WILKIE OR WON’T HE: Independent MP at sea over live export

681098-andrew-wilkieTasmanian federal MP Andrew Wilkie is a strange piece of work. Prior to getting into Parliament, the Persian rug salesman and former government leaker who’d Hitler-saluted his way around Duntroon while doing Army officer training, was regarded as a colourless maverick.

The grey yet perplexing pattern continues with the independent MP seconding a motion in support of Australia’s live export of cattle last week while this week vehemently opposing live export of cattle and demanding a “conscious (sic) vote” on the issue within the major parties.



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6 responses to “WILKIE OR WON’T HE: Independent MP at sea over live export

  1. Tassie Devil

    Wilkie will be a one term wonder

  2. Neutron deficiency

    Andy should be forced to prove that he in fact conscious at all.

  3. Timmie Wilson

    He will have a crack at the senate

  4. Adrian Jackson

    Most people develop as they get older and Lt Col Wilkie (retired) MP has done just that.

  5. Giuseppe De Simone

    Sergeant Major Third Class Jackson comes to the defence of his military superior as any good subordinate should.

    The member for Denison has developed from being a defender of this country to being someone who denigrates its citizens, its values and its institutions and who risks Australian lives through the selective and misleading release of top secret classified material.

  6. Adrian Jackson

    Simone – Isn’t your homeland Italy bankrupt.

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