CRAPULENCE: Prime Minister joins War on News

gillardbrownSome VEXNEWS readers have noticed we’ve gone a bit quiet on the Prime Minister of late. We are a mostly very irreverent news source and we’ve committed some absolute shockers against the Prime Ministerial entity, as we did her predecessor and his predecessor.

But as with the Howard-hating we found quite objectionable, we find ourselves increasingly displeased by the vicious slagging of the PM. In our headlines we’ve consciously decided to avoid – where possible – references to her by first-name or even just surname alone.

The whining against her is mostly shrill, hysterical, vicious and vile. And while we like irreverence, we think it’s gone way too far.

Julia GIllard is the Prime Minister of Australia and while we’re not her biggest fan, we respect her and we certainly respect the office she holds and to which she was democratically elected, under the laws of the land. She is betting the political farm on a a highly controversial new tax/economic reform and while we worry about the sense of unilaterally imposing a tax designed to solve a global problem, we’ll give her credit for having a courageous agenda and sticking to her guns.

It was a bit depressing for many Labor supporters when the master-blaster Paul Keating showed up on Lateline the other night and judo-chopped Tony Abbott and perhaps made the only recent exposition I’ve heard on the carbon tax from the pro-tax side that was even half-way convincing in terms I could respect, without necessarily agreeing with all of it.

It was a magnificent display that many will have seen. Anyone interested in public life in Australia really must see it.

The contrast between the quality of his argument and the quality of the communications emanating from government ministers was stark.

So while we think there’s little value in joining the political thug-fest against the Prime Minister, we really object to the pre-meditated slur she made today against News Corp.

They can’t really defend themselves either. Sure they have many outlets but they must feel very constrained in their exercise at the moment.

The PM said:

“I do believe that Australians watching all of that happening overseas with News Corp are looking at News Ltd here and are wanting to see News Ltd answer some hard questions,” Ms Gillard said.

The Prime Minister did not elaborate on what questions the company should answer.

The implication is clear enough, she’s suggesting News Ltd have “hard questions” to answer in relation to the voicemail interception issue plaguing its sister company in Britain, News International.

But, hang on, there’s been absolutely no credible suggestion of any such thing going on at News Limited.

It’s moonbat stuff.

And keep in mind, while we admire many at News Ltd., one of their own as recently as a few weeks ago was using company lawyers to threaten us with legal proceedings, so we think we’re in a reasonable position to make an impartial judgment about these matters. Fortunately the company lawyer is a free-speech crusader so let us off lightly. The only barrow we push is the VEXNEWS one (containing as much KFC as we can).

In fact, as we revealed here, the only serious hacking allegations against Australian journalists right now are against The Age Five, who have essentially admitted criminal activities. The Prime Minister has been silent on that scandalous subject.

Even Stephen Mayne, that embittered long-term obsessive critic of News Corporation, has loudly proclaimed that there is no culture of illegal access to voicemail or equivalents within the company for which he worked for a time.

The only prominent person putting these slurs around about News Ltd is federal Greens party leader Bob Brown who is slowly tongue-kissing this Labor government to death. Following his lead generally leads to trouble.

The Prime Minister, a vastly more centrist, decent and sensible figure than Brown, ought not again stoop to his low level again.

There are times when aspects of News Ltd’s coverage of current events is displeasing, maybe even outrageous (we’re one to talk), but equating that with serious allegations of criminal wrongdoing – without evidence – is beneath her.

The PM urged the media at her National Press Club oration to “stop writing crap”. She should similarly desist from speaking crap and while we’re thinking about digestion, should really press the flush button down on Bob the Brown.

UPDATE: Despite all evidence to the contrary above, some, as in poor old Lee “Rhiannon” and Israel-hater Antony Loewenstein, remain convinced that the ALP is “in bed with News Ltd” and those unfortunate enough to live in inner-city Sydney could pop in to Politics in the Pub this Friday to hear a “debate” between the two, who might nod in agreement so violently about how wicked the Jewish state and their running-dogs are that they could both be mistaken for unfortunate-looking (perhaps Halloween-edition) Bobbleheads.





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11 responses to “CRAPULENCE: Prime Minister joins War on News

  1. Swan wants to control the press

    Swans comments about the press are a real worry, the libs have had to put up with this for years, and Swan has a moan as soon as he does not like what the say?

  2. Bobby Dazzler

    Nah.. News ltd should be treated no differently to news international. They’re the same frickin company

    Vexnews is usually good.. But this is crap

  3. Giuseppe De Simone

    Well said Vexnews.

