GAME CHANGER: HSU boss Kathy Jackson appears to drop Craig Thomson and the ALP right in it

KathyjacksonThe HSU national secretary Kathy Jackson, with insiders saying she was left with little choice, appears to have made a “referral” to the NSW Police that will continue the difficulties faced by her predecessor Craig Thomson.

It was an effort sufficient to prompt lavish praise from principal Thomson-hunter 2UE’s Michael Smith in an interview today who congratulated her for her “moral fibre” and expressed “tremendous admiration” for her as she said she wasn’t interested in defending the ALP “now or ever.” Jackson, of course, is a prominent member of the Labor Party and, indeed, is a member of the Victorian branch’s board of directors, its Administrative Committee so her remarks will cause raised eyebrows among a few comrades.

When Smith – an ex-cop – told Jackson he was “inspired to aim a little higher” by her example, I thought it was possible he could then play the Bette Middler track “Wind beneath my wings” as a little tribute to her heroism. It is well worthwhile listening to the whole interview.

Many in Labor circles expected the union had long since settled any outstanding matters related to Thomson’s reign and the contentious issues that surrounded internal disputes in the occasionally toxic Health Services Union.

The Police don’t usually pursue theft investigations unless the supposed victim complains. Very few expected the HSU to make any complaint, although the language Jackson used was “referral.”

Those within the union have told VEXNEWS they worry the matter will not just damage the Labor government but further damage the good name of the union and officials, if public and law enforcement scrutiny of Thomson spreads wider.

Jackson’s own enemies, defeated by her forces in union elections last year, say she could potentially face serious issues herself. We doubt that, but it’s certainly being talked about in union circles today.

While many in Canberra were fuming at Jackson’s decision, union insiders said that in their view she had little choice but to be seen to take action. Whether Thomson, and the Labor government he serves, are the only victims remains to be seen.

Kathy Jackson unkindly depicted in Daily Telegraph toon



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147 responses to “GAME CHANGER: HSU boss Kathy Jackson appears to drop Craig Thomson and the ALP right in it

  1. Beaver Moustache Man

    Who was with Thompson at the brothel,apart from the obvious lady’s.Some nervous people now.

  2. Nico

    Sound like it might turn out to be a pretty expensive root.

  3. Sack him now

    Who uses credit cards in brothels? Don’t these morons know it’s cash all the way? The girls (and boys) prefer it that way.

  4. Cash mate

    I agree sack him, i say cash all the way!

  5. Brown Bob

    It wouldn’t happen in the Greens. We keep this sort of thing amongst ourselves – if you know what I mean

  6. Bill

    He embezzled +$100,000 from his employer and you are trying to defend him?

    Even Fairfax doesnt smell as much as the “journalism” on this site.

  7. Anonymous

    Key Feeney supporter Kathy Jackson is the former wife of Jeff Jackson. As secretary of the Health Services Union’s number 1 branch in Victoria, Mr Jackson has been embroiled over the emergence of credit card statements showing payments to ‘Keywed Pty Ltd” – which takes money for clients of the Sydney Outcalls escort agency.
    It’s a union-issued credit card and it has been issued to Jeff Jackson, it appears the union credit card has been used for escort agencies. Well who would want to go home to Kathy Jackson.
    Her new partner is Michael Lawler, a vice-president of the Australian Industrial Relations Commission, whose industrial registrar is investigating Mr Thomson.

  8. Anonymous

    Was there more than one Craig at the brothel?

  9. Danny Lewis

    Bill – I’d throw in an “allegedly” if I were you.

  10. Futureproof

    This proves that the ALP can organise a ***k in a brothel

  11. Mitchell Observer

    If Thomson’s explanation is correct, then, at the very least, a crime has been committed by someone.
    This is a point made by others.
    And as others also have noted, imagine if the CEO of a publicly listed company used the company credit card for this.
    He would be investigated by police, without hesitation.
    And the Company Board would ‘frog march’ him to the door.

  12. faust

    Who does the union serve? The ALP or its members? You should remember that.

