LOST: Liberal MP geographically confused about her own seat


Dee Ryall won the marginal state seat of Mitcham at the 2010 election.

In her local Leader publication – for two weeks running – the backbencher has directed constituents to write to her at “Blackwood”.

There is no such suburb in her electorate. We take she was referring to Blackburn, a suburb within her electorate.

Biographical data obtained by VEXNEWS reveals Ms Ryall attended Blackburn High School, making her error all the more embarrassing.

Party insiders have told VEXNEWS that the ads were produced centrally, under the direction of Liberal HQ at 104 Exhibition Street.

They explain that Ryall ordered the breaking of the lease of what was Tony Robinson’s electorate office in Blackburn craving more comfortable digs. We have no data yet on how much the office move will cost.

Prior to the last election she pledged on Facebook to “stop the waste”:

A massive effort by the team this week. Stop the waste is the key message from voters in the Mitcham Electorate. And that is exactly what we will do.

The advertisements from Ryall in the local paper were paid for by Victorian taxpayers as part of her communications budget. She may well need to authorise another advertisement correcting the errors in her previous ones.

Perhaps she’ll do the right thing and pay for those herself.



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22 responses to “LOST: Liberal MP geographically confused about her own seat

  1. emergency

    a search of parliament still directs our mitcham punterrs to visit the abandoned office at 9 blackburn rd. Gee must be hard to get assistance from Dee.

  2. Giuseppe De Simone

    Leave Dee alone.

    It’s a typo. Big deal. It happens.

    The postcode is correct for Blackburn so what’s the big deal.

    Doesn’t wood burn?

    Same thing really.

    New MP’s have a right to select a new electorate office location if they think it is more convenient for their constituents than the location of the former office. Presumably the new office will take into account expected electoral boundary changes.

    The size and cost is set within strict guidelines as you well know Vexnews so your claim about Tony Robinson’s offices not being to the new member’s liking is quite unfair.

    Anyway, I like Dee. She seems to be a good local member and will probably increase her majority next time around.

  3. Another Liberal airhead

    Dee is a pollie and doesn’t have a brain. Say no more.

  4. Oceanic 815

    Clicking on her website brings up the message. “Dee Ryall Site under maintenance.” And on twitter she describes herself as “Victorian State Member for Mitcham. Take what i do seriously and take myself lightly” All voters will probably follow her lead and “take her lightly” too.

  5. Byron in Wahroonga

    ***Biographical data obtained by VEXNEWS reveals Ms Ryall attended Blackburn High School, making her error all the more embarrassing***

    Harsh. Andy, did you hear La Mirabella on Macquarie Radio yesterday? Magnifique!

  6. Adrian Jackson

    Aren’t these ads “approved” at party HQ too or is that just at election time? It’s a good idea to have someone proof read an ad or newsletter who was not connected with its drafting.

    Although my local Federal MP Michael Danby (Melbourne Ports, Vic) takes the cake when a few years ago he sent out a newsletters with holidays on it including NSW school holidays (not Victoria’s – different dates) and ANZAC Day on the wrong date (25 April is the correct date).

    One helpful calendar had heaps of religious Caulfield type holidays but no Muslim holidays and Easter Sunday went missing.

    In atheist Middle Park there was little interest as all but 1 of 4 churches has closed in recent decades.

  7. Real

    Adrian what did your election ads look like – a giant filing cabinet and you in your scouts uniform?

  8. Adrian Jackson

    Real – it had on it “Thwaites Failed” and another had “Gas Works Fraud” and comments about the issues these ad headlined. Johns primary vote went down heaps in 2006 and a year later he was gone. “Mission Acomplished” as I did not stand to win but I stood to undermine Thwaites.

  9. Real

    Ah yes, the words of a failed candidate “I did not stand to win”.

    Why not stand again Adrian – you could run as a National Socialiost and re-use the ‘Gas Works Fraud’ slogan a second time.

  10. Adrian Jackson

    Real – perhaps rebuild them.

  11. Real

    I draw readers attention to the comments by Private Adrian Jackson (Jul4 24 10.39) in which he advocates rebuilding concentration camps to exterminate Jewish people.

    This man is a fraud, a failure, an anti-semite and a man on ill repute. If you know Private Jackson, I urge you to confront him over these comments. Verbal abuse and public degredation and humiliation are warranted here.

  12. Real

    Besides which, he has trouble in his relationships with women and an unnatural disposition to dressing up in regalia and parading around his lounge room.

  13. evil bastard

    Adrian Jackson lecturing on proofreading is magnificent. Many locals well recall his fabulously wacky spelling, grammar & punctuation in the rants he distributed to the local media & to unimpressed Liberals. Some have kept them in case he ever makes the mistake of trying to rejoin.

  14. Adrian Jackson

    Evil Bastard – you are right about my english here in Vexnews even with spell check (sometimes a hindrance), but when I stood as a candidate in elections I had someone proof read my stuff.

    However when it comes to MP’s newsletters and ads in the press it must be right. Besides aren’t all these MP’s staffers uni graduates now?

  15. Adrian Jackson

    Real – No, don’t get hysterical darling “perhaps rebuild them” means the gasometres for coal produced town gas that we used until the early 1980’s. Natural gas will not last forever.

  16. Giuseppe De Simone

    Leave Adrian Jackson alone. It is not nice to pick on someone with a mental illness or in Adrian’s case many such illnesses.

  17. Adrian Jackson

    Gillard is working to make Australia the Belorussian of the south. Socialism only makes a country weak and confused just like Greece and Portugal

  18. Adrian Jackson

    Giuseppe – your motherland, Italy, is about to go bankrupt just like Greece and all the other southern Euro trash countries.

  19. inga binga

    my little squad is having a little trouble doing it’s fundraising returns

  20. Eastern

    What is it about these new Libs? Refusing to move into office because it was not good enough. Ted did this in ’99 because his office did not have any airconditioning. Went on strike and worked out of his car until Parliament agreed to fix it. Then its Blackwood rather than Blackburn. Strange.
    Next door it is “where’s watty?” as locals seek to locate their new MP but instead they get to see Theo and Ralph at local events. Rumour is that Theo is getting used to being the “local member” and will challenge for pre-selection next time.

  21. Southern

    The dud in Bentleigh thinks part of her electorate is in Oakleigh South.

  22. anon

    At least she is not breeding Druggie Losers and bonking Boofa like the bimbo next door.

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