WEEKEND OF WOE: Such an agonising waste

weekendofwoeThe vile reaction to the sad news that Liberal Senator Mary Jo Fisher had a supermarket shoplifting calamity clearly linking to a depressive illness and a change in medication she was taking to combat it started off a weekend of rarely matched woe.

We were on the verge of completing a typically unsubtle excoriation of several Labor/Greens MPs and staffers whose unrestrained and indecent ghoulish glee on Twitter and Facebook on the subject prompted concern among several members of the VEXNEWS Investigations Unit, when we heard the traumatising news from Norway that a Young Labor party gathering of hundreds of teenagers had been set-upon by an apparently politically-motivated evil mass-murderer cunningly disguised as a Police officer with a sniper rifle.

Some eighty young people murdered.

I met my wife and many of the good friends who’ve comprised much of my life at such youthfully enthusiastic political gatherings so it did all feel rather close to home, as far away as it is.

And in a further depressing, meaningless tragegy overnight, one of the great vocalists of our life-time Amy Winehouse took her own life.

The waste of talent in all of this is what occurs to me.

Might there have been a future Prime Minister or masterful Norwegian UN peace-negotiator cut down among the eighty young people murdered on the tiny Utoya island?

We’ll never know.

What songs, what joy, relief and insight, has the world missed out on with Amy Winehouse’s completely unnecessary, premature death.

We’ll never hear them.

And with the South Australian Liberal Senator, there is an opportunity for good and decent people to ensure that her talents are not wasted because of her illness or more particularly the bigotry many people have about it, from which we are meant to have evolved in recent years.

It was good to see Andrew Robb be manly enough to say what some of Fisher’s political rivals ought to have said: all are innocent until proven guilty, the talk of her losing her Senate seat is ghoulish and vile and the context is that she’s got a health problem that she’s fighting to manage and beat.

This really has been a weekend of woe. We hope Mary Jo Fisher’s critics pull their heads in until they hear all the evidence. If they don’t, they’ll be hearing from us real soon, to quote former President Bush.  From what we’ve heard so far, she seems very unlikely to have consciously committed a crime at all. But let’s wait and see.

Politics is a rough and tumble business but society deserves better than political opponents celebrating the illness and related troubles of their foes.

Now try listening to this, without shedding a tear or two.



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47 responses to “WEEKEND OF WOE: Such an agonising waste

  1. Anonymous

    Might have been a future serial killer or another Hitler in the victims as well.

  2. Catherine

    Seems unlikely from the Norwegian Labour party

  3. Bursten Belly

    This article was out of kilter with the tone of the rest of the site and came across as saccharine and childish. I cringed.

  4. Sir Drinksalot

    bit sad about the Dons Andrew?

  5. Anonymous

    bunch of dead wanna-be politicians, and the problem is ?

  6. anon

    Mary Jo make the world a better place, top yourself you stinking filthy Liberal nutter.

  7. rob

    Nice piece Andrew. Shame about the rest of the audience really. None of their comments deserve a response.

  8. Giuseppe De Simone

    Dear anon of 24 July 2011 at 19:55: You are beneath contempt, you vile piece of regurgitated dog vomit.

    Why don’t you do the world a favour and try to find a way to jump off the Westgate bridge or step in front of a loaded goods train travelling at 100 km/hr to see if it has brakes that can stop it in ten metres.

    I hope that one day you get afflicted with a serious mental illness – wait, you have one already – it is called cowardice, you scumbag.

  9. Adrian Jackson

    Amy Winehouse – I just bought her 2nd CD today as I like her music.

  10. Adrian Jackson

    Putting terrorism into prospective – 90 killed in Norway, 200 in Bali, 3,000 in New York and 100,000 in Iraq (2003 – 2011).

    While the terrorists in the first three dreadful mass murders were killed in the attack or have been arrested, gaoled, shot or executed criminals like Bush Jr, Blair, Howard and about 20 other former world leaders (the coalition of the killing) have not be brought before the court in The Hague. This double stand is grotesque.

  11. anon

    Giusseppe you are a stinking [deleted], [deleted] off you slimy [deleted] I’d love to [deleted] you and [deleted] your worthless head into a [deleted] [deleted].

