SPARKS FLY: ETU election sparks demolition-derby car-chase road-rage cop-shop spectacular

mickmontebelloThe spirited elections for control of the Electrical Trades Union got willing on a Victorian building site today as Victorian organiser Mick Montebello threatened the safety of several interstate campaigners who are competing for positions in the national office of the union.

Montebello – an alleged hot-head rabble-rouser aligned with Dean Mighell – chanced upon the officials at the Ikea Pro-build site this afternoon in Clayton and then acted in a menacing manner towards them that could land him in trouble with building site regulators, the Australian Building and Construction Commission and Victoria Police.

Insiders say while Montebello has had domestic issues that have caused him to interact with law enforcement that he is unlikely to be troubled by the ABCC, while it is governed by former ALP lefty-aligned operative lawyer Leigh Johns. Johns is believed to even be cultivating informants within unions with the same leftish political leanings as Montebello professes to have. Whether they are as keen to get into bed with him as he is remains to be seen.

The visiting Queenslanders and New South Welshpersons had not seen such antics even in a State-of-Origin stoush and were worried they’d get into legal bother if they gave the nut-case the kicking he richly deserved, an offsider told VEXNEWS, so they took their leave.

They decided to drive on, whereupon the excitable Montebello proceeded to give chase in his union-funded roo-bar-equipped vehicle and – it is said – even rammed their rental car in scenes some thought reminiscent of a demolition derby.

Fearing for the safety of their next-to-new rental vehicle – and not looking forward to handing back the keys to the attacked car to a disgruntled Avis lady– they drove as far down the freeway from Clayton towards the city as they could, while keeping within the Victorian speed-limit. Then, in a sudden, breath-taking and dangerous manoeuvre, Montebello then managed to get in front of the fleeing unionists and then tried to stop them by braking suddenly, causing them to run into the middle of his car.


After initially equating Montebello’s behaviour with their recollections of how Melburnians generally behave as depicted in Nine’s hit-series Underbelly, they rang 000 who wisely directed them to the nearest Victorian Police station in Malvern where they took refuge, declining to report a crime but hoping that would scare the crazed Montebello away from Underbelly-style acts.

The hot-head was told stay in the station by the cops so our interstate visitors could make their way to the airport, having enjoyed what they say was a highly productive journey.

The ballots for the election – where former Greens backer turned Bob-Katter supporter Dean Mighell is fighting to retain his position as Victorian secretary and is moving on Labor moderates who run the ETU in other states – haven’t even been sent out yet. It will be on for young and old when they are, with Montebello hoping to use similar tactics to collect ballots from the members who keep the angry little man in hot pasta and roo-bars.



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78 responses to “SPARKS FLY: ETU election sparks demolition-derby car-chase road-rage cop-shop spectacular

  1. Adrian Jackson

    I have not seem a bull or a cow in Melbourne since the New Market sale yards in Flemington were closed by the Cain Government in the 1980’s and developed as tacky socialist housing. So why does the blokes ute need a bull bar and the extra silly light in the centre?

  2. Christian Gaylord

    I’m happy to punch him up again!!

  3. bashing women’s heads into coffee tables is more your go mick.

  4. old sparky

    Not suprised Monty has not got much between the ears [nowadays a requirement to work @ ETU -justthe ability to say “Yes Dean” he is a poser like Mighell”Bull Bars ” the only contact either of them has with Bull is what they tell a working sparky.

  5. vic sparky

    Bright sparks those Queenslanders

  6. Dean SheMighell

    Good work Mick, next time you can wear one of my German WW II helmets! Makes you look tough as!

  7. financial member

    who does this bloke montebello think he is? union members legally providing information about the up coming election. but not in Victoria. not if you disagree with mighell. no democracy in Victoria, the members can not hear an alternative view. any one with a different view must be run out of the state. this further confirms that the Victorian ETU is a dictatorship. what a disgrace to the union movement this mob are!!

  8. fill

    This Montebello chap is definately an unsavoury type. Has been notorious for bragging to many electricians about bashng his wife to the point she had to get 2 AVO’s against him.Despite this so called anti demstic voilence champion Phil Cleary still managed over the years write false articles on what a great activist montebello is in the unions mags. Poor form Cleary.Montebello’s other claim to fame was being on national news networks waving a yellow shirt at Julia Gillard while screming uncontolably at the current PM with eyes rolled back into his head at an ALP conference. A display he usually reserved for his exwives.

