WASTE NOT: Greens party wants you to eat excrement

bobbrowngreenspooThe Greens party frequently makes much of its global affiliations but we imagine the Australian Greens political party will be keen to distance itself from any stink associated with its Canadian Greens party brethren urging citizens to consider the benefits of turning human excrement into a meat-type product.

The Australian Greens party enjoys a close working relationship with the Canadian Greens as recently illustrated by NSW Greens MP Jamie Parker’s illegal campaign spruiking for the struggling party in recent Canadian elections. Canadian Greens have been sent to campaign in Australian elections too, the VEXNEWS Investigations Unit can reveal.

Canadian Greens party blogger and previous Greens candidate Constantine Kritsonis recently enthused about sensational and possibly hoax reports that Japanese scientists had been extracting the protein from sewerage to turn into a tasty and nutritious food offering:

No need to dump it in the lake when food can be created instead. Waste not want not.

Comrade Kritsonis then linked to an extraordinary true tale of scientific accomplishment where it is claimed that Japanese scientific researchers have created an edible “meat” type product in laboratories from bacteria and protein-filled human faeces.


The Greens-linked report asserts:

They added enhancers and soy proteins as flavoring to the protein extracted from sewage mud and put food coloring on it for the meaty look to come up with “feces steak.”

The experiment was complete with taste testing where the researchers found that “feces steak” taste just like beef.

The meat actually contains 63 percent protein, 25 percent carbohydrates, 3 percent lipids, and 9 percent minerals, according to Ikeda.

While the meat from human solid waste is a potential solution to world hunger, food safety experts told about the experiment said feces steak should be cooked and not eaten raw to eliminate noxious pathogens.

Yeh, the raw option would be a bit adventurous. And while some remain convinced that these reports are an internet hoax, that an official Greens party website has enthused about it almost certainly speaks volumes about the policy direction of the increasingly extreme politically active environmentalists.



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14 responses to “WASTE NOT: Greens party wants you to eat excrement

  1. Giuseppe De Simone

    I can’t wait to see Sarah-Hanson Young cooking this as her signature dish on Political Masterchef!

  2. Well done

    An textbook example of gutter (or sewer) journalism.

  3. Well done

    What would you rather eat – artificial meat made from shite or human flesh?

  4. The Boss

    Bob Brown always seems to be wearing a shit-eating grin anyway. Perhaps he’s already started.

  5. The Insider

    I get all the crap I need from listening to politicians

  6. coincidence?

    What’s that film again with Charlton Heston’Soylent Green’

  7. cohenite

    You are what you eat.

  8. Anonymous

    Always thought BB was a s… head.

  9. Rhett Oracle


    You have been feeding us this stuff for as long as I can remember.

  10. Tolpuddle

    I couldn’t give a Jatz cracker for the Greenie but if that twat Stephenson had tried that shite on me, I would have nutted the Neanderthal.

  11. brown eye

    the thought of that would send bob crazy with delight.

  12. Anon

    I am totally Browned Off!

  13. Paul

    Brown Nose Bob Bobs Down.

  14. Dandy to take on the Greens following internal ALP review of Victorian State election results that show the Greens can not influence the allocation of Green Preferencs in the lower house. The Greens will be squeezed at both ends and starved of oxygen with neither the ALP or the Liberal Party allocating preferences in inner city seats.

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