  13. Anonymous

    Well faust in this case they are serving the members and a big f**k you to the ALP

  14. Anonymous

    “Very few expected the HSU to make any complaint..”

    Is that so Andy? You are a naive little boy aren’t you.

  15. Lee "Satan's helper" Rhiannon

    I can’t believe how these brutal Labor man treat women as sexual objects.

  16. Cardinal Pell

    Brother Abbbott would never to be entertained by ladies of the night, both of us get satisfaction in a holy way with the Choir Boys at St Chesters.

  17. Somethings change, some remain the same

  18. Going, going....

    Will fatty staffer still provide her services when he is out of the game?

  19. Adrian Jackson

    Kathy and Jeff Jackson are, as far as I know, not related to me.

  20. Anonymous

    The allegations against Mr Thomson were first detailed in a leaked letter by Kathy Jackson. She is the former wife of Jeff Jackson. Her new partner is Michael Lawler, a vice-president of the Australian Industrial Relations Commission, whose industrial registrar is investigating Mr Thomson.

  21. Irene Webber

    Get off this site Fegan, you need to worry about your own court date

  22. Fat and failed

    Just go away fegan

  23. Anonymous

    “The allegations against Mr Thomson were first detailed in a leaked letter by Kathy Jackson. She is the former wife of Jeff Jackson. Her new partner is Michael Lawler, a vice-president of the Australian Industrial Relations Commission, whose industrial registrar is investigating Mr Thomson.”

    So is this a conspiracy theory? Have you found Big Foot yet? Call Mulder and Scully you idiot.

  24. Jail time

    Yes Fegan and don’t forget you too are the centre of a fair work investigation!!

  25. Fat and Failed

    Just remember Taylors Hill Failure, you are the subject of a fair work investigation!!!

  26. Pointless...

    By the time the police complete any investigation, charges laid, court hearings, a finding of guilt and inevitable appeals it will be time for the next election anyway.

    So just more taxpayers money up in smoke for a political investigation.

  27. Kung Fu

    Check the China trip expenses in Hong Kong before and after. Who paid for the Mercedes

  28. Night Rider

    Go to bed SHAWNIE

  29. Shambles

    I am a respected political strategist.

    I hope they don’t start investigating expenditure in the NSW Liberal Party between 2008 and 2010.

  30. Wrongs of the NSW Right

    Strange article, really highlights why unions have to cut the ALP loose. Kathy Jackson, I admire and resepct you very clear judgement in this. You owe the ALP nothing, it is the members who pay the officials wages.

  31. Who'd have thought

    Finally, the Jackson’s make a contribution that is good in Australian politics. They are going to get rid of this incompetent Gillard government. Awesome!

  32. anon

    Would like to see if all of Kathy Koukouvaos’ expenses during her colourful career would stack up to the scrutiny she’s forced upon Thomson.

  33. hahahaaha

    The most hilarious part is that this is Kathy’s revenge for Craig rejecting her sexually

  34. anon

    The ‘Jackson’s’ are fine ones to talk about a sly root in the workplace. ‘People in glass houses…….

  35. Boofa

    Or gee maybe I should’a been a Union Official, what a ripper job hey if the boss pays for ya to get a leg over some scrubber.

  36. Anon

    Kathy Jackson is one of the few decent union officials around these days.

    Most are idiotic thugs that care more about the careers of their mates in the Parliamentary ALP than their members.

  37. Wrongs of the NSW Right

    @ hahahaaha | August 24, 2011, 21:52

    “The most hilarious part is that this is Kathy’s revenge for Craig rejecting her sexually.”

    Allegedly Craig Thomson rejects no one sexually!

  38. Anonymous

    Arrogant State ALP governments have abdicated to repulsive Conservatives–the very people the Nation rejected in 2008. The Juliar government is selling all who voted for her down the drain. We voted for her but will end up with the Mad Monk, Tony Abbott.

    The carbon tax was a mad policy. In a country already bleeding from indexed government taxes, charges and levies, all we needed was ANOTHER freakin’ tax. Dumb Juliar never got that!