  9. FatBoy

    Imaginative reporting once again on this pathetic site. Too bad Mick didn’t do half as much as is reported here. I’d loved to have been there with him to teach those maggots from NSW and QLD a thing or two.

  10. Wrong again

    Yes Andy there is ballot collectors in the CEPU who like to terrorise members into handing over their ballots but it ain’t in Victoria and not in the Electrical Division. You need to look at the NSW CEPU to get the really experienced ballot collectors. Just google “metcher” + “ballot fraud” or go to austlii for the whole sorry story, search “Battese”. If you want a true story publish that one.

    • Deaney Weaney

      I’m 100% sure that I as others were asked to provide our balot papers at the Desal so they could all be put in one envelope. If that is not intimatating members what is.

  11. Adrian Jackson

    Are some unionist scared of mad cow disease?

  12. white ribbon day

    I agree Fatboy. what a champion of thr union movement Mick is. The special way he treats women o la la, I hope phil Cleary(anti domestic voilence avocate) writes up another story in the union mag about micks great deeds, Deany weeny must be do proud of him

  13. terr and throw in a cerevan with that

    Its amazing the degree of loyalty one can gain from someone when you give them a heap of other peoples money so they can travel to america with thier partner to get special optional medical assistance

  14. posters in every gun club

    I wonder who is funding the shemighell’s tilt for the election for the shooters executive.Eletricians aren’t that generous are they?

  15. dipper

    did mick confuse those interstate organisers with his exwives

  16. Anonymous

    Are all the NSW Right illiterate? Is that where all the bile comes from, they all actually feel hard done by and let down by the education system? Clearly the ALP have not learnt one single thing from their hidings in the polls and in recent elections both state and federal. They still think they can con union members and voters with ongoing defamatory comments and general bullshit. Mighell has been sprayed for years for all manner of supposed crimes and yet he is still walking around free, not charged or found guilty of anything. Mighell’s real crime of course is to have dared cut loose the millstone that is the ALP, he has freed his members from the snouts in the trough; the folk posting here who stand to gain from constantly delivering workers money to an enfeebled and disastrous ALP. So what if Mighell flirts with other political parties what that tells me about him is that he will not just deliver dogmatic, slavish worship to an undeserving political party. Mighell’s support of Adam Bandt during the last federal election was a bloody master stroke. If a few of the people posting here went out and actually listened to their members and constituents they would find themselves in a spot of bother.

  17. Reply fat boy

    Really good story shame it didn’t happen like that as l was there. The only thing that is pathetic is you fat boy ,you are one of those week gutless people who write on toilet walls as you have no balls to speak out. You are that pathetic you sell off your own work mates so you receive a bigger Xmas bonus from your boss.

  18. Boofa

    Or gee I am so much trouble with the fundraising to get that bloody double crossing Bike into Parliament. ‘Percy’ look at all the trouble you’ve caused me.

  19. BoofWatch

    We are on to you Boofa. This is only chapter 1. Lots more to come. Stay tuned (and you too Percy).

  20. Wenchy

    Boofy don’t bring my name into it all this mess. I have my reputation to think of…

  21. BoofWatch

    Wench we are after you too. Don’t linger in any dark restaurants in Brighton my dear.

  22. Anonymous

    Sound like somthing wiffy going on in the state seat of Mordialloc and its not only the tip….

  23. carefull confusing the halfwits

    $400k to the greens to get Bant up and a green balance of power in the senate so they can push in the carbon tax, then shemile goes on any media that can stomack him and talks against the cabon tax, then on top of that runs for the Vic shooters exec the enemy of the greens. no wonder a simpleton like mick is so confused and angry it lead him to lash out

  24. Deaney Weaney

    I guess Mighell has more to hide than first thought, while Mighell is running to the Courts to stop him having to open the books on the ETU Trusts that he has just finnished telling one and all that all ETU financial dealings are squeaky clean and open to anyone to scruitenise, Montebello is out using his ETU provided car to ram National ETU campaigners on buisy Dandy Rd. And I thought we lived in a democracy, ah well we will just have to wait and see what the Fed Pol & the Australian Crime Commision has to say. To all ETU Members have your say and vote this Dictator out, we as members will all be so embarrassed if he is re-elected and is behind bars. Get him out before this once great union becomes a laughing stock.

