HOW GREENS GOVERN: $1.6M party-donor makes $6M thanks to Greens political pressure-tactics

graemewoodTasmania has been scandalised by the dodgy Gunns sale process of a woodchip mill to a powerful Greens party millionaire donor at a $6 million discount.

Graeme Wood – who gave the Greens political party the largest donation ever made in Australian political history with a $1.6 million sling at the last federal election – has got all that back and more as a result of pressure applied by the Greens on the mill sale process.

Greens politicians and party members have pressured financiers – including the big four banks – into not supporting a bid that competed with Wood’s bid.

The enviro-radical Wood and his investment partner Jan Cameron (both worth hundreds of millions of dollars) reportedly plan to axe the mill, causing massive job losses in the area.

The local mayor has pleaded with the state government not to let his community become a “ghost town.”

Gunns management – no friend of the Greens party – have clearly succumbed to pressure and have accepted a low-ball offer from the mainland multi-millionaires because the rival bid from an operator intending to continue to operate the mill was struggling to conclude finance because of pressure applied by Greens party associates. The Greens party backed multi-millionaires had the money sitting in the bank, it seems.

Many thought Graeme Wood had been eccentrically generous by slapping so much cash down on the Greens vegan feasting table. The shrewd investor has already got a massive return on his $1.6 million political investment, paying $10 million for a $16 million asset.

The timber industry identity Ron O’Connor – whose higher offer was rejected – told the Mercury:

“If Gunns only wanted $10 million, I could have put that on the table tomorrow…”

Liberal Senator Abetz who is leading the fight against the Greens party in Tasmania said yesterday:

“(Greens Leader) Senator Brown said he would be forever grateful for Mr Graeme Wood’s $1.6 million donation to the Greens, which he personally negotiated at the last election and Mr Wood said this was probably a good return on investment.”

“Senator Brown needs to explain why the Greens have been shamelessly advocating the commercial interests of their financial backer Mr Wood in the Senate, in the Tasmanian Parliament and in press releases and speeches in the lead-up to today’s announcement.”

Keep in mind this is a private investment made by the Greens party donor Graeme Wood. It’s not a charitable pursuit, he has no plans to donate the property back to the people, or koalas or government. He’s in it for a quid. And we don’t object to that per se. We object to him getting a special deal because he was able to bring political pressure on both the vendor of the asset, rival bidders, regulators.

Let’s imagine the bidder had have been patriot Chris Brown, the very successful company director and champion of the tourism industry, NSW Labor Right identity, son of famous Tourism minister John Brown and all-round nice-bloke. Imagine he’d been the bidder, having given $1.6 million to the ALP and he planned on shutting the mill and putting some tourism asset or another and got it on the cheap because all the other bidders were pressured, including their banks, to pull out and the vendor was being badgered as well.

It would have been a monumental scandal. With at least an ICAC hearing and a widespread assumption of guilt.

It would never have happened, of course, because Brown would never have dared.

On the Tory side, Ron Walker was always slagged for being up to some insider deal or another but he wouldn’t have gone near something as dodgy as this with a barge pole.

But the Greens try it on, make a massive donor even richer,  and it’s OK? Not around here it aint.

The Greens party have repeatedly condemned large political donations (despite taking the largest ever) and attacked developers for making any donations. Graeme Wood and his partner apparently plan to shut the mill and develop a tourism business on the site. All that’s pretty rich in the circumstances but deploying one’s political assets to attack rival bidders – even attacking their source of finance – is a form of corruption that we have rarely seen in politics, even in the former convict colony of New South Wales.

It seems to us that the Greens party have become everything they ever piously criticised and worse. Their punishment at the ballot box is coming, very soon indeed.



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21 responses to “HOW GREENS GOVERN: $1.6M party-donor makes $6M thanks to Greens political pressure-tactics

  1. brown eye

    Get used to it suckers the world is our tree frog.

  2. Giuseppe De Simone

    Mmmmm. I’ve checked with Kermit, Miss Piggy and Mr Squiggle. What the Greens did in pressuring the banks to stop funding a rival bid is totally OK. The good guys are into eco-tourism which is nice rather than wood-chipping native forests which is nasty. If the banks had been pressured by the Liberals to fund the clear felling of native forests, it would have been political corruption. You just can’t appreciate the difference – it’s all about the wonderful ends justifying the necessary means.

  3. SHY

    I don’t do it for money. Just by me a couple of drinks at the Kennedy room on a Wednesday night and I will do almost anything with almost anyone. Just please don’t tell my husband as I am still looking for Mr Wright.

