CYNICISM CLAIMS: Rudd turns his back on the Holy Church of Photo Opportunity

theruddsForeign Minister Kevin Rudd is no longer showing up at the church St John’s Anglican church in Canberra, parishioners have told VEXNEWS exclusively.

Rudd was a regular attender at the church in the staid Canberra suburb of Reid while serving in the top job and would usually conclude the service with a quick door-stop with the the church and its leafy surrounds as a nice background visual. Wags have suggested the gardens of St John’s could even serve as the beautiful setting of a future Prime Ministerial wedding.

Those in Rudd’s circle say his non-attendance must be because he’s not in Canberra as much as he used to be and has basically moved back to Brisbane via Timbuktu. However, they declined to name KRudd’s alternate house of worship or comment on suggestions that Rudd has been in Canberra for many Sundays while not showing up to any of St John’s Canberra services on at 7am, 8am ,9.30am, 11am (1662 Prayer Book), 1.30 and 2.30 Baptism or the 6pm Choral Evensong. We understand the former PM’s son is completing his final year of school in Canberra this year. Confirming the Rudd’s strong commitment to Canberra, they purchased a multi-millionaire property in Yarralumla last year.

Rudd’s faith is entirely a matter for him but it does seem breathtakingly cynical for him to use the church as a presser backdrop while in the Lodge and then to not show up any more once the media demand for Rudd’s Sunday pronouncements had dropped off a bit.

The former Prime Minister – VEXNEWS recently revealed – was a character witness during the criminal sentencing of columnist Alan Howe after he was found guilty of offences under the Children and Young Persons Act where critics say he was given a lenient sentence despite the guilt finding from the female magistrate. Before and since his brush with the law, leniently sentenced Howe has loudly complained about lenient sentences from female members of the judiciary, even scandalously suggesting that biological impairment (!) was a factor preventing women from properly serving on the bench.

We do not suggest Rudd endorses or associates himself with these views, in any way.



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9 responses to “CYNICISM CLAIMS: Rudd turns his back on the Holy Church of Photo Opportunity

  1. Adrian Jackson

    Rudd and his wife are no longer living at The Lodge in Canberra and being a Queensland MP I assume on Sundays (when not working) he would be in Brisbane

  2. Giuseppe De Simone

    As a church going Roman Catholic, I found the former Prime Minister’s church attendance comforting. It made him appear caring and devoted to the common good. It would be sad indeed if he was a protagonist of the dark arts associated with Lucifer. I am advised that the most important thing in politics is to be authentic and genuine. If you can fake that, you’ve got it made!

  3. Lowrain Woeful

    Maybe I can be Prime MInister? I am also good at faking it.

  4. Crapulence

    Hey Andy,

    Sophie Mirabella got her head on Lateline Business last night. You didn’t. What the hell’s going on?

  5. Goram's Glove

    Politician stops pretending to go to church. Shock horror!

  6. James In Footscray

    It took a few paragraphs, but you got a dig at Alan Howes in there. Well done!

  7. The Insider

    Maybe he has grown up and stopped having invisible friends?

  8. Freddy

    MIC conference november in sydney bring Rudd back, no more greeen mold.
    Show your color, red.

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