TIGER BURNING BRIGHT: World warms to whacking wife Wendi

wendi2Wendi Murdoch is certain to emerge from the dramatic UK parliamentary grilling of James and Rupert Murdoch as a celebrated cult figure.

Mrs Murdoch’s vigorous defence and counter-attack on a low-life who was intent on physically assaulting her 80-year-old husband was the highlight of the otherwise unexciting proceedings.

She not only managed to land a blow on the coward but when he dropped the plate he was carrying, she picked it up and, by all reports, was going to whack him with it until he was whisked away by the lax security officials.

Ominously, the description of the loser in question, Jonathan May-Bowles, aged 26-years-old, a pampered yet troubled middle-class wastrel, could easily have described a potential assassin.

Even the London newspaper consumed by envy and malice for their more successful News Corp rivals, the Guardian described her spectacular moves as her “Charlie’s Angel moment.”

Wendi Murdoch humanised the whole grotesque spectacle. This is her family. Touch one, touch all. Even the coldest hearts will have thawed a little. Those who see her husband and the company he built as a force for good and an amazing vehicle for creativity were – like us – first shocked then loudly cheering in the still of night, a small victory for the true believers.

Twitter has been overwhelmed by outpourings of kudos for the feisty lady, from “Crouching Tiger, Slapping Wend” to an as yet unverified claim by Daily Telegraph scribe Joe Hildebrand that the billionaire’s spouse may in fact be a previously unidentified Power Ranger, others suggested ninja, seemingly unaware they hail from Japan not Wendi’s native China and so on. She’ll be the best press the Murdochs get all year.

Wendi Murdoch humanised the whole grotesque spectacle. This is her family. Even the coldest hearts will have thawed a little.

Her reported cry “I got him” could well be the rallying cry the beseiged company needs. They’ve taken the hits in this crisis, unreasonably singled out for inappropriate journalistic practices in the London newspaper market where they were clearly very widespread across every tabloid and other newspapers there. It seems likely that the Mirror – formerly edited by CNN’s Piers Morgan – will come out as the worst offender.

So we see Wendi Murdoch’s spectacular counter-attack as much more than a loving wife standing by her man. It’s a powerful message to all the jackals baying for Murdoch’s blood, even talking up Rupert Murdoch’s death, bizarrely proposing the dismembering of a very profitable, very successful company that you can go only so far.

There is a witch-hunt hysteria to the selective persecution of the Australian-founded News Corporation in England for what were clearly widespread British newspaper practices.

While that is itself no excuse for the inappropriate activities of some of the News of the World’s over-enthusiastic news-gatherers and story-hunters, it is the context in which the situation arose. To ignore it, or pretend it were otherwise, serves no-one and nothing other than those who stand to commercially benefit from News Corporation being in trouble.

Wendi Murdoch has never had a great press. She’s now a symbol of defiance against the Lord of the Flies style mania that has at times appeared likely to engulf News Corp’s British interests. Good for her, it’s in moments of great stress that one’s real character emerges, or so they say.

The hearings themselves uncovered nothing especially interesting other than the obvious that Rupert Murdoch is an American –based CEO of a global media company whose interest in newspapers is more a legacy labour of love than the focus of his daily attention. And his son, James Murdoch, is probably the best witness I’ve seen deal with hostile questioning. He was polite, firm, direct, helpful, candid and clearly on top of practically every detail. Being a good witness in legal proceedings is not a required core competency for company chief executives but being confident, assured, tough and sensible most certainly will equip him very well if he takes over the company some day.

The British MPs who had so much ammunition to fire and sitting-duck targets achieved not much other than prove themselves to be more mediocre than we might have expected. There were no gotcha moments. There was no heat or insight. It was a big fizzer except for when their own lax security allowed a self-described comedian and lapsed UK Labour party member to attack their star witness.

In language the News of the World might have used, it was very much Murdochs 1 Haters 0, a big turnaround after a series of recent drubbings. (Wo)man of the Match: Wendi Murdoch with a last-minute header sealing an unexpected win.



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19 responses to “TIGER BURNING BRIGHT: World warms to whacking wife Wendi

  1. Bill Calvin

    Well done Wendy, nothing better than seeing a sanctimonious leftard getting a taste of their own medicine (Or in this case – shaving cream.)

