SHADY: Vic Lib staffer Daniel Bevan falls on sword after Twitter shame exposed


**WARNING: The screengrabs contained in this story are unedited and contain vile profanity, sexism and other inappropriate language.**

The Australian’s ace reporter John Ferguson has exposed a Page One story eerily similar to the Baillieu blogging saga that caused months of instability in Victorian Liberal ranks in 2008.

And just as then, the VEXNEWS Investigations Unit is on the case to shed even more light on the sorry situation.

Bevan has been knowingly concerned in an unsubtle intra-factional power-grab, acting on behalf of his boss Senator Scott Ryan against the interests of respected rival and Greens-buster Senator Helen Kroger. This manifested itself in moves against Victorian John Shipp, recently elected the federal President of Australian Liberal Student Federation. Leaks against Bevan appear to be provoked by his involvement in this intriguing.

Many have scratched their heads at the folly of the Ryan-sanctioned maneuvers, given that they centre on whether he gets to be #2 or #3 on the Liberal Senate ticket. Based on the published polls, they might consider a fight over preselection for a fourth quota.

Ferguson’s story tells a sorry tale of a young man with awesome ambition and boundless stupidity:

Liberal aide admits anti-Coalition tweets

AN influential Liberal Party adviser quit last night after admitting sending vulgar anti-Coalition messages that undermined federal and state MPs.
Bevan quit the office of Victorian senator Scott Ryan after The Australian uncovered evidence of back-biting, sexist and apparently racist messages in his Twitter account.
It is believed he resigned after being confronted by Senator Ryan about the content of one of his Twitter accounts, which attacked senior federal and state Liberals and included dozens of references to female genitalia.
Bevan becomes the fifth Victorian Liberal forced to quit after abusing social media and the internet since the 2008 “Red Ted” blogging scandal erupted inside the party’s Melbourne headquarters.
He also has quit the party’s powerful state executive, which effectively runs the organisation between state council meetings.
A furious Senator Ryan, the Coalition’s opposition spokesman for small business and competition, said he had no idea the Twitter account, which posted messages under the pseudonym “Santos–Halper”, was being used by a staff member.
Senator Ryan last night said in a statement: “I spoke to Daniel this afternoon about these matters. He has resigned from my staff.”
Bevan is believed to have volunteered his resignation just hours after denying to The Australian he had sent the messages.
“This was a silly thing to have done. What I did was stupid and I’ve resigned,” Mr
Bevan said last night.
Targets of Mr
Bevan’s Twitter rants include federal opposition health spokesman Peter Dutton, Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu, Victorian Treasurer Kim Wells Continued on Page 2 Continued from Page 1 and Victorian Health Minister David Davis.
Bevan singled out the Baillieu government, suggesting that it would wreck the economy and that the state’s AAA credit rating would be lost under Mr Wells. Liberal insiders also believe the Twitter site includes a vulgar reference to former Liberal senator Judith Troeth.
On Mr Davis, Mr
Bevan wrote: “David Davis’ (sic) voice makes me want to self harm.”
On Peter Dutton, he wrote: “If Peter Dutton is a future leader of the Liberal Party, it’s more pharked (sic) than even I thought.”
Party sources said there was no choice but to deal with Mr
Bevan, given the blogging scandal that tore through the party in 2008 when four Liberals were sacked for either undermining Mr Baillieu or using racist comments.
Bevan bragged on the eve of the Victorian state election last year that he would “welcome every newspaper in Victoria into the cancerous cell”. This will be seen as a direct reference to Mr Baillieu having attacked a so-called cell in the Victorian Liberal Party in 2008 that had worked against his leadership.
The Australian has copies of several pages of tweets sent by Mr
Bevan, including one awarding the Seven Network’s Mark Riley “C . . t of the Year”.
There also was a reference to “M’s of every variety at DFO”, which a party source said appeared to refer to Muslims. When contacted by The Australian yesterday morning, Mr
Bevan denied the offending account was his.
“Not mine,” he said. “But I understand what’s going on.”
Victorian Liberal Party state director Damien Mantach said the behaviour could not be tolerated. “Under no circumstances does the party accept such behaviour, particularly from senior office bearers,” he said.

Bevan had previously been both the “Action Faction” Kroger-Costello group’s and the Baillieu group’s favoured candidate for the Admin Committee but as VEXNEWS had previously reported had not polled particularly well. Critics accused of him being a “poser” and “wanker”.

