LIES OF LEW: Billionaire blames builder for land theft but Krongold denies all

Retail billionaire Sol Lew is in increasingly hot water over his blatant and brazen theft of public land to facilitate the construction of an “infinity” or “horizon” pool at his daughter’s Mt Eliza beach-house. The Sunday Age’s Cameron Houston has reported that the Mornington Peninsula council is playing hard-ball with the billionaire crook, demanding the pool be drained immediately and that it be demolished within days.

Lew’s efforts to stone-wall the council have failed, with the latest desperate manoeuvre from the Lew crime family’s lawyers being to purchase the Crown land they illegally appropriated as their own. VEXNEWS hears the Department of Sustainability and Environment are not reacting to these approaches sympathetically.

The local councillor Mark Eustace – a passionate and patriotic crusader for the environment and residents – has set such a sly sale of land in this case would “set an ugly precedent” enabling people to buy the public land they stole when and if they got caught.

It gets better.

Lew’s attempt at PR damage-control centres on blaming the builders for failing to apply for a permit, who have not previously been identified.

VEXNEWS has learned not only that the builders involved were the well-known high-end residential construction firm Krongolds – headed by Essendon supporter Wayne Krongold – but that they vigorously deny any wrongdoing of any kind. The whole sordid story – including possibly illicit cash transactions – could emerge in a spectacular court-room farce should Lew decide to fight the council.

Industry insiders tell VEXNEWS that Krongolds will most certainly not be contributing to the enormous potential demolition and native grasses rehabilitation that Lew has been ordered to do. The well-regarded builders apparently say they were told to proceed by their client who had assured them they owned the land and were entitled to build the pool there. If you spend enough money, builders don’t ask too many questions.

The VEXNEWS Investigations Unit which occasionally and bravely reports on nefarious activities in the Construction industry, from the CFMEU using Geelong bikies on picket lines to exploring the political implications of bad union boss Bill Oliver’s bad back, has obtained troubling information about the sneaky pool operation including that the real cost of the job was more like $300,000 not the $80,000 reported by The Sunday Age.

We have also learned that scandalously neighbours in the quiet Mt Eliza Osprey Avenue precinct were duped by Lew because he had cunningly arranged a $40,000 water tank to be installed at the front of the beach-property at the same time to explain away the presence of trucks and construction workers at the site.

The nosy neighbours weren’t fooled for long and eventually reported Lew’s land theft to the authorities. Hilarity ensued.



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28 responses to “LIES OF LEW: Billionaire blames builder for land theft but Krongold denies all

  1. Adrian Jackson

    I just wipes may bum in my Loo and the trud stuck to the Loo paper looked just like Solly.

  2. Giuseppe De Simone

    This needs a proper investigation. There are just too many unanswered questions for trial by media (even such brilliantly fair media as Vexnews!)

    The Lews deserve the opportunity to clear their name and they won’t do that by using hired gun, Mr Bond from the firm of Schetzer Brott and Appel, a firm nearly as notorious as Madgwicks and famous for being very tough litigators on behalf of their clients.

    The builders should get indemnity from prosecution in return for telling the truth. At worst, their mistake is not obtaining a permit which is hardly a serious offence, albeit one which the nanny state imposes by way of a fine under the Building Act. If the pool is faulty, then they are to blame for poor workmanship but this seems moot now that the pool is to be demolished anyway. At least on demolition of the pool the actual construction will become apparent and resolve that issue.

    I find it somewhat hard to believe that someone would direct a builder to place a pool on crown land knowing it to be crown land but that is the tenor of the allegation. If it can be shown that members of the Lew family knew the real boundary when they gave these instructions, it is clearly trespass, possibly criminal trespass, and it may even amount to a property crime such as obtaining property by deception.

    I regard the Lews as successful business people who are very tough commercial negotiators. I find it inconceivable that they would seek to do something so clearly stupid and dishonest.

  3. Defender of public access to public land

    This is one issue that the rich MUST not be allowed to win. Public access to our coast line and public land is a right that must not be allowed to be taken away under any circumstances let along though adverse possession. To allow this would undermine the very basis of our society and the concept of rule of law and public ownership.

  4. What about our Children's rights

    What I find disturbing is that children accessing public land might intentionally or unintentionally see the Lew family engaged in a holiday sex romp. The physiological trauma that could be inflicted on young minds would be devastating. Certain things and activities should not be allowed on public land.

  5. Professional Liability

    Actually the builder does have a liability. They are responsible to ensure that any construction has the necessary planning and building approval. It would be very difficult to see how and under what circumstances the builder would not know this requirement. the same would apply for any lawyers, civil engineers or building and quantity surveyors who reviewed and signed off any contracts or agreements. Many could lose their licence over this.