  39. John Comnenus

    If you read the FWA legislation and HSU rules you will see that multiple people have probably broken the law. Thommo will admit guilt early to stop the Police looking around. Thommo will have to take one for the team. Jackson knew about this for years and did nothing. She’s no hero, she finally caved in to the pressure to do the right thing.

  40. Anonymous

    Kathy is more of a woman than Juliar. At least Kathy isnt barren like Juliar.

  41. Sadday

    Kettle calling the Pot black isnt it. Politicinas admitting they lie and crucify others….arrogantly pull donw governments so they can rule – theyre all pathetic – left,right. The saddest irony is if this puppet thinks ‘HER’ union members will be better off when these Right Wing thugs get in is beyond me. But hey – she got some press – it should be a very short 15mins. As always – Labor kick an own goal…Union Members – WAKE UP

  42. Anonymous

    Andrew, from your reporting, your dissembling, your relativising, and your smears last year against Kathy Jackson, it looks like you’re Craig Thomson’s faction buddy.

    And it looks like your buddy is toast. Burnt. Gone.

    And going to jail.


  43. Kung Fu

    It seems that the Fairfax news is not letting this go, All my info is being sent to them. When they are finished with Thompson then the next cab off the rank is Williamson. Police are about to investigate the NSW State Registered Union.

  44. Miranda

    Hey Boofa I ain’t no Scrubber and he paid well. xxxxx

  45. feenster's mole

    22.44 – kathy is a hardworking woman who balances motherhood and the hsu??? That is hilarious given that her kids wouldn’t know her if they bumped into her in the street and she has never worked a full day in her life! What will I hear next, Kathy going Thomo for o/s travel?

  46. Wrongs of the NSW Right

    A bitter irony isn’t it. Gillard slimes her way into The Lodge with the help of the NSW Right and some of the Victorian Right. Now Gillard will be booted from The Lodge with the help of the slimebags from the NSW Right and workers will be the losers. Not surprising that some of the better elements in the ALP (what’s left of them) are shaking their heads in disbelief. The ALP strategy of trying to slime the Lib Senator who obviously has other issues is also proving to be a terrible mistake. The woman evokes sympathy in the community, most decent people understand those issues. Trying to compare the situation with Thomson just looks vile and nasty and it is pissing people off. With more union scandals to come involving former NSW Right sponsored officials who went onto parliament we really are seeing the end of the ALP, it’s just going to be very public and very painful especially for the workers and unions who delivered them government in 2007. This has been a massive squandering of a victory.

  47. craig littledik

    Kathy Jackson is a breath of fresh air in a Political party that so reeks of corruption and incompetence. Julia should take note of the way Kathy handles the media and try to learn that you cant pretend to care when you dont.Julia is now GREEN with envy as she can see her comfy little lifestyle going down the shittter.
    You also know things are going bad when the Libs come out and support someone from a union like they are now with Kathy.What a tactician.

  48. wothers

    I can’t believe the wankers cheering the demise of Gillard. If you think Craig got screwed at a brothel, just wait and see what Abbott and the rest of his right wing loonies will do to Australian workers

  49. Adrian Jackson

    This Thomson does not have a “p” in his name. Its not Thompson.

    I thought Kathy Jackson preformed well on Lateline last night (24 Aug 11). She answered the question directly and without waffle one sees with so many MP’s and other so called “experts”

  50. Him dickhead, mike. Him should use cash only please fukcing.

    Zoran him wanting know what did Mr Craig Tombstone getting done to him cock?

    Him have the sexual with the dwarf? No? Then what wrong fukcing?

  51. Anonymous

    Wothers if you compare Workchoices to the so called Fair Work Act, you can fit the differences on the back of a postage stamp. The ALP despite their mandate in 2007 have screwed the workers. There is no difference.

  52. Balwyn Bolsheviks

    How does a union official – like – ahem – Kathy Jackson – afford a $2.5 million mansion in Balwyn?

    Why is she always travelling overseas at the front of the plane with her well-salaried lover from Fair Work Australia?

    How does any of this help the members Jackson describes as the “working poor”?