  12. The Truth

    Adrian Jackson,

    You reminded me of a speech Joe Hockey gave a year or so ago. He advocated for armed intervention by states (centralised agents of violence) but not by individuals (decentralised agents of violence). The hollow intellectual that Hockey is probably didn’t realise his hypocrisy whilst selling himself as a libertarian.

    A major difference between this (alleged) whacko in Norway and governments is that the whacko had no economic motivation whilst governments, and the people behind them, are driven almost solely for economic gain. Never mind the unpunished acts of treason by past (and present) members of Parliaments in Australia, that just simply won’t be reported.

  13. Captain (Retard) Wacko Jacko WANKER

    And I don’t like the Joos.

  14. WAlian

    Andrew, yes, all of what you wrote and just half of why I log into this site.

  15. Klondyke

    Hokey-Cokey Liberal Senator Mary Jo Fisher using the excuse of depression. Groan.

    Politicians cause immense depression in Australia.

  16. Ronnie

    Reading these comments is making me depressed.

  17. Dryasachip

    The media showed respect (as they should have)to Andrew Robb when he revealed his battle with depression. They should also do exactly the same for Senator Fisher as she deserves nothing less.

  18. Adrian Jackson

    I wonder if the war criminal John Howard’s lip would quiver if he was dangling at the end of a rope whilst turning purple in the face.

  19. Giuseppe De Simone

    Dear Adrian

    Calling John Howard a war criminal is to provide moral equivalence between his actions, taken with circumspection and in the fervent hope that innocent lives would not be lost, with the actions of those terrorists whose actions were designed to cause the deaths of non-combatants and innocent civilians.

    The death toll in Iraq is predominantly caused by the resistance to democracy and freedom, the remnants of an extremist group of jihadists who murder their unarmed unsuspecting fellow citizens in much larger numbers than the few allied soldiers they occasionally kill.

    The terrorists cannot accept the creation of a democratic society because it cuts off their supply of conscripts to the cause.

    You are indeed lucky to be an Australian citizen (as am I) because we live in a country where such extremist elements have not yet struck our schools, our public transport, our churches and our community buildings.

    Your pandering to their bias makes it all the more likely that we will be the subject of such attacks.

    You may well have a legitimate point of view that the invasion of Afghanistan or Iraq by the Australian military was a mistake or not appropriate or should now be curtailed. However, you give your argument no credence by your stupid snide comments.

    You appear at times to be capable of better and you should not resort to denigration.

    I don’t mind a bit of humour; however, your comment about John Howard is not said in jest but is indicative of some deep seated resentment.

  20. Steve

    When Tony Abbott eventually implodes when he wakes to the fact that he and his mates can’t destroy the Australian economy, will his current ranting negativism also be attributed to a mental disorder?

    Is mental disorder now a requisite for Liberal party pre-selection?

  21. Anonymous

    So a druggie overdosed, big deal. Happens everyday. Because they are “famous” we are meant to feel sorry for them? Dont think so.

  22. Anonymous

    Mary Jo do a more successful version of the Nick Sherry slice.

  23. Giuseppe De Simone

    Dear anonymous of 25 July 2011 at 12:58: You are beneath contempt, you vile piece of regurgitated dog vomit.

    Given you are so intent on glorifying attempt suicide, why don’t you do the world a favour and see if you can be more successful in your attempt. Please try to find a way to jump off the Westgate Bridge or step in front of a loaded goods train travelling at 100 km/hr to see if it has brakes that can stop it in ten metres.

    I hope that one day you get afflicted with a serious mental illness – wait, you have one already – it is called cowardice, you scumbag.

  24. Adrian Jackson

    Depressed people should not be in Parliament as they are potentially damgerous to others. Imagine if the MP was Defence Minister where people lives are at risk. Sherry and Fisher should both retire.

  25. Zaf

    If (due to illness) Mary Jo can’t be held responsible for her actions at a supermarket, it seems unrealistic to expect her to be responsible in Parliament.

  26. Giuseppe De Simone

    Stupid people should not write comments for Vexnews as they are potentially at risk of infecting others with their illness.