    The personal attacks on the Prime Minister are not appropriate.

    However, it is entirely appropriate to point out that the Prime Minister is allowing herself to become a puppet of the puppet-master Senator Brown who appears to be running the agenda for the government.

    Indeed, it is nearly at the point where there is a ventriloquism in her utterances.

    The attack on the News Limited newspapers and media interests in Australia is entirely without any factual foundation.

    It is motivated by envy within the chattering classes of the establishment of a great media empire despite all attempts by the old school tie establishment to prevent it. Everyone knows the Murdoch empire had to start from Adelaide because the Herald and Weekly Times locked him out.

    It is interesting that while the great Dame Elizabeth Murdoch is an icon of the establishment because of her philanthropy, her son is denigrated by so many.

    No one is prevented from setting up a newspaper in opposition to News Limited. However, they’d rather tear down what he has built up than create something of their own. This tells us a lot more about them than it does about the greatest entrepreneur Australia has seen.

  4. Cross Media Restrictions

    Fill support for Gillard and her attack on Murdoch. Mordoch continues to miseuse and abuse his posituiion of media dominance which is not good for democracy. Keating’s cross media rules were the correct option. You want in on TV then your out of print media and radio. It is time to bring them back.

  5. Wendy

    As one of the last bastions of fair and balanced reporting, you must welcome Gillard’s input. She probably wants to see you become a daily broadsheet, what with your non-partisan policy positions and lack of agendas.

    Have you won a Walkley yet? Any day now …

  6. Nico

    You show Lateline. Both parties understand that most of the 20% of swinginging voters do not watch much ABC or read the Fairfax press. The audience and listeners is mainly made up of rusted on voters from either side. A few probably drift Labor/Green. The ABC radio is clearly pro carbon tax and the swingers have gone the other way. Proof that they are either not tuned in or not changing.

  7. Anonymous

    Who is the “real” PM Brown or Gillard? Brown definitely the puppet master pulling the strings.

  8. Byron in Wahroonga

    LOL. ‘Do we want a first-rate industrial economy … or industries that were important one hundred years ago?’ Like energy and steel, Mr Keating? The bloke who brought us 20% interest rates and led his party to electoral disaster, supporting the carbon tax scam. Keating’s pretensions and disdain for Australians has always been the cause of his failures – as a politician, a PM, a husband, and a friend. At least Latham has some understanding of the average Aussie family.

  9. Adrian Jackson

    Bit if a quandary here for the ALP Right. Do they attack News and support Julia or do they attack Julia and support News.

  10. Jo the posterboy hilderhoopbandervoom

    I will sell my soul for 50 dollars

  11. Giuseppe De Simone

    This is a very vexed issue.

    I am of the view that a leader’s true worth is the culture nurtured within an organisation. This is especially so for the founder who remains its leader. The success of Murdoch is the subject of envy and his influence is often feared and hated in equal measure.

    The global News Inc organisation is a marvellous institution employing many tens of thousands of dedicated people doing remarkable work.

    Rupert Murdoch is an incredible person, someone worthy of admiration and respect. He is not perfect but I sense he recognises his faults probably better than most of his detractors.

    He should be held to the highest standards because he is so exceptional a talent. However, we should take a balanced view and on balance I celebrate this great man’s contribution to the growth of the information economy over nearly 60 years.

    Despite the 24 hour news cycle that he helped create, we will all need to wait and see all the facts coming from the investigations. The rush to judgement is a natural human response that usually serves us well but it is sometimes wrong and it is often based not on reason but prejudice. (Prejudice being our world view filtered by our past experiences and subconscious and not by our expressed values and beliefs).

    I am deeply concerned about how so many people appear to be delighted by the prospect that Rupert Murdoch will be found to have broken some law and forced to divest some of his media interests. This should not be a cause for exuberant celebration but for quiet reflection and careful consideration.

    I have no doubt that much of the print “empire” is unprofitable and will not be able to survive without the link to a large conglomerate that provides for efficiencies of scale and capital support. We could end up with the situation where the journalists gloating that their evil overlord is about to get his comeuppance will find themselves without a job and forced to write a blog or do freelance work if they can find it.

    The demise of print publications from the Murdoch stable will not energise competitors. Indeed, it will almost certainly impact on their credit ratings which will be downgraded. Fairfax is likely to face huge pressure as it remains exposed to old media and the economic cycle far more than News Limited in Australia does.

    All those opinionated Age journalists scoffing of their moral superiority may find the pink slip in their last pay packet too. They should be very careful of what they wish for.

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