  53. Ruth

    I remember our trip to Paris for the ILO meeting Kathy where you got the union to put $10,000 in my bank account and then you made me withdraw it from the ATM so you had a bit of spending money.

    Those were the days.

  54. Harry Lime

    HSU: We can organise a root in a brothel!

  55. wothers

    No anonymous I was not talking about Workchoices – Workchoices will seem like paradise when Abbott gets a huge majority. The Liberal National Party are now full of anti union and anti worker extremists

    Nice to see that Kathy has finally found time to raise the issue of the misuse of credit cards with the Police 6 years after the event. Watching her last night telling us how she was looking after the members was hilarious

  56. Bent

    Kathy Jackson engaged Michael Lawler’s son to work on her election campaign in 2009 ! WHY?

  57. phat phuk

    was sideburns and the gnome there and was there a daisy chain?

  58. Anonymous

    Will Kathy KooKoo know stand up and refer her husband jeff jackson to the police for using union credit cards to pay for prostitutes? Oh that’s right, he is still drawing an income from the HSU 2 years after getting rolled so she won’t let him go to prison. Kathy needs Jeff’s child support payments to support her new lover’s cocaine habits.

  59. milyonair

    Kathy Jackson is filthy rich

  60. CatMan Watcher

    ALP Heavies – for your own sake, put Dr Emmo back in his box and lock it very tight (and then throw away the key). Every time he opens his mouth in defence of Thommo, Thommo looks worse and worse.

  61. Wrongs of the NSW Right

    @ CatMan

    I could not agree with you more. If it were me I would be saying ‘Emmo m-a-a-ate (you know in the way people from the ALP say mate) please sit down and shut up and don’t help me.’

  62. Anonymous

    ***now Gillard will be booted from The Lodge with the help of the slimebags from the NSW Right and workers will be the losers***

    LOL. Which workers are those, Wrongs? The thousand that lost their jobs in Port Kembla lst week, when Bluescope announced it would shut down the mill? The ten thousand who will lose their jobs in the Hunter when the carbon tax kicks in? Those at Whyalla worried about their jobs and mortgages while idiot mayor Jim Pollock puts out press releases on saving cuttlefish? Or the ones who attended Combet’s carbon tax info night last week but weren’t allowed to ask questions. Yeah, tell us more about how the workers will lose, when Gillard goes.

  63. Wrongs of the NSW Right

    @ Anonymous | August 25, 2011, 20:40

    Couldn’t agree with you more things have not been good at all under the ALP, no arguments from me. My point is things will get worse when a conservative government having skewered the hapless ALP government will also have successfully completely discredited the union movement. An ALP driven Workchoices Fear Campaign won’t work this time. The Thomson scandal will have tarnished the union movement for years to come. Gillard and the NSW Right deserve each other. Workers don’t deserve the consequences.

  64. Jim mesdon

    Some one should ask the member for MacArthur about a golf day in the nineties, when he was mayor? A hole in one I hear

  65. Kelvin Dudd

    The HSU curse is back, now it’s bad karma is going to bring down a constitutional government. What’s next? Play a major role in killing unionism in Australia??

  66. And don't come back

    I can’t wait for the Pros’ tell-all expose of the tiny dong and droopy drunken performance of Thommo the shoddy union shonk. He is an absolute disgrace. PM Julia isn’t far behind. She has twice said this piece of human offal has her confidence. Good-bye Juls and Thommo and the rest of this garbage government.

  67. Lowly paid Health Services worker

    As someone on $19.90 per hour looking after our poor aged community many with incontinence may I say to Craig, I hoped you enjoyed my $500 annual union fee which probably lasted you 5 seconds.

  68. anon

    I hope Jackson enjoyed her day being praised by those who want to see Abbott PM. Leaking the overseas travel stuff showed a special amount of chutzpah .

  69. Hookers Supplied by Union

    Thompson pays for love.
    Julia foots the bill.

