HOWE SUSPENSEFUL: Watch toxic bore Alan Howe explode 9AM Monday

alanhowe450Long-time readers of VEXNEWS and our predecessor publication will recall the era of Monday Madness, where our most odious stories were saved for a Monday morning heart-starter. So popular were they that a life-time habit of Monday morning sleep-ins was cruelly disrupted, forever.

The nasty legal threats of newspaper slagologist Alan Howe against VEXNEWS this week have inspired us to hold back some real gems from our series “Howe Offensive” for a Monday morning of madness.

Look forward to reading Alan Howe’s caring and sharing opinions on a wide range of topics, what his friends say about him and the muck he peddles behind the backs of those he says are close B-List celebrity charity-fundraiser mates. There’s a story so off that the nation will be left reeling in shock and disgust at Howe’s perfidy.

So much to look forward to, unless of course, there’s an “interim injunction” that gets to us first. Howe dramatic! Howe suspenseful! 9AM – watch the drama unfold on VEXNEWS, the exclusive home of the “Howe Offensive”.




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20 responses to “HOWE SUSPENSEFUL: Watch toxic bore Alan Howe explode 9AM Monday

  1. Madame Defarge

    What happened when the deadline passed?

  2. Andrew Landeryou - editor VEXNEWS

    The deadline passed without incident.

    Perhaps hot air. Maybe a gathering storm. Time will tell.

    Good weekends to all.

  3. anon

    Normally he ‘explodes’ around males in other ways!!

  4. Craig Langdon ex-MP

    Please let me be around when he does! xxx

  5. Giuseppe De Simone

    Your site may well meltdown from excessive hits.

  6. *GREAT* cannot wait, for Mondayitis to set forth inside Alan the Gnome’s office re: more exposures. Hehe.

  7. megsie

    Leave him alone. He is the only editor that is honest.

  8. Anonymous

    You really are a c0ck tease !

  9. Alan Howe - Convicted in the Magistrates Court

    How can a convicted criminal like Alan Howe be allowed to the “