Certainly the way he handled this, admitting the tweets to some people, then denying them to John Ferguson then ultimately fessing up to his boss and quitting, has not been a good look and is in many respects worse than the ugly tweets which you can see in full here.

Political insiders have explained that Bevan was a very enthusiastic tweeter, with many different accounts:
–@DanielCBevan–unlocked, public account. Used infrequently to push Lib Party lines.
–@JackWorthing–locked, private account. Open to 100 followers. Used to speak frankly, occasional course language. Now deleted.
–@Santos__Halper–locked, private account. Used to disparage Ted Baillieu, use foul and sexist language. Previously open to approx 25 people. Since deleted after internal divisions emerged over Bevan’s candidacy for the Admin Committee.
–@Nokehunz–Strongly suspected to belong to Bevan. Read to be “no c***s” –very limited followers list. Seemed to replace @Santos__Halper. No info available.

Bevan has paid a high price for his inappropriate Tweets.

Some of his mates tell VEXNEWS that he is not the only Victorian Liberal of his age group who might have been indiscreet, even racist or sexist, in their comments on Twitter or Facebook.

There could be much more to come, they mutter darkly.

Although topping Daniel Bevan’s efforts would take some doing.







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47 responses to “SHADY: Vic Lib staffer Daniel Bevan falls on sword after Twitter shame exposed

  1. Larry Longprong

    Hahaha. This has made my day. Another Krogerite hack joining the scrapheap with the other plebs. No discretion, no political antenna. Watching them eat there own is great stuff.

    Good riddance Bevo.

  2. Giuseppe De Simone

    Silly. Foolish. Twit.

    When you post on the internet what you should only say to your best mates over a beer in a pub after you’re feeling a bit tanked, you end up being lynched because you get caught. This is the “no mercy” world where sensibilities matter more than substance.

    Let’s not be too precious here. This is vile stuff but it is not unique to five disgruntled ex-staffers.

    I’ve written much worse about my political opponents thirty years ago when I was more of a hot headed high octane testosterone fuelled operative that believed the most insignificant issues really mattered. I suspect a lot of it is still in print somewhere. I don’t really care and I can defend my most obnoxious comments with a shrug of my shoulders and a spirited defence of the substance of what I was saying. A lot of it was parody designed to rally the troops.

    These are some of the pithy comments by others that I remember from the 1970’s and 1980’s:

    Land Rights for Gay Whales?

    The Australian Union of Students Women’s Department is investigating whether they should protect sperm whales for the purposes of artificial insemination purposes.

    The Australian Union of Students was the only owner of a travel agency in favour of hijacking.

    In any case, I’ve heard much much worse coming from all sides in politics – including some of the “butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth” hypocrites dancing on Bevan’s grave.

    Bevan had to resign to stop further damage to his boss. No other option was open to him. He couldn’t tough it out because it wasn’t just his neck on the line.

    I’ll still have a beer with him any day and perhaps he can really let loose with what he truly believes. It might be educational (as he knows where a lot of bodies are buried) and it will certainly be fun!

    Having said that, there is the serious issue of the Senate Preselection.

    I am not a voter so I don’t matter apart from my concerns that we don’t undermine the fight against the ALP with too much focus on ourselves.

    I like the whole Senate team coming up for endorsement this time round. It is a very talented group of future senior Ministers – in the same way as the 1996 Howard team had a number of Victorians in senior positions.

    They should sort it out amongst themselves now and decide the order of 1, 2, 3 right away and present a united ticket to the electors.

    It doesn’t really matter who is 2 or 3 apart from bragging rights. The most likely outcome will be 3 Liberals and 3 non-Liberals in 2013 or whenever the election is held.

    You can’t conduct preselections in the Liberal Party the way you conduct contests in the ALP or even in student politics.

    Too many of the voters in State Assembly would be offended by some of the antics that pass as normal political argy-bargy elsewhere. In fact, I suspect many have never listened to parliamentary question time because it’s too naughty for them.

    The very tactics that will make you successful in politics in the real world may fail you in the refined atmosphere of the first floor at 104 Exhibition Street.

    To my knowledge, neither Michael Kroger nor Peter Costello nor other senior Liberals have ever acted in this way. They are far too talented to resort to such vulgarities and they take offence at it like all decently minded people.

    Let’s move on.

  3. Byron in Wahroonga

    ***the Australian has copies of several pages of tweets sent by Mr Bevan, including one awarding the Seven Network’s Mark Riley “C . . t of the Year”***


    Having said that, his assessments are spot on.