  25. don’t forget dean. when you pay for the car you will need to go through the books.not money from the safe.

  26. you a grub dean.see you in jail.

  27. Fat Boy

    Reply Fat Boy, I can sense from your comment that you’ve pooped your pants and you’re heading homewards in a Northerly direction. What a shame.

  28. A masterbater is a lot closer to the mark

    Anonymous Says “Dean Mighell support of Adam Bandt during the last federal election was a bloody master stroke”. Thanks very much for the carbon tax Mighell you fuckwit. A bloody master stroke throwing $400k at the greens so they and have the balance of power in both houses of parliament and now we all have to suffer higher power bills and the electrical workers will lose there jobs down the Latrobe valley.Only a special type of complete moron would call that A bloody master stoke so no doubt that post was sent by Mighell himself

  29. Adrian Jackson

    Speaking of mad cow disease the news tonight said Kevin Rudd new heart valve has come from a cow. Get ready for the “moo” jokes once he has recovered from the operation and is back on the job jet setting around the world.

    His advise to France to bomb Libya has been a failure and has only made this civil war more protracted as now neither side has enough combat power to win a decisive victory.

    Rudd should read some military history as aerial bombing alone will not win a war. Not that I want to see foreign troops invading Libya. The failures in Iraq and Afghanistan should be enough to deter this action.

  30. he's just a little man

    mental mick is just that, mental. a little man well past his prime. The lads at ikea were laughing that it was the first time they seen mick since the project started. Or any other etu organiser for that matter.The joke was mick needed to hit them with his car cause he was too short to reach up and hit them in the head. Its all a bad joke, members should be allowed to hear from all the candidates , not just the ones montabello thinks he’s in with. We all pay our dues and we’ve all got the right to hear any message

  31. Blind Freddie

    Dean is worth a billion of you, Landeryou!

  32. Confused

    This election is getting weird. Now Dean has put out an unauthorised mailout supporting Dave Mier. I bet Troy Gray & Wez Hayes aren’t too happy about being the latest toys that Dean has got fed up with!

  33. Times are a changin'

    Reply to A masterbater is a lot closer to the mark | August 1, 2011, 13:36

    You can always pick the ALP hacks they are the ones trying to make everyone else believe that 1. Higher power bills are due to a carbon tax 2. Absolutely everything that is wrong in the world is due to The Greens. Energy prices have been rising dramatically since privatisation, it’s not rocket science, privatisation = profit and job losses a big fat duh there. Have a look around the world moron, countries that do not do something about climate change (or appear to do something) will be left behind economically as it is actually an international trade requirement to do something. The biggest threat to your jobs is an ALP completely dominated by the right and their disciples like Tighe, the disciples are usually pretty clueless types they know nothing about anything and more to the point they don’t want to know. They are a bit like the Vichy Government in wartime France, they collaborate because there is something in it for them, they care little for the workers they are supposed to represent as long as they are looked after personally. 2. As the ALP teeters on a knife edge (just look at some of the grubs propping that mess up is anyone buying Thomsons story?) and no doubt a few others may be getting a bit nervy as more and more unions decide to have a crack at there useless, do nothing national offices, the ALP ingrates were lucky to get the support of the Greens and the independents. What short memories you all have, even if that awful ACTU candidate (can’t remember her name, what an impression she left on me) had won Melbourne the ALP could not have formed a government, it was all over for them after the ridiculous coup to topple Rudd. Thank goodness some unions are prepared to take a lead despite the pain they have to take to lead for their members and not just deliver them up merclessly to the ALP. The ETU are quite right, the ALP does just use unions as an endless supply of money and many of the grubs around unions are just in it for themselves and what they can get out of it personally. Go Dean and the Full Charge Team, they may not be perfect but you’re allowed to make mistakes.

  34. anon

    Anyone taken notice of the going ons at HSU – Seems that the former National Secretary has owned up to his wrongdoings – his excuse is good – so keep knocking Mighell but be fair with your critism about other unions.