  27. Anonymous

    Depression is a psychiatric mental disorder and these people govern us in Parliament ???

  28. Anonymous

    Depression is a psychiatric mental disorder and these people govern us in Parliament ????

  29. Menzies Doctor

    Good note Andrew! Anti depressants and other non pharma interventions can do wonders for people suffering, be warned even the best medicine wouldn’t fix the ugliness and evil in some of the people that drop past here!

  30. A political metaphor

    On the positive the effort and determination of Cadel Evans should give heart and condolence to Julia Gillard who is facing insurmountable odds, Hopefully she will have the courage and fortitude to fight back and win the next federal election. What’s clear is that Tony Abbott is like Norway’s gunman. Willing to shoot down any positive ideas that would help in the development of Australia’s future. Hopefully Abbott will not be given the means and ammunition to cause such carnage on Australia’s political body.

  31. Byron in Wahroonga

    That song sounds really good.

  32. Anonymous

    Depression is a serious psychiatric mental disorder – lunatics running parliament now ?

  33. Anonymous

    Robb didnt go committing crimes like Fisher has.

  34. Adrian Jackson

    Anon – good point about Andrew Robb but I understand Fisher changed her medicine on the day she when shopping. Perhaps she should have let the husband or the kids (if she has them) to do more of the shopping.

    Back in the 1960’s all a housewife needed to do was have a Bex powder, a cup of tea and a good lie down. Being just a housewife is a pretty depressing life if you do not have a real job.

  35. Anonski

    “A political metaphor”, whilst your analogy between Gillard and Cadel Evans is a tremendous insult to Cadel Evans, your following reference “Tony Abbott is like Norway’s gunman” is insulting to all people in possession of a modicum of intelligence.

    It seems you are in a line-ball contest alongside the odious “Cardinal Pell” commenter to win the title “Sick Fu#k of the Year”.

  36. Alan Jones

    I committed a crime inside a English Gentlemens Public Latrine.

  37. Craig.L.

    I have violated buggery laws many many times.

  38. Boofa

    Wenchy you are an MP you’ve got to keep me and Percy out of the Press headlines, I am not going down for this. Actually speaking of going down, are we catching up tonight?

  39. Anonymous

    Depression my arse, Mary Jo Fisher is just a common thief.

  40. Anonymous

    Mary Jo should be judged under Sharia Law and have her thieving hands cut off.

  41. Anonymous

    Comparing Mary Jo fisher’s situation to the shooting of man, many people – are you serious?

  42. billy bob of bent and distorted NSW

    sad to hear about mary jo ….now i have a thorough understanding of the CFFMEU Union organisers issues when he comes round each month…cant tell you his name he runs under a nom in arse

  43. Henry Barlow(my real name)

    Are some of the comments made here a symptom of the way our society is going. If it is then I feel sorry for everyone of you. Every one of us is mortal and could by whatever chance be dead within minutes through no fault of our own.
    Your over inflated egos cannot save you. Do not think of the dead, think of the their loved ones who will mourn them for the rest of their lives. Just hope that when you go someone mourns your passing.

    And tomorrow go out and do one good thing for someone you do not know, because you would in that one instance have made the world a better place to live.

  44. Byron in Wahroonga

    ***It seems you are in a line-ball contest alongside the odious “Cardinal Pell” commenter to win the title “Sick Fu#k of the Year”***

    They’re one and the same. I’m glad to see those posts, constant reminders of the Left’s keyboard cowards get me fired up. But some basic moderation – just sweeping the filth out of Vex – would break this site into the mainstream, where it belongs.

  45. Green and Proud

    Fundraising & donations procurement by the old parties has got to stop. We must legislate against unions donating to Labor and corporations donating to the Liberal Party.

    Canada has – why can’t we?

  46. Andrew Pea-Cock

    Did Amy Winehouse sing Time Warp in Norwegian? Otherwise there is no link between these stories except that Anders Behring and Mary Jo Fisher may both be in jail in the near future. Sick and twisted article.

  47. Alan Jones

    Giuseppe De Simone thanks for the rogering, you gave me gaping ring such a going over I’m glowing.

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