  70. Hookers Supplied by Union

    Julia goes down for HSU

  71. Hookers Supplied by Union

    Kathy says “HSU not broke, we are just having trouble paying our bills”

  72. HSU support services (Sydney office)

    A week is a long time in politics, but a night with Thompson and his credit card and a ten minute F##K will bring down the goverment.

  73. Sick of you all

    I have been an HSU member from day dot. Today I resign. We have only just got back on track after the union election now this! I am fed up, I have had enough of my money being wasted while the EBA is put on the back burner for the second time. Marco was going to bring us all back together as one union. I feel this will now never be achieved and we wait now for deregistration, criminal charges or bankruptcy. The poor worker cops it again! Shame on the HSU the ALP and democracy in general. Hospital management must be rubbing their hands together. Shame shame shame.

  74. anon

    Kathy in the Oz today posing in front of an ambulance before pouring a bucket on Williamson.

    What’s your end game Kathy? You’re a career politician like the rest of them. You’re no better or worse than Thomson. You angling for a spot in Abbott’s backbench?

    The battler from Balwyn facade is about to fall. Hope you enjoyed being Tony Abbott’s best mate for 24 hours.

  75. Armed against the Enemy

    Why did it take 3 years for Kathy to ask the police to investigate? Why now?

  76. Freddy

    Where is the investigation, and my union dues

  77. Freddy

    Some one clean the bl**dy mess up

  78. Concerned Resident

    so the Age is reporting thugs have made a threat against ms jackson for sticking up for hospital dunny cleaners who appear to have been shamefully ripped off….for fucks sake these fools are a disgrace! Gillard do yourself a favor fuck off and take that Thomson prick with you

  79. Kelvin Dudd

    Williamson,the black curse of the Victorian branch is licking your neck, enjoy the slime while its warm. HSU east is doomed.

  80. Tony Sideburns

    for the record I was’nt there, never knew about it, never heard about it. The Deloittes report will tell you that !!!!! I was fighting for labor families ! Hutcho’s family, Diane’s family, My family you know all the Labor families ………

  81. Anonymous

    The HSU have left the building. 75,000 members my foot. They only have 8000 left in Victoria. Everyone is joining HSAM. At least they have real industrial experience in the health sector. Sign your HSU resignation today, everybody else is!

  82. The Truth


    What utter drivel, the HSU has 20,000 members in Victoria, HSAM has about 800, maybe because it is not a union and is progressively beign chased off worksites. Fegan, you’re down to 3 staff (maybe you’ve eaten the rest).
    You lost an election more than 18 months ago, maybe it’s time to move on and stop your slanderous lies.

  83. Get your hand off it Fegan. The only industrial experience your misfits have is in your dreams. You still haven’t come to grips with your bronze medal from the last HSU election have you?

  84. Get your hand off it Fegan. The only industrial experience your misfits have is in your dreams. You still haven’t come to grips with your bronze medal from the last HSU election have you?

  85. Diversion

    What with the Fegan dribble, dont lose sight of the real issue here. Fegan left 18 months ago, true! Since then the party is South Melbourne has continued, yet no Fegan. Kathy after three years and many years before with Jeff, took large sums of money without caring for poor dunny cleaners,please. Why know? why not then? where is the money? Not just know but also then? If only $100.000 is missing why are we broke? Millions are paid by us the members. We need to take a stand and reclaim our union! Or perhaps I fear we are even past that point. Shame on the management of the HSU.

  86. veronica stevens

    This is typical. Whenever there is anything about the HSU this site goes mad and the comments are disgusting.

    Let us face it, the HSU has been dysfunctional for many years and some very serious questions have to be asked.

    Perhaps you should all listen t

    Everything that happened over the past 10 years has the name Jackson all over it. When is the report about the No. 1 branch coming out, bet there are a lot of nervous officials, not only the Jacksons

  87. The dogs are barking

    Hey Marco, How can Willo become a multi millionaire on a union officials wage?