  35. HSU-secretary owned up to his wrongdoings that may be correct.But you criticise the nationals of taking legal commissions while you steal money from the union through trust funds that are set up to benefit dean and will be expelled and charged in the coming months enjoy your stay while it’s called KARMA

  36. Dr Mangler

    First its bull bars and now its a cows heart valve. No human wanted to give a valve to Rudd and when the cow was asked if she wanted to give up a heart valve or go to Indonesia the cow said please take the valve

  37. Craig

    Anon AKA Fegan, what nonsense are you talking about now?

  38. Its the ALP fault this was posted

    Times are a changing. TO know the truth can sometimes really really hurt and I understand your pain has lead you to revert back to the prescribed defence you have agreed on…. its all an ALP plot. Its the ALP’s fault Mighell was caught with a transexual prostitute in his hotel room.Its the ALP’s fault ETU members on strike didn’t recieve cash collected from other workers. Its the ALP’s fault Mighell sold SASF without authority and then Lied to the members 5 years a row in the accounts. Its the ALP fault a heap the ETU members money has been spent promoting a company GGE that Mighell owns. Its the ALPs fault the ETU organisers only go to huge construction sites and are never seen anywere else. ITs the ALP fault Mighell gave $400k of the ETU members money to the Greens even though the members dispise the greens.The ALP’s fault Mighell gave ETU money to Bob Katter.Its the ALP’s fault $60 a year from each ETU members goes to Etrec a company run by Mighell brother Peter that nobody knows what it actually does And it goes on and on and on. WOW that ALP must have some amazing magicians in there ranks to pull all these things off to make Mighell look so bad.No wonder there doing so badly in the polls by diverting so much effort being put into so unfairly dragging down a working class superhero

  39. Reds are better in bed

    Here that a a fat white boy is running for assistant secretary of the NTEU.

    As Alan Gaskell would say after yet another odds on pop goes down at the redhots, ‘dear oh dear’.

  40. billy bob of bent and distorted NSW

    remarkable the IQ of some in here , i mean once you compare to the size of their shoe….

  41. Arks

    30 years I have never seen a better hieracy proven and tested than Dean and crew number 1, all good. Mike, who wouldn’t vote for the full charge team. Who is peter Tighe Who is John Inghram.

  42. Arks

    Victoria transperant, Tighe open your books!!!…… Arks

  43. Arks

    ALP, took money for many years. They have deliverd nothing!

  44. Anonymous

    Craig, I’m talking about Craig Thomson being a common whoring thief, a caper he learnt from his dickhead mentor.

  45. Sir Lesley Twentytonneguts HRH

    Burp BURP!!! FART!
    Thank God that’s out of me!
    Fill get a move on, I need to go to those dickheads at that company who has me cheque for the 20th Man Fund. Then we will go off to Walter’s to cash it and suck on some piss. Far out, I those fwits in suits don’t want a DGR receipt.

  46. the times are certainly changing

    the 17th is getting closer. the trust accounts will be exposed,quick grab all the money you can out of the safe. were off

  47. Damn UK Unionist

    Well Neil The UK unionists played a prank on me while we were drinking and they appointed my misses into a high paid manager role at an small insurance company I installed to replace the huge insurance company at the fund I’m the chairman at.I spose its karma coming back on me from the bad pranks I played at my footy clubs

  48. Craig

    Boy Fegan is sure spewing out some bile here!

  49. Peter Lane

    Dean, Troy & team have made victorian sparkies the highest paid tradesmen in the country. Is anyone really stupid enough to vote for their opposition, a team of wankers, one of who is too scared to put his face on their election material. And you think a minor car accident is something to be winging about.
    As soon as this election is over, i wonder what hole they’ll be running to hide in. Weak Pricks.

