st Senate vote. The Liberals won Victoria last year. When unemployment in the manufacturing sector hits home next year, watch Victoria turn feral against Federal Labor.

  30. Shambles

    I am a respected political strategist.

    I could tell those Labor MPs a thing or two about resigning from a high political office just before an election.

  31. gemini4

    …wish my ALP representative would take a run & jump …whatever his name is, haven’t seen him since the last poll.

  32. Adrian Jackson

    Melbourne Ports MHR Michael Danby has been an ineffective backbencher for 13 years with no likelihood of promotion. We want a real MP locally who is likely to be promoted to the front bench. MP’s like Peter Garrett and Julia Gillard.

    Its time Danby was loaded onto a rail wagon for a one way trip into permanent retirement.

  33. Saccho and Vanzetti

    The way things are going, the ALP will be lucky to have any federal members after the next election. At federal and state level, the ALP has abdicated. This was a giant betrayal of supporters and voters.

  34. Scott Farlow

    I want Reid!! I want Reid!!! Fontana do the numbers now!!!

  35. Anonymous

    Gibbons gone

  36. Giuseppe De Simone

    The parliament needs more backbenchers and no ministers.

    Backbenchers should also be paid nothing at all so they would have to work in the community and do real things.

    Parliament would meet less often and that means it would pass fewer simpler laws and waste less time.

  37. The Insider

    I wonder what price has been put on tony’s arse by certain columnists from the Oz?

  38. Good call

    Presser from JG –

    The Prime Minister today congratulated Steve Gibbons MP on his long service to the Bendigo community following his announcement that he will not seek preselection for the Federal election due in 2013.

    As the longest serving federal MP for Bendigo since Federation, Steve leaves a strong legacy.

    Since Steve won his seat for Labor in 1998 he has been the best kind of local member: representing his party in his community, and representing his community in the Parliament.

    I know that commitment will be undiminished in the coming two years.

    And beyond the next election, I’m sure he is looking forward to some good times noodling on his bass guitar and working on his motorbikes.

    While I will be sorry to see Steve go, I will wish him well when he does embark on this new phase in his life.

  39. Age of Reason

    Dreyfus did NOT promise in 2007 that he would move into his electorate.

    Adrian Jackson’s comment about having Danby deported in a rail wagon is typical of this gutter-dwelling anti-Semite. That was exactly what happened to Danby’s grandparents, as Jackson no doubt knows.

  40. dovif

    Consideing the ALP backbenchers has stuffed up much less then the front benchers, maybe they should swap.

    With Murphy as PM, at least there will be less lying and more food at parliament house

  41. Adrian Jackson

    Age of Reason – you are a gutter-dwelling piece of Zionist (that is a fascist political movement) filth.

    My uncle Leslie Symonds died during WW2 (619 Lancaster Hvy Bomber Sqn) on 05 Jan 45. Still MIA along with the other aircrew and the aeroplane. It crashed into the Bay of Biscay off the coast of Vichy France

    [VEXNEWS: Deleted part of this comment because it was the most hateful, vile, odious thing we’ve read in the wild confines of our comments section for a long time. I hope everyone plays nicely henceforth.]

  42. PARLOR

    Gillard can work for the dud Rob Hudson or he can work for her at eg the local dance parlor because the way the ALP is going they will both soon be unemployed !Now Gillard has danced and pranced around the Craig Thomson issue she has skirted around it and that not good enough! she has to face the music how about Gillard auditioning for dancing with other fallen labor stars?

  43. Adrian Jackson

    The polls (no not the Poles) say that if a Commonwealth Election was held today the ALP in Qld would be exterminated politically except for Kevin Rudd. Last man standing and perhaps opposition leader again

  44. Reid Read

    Murphy is one of the laziest MPs, along with the Log (former member for Reid), to ever enter parliament.
    You only ever see Murph about 2 weeks out from an election at the local train station. He has nothing to show for his nearly 15 years in Canberra.
    What the article doesn’t say is that the now abolished Lowe, and the newly distributed Reid was actually supposed to benefit ALP, as it took in a large chunk of Auburn and Lidcombe (very high low-socio-economic areas) but after the last state election 2 out of the 3 state seats fell to the Libs, and I expect the Local Governments will change as well after 2012.
    The irony is Young Labor boys like Sam Dastyari and Sam Crosby have their eye on a no longer safe seat. Looks like you might have to work for the votes, boys

  45. Adrian Jackson

    Murphy being a typical bog Irish papist who hates gay marriage. He was probably educated by the Christian Brother (backs to the wall).

    See my extremely excellent lead letter on the marriage debate in The Age today (29 Aug 11)

  46. Byron in Wahroonga

    ***my uncle Leslie Symonds died during WW2 (619 Lancaster Hvy Bomber Sqn) on 05 Jan 45***

    I wonder how a man who died fighting the Nazis would feel about having something like you in the family? You’ve hit a new low, trying to trade on his sacrifice.

  47. Ronnie

    Moderator – are you paying attention to Adrian Jackson’s last comment????

    Adrian Jackson – you are a seriously unpleasant individual

  48. Adrian Jackson

    Byron in Wahroonga – Some of my Symonds (my mothers maiden name) uncles were also in the New Guard in NSW in the 1930’s, the Militia and the WW2 Army.

    They were concerned about the Communists in the unions and that NSW maggot Premier Jack Lang.

