LITTLE NAZI: Ex-WA Liberal staffer professes love for Hitler

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A troubled Young Liberal from WA this afternoon expressed his love for Adolf Hitler on the social networking site Facebook.

He wrote “I love Hitler. Go the Nazis” in much the same manner one would cheer on Geelong, or more appropriately perhaps, the Western Bulldogs.

Dylan Capon has been an employee of Liberal state MP Albert Jacob, the state’s youngest MP.

He is currently believed to be a student at the University of Western Australia where he is learning all about “communications studies.” It appears he has much to learn.

When his lover Amy Blitvich protested the remark, Capon responded “you’re a Jew lover.”

UPDATE: Shortly after publication, Mr Capon, surely the most polite wannabe Nazi in Perth, called the VEXNEWS bunker to protest our coverage of his remarks.

In a Gen-Y defence we’re certain we’ll hear again, Capon offered that he had been “Facebook raped” which we understand to mean that a person had accessed his Facebook account and had been updating his status in a manner not consistent with his actual views.

When we inquired who had been guilty of this heinous act, Mr Capon declined to answer.

He did however note that he was no longer a member of the WA Young Liberals (nothing to do his denied affection for Hitler) and was no longer a Liberal staffer.

He specifically denied having love for Hitler or expressing any desire to cheer him on. He said that shortly after discovering the unpleasant posts that he deleted them. A good thing too.



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12 responses to “LITTLE NAZI: Ex-WA Liberal staffer professes love for Hitler

  1. Francis

    Just so the thoughts of this unspeakable little sh*t will be available to people interested in learning more about him in the future, could you please correct your spelling of his surname. Many will thank you.

  2. Adam

    I know both Mr Caporn and Ms Blitvich and this article could not be more factually inaccurate even if it tried.

    People post things on other people’s personal facebook profiles as a joke all the time.

    Dylan is not a supporter of Hitler, he never has been.

    If all this website can do to get a scoop is stalk people’s personal facebook profiles then it doesn’t seem like this website has any journalistic integrity whatsoever.

  3. Anonymous

    Slow news day???

  4. Anonymous

    hmmm, so with evidence of someone who is facebook friends with the ‘frape target’ stating ‘so screenshotting this’, someone who is also renowned for his partisan behaviour and Amy saying ‘This has gone too far’ (aka the Frape, note the ‘This’ and not ‘That/you’), it doesn’t take a genius to tell it’s a targeted frape that in no way reflects the views of the frape target.

  5. Josip Tito

    You must think I’m sillier than I look. In any event, did they ‘frape’ his girlfriend as well? I am, however, proud to be called a partisan.

  6. Anonymous

    Any idiot who looked through their profiles more thoroughly would notice the history of frapes between the two. I don’t disagree that this one was crossing the line. But for heaven’s sake, any rational person would realise, if they looked deeper into the profiles of Amy and Dylan, that they do not, and have never expressed Nazi sentiments

    So, congratulations on being a top-notch wanker.

  7. Anonymous

    The tastelessness of the joke is transcended only by the stupidity and malevolence of your insinuations. In future, concentrate on real issues, not vapid, bitchy gossip.

  8. Anonymous

    I’m sorry, but since when does the ‘fraping’ between two teenage university students make a news article?

  9. Anon

    I’m sorry when did you lot come to to get anything else but bitchy factional political news and gossip? You are perhaps on the wrong website if you see this as a inappropriate article!

  10. anon

    “or more appropiately perhaps, the Western Bulldogs.” Where did that disgraceful slur on a blameless organisation come from?

  11. Anonymous

    Wow is this the best you can come up with?

  12. Anonymous

    Poor journalism!

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