  4. Zaf

    How ridiculous. If you purged the Liberal Party of all sexist and racist members, there would be nobody left. You guys need to lighten up a bit.

  5. Anonymous

    ‘An influential Liberal Party adviser quit last night’. Wait a minute, when was he ever influentisl?

  6. Anonymous

    Boy this is big news!

  7. Spring Street

    Wow – so many people had their arms twisted to put this clown on Admin…

    Very sad.

  8. inga binga

    come and join me and my weido squad in the south east. Jeffie down in frankston is a good sort as is old lusty lorraine. Always serving the cause never creating any trouble for our grand leader ted

  9. Dryasachip

    Scott Ryan’s the Opposition’s small business spokeperson? Well I’ll be. It explains why the Libs are so ineffectual in this space.

  10. gruntleless

    Yet the Green staffer who misplaced his or her gruntle in this story seems to have avoided anyother attention. Really a sacking offence I would have thought.

  11. Bill Calvin

    A tool, good riddance.
    I must say however that I 100% agree with his comments re: Greer.

  12. Bob Santamaria

    Send him to the Bishops off Cardinal Pell.

  13. Anon

    He’s not the only one. Staff at the Member for Menzies feeling a little nervous.

  14. Hashtag Correct

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer bloke and to think has nothing going for him. Uni drop out, no other skill set other than being an abusive staffer and wannabe BSD. Now he is damaged goods. Good luck getting a job.

  15. Taking of Pell 123

    Ya don’t get that happening at the George Pell Association for Catholic Youth

  16. Lackey

    He’s made a mistake – he’s paid for it – now leave him alone

  17. Minion

    I agree with Lackey…how much did he pay Lackey?

  18. Anon

    Lackey – Bevan deserves this and much more. He is a party thug that needs to pull his head in. This is the tip of the iceberg of his misbehaviour.

  19. Loyalist

    Bevan received back the loyalty he gave.

    His head is now on a stake to warn all those entering the village of the price paid by rats.

  20. poppy

    how has #chun never trended? that’s 10/10

  21. bg

    He should have been stopped when it was brought to SR’s attention that he was severely bullying a female staffer from a fellow senator’s office. Instead the response that came from SR was that there had been bad behaviour on both sides.

    Then, he should have been stopped when he caused a major split in the youth division of the party by going out, getting new recruits drunk whilst shouting loudly in a drunken slur about how important it was to be a ‘hater’ of the munts, HK, Ronno and Fifield and everyone who worked for them – but he was again tolerated.

    Then, he should have been spoken to about how he would bag out Frank Greenstein constantly behind his back to Liberal Students. But again stunning silence from SR.

    Then, he should have been spoken to after he embarrassed those who backed his unpopular candidacy by running for admin without making phone calls and lying about the number of calls he was making… but again SR stood by him.

    Then, he should have been spoken to after he misled poor young minutes forger Lloyd into backing a Queenslander over a two term MULC President and former Ryan staffer for ALSF president, thus further isolating the club from the rest of the Party, but again he wasn’t.

    When SR was confronted about Bevan’s antics by SR’s own friends and supporters at a MULC dinner, and was advised that Bevan was ultimately doing damage to SR’s preselection, SR engaged in what has come to be known as the brutal political waterboarding of two senior Liberal students.

    Well now SR, you see the consequences of avoiding all the warnings you received from your friends. Turns out Bevan was also exposing you by tweeting sexist and racist tweets behind your back. Its just a shame he was always pulling the wool over your eyes.

  22. Ming

    It seems there are other Tweeting Twits working as staffers for the Lib MP for Menzies

  23. Awwww..

    You have got to understand though that non of the named and un-named staffers above who erode trust in the their parties and the political system, really deserve any flack for their actions.

    Their party bosses know that they are just ‘A type personalities’ and that makes it okay. Apparently ‘A type personalities’ get to sh@t all over the rest of the world. Until the election draws nearer when they become electoral road kill.

  24. Spring Street

    Ummm… Senator Ryan’s secret twitter account ( followed all of Daniel Bevan’s secret (now deleted) twitter accounts.

    How can Ryan keep a straight face when saying that he knew about Daniel Bevan’s behaviour?

    Tony Snell should be asking for Senator Ryan’s resignation too.