  50. Outta touch, outta time

    Reply to Posted by Its the ALP fault this was posted | August 3, 2011, 9:53

    The stories about Mighell and various businesses and trusts have been whispered about for at least 5 years, this is a long time for various agencies that are supposed to be about to charge him to be investigating, he must be a master fraudster to be able to bury things so deep. No, what I see here is the stock in trade of the ALP, all the slimebag hallmarks are there. Enemies of the party are either drunks, have gambling habits, have mental illness problems or they are rorting and frauding. Given most enemies of the ALP have been in or are still in the ALP it would probably be fair to say the party drives most people mental, certainly the voters and members who are deserting it in droves feel that way. I guarantee you after the end of August, Mighell will have won and he will still be walking the streets not charged or convicted of anything. I note all of your other rantings but I suppose I would answer like this. Are all the 500 delegates to ETU State Conference that listened to Katter speak and gave him a standing ovation lemmings? Can they not think for themselves? He got the same response at an AWU Conference BTW? Is it not efficient to go where most of your members are? Any union organiser will tell you that it is nearly impossible to get to all members all the time. In regards to SASF if this information has any basis in fact (and it has done the whispering round for years) why hasn’t someone just gone straight to the cops? Why hasn’t one of the concerned gossipers gone to the FWA Registrar? Or was it a case of the gossiping campaign failed and now we have desperation. Ditto for money that was collected for striking workers that supposedly never reached the right people. If all of this is true and all of it should apparently have paper/audit trails why is this alleged master criminal walking the streets? Now I will concede for you a few points, if Mighell has looked after his wife, cousins, mates then that is tacky. Union officials should absolutely not do this, it’s a no no. As for the transexual prostitute story, leaked I believe by someone who was there, we will never really know the truth will we. If services were paid for by the union then why haven’t charges been laid? Oh union election season you have got to love it……..Not!! The faster the ALP is jettisoned by unions the better because that is what this is really all about.

  51. How do you spell hypocrites?

    Laughable really, you would never want to get between an ALP politician or aspiring politician and a brown paper bag full of union cash. They don’t ask too many questions as to where the money came from. There would not be an ALP politician in the country past or present that did not take a donation or campaign financing that does not have some sort of questionable origin. In the past the recipients were probably most deserving, nowadays, are you kidding me! That’s what this is really all about, all the bleating about fraud and misappropriation, what hypocrisy. Follow the preselection and jobs for mates trail folks. Mighell has admitted in the past he has played the ALP factional game trying to leverage the best oucomes for his members, then one day he woke up and started to prise the fingers of the hangers on off the gravy train and dump them, no wonder they are tring to hang on for dear life. No one in this game is squeaky clean, you couldn’t possibly be around the ALP and not get really grubby.

  52. Anonymous

    big bull bar, small cock.

  53. Anonymous

    big bull bar => small dick

  54. GO TANYA

    NSW ALP federal minister points out that authorising union credit cards for sexuals services is not a good look….go tanya

  55. Peter Lane

    Dean, Troy & team have made victorian sparkies the highest paid tradesmen in the country. Is anyone really stupid enough to vote for their opposition, a team of wankers, one of who is too scared to put his face on their election material. And they think a minor car accident is something to be winging about.
    As soon as these election are over, i wonder what hole they’ll be running to hide in. Weak Pricks.

    Your comment is awaiting moderation

  56. Bob Katter

    Just seen photos of you naked and another one of your girlfiend Deano. sorry mate but the blood brother thing is officially off now.

  57. Bob Katter

    Deano I’ll stick with 4 legged farm friends.

  58. arsevomit

    Got ETU membership card on friday and there is a photo of Dean Mighell on the card.A photo of mighell’s fat head on the actually card that you keep in your wallet.

  59. Deaney Weaney

    Shemighell, can you explain how Mandy Fuckstick got her position at Protect & can you explain the money trail from ETREC Perter Mighell that promotes Global Green Electricians, EEIT that provides GGE training, Protect that provides funding for GGE training to unemployed members all to GLOBAL GREEN ELECTRICIANS that is owned by yourself. Nothing like topping up your family income at the expense of members.

  60. The End is near

    Don’t worry everyone the end is almost here. The once mighty ETU will be a power again once Mighell has been expelled for corruption, stealng members money and profiting from his position. Then we can get rid of all those cocksucking officials and hangers on in the office and start again. Why do you think he is going to court rather than hand over the financial records of the union. He knows it, I knowit and soon all the membership will know it.THE END IS NEAR!

  61. Deaney Weaney

    Shemighell, it is a breach it the electoral act to interfere in the election process, so why are members being TOLD to bring in their balot papers to site so that the ETU shop steward and on bigger jobs (Desal) organizers can ensure that members fill in their vote correctly, you are Fucked, going to jail and this is just something else you will be prosecuted over. I Will ViSIT YOU IN JAIL.