    I would not be surprised if professional indemnity insurance providers are already walking away from any compensation claims.

    What reputable business person would want to deal with the Lew Family again, after this crime?

  6. RDR

    Does anybody have Jacki’s number?

    Wld b hot.

  7. Anonymous

    Lew’s mate Lindsay Fox fenced off and tried to make sections of the Portsea beach his own.

    Rich think they can do as the please.

  8. Pissy Chryne

    Jaki love you wouldn’ have a spare pad Dad could have would you? Bloody diet pills I’ve just shat myself in mly strides again.

  9. similar links to Dean Mighell.people who steal things, that don’t belong to them.

  10. Anonymous

    what else do you expect from j.ews?

  11. Annon

    Perhaps not the persecured race for no reason??

  12. Fair go

    Guiseppe!!! Surely the rich would break laws! You are a funny one. It wasnt that Solly broke the law, he was confused – he didnt think he owned the property, he though it was little Jaki’s.

    SBA state Mr Lew did not own the property, had not built a pool and was not a director or shareholder of Shuttlehall.

    However Shuttlehall’s sole shareholder is S.L. Nominees. Mr Lew and his wife Rose are the directors of S.L. Nominees.

    See where the confusion arises? Poor Solly, not even one inch of the pool is on his land, you might have thought he would notice at some stage that some duffer was building the thing on his backdoor against his wishes on the property he didnt think he owned.

    I wonder who signed the building contract for the pool on the land that Solly didnt own that was in the back yard of the house that Solly didnt realise he owned?

  13. Guiseppe,I find it inconceivable that successful business people who are very tough commercial negotiators would be so lazy with details.
    Maybe responsibility lies with the builder and maybe not, but a few questions would have covered the collective Lew backside.

  14. Don't blame

    Don’t blame Jews, they is not only ignorant or bigoted but offensive. Unfortunately it is people like this bloke that give Jews a bad name.

  15. Giuseppe De Simone

    All I want is an investigation – a proper one – that finds the truth. Vexnews and The Age have raised serious issues – they need to be addressed.

  16. Adrian Jackson

    Its better that the pool is to be demolished as when businessmen get older they often become incontinent and turds in the poll are difficult to deal with

  17. Anonymous

    Will Lew don the speedos in his pool? God I hope not.

  18. Adonis

    Does the daughter have a bloke? I could do with a beach pad, even without the pool! She like bald overweight short Greek guys?

  19. David

    Look at how many dumb arse comments you have all posted about the family. The Lew family keep a number of people employed and of the Doll. You do not read that in the paper do you??? if only the world were full of people like yourselves, then we would all be perfect and never make mistakes.

  20. Walkley Award


    You can never be a journo if you keep forgetting to include your long, costly association with Mr Lew. You should have a short para mentioning this that you can include in all your many blogs bagging him.

  21. Armed against the Enemy

    lol @ David! Of the Doll, you arent referring to your next date are you?

  22. Anonymous

    Yes the Lews keep people employed @ minimum wage so they can skim the cream off the top of their labours and become billionaires – pure scum.

  23. Sol's toilet habits

    Sol seems to forever prosper. He is already a billionaire, so his money just multiplies hourly, daily and monthly. A money machine.

    Andrew, you have a hate website covered in ads that can only grow in fractions of double-click cents. Sol urinates on fractions.

  24. EH

    Can you please ban that bitter fool turd Adrian Jackson?

    Or is he un unflushable turd?

  25. Adrian Jackson

    EH (old holden). Anything useful to say you Liberal or Labour Zionist TURD?

    Rich people and bogan trash who think they are above the law are TURDS (Lew, Adler, Bond, Rich, Pratt, Moran gang etc, Bali 9, Corby). If they float in the toilet bowl just put in a bit more loo paper and flush them down.

  26. Adrian Jackson

    I was in Clarendon St, Sth Melbourne yesterday (20 Aug 11) getting something for Coles that my local Middle Park IGA had run out of and outside the Max Brenner chocolate shop (part of the Strauss Group) and there were a dozen people handing out leaflets.

    It was peaceful, orderly and non obstructionist and nothing like the report in The Australia that day.

    There was only 4 people in the shop at the same little table. Meanwhile in the Paper Shop Deli opposite (owned by a nice Lebanese family for decades), were I had some food and coffee, it was nearly full of customers.

  27. EH

    Andrew – two flushes on Adrian Jackson – please …

  28. John

    @ Wakeley Award


    Malice removes both qualified privilege and truth as defences to publication. Better be careful with this sort of stuff.

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