    They were and would have been very proud of me as some lived to the mid 1980’s and saw me as a Regular Army Officer

  49. Cardinal Pell

    Brother Abbott don’t miss Brother Pedro’s visit tomorrow he has come to share our joy with the young lads in St Chesters choir.

  50. Adrian Jackson

    They also hated “Goof Whitless” as Uncle Alec used to call Gough Whitlam

  51. ...

    Danby has been let down by his office staff. He has a role to play and as chairman of Foreign Affairs. I am sure he is content. He is vulnerable to a swing in his electorate. A swing that would see the Liberals win not the Greens.

  52. Adrian Jackson

    … – Yes so true, if the Libs are to win Melbourne Ports it will be at the next election given the ALP’s poor standing currently; but the Libs in Melbourne Ports will probably stuff it up as usual.

  53. What a bunch of duds

    In all the new brouhaha about the struggles of women today, we are left to consider the worth of the daft PM, ‘nobodies’ like Plibersek and Roxon, Bronnie and Julie Bishop…

  54. EH

    Andrew – do you really want to be known as the home base of anti-semite creeps like Jackson? I know he is obviously uneducated bogan scum, but surely tolerance for the lesser classes must have its limits ….

    Get rid of him, would you? Flush flush flush, turds away, yech

  55. Perry White

    Time for that slimetudinous puddle of rat faeces, Glenn Milne, to hang up his poisonous pen, as well.

  56. Form A View

    Gillards lack of integrity and her will to do or say anything to hold power at all costs is now drastically working against her! How come Gillard was so indulgently allowed to form a view that Kevin Rudd had to go, but not Craig Thomson! So its time that ALP forms a view that Gillard has to go pronto because she doesnt do the right thing and the public are sick and tried of Gillard and her inept leadership! Time for drastic action ALP and ALP where is your MORAL COMPASS, because Australia is now mired in a story that has a sleaze component rather than hearing about good government! Bye Gillard we need moral leadership not a moral abyss!

  57. Armed against the Enemy

    nice photo of you and George Andy!

  58. Pen

    If Anna Burke thinks she’s more talented than Roxon she’s got rocks in her head.

    Anna’s certainly a smart cookie but she’s not that good.

  59. Adrian Jackson

    Did you see the Herald Sun newspaper today (31 Aug 11) with the photo and story (if you can call it that) by Fiona Byrne about Michael Kroger’s dumped former wife Ann Peacock.

    Ms Peacock-Kroger is quoted as saying she has not ruled out a career as an MP whilst sitting on a grand piano with her high heel digging into the top of a nice coffee table presumably in an ugly over decorated room at Crown gambling den where she is the PR clerk.

    Firstly if she wants a “career” as an MP she should have stood two decades ago and not as a person approaching pension age and secondly being pictured looking like for the Liberal Party.

    Perhaps a third marriage to Craig Thomson is a possibility?

  60. Adrian Jackson

    Opps add “a brothel madam is not a good look” after “like” in the third sentence to my last above

  61. Adrian Jackson

    Did you see the Herald Sun newspaper today (31 Aug 11) with the photo and story (if you can call it that) by Fiona Byrne about Michael Kroger’s dumped former wife Ann Peacock.

    Ms Peacock-Kroger is quoted as saying she has not ruled out a career as an MP whilst sitting on a grand piano with her high heel digging into the top of a nice coffee table presumably in an ugly over decorated room at Crown gambling den where she is the PR clerk.

    Firstly if she wants a “career” as an MP she should have stood two decades ago and not as a person approaching pension age and secondly being pictured looking like a brothel madam is not a good look for the Liberal Party.

    Perhaps a third marriage to Craig Thomson is a possibility?

  62. Adrian Jackson

    EH – you are so nasty to me darling

  63. Adrian Jackson

    Perhap Ann Peacock may go up against Michael Danby (Melbourne Ports) next election. She would have to wear comfortable shoes doing the door knocking though as high heels would be uncomfortable.

  64. Perry White

    Far too much censorship on this weird blog.

  65. Just Desserts

    Dear Sheikh

    please go and spend your time with the zealots whom you support.

    Dearn Julian
    please enjoy your time in prison with the amoral people traffickers, terrorists and multifarious scum you have supporteed.

    please do not claim the protection and rights of a democratic system you hell-bent on undermining.

    good riddance to bad rubbish …. both of you

  66. Age of Reason

    Perhaps she should emulate your own brilliant career as a candidate, Mr Jackson, and pander to the anti-Semite vote.

  67. Zoran hears that Peter Beattie is seeking a Federal seat…..

  68. Adrian Jackson

    Most of the anti Semites are in the left of Danby’s ALP, the Greens and the Toorak blue rinse types in the Liberal Party. About 10 years ago a lefty Port Phillip Councillor referred to Danby as the “Member for Israel”.

  69. Shambles

    I am a respected political strategist.

  70. Alan Jones

    I am making a new show ‘Farmer wants a husband’ my close chum Pissy Chyrne is going to offer himself to a big strong potent farming boy.

  71. JB

    Bring back Work Choices!

    Bring it back now!

    Bring back Work Choices!

    Bring it back now!

  72. Giuseppe De Simone

    When will ALP preselctions for the next Federal election be opened by the Federal Executive? That’s when we will see the list of members deciding retirement is better than defeat.

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