  25. Evil Bastard

    Spring Street – if!/w_t_sherman was following @JackWorthing and/or @Santos__Halper then Ryan will have no choice to resign from the Senate.

  26. Bevan's Box

    He obviously has unresolved women issues. His overuse of the derogative “cunt” within his texts undermines any credibility this man may have. This is not just the use of Aussie expletives as the context is mainly aimed at women directly.

  27. Anon

    Spring street – think you will find that Senator Ryan’s secret twitter account is:!/w_t_sherman

    Think you will also find that w_t_sherman followed two of Daniel Bevan’s three secret twitter accounts, meaning that Senator Ryan set the culture of secret twitter accounts and knowingly lied when he said that he knew nothing of Danile Bevan’s behaviour until this week.

    I can’t see how Tony snell can now avoid asking for Senator Ryan’s resignation.

  28. Murdoch's Justice

    If Rupert Murdoch is forced to pay the price for indiscretions of his employees then should not Senator Ryan also be held to account in the same manner?

  29. Anon

    Agreed. If Ryan was actually following Bevan on twitter and has lied about it, he will have to resign from the Senate.

  30. Anon

    Senator Ryan is going to have to give evidence to this new Liberal Party investigation as to whether he owns @w_t_sherman and why that account was following Daniel Bevan’s secret racist, sexist accounts as they defamed the Senator’s State and Federal colleagues.

  31. Anonymous

    What makes me sad is that a university educated, middle class Australian male in a good job would think that it is funny to refer to women in the way that Daniel Bevan has. Such a person should be a gentleman – you’d hope. He has all the trappings of a likeable young man, and then something like this comes out, and you realise that there is something very toxic and unpleasant underneath.

  32. Black Spot

    Aren’t Cr. Luke Tobin of Boorondara and Cr. Tim Smith of Stonnington paid up members of the anti-red ted cancerous cell? Will they be rooted out too?

  33. Manchild Hannan

    Looks like I, Manchild Hannan will be running the hornets nest that is the admin committee all on my ownsome. Gulp, help I’m drowning.

  34. John Ruddick

    And this is why i want to smash the factions!

  35. Cardinal Pell

    Brother Abbott don’t forget the choir boys are coming around to my residence to learn the joys of catholicism on Sunday after mass. Oh what joy we will have with those eager young boys.

  36. Anonymous

    Wow, sad but agree. If Ryan lied about whether he knew about this, and has his own secret twitter account, he will have to go too.

  37. anon

    It is actually disgusting that Ryan sacked Daniel. The main twitter account in question was deleted weeks ago, and Ryan knew that.

    For Ryan to brief the media that he was “furious” at Daniel was treachery. He should have briefed out that Daniel was being “counselled”

    When Ryan himself was in trouble, nobody (even his enemies) cut him loose that way.

    Given that Ryan’s biggest problem internally is a perceived lack of loyalty, why did he rat on his own most loyal of staff in this way?

    • North West Liberal

      Agreed. Nobody other than Ryan is responsible for Daniel’s fate. Young people make mistakes in politics, as Ryan well knows from the fake letter affair. Their loyal supporters counsel them and protect them (as happened with Ryan). Ryan sold out Bevan in the end. Can anyone ever trust him again?

  38. Spring Street

    It’s time for Mitch to cut Ryan loose.

  39. What!!! Not my mentor! Who will I blindly follow now?!

  40. Anon

    Who is running the Liberal Party social media investigation? I would like to make a submission with some screen shots showing who was following whom…

  41. Scrott fallow

    Jeez, i’ve only just worked out how to use tweeter!

    At least brad hazard doesn’t have twitter. He will never know I’m about to take his seat!

  42. Calculus

    104 has noticed that Where’s Wellsy has been suspiciously quiet since this happened

  43. Ahmed Jibril

    No. @Wheres_Wellsy was a creation of the former Brumby Government’s ‘social media unit’ as part of its taxpayer-funded Twitter campaign operation during the 2010 Victorian State Election. The account might still be occasionally operated by an unemployed (or less well remunerated) former Brumby Government staffer. @VictoriaVotes was at least one other Twitter account operated by the same apparatchik.

  44. Calculus

    That is not right. Where’s Wellsy was not named in the press reports listing the accounts of the “social media unit”.

  45. Ahmed Jibril

    Not many of the former Brumby Labor Government ‘social media unit’ Twitter aliases were on the public record.

  46. Calculus

    Ok – good info.

    It would be interesting to see if this account is listed in the database mentioned in this report.

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