B-TEAM: Barnaby carpets Fin for mistaking trillions & billions

errorismThe Nationals Senate Leader has called for the closure of Fairfax’s Australian Financial Review newspaper following a front-page sub-editing error today involving mistaking $13 trillion for $13 billion.

Fairfax Media has recently taken an axe to sub-editors, deeming them to be an unnecessary luxury for their “quality” (code for left-leaning journalist operated) newspapers. Errors like that are the result.

Barnaby Joyce, during his brief but shining tenure as the nation’s alternate finance minister, was inclined to similar error, so it seems it’s a case of it taking one to know one.

He condemned the now-closed News of the World – probably the world’s best investigative popular newspaper during its unrivalled reign – and the Fin Review as a ‘literary abomination.’ The Senator’s media releases with their delightfully mangled grammar, mixed metaphor and cliché combinations certainly qualify too.

In one of his breathtakingly amusing series of media releases that seem to go straight from his Dictaphone to paper, the Senator even invokes the language of love, Français, to make his point.

Senator Barnaby Joyce
Shadow Minister for Regional Development, Local Government and Water
Leader of The Nationals in the Senate
LNP Senator for Queensland

1 August 2011

B the t’s

Long, long ago I remember getting my b’s and t’s confused, and my b solidly kicked by the fourth estate after a National Press Club event, apparently this syntax error was punishable by immediate dismissal.

I must admit when I see the same mistake on the front page of the Financial Review, I do have the expectation that News of the World like the paper should be removed immediately as a literary abomination.

“The US government’s $US14.3 trillion ($13 billion) debt ceiling will further harm theUS’s faltering economic recovery”

Of course if the US debt is only $13 billion, then even I would have to say that they don’t have much of a problem, considering now that Australia’s debt ceiling is at $250 billion, which is quarter of a trillion dollars. Australia has to realise that we have extended our debt ceiling and our gross debt amount is currently $194.74 billion.

For all the other problems that the Labor party is responsible for, including the closing down of the live cattle trade, building the education revolution, closing down fishing, closing down forestry and piece de resistance, the carbon tax fiasco, the thing we have to always remember is that the debt keeps growing, just like a cancer, always with excuses of how we are going to cure it later.



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22 responses to “B-TEAM: Barnaby carpets Fin for mistaking trillions & billions

  1. Barbarbarnaby

    I have a special close bond with farm animals.

  2. bravo

    yet, Barnaby remains more economic literate and credible than Wayne Swan ….

  3. Anonymous

    baaahhhnaby joyce, bahh bahh….

  4. David Toohey

    In evoking his love for French, Barnaby forgot to include the accent greve on top of the first ‘e’ in piece, and forgot to include ‘la’ before the word resistance. There’s nothing better then writing up on the issue of syntax errors, then to invoke more of your own. Nice work, Barnaby!

  5. Byron in Wahroonga

    ***Barnaby forgot to include the accent greve on top of the first ‘e’ in piece, and forgot to include ‘la’ before the word resistance***

    Thanks, Grammar Cop.

  6. Adrian Jackson

    I say one trillion written for the first time on the TV News in a story about the economic demise of the USA tomorrow (02 Aug 11). Its got 12 zeros.

    One trillion = 1,000,000,000,000

  7. wiilly wonkker

    Scott the rat rat Ryan should leap off a very tall building and give his Senate seat to the next generation. Mitch too. 7 years, nothing achieved except self promotion. Both terrible on Sky. Please Monk, remove these dastardly dogs.

  8. Themaildogooder

    So true, so true. Both clogging up the pipes of progress. Let them be free by booting both…..NOW!!!!!!

  9. Tim Fisher

    Barnaby us Nationals are so lucky when we go home to the sticks we get to sleep with our favourite farm animals.

  10. EH Lee

    David Toohey, failed grammar cop:

    (1) It is accent grave, not accent greve. A “greve” is a strike.
    (2) The expression is “piece de resistance”. Insrting “la” would give it different, and in the context wrong, meaning.
    (3) When you wrote “résistance”, you forgot an accent aigu [see above].

    Before being a smart-arse, make sure you are actually smart.

    Because a smidgeon of knowledge in the hands of a moron is a dangerous thing.

    Nice work, David Toohey! Idiot.

  11. Bahhhnaby

    It’s not rape if the sheep just bleats right?

  12. Barbarbarnaby

    Please don’t bleat as I get a hard on.

  13. Adrian Jackson

    So the US Parliament have finally decided to raise their huge debt ceiling even further. It all sound Greek to me !!

  14. A. Frank

    This site is heavily censored.

  15. The Insider

    maybe the Fin was confused at the rise of the Aussie $?

  16. Giuseppe De Simone

    EH Lee is right.

  17. Giuseppe De Simone

    It is of course

    la pièce de résistance

    which translates most accurately albeit not literally as “loosen your belt”.

    See wikipedia


    That’s one accent grave on the e in piece and one accent aigu on the first e in resistance.

    For those interested in these things, “la pièce de résistance” was the most substantial dish in a meal. This is usually the first main course. In a real feast, the main courses come after the appetisers, soups and entrées. You are presented with two or three main courses of viands and pêches. The Americans became so confused (and bloated) that they were convinced the entrée was the main course!

  18. Dryasachip

    The AFR could do with appoitning a fact checker or two. In the AFR August magazine, in an article on Graeme Samuel, John Howard is referred to as being Prime Minister in June 2008…

  19. Bill

    Well FXJ has just hit a new low of 86c, they certainly cant afford fact checkers.
    But FXJ have announced that Australia leads the world newsprint recycling – I guess most copies of the Aged are returned unread, pulped and reused for tomorrow’s edition.

  20. Anonymous

    The AFR subs were not involved in the outsourcing.

    Best damn paper in the country (save the crap lift-outs).

    Also, David Rowe is in a league of his own! Hi cartoons alone are worth the $3 cover price.

    Seriously, please stick to bashing The Age.

  21. Barbarbarnaby

    I problem learnt my pastime from my Dad, he was a Taxidermist you know someone who mounts animals!

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