  62. Deaney Weaney

    Shemighell why are you telling / instructing and demanding that rank & file members that just go about their job day to day to provide for their families must man the phones to canvass support for a regime that is going down. THIS IS NOtT A DEMOCRACY.

  63. Joeuseless

    Dean, YOU have rostered me on to the ETU election member ring around can you let me know if I am supposed to go to the CFMEU or the AMWU office, as I said earlier it is great that these outstanding democratically run unions are providing support for yourself and by doing so will also guarantee my future employment. Joseph A Useless

  64. The manipulative Dean Air is at again, if your working at the Desal he would every ETU member to hand there ballot papers to the stewards on they can be checked before they are mailed not fooled by this corrupt offical.Democratic society! NO when it comes to Dean and Mandy it’s all about them stealing money from the trust fund.if the members have any doubts, contact the AEC hotline regarding your ballot papers.

  65. arsevomit

    Oh f*%k I’m going to need counselling as he is wearing red lace panties and holding onto a ‘Delores’ she-male doll.

  66. Its the ALP's fault this was posted.

    Outa Touch Outa time your longwinded squeeling has convinced me.None of those things were the ALP’s fault

  67. Arsevomit

    Mighell head is actually on the membership card

  68. Paul

    I am over the etu, what a lot of rubbish, I have been a financial member in both nsw and vic since 1993. I have worked on many large sites and been involved in the etu’s brain washing.

    Its an absolute joke how members are dictated to.

    Recently i see the etu infighting over this election and i am discusted. I have received rediculous amounts of mail lately due to this election,a total of 4 letters today, Who is paying for this?????

    I know live in the country where the unions could not care less about.

    i will be resigning from the etu

  69. freddy

    get the cash back form green plague

  70. Deary Me

    Bringing about change sure is difficult. I would say that 30% of those posting on this subject are just the useless idiots of the ALP. They have been ALP all their life and they just do not see the wood for the trees. Another 30% actually do personally gain something from the ALP so they will defend it and their place at the trough no matter what…what was it that Keating said about self interest. The next 30% are the real power elite, the real Machiavellian operators who really do see the implications from being cut off from all that union cash, workers money. Money that goes to supporting a party they have no say in and in increasing numbers they do not support. Then we have the remaining 10% who really get it. They know that the ALP has to be cut adrift, it is all part of a bigger political shift taking place worldwide. Major change is always painful, it takes a while for people to understand what is really going on.

    • Deaney Weaney

      Dean you are a FUCK Witt, it is not the Labor Party, Bob Katter, the Greens, the Plumbers, ETU QLD / NSW, it is all of the Great Vic ETU members that you have stood over, threatened, terrorised and chased from job to job. You do not care about any one but yourself, you have made too many enemies and they are all coming together to ensure you get what is coming to you, it won’t be long and you will only have yourself to think of.

  71. Fair go

    @ Paul – who is paying for this???? – good question – rest assured it is not ETU money or the lawyers would already be sitting in the judge’s chambers. Dont fall for unauthorised election shit sheets – its old school.

    What has the Vic ETU not done for you that you think they should have?

  72. Johno

    Dean Mighell, why do you insist on harassing your members on how to vote. You obviously are worried about the result and so you shojld because you are a caniving,sneaky underhanded human being who has made us the members finance your lavish lifestyle,from free trips to prostitutes and yet you forget we pay your fucking wages you cunt. But fortunately no more because soon you will slip into oblivion.

  73. Big snouts

    Yup these union bosses sure do look after themselves & Mighell is not the worst of them. This is what happens when you have some pretty poor quality people bransh stack and use workers to further their own interests. Peter Tighe could not wait to hand 500K, that’s half a million dollars to keep the current ALP mob in power. Mighell may be an arrogant, power crazed pain in the arse but he has not put any duds into parliament, Gavin Marshall, Mike Symons, Adam Bandt are some of the better people occupying the green and red leather. Same cannot be said of some other unions. In regards to the 500K the question needs to asked which of the nodding dogs allegedly paid off the CEPU branches that indicated that they were going to Vote No to the donation?

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