BUBBLY: Tim Flannery has much to celebrate

While the environment apparently faces imminent destruction, the global economy is in trouble and politics seems combative and unpleasant as rarely before, none of that is slowing the nation’s well-paid Climate Czar Tim Flannery down.

The former Austraylian of the Year has just been sighted by a member of the VEXNEWS Investigations Unit enjoying a quiet champagne or two in the Canberra Qantas Club before embarking on a Thursday escape flight from the nation’s capital.

Chairman’s Lounge membership – currently enjoyed by vocal Qantas critics Nick Xenophon, Bob Katter, Sarah Hanson-Young and Dr Adam Bandt PhD (Marx) – has not yet been provided to Mr Flannery but we’re sure this honour is just a matter of time.



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4 responses to “BUBBLY: Tim Flannery has much to celebrate

  1. Bubbles

    Does he know champagne bubbles contain carbon dioxide? I hope he offset that

  2. Perhaps he agreed to hold his breath for the duration of the flight, Bubbles.

  3. Geelong Biker

    My ABS spy says you haven’t completed your census. You must have seen Tim Flannery when you were jetting off for a short hol in NZ so you weren’t in OZ on census night. We’re closing in, buddy!

  4. Giuseppe De Simone

    Flannery is my favourite global warming spruiker. His failed and flawed prognostications assist climate change deniers immensely.

    I am an anthropogenic climate change sceptic who has examined the science and has real concerns that we are overstating the human impact on the observed variations in climate. I am prepared to concede there may be a causal link but it has not been scientifically established. On the evidence I have considered, the major logical error of “post hoc ergo propter hoc” has been made due to some observed correlations in the temperature data.

    I am concerned that we give this person the oxygen of publicity and support his crack pot views with public money. We need careful moderated nuanced scientific postulation not extremist possible scenario painting. This is the work of science fiction not science fact.

    If we had someone in the climate guru role who was appropriately guarded in their opinions, we would be looking at tentative interim steps taken while we gather more data and produce more robust predictive climate models in consultation with the best scientists across all disciplines including geology, chemistry and physics and not just meteorologists.

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