  4. Byron in Wahroonga

    ***their punishment at the ballot box is coming, very soon indeed***

    Hoo yeah. It’ll make what happened to the Democrats look like a Sunday school picnic. I’m already planning a celebratory get-together at Asquith KFC, if you’re in the neighbourhood? The spicy fillet boxes and the Mountain Dews are on me.

  5. Anon

    If Julia Gillard had refused to capitulate to Bob Brown and went back to the Australians to get a clear mandate, she would have won with a dozen seat or more majority. Julia, Julia…what a mess you have now created for Labor. What is needed is a mea culpa,a double dissolution which would wipe out the Greens and the whacky independents, and a clear mandate from Australians to govern for Australia without the punishing carbon tax. Julia, it’s not too late to regain the agenda in the interest of the Labor Party.

  6. Anon

    And that whacky Vicky Kasidis who lives in Edithvale but went to a Frankston communy forum, under the pretence of being local, shows clearly that she is just another pesky Green iontending to pull an anti Abbott stunt.

    Both major parties should put the Greens last – once and for all.

  7. cynic

    Now, where is that hero of tasmania, geoffery cousins? Surley he will come to the aid of the poor tasmanian timber workers as an endangered species. Cooooweee, geoffery, where are you cobber? You are such a hero of the small people, aren’t you?

  8. Anon,

    1. A clear mandate is by way of a referendum – a general election is not a mandate for a tax. Even Abbott didn’t want a mandate when he had the opportunity; instead he went for a non-binding plebiscite.

    2. Since Federation the PMs that took over post-boom periods (Scullin, Whitlam, Rudd) all lasted less than three years as PM. This is not because of the Greens but because of economic-political cycles (though I admit incompetencies played a part).

    3. It is an even-money bet that there will be a technical recession announced in September. We missed a technical recession in 2009 thanks to fiddling with the GDP numbers and unprecedented non-wartime government spending.

    4. Gillard is unlikely to fare any better than the forementioned. The ministry is committing political seppuku by raising the cost of living (#1 political issue today) due to socialist-cum-communist ideology of the Labor Party politburo.

    It will take an unexpected turnaround in Australian markets (the economy) or suicidal Liberal Party infighting for there not to be a massive swing against the Labor Party at the next election.

  9. Martin

    Yes, I agree, individuals with massive amounts of money have much more freedom than the rest of us. Are you going to sign on to my anti mega rich higher tax, collectivisation plan now?

  10. Brown Bob

    You people at Vex and your insipid readers have no vision and clearly just don’t get it

    This land will have a three purposes.
    Firstly it will become the Headquarters of the new global government that we Greens are forming
    Secondly it will function as a gay retreat so that Bob and partner Paul will not have all that far to travel.
    It will act as an asylum retreat for all those Greens parliamenatrians and supporters.

    All guests will travel from the mainland by sailing boat so that we don’t leave a carbon footprint. In fact from today all Greens parliamentarians will travel by bicycle / public trabsport so they don’t use any carbon

  11. coz

    It’s the gaia worshippers version of ‘prosperity preaching’, which goes sorta like if you give money to their church, god will reward you financially.

  12. Anonymous

    Textbook Mafia tactic. Don John Gotti would be proud.

  13. megsie

    Buy him an anti barking collar and stick it in a deep pocket.

  14. Taking of Pell 123

    Byron, Simone come out come out whereever you are

  15. Byron in Wahroonga

    ***since Federation the PMs that took over post-boom periods (Scullin, Whitlam, Rudd) all lasted less than three years as PM***

    LOL! And I really do mean, Laughing Out Loud. Yeah, if you want to turn a boom into a post-boom, just vote Labor.

  16. Byron in Wahroonga

    ***Byron, Simone come out come out whereever you are***

    No can do, amigo. Snowed under with atheists, socialists, warmists and hippie anti-fracking vegans on Youtube. Should have the backlog cleared by tomorrow arvo. See you then!

  17. The Insider

    Taking of Pell sounds like an Anglican in disguise!

  18. Wendy

    I take that back. The world just ended. The Greens have taken over and will remove the Hawthorn forward line. Masterchef will be banned. Eggs will be carbon taxed. Your smalls will have to worn inside out for days on end. Adan Scott will miss every third putt.

  19. Taking of Pell 123

    @Insider you would know Jensenite!! Why don’t you stick to pissing away the money of your flock.

  20. The Insider

    @taking of Pell – my flock loves giving money for me to ‘invest’ on the stock market

  21. Politicial Developments

    It reminds me of ex-ALP Mayor Mike Hill’s development scam that made him and his partner millions of dollars overnight.

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