  88. Wrongs of the NSW Right

    This piece by Bruce Hawker really highlights the hypocrisy of those with their snouts in the ALP trough:

    If Hawker were in anyway serious about this he would have called for all state ALP Branches to publish there affiliated unions membership numbers so they can be compared with annual returns to FWA and election ballot rolls. Hawker Britton would stop making donations to the ALP (yeah right).
    He would call for an enquiry on a range of ALP & Union relationships with a whole range of companies. He would call for a complete overhaul of electoral funding and banning of ‘lobbyists’. He would call for a complete overhaul of the parties rules to entrench the power in the rank and file.

  89. Blair

    how must the decent ALP MPs (lets agree there are a couple) be feeling that the only “light on a hill” Mr Thomson saw was a red one…..when the Age comes out and starts calling the ALP MP’s Pygmies, you need to brace yourself for the biggest blood bath of all time…not good for the nation and all ALP dog whistling ‘mad monk’ to Tony A seems to have stopped …FMD this makes me laugh

  90. anonymous

    Jackson has found a soulmate in Abbott. Both willing to blow up the place to get what they want. Only difference is that Tony’s prize is becoming PM. Kathy’s prize is a smaller, even more dysfunctional union.

  91. Byron in Wahroonga

    ***Both willing to blow up the place to get what they want***

    Uh oh. Here’s the spin we’ll be hearing for the next twenty years, like we did post- Whitlam. Pay attention, hack – you can’t blame Abbott and Jackson for this government’s death wish. It wasn’t Abbott and Jackson who brought in the BER, the NBN, the mining tax, the carbon tax, the ban on cig packaging, gay marriage, the ban on fishing for mako sharks and all the other frigging anti-Australian insanity that has characterised these buffoons. It’s all their own work.

  92. It's not the message it's the messenger!

    @ Byron in Wahroonga | August 28, 2011, 9:11

    All of the initiatives you mention are good inititives and are good for the country however putting 13 year olds in charge of the spin and using the western suburbs of Sydney as a reference point is not all that smart. The real problem here is that the Gillard government is seen as illegitimate. The party will take a very long time to recover from the rolling of Rudd. Gillard is just not cutting through, she is not likeable. A man could have probably got away with being implicated in such an act a woman will never be allowed to get away with it. The ALP has allowed all of it’s dysfunctional, bullying, rorting ways to be on show. What they have got away over the years is now in plain sight thanks to the NSW Right. The ways they have secured their personal ascensions through branch stacking, over affiliating to the ALP (stealing members money), rorting, junkets, always being able to avoid any real work, it’s all laid bare. The left of the ALP are not much better. They just sat back, whined, moaned, went along with it, moaned some more. As long as their ever shrinking kingdoms were left alone they were prepared to just let the brats get on with it, as long as they were tossed the odd bone here and there they were just fine. The ACTU, Christ don’t make me laugh, unable to exert the influence that they should have rightfully had post Howard they immediately assumed a role something akin to all the other snouty little pigs, ‘what’s in it for me they howled’. Well, in the meantime Australians were wondering what was in it for them afterall, where did they fit into the political process and the answer they got with the rolling of Rudd was that they fitted in nowhere.

  93. sick of it

    I know what l will be doing,resigning from this shit union,they have done nothing for me in the 13 yrs,only worry about their own greedy arses,l thought you worked for the working poor,not the ALP,going going gone,good riddance

  94. Giuseppe De Simone

    I wish I understood ALP factions better. I am still reeling from the Conroy-Carr alliance in Victoria. I think we need a Vexnews story on the ALP affiliated unions and where their votes go and also a breakdown of the local Admin Committee membership by allegiance. This would be a PhD standard dissertation.

  95. Adrian Jackson

    If Kathy Jackson lives in Balwyn does this put her in Sir Robert Menzies old seat of Kooyong?

    No wonder Tony Abbott is supporting her. She could join the Liberals and try out for pre selection for the Libs in Kooyong next time.

  96. Martin Niemöller

    First they came for the cig packaging, and I didn’t speak out because I didn’t sell ciggies.

    Then they came for the mako sharks,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a shark fisherman…

  97. Giuseppe De Simone

    I wish I understood ALP factions better. I am still reeling from the Conroy-Carr alliance in Victoria.

