WILD WEST: Liberal factional feud looms over two vacant safe seats


WA Liberals are expecting the mother of all factional stoushes in two of their safest federal seats. In today’s West Australian, retirement age Liberal Lefties Mal Washer and China-enthusiast Judi Moylan have warned of the perils of their replacements coming from factions other than their own.

They announced their intending retirement this week.



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14 responses to “WILD WEST: Liberal factional feud looms over two vacant safe seats

  1. lorraine fin-laden

    pick me pick me pick me.

  2. Joni malt

    I Hear some more old timer federal pollies in nsw are also considering leaving.
    The writing is on the wall for them.

  3. Anonski

    Great to see the Liberal Prty rid of these two left wing soft-coqs

  4. Kranky

    When are ruddock and Bronwyn bishop going to disappear like carbon tax?
    Time to go.

  5. Alan Jones

    Anonski thanks for last night you were wonderfull.

  6. lorraine fin-laden

    pick me pick me pick me

  7. Boofa

    Or gee Percy you sure picked a classy girl from a classy family with Wenchy didn’t you? If we hadn’t been friends for so long you would be getting the smip.

  8. Mitchell Insider

    David Elliott MP in Baulkham Hills will have the shortest career in australian political history once the latest facts emerge concerning his behavior prior to the march election….

  9. Byron in Wahroonga

    ***…a firm advocate for action on climate change and an ally of former Liberal leader Malcolm Turnbull***

    Sheesh. It don’t get more Yesterday’s Man than that.

  10. Giuseppe De Simone

    These people are not moderates. The moderates in the Liberal Party are those whose values are attuned with middle Australian attitudes – the attitudes expressed by Bob Menzies and Tony Abbott. They have stolen the label moderate when they are unreconstructed leftists harking back to a time when people thought the government was the solution rather than the problem.

  11. Ben fin Laden

    I’m going to be punished in the bedroom if this ends badly for Lorraine.

    Remember kids, the safety word is ‘bananas’!

  12. True Conservative

    If that anti-gun, pro-abortion, pro-republic, sideburns-wearing woman gets preselected I’ll do my block.

  13. lorraine fin-laden

    judi moylan has endorsed me because i’m a big lefty like her.

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