  2. Nico

    How about the double standards with corporate govenence. Those bloke that were bribing people all over Asia so we could print their money all worked for a company 100% owned by the Reserve Bank. No bastard has asked Glenn Stevens to resign and apologise. No difference except the Newscrp stuff is a bit grubier.

  3. Byron in Wahroonga

    ***all the jackals baying for Murdoch’s blood***

    Exactly. The mediocrities and the failures seething with envy, who have neither the ability nor the energy to emulate Murdoch’s success. This is a fantastic piece Andrew, better than anything written in any media on this sorry affair.

  4. The Insider

    not sure how the poor old pie thrower feels – but did you see Wendi’s death stare at her step-son! Way better than Julie Bishops!. The battle between her and the original three children will be fascinating when Rupert finally shuffles off this mortal coil

  5. Adrian Jackson

    I watched the questioning last night but I missed the incident as I went to the loo. Good on Wendy for her prompt counter attack. She could get a job in Communist China as a security women to stop protests.

    That said I though Rupert started out a bit hesitant but he quickly get into the swing of things and answered the questions quickly and without long winded chatter. Not so little Jamie who when asked simple Yes/No question then made a long speech and often avoided an answer.

    I hope he does not suffer from verbal diarrhea in his board meeting as a 1 hour meeting could take all day with him as chair.

    How does the saying go – The first generation start the business (Rupert’s dad) the second generation develop the business and the third generation ruin it. Lets see if James has a Warwick Farfax moment after Rupert dies.

  6. Bob Santamaria

    Its time that these capitalist running dogs of the Chinese Communist party were charged with espionage.
    Good on you young Wendy, there is a place for you in heaven after having support the great champion of Freedom and the American (opps sorry) Australian way.
    This act by this leftist front for the socialist troicka of Blair Brown abd Gillard oh and Rudd should see him sent to Jail for a very long time whilst the upright a corporate genius of Ruppie whould continue to be upheld as a bastion of freedom.
    Its un Australian, . What he’s not Australian,. bugger. Bishop Pell where are you.

  7. Dan Lewis

    Damned shame the video is pointed at the wrong thing. I’m surprised the leftard ‘activist’ didn’t have his own video crew ready to upload his ‘brave’ activism to Youtube. May yet turn up…

  8. Throw the book at her

    Gharged her with common assault and send her to one of those five star resorts News ltd are always going on about

  9. Wendy

    Don’t thank me Bill Colvin, I wouldn’t give Murdoch so much as a hair pie.

  10. anon

    Stinking horri cow should have kept out of it and let the old bastard cop what he deserved.

  11. Jacob

    No matter what Murdoch did he is still 80 years old m & when some smug thug in his 30s does this & everyone stands back except Murdoch’s wife (who belts him) than this world is moving back in time badly He is innocent until proven guilty I prefer this to some countries where you are guilty until you prove your innocence perhaps this cretin who no doubt has emotional issues & parents that would hopefully disown his behaviour should sent to live in some part of the world where he would fit in perhaps in some jail with lifers who would like someone as young as he is to be their companion then he may understand what it is like to have someone more powerful degrade him like he did to Murdoch

  12. Giuseppe De Simone

    A 26 year old attacking an 80 year old. Sounds like the sort of thuggery the left are noted for.

  13. Anonymous

    Wendy Deng knows how to protect her 80 year old investment.

  14. Adrian Jackson

    I just thought of a corny joke – Wendy really donged him. Her maiden name sounds like “Dong”

  15. Wendy

    Ha ha. Adrian you are so funny. I bet you had the boys in the filing office in stitches (sorry Real, I stole your theme here)

  16. Anonymous

    “Even the London newspaper consumed by envy and malice for their more successful News Corp rivals, the Guardian…” What a load of utter rubbish. If it wasn’t for non-News media, and others, pursuing this issue, we’d still be being fed the rogue reporter, nothing to see here, move along line News had been sticking to, despite knowing it was a lie. Get your head out of Murdoch’s lap and grow up!

  17. Adrian Jackson

    Anon – I thought you 80 year old investment comment was funny too.

    It is interesting the it was only Wendy and another lady that were quick to react to the pie man on the video. Most of the men including James just sat there. Perhaps they are all sensitive new age guys.

  18. Adrian Jackson

    So James is a liar according to the recently sacked News of the World editor and a former News lawyer. Apparently James saw an email some years ago concerned a payment of large sums of money to people conected with phone hacking. James denied any knowledge of the email before the parliamentary committee. Do not collect 200 and go to gaol.

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