    I think we need a Vexnews story on the ALP affiliated unions and where their votes go and also a breakdown of the local Admin Committee membership by allegiance. This would be a PhD standard dissertation.

  98. dovif

    Who would have trought that the ALP have a shovel with dirt on it?

    None of those in parliament had done a day of work in their whole life

  99. Byron in Wahroonga

    He, the Labor hack speaks. ‘I don’t smoke or fish, so why should I be concerned?’ You’re a snapshot of the arrogance that has Labor headed to the wilderness for the next 10-15 years.

  100. Jase

    What happened to Michael Smith’s show on 2UE this afternoon?!?! Same thing that happened to Glenn Milne’s article?!? Anyone know any inside scoops?!

  101. cohenite

    Inside scoops? I am not the lawyer who represented Thomson against Fairfax.

  102. Shambles

    I am a respected political strategist.

    This Kathy Jackson is doing more to damage the Labor Party than I ever managed to.

  103. Robb, Andrew

    Oh dear I’m feeling down in the dumps.

  104. Lowrain Woeful

    Maybe Craig Thomson needs a bit of company. Is he under 40?

  105. cohenite

    His IQ must be.

  106. Adrian Jackson

    The ALP could not organise a root in a brothel.

  107. cohenite

    The ALP IS a root in a brothel.

  108. Freddy

    Kathy jackson to replace Kevin Andrews as he move to take Alan Griffiths job?

  109. heto

    again gillard and the alp runs home to nsw “the illawarra” ” preaching to the converted shooting where the ducks are ”
    how have nsw retards been given 48 house of rep seats and again vic “tards ” 37 seats and to hold the above they have to be supported by union fat bellied “lazy boy” bloat.
    a disgusting rabble a remnant of defective genes imported by the first fleet.
    not one comment from any nsw or vic union on the craig thomson misuse of their money .
    c mon you eastern state union membership retards have the guts to demand your money back,kill the alp kill this sham illegitimate govt off we want blood on the hse of reps floor c mon “tards ” make a circle round the fire kill the alp “KILL THE PIG RUN HIM THROUGH”

  110. Freddy

    Or Feeney to replace Alan, left enough

  111. Syphologist

    Cohenite, you got the tense wrong. The ALP is the slimy aftermath of a root in a brothel. And the knot in the condom is increasingly tightening around Juliar’s neck.

  112. cohenite

    I am married; I am often wrong.

  113. Giuseppe De Simone

    I wish I understood ALP factions better. I am still reeling from the Conroy-Carr alliance in Victoria.

  114. Giuseppe De Simone

    We need a Vexnews expose on the ALP affiliated unions and where their votes go and also a breakdown of the local Admin Committee membership by allegiance.

  115. Anonymous

    It’s through the looking glass Giuseppe.

  116. Anonymous

    We also need the numbers that unions affiliate to the ALP on. This seems to be top secret information. Perhaps when Abbott gets back in he can introduce this in Workchoices III where a union member can request from their union what numbers they affiliate on, or better still the ALP should be forced to reveal them. Many union members are defacto ALP members when they really don’t want to be. Over-affiliation for the sake of control of the Admin Committee is a blight on democracy.

  117. Freddy

    some one from the rank and file for Bendigo

  118. Anonymous

    The comments on the above story are a sorry tale for the unions. I know of at least one group of workers who have discovered their union over affiliates, they are exploring their legal options to get the money back.

  119. Byron in Wahroonga

    ***this Kathy Jackson is doing more to damage the Labor Party than I ever managed to***

    LOL. The only laugh in this hideous farce of a government is the truly stupid believers, saying its demise is due to external forces- like Jackson.

  120. Byron in Wahroonga

    ***the party will take a very long time to recover from the rolling of Rudd***

    Rudd had Labor down to 26%, in WA. At what point would you agree he had to go? 16%? 6%? Seriously, only Gillard could make Rudd look good.

  121. Anonymous

    And this was all happening at a time when the ALP was hitting up unions for big donations for the 2010 Federal Election. The NSW Right psychos had rolled Rudd, rolled a few State Premiers, bought preselections for their good mates. Makes you wonder now what they really needed the money for. No wonder the show was bankrupt. Do any of these unions actually spend any money on their members? is this why right wing unions do such shit eba deals for their members?

  122. Freddy

    George Wright to supervise Bendigo elections?

  123. Freddy

    Revised Labor leadership

    Kevin R prime
    Julia G Finance

  124. Freddy

    Centrebet Tony Abbott and the Coalition are heavily odds-on to win, at $1.23, with Labor now out to $4.

  125. Zoran sad.

    Gillard as PM….
    Or Abbott as PM…?

    Both not worthy to be on local councils let alone Federal Government….

  126. Freddy

    If we want another term changes must be made with little blood

  127. Right F*ck Up..............Again

    When you boil all of this off it’s just about arses on seats at the ALP Conference, it’s never about workers. As for the union silencing Ms. Jackson I doubt it has any validity. More union scandals to come no doubt.

  128. No where to run nowhere to hide

    Kathy J in the nut house, gotta be the greatest day of my life!

  129. More days like this

    Mother Teressa of the union movement locked up in the mad house, a wonderful day for humanity

  130. Anonymous

    Typical ALP thuggery laid bare for all to see. They used to keep all this stuff in house, now they just air the dirty linen wherever.

  131. throw away the key

    My sympathy to the poor mental health workers who have to look after [deleted]

  132. Eye of the north

    Ms Jackson from all the people you have used and abused over the years, today we laugh at your misery!!!

  133. Anon

    Good to see the filth that is ALP comrades and fellow union thugs stick the knife into Ms Jackson whilst she is down….. and you folks wonder why Julia is GORN?

  134. Brimbank Party hack

    The shortcons signed the dead warrant for the ALP when they went to bed with the loony left

  135. Kathy's favourite song. By request for her fans

  136. Just Desserts

    Kathy, after all the years of dishing it out, it turns out you cant take it.

  137. HA HA

    Madness is a serious issue!!except when its [deleted]

  138. Giuseppe De Simone

    With no new revelations and the Gillard spruikers digging in, this issue is now dead. It has done a bit of damage but nothing really serious as it has merely confirmed the views already held by people.

    My years of watching the way people abuse the trust they hold when elected has told me a few home truths.

    None of this may apply to the HSU but I would not be surprised if all of it did.

    Corrupt union leaders misusing members’ money is a well entrenched practice that is not going to change anytime ever. Not while there’s a Fair Work Act giving union leaders privileges and the policing is done by underpaid public servant inspectors easily able to be bought off with some flattery and a nice lunch.

    The union officials who discover the abuse cover it up if they can and tend to pay out the fraudster so the matter doesn’t get any publicity.

    The location of the bodies is a well kept secret for use when needed. Typically, the documentary evidence is removed from official records and kept in someone’s personal archives just in case.

    No one wants auditors to find this stuff in case the auditor feels obliged to report it or say something to someone (time to get a new auditor as the current one has forgotten who really pays the audit fee).

  139. Armed against the Enemy

    Oh Guiseppe….

    I am sure that your many years of active involvement in the trade union movement has armed you with the skills to comment.

    The Fair Work Act does not regulate unions, another Act does. And it hasn’t changed since Howard.

    You cannot sack your union auditor, dont you know at least that much?

    Stop making things up about things you know nothing about and concentrate on paying your employees the legal minimum wage!

  140. Anonymous

    Let’s be honest about this, there are plenty of politicians out there who are happy to sponsor and be sponsored by knuckle dragging ferals in the union movement. It doesn’t pay to have any one with any brains, in fact quite the contrary. Low IQ = Useful Idiot. As long as the Useful Idiots can be kept compliant with a little flattery, a bit of an ego massage, a few kickbacks, basically making morons feel important when in fact they have little ability to survive in the real world they will survive. The state of the Australian union movement is a tragedy, so much self interest, so many selfish ferals, so many politicians dependent on them for a steady supply of cash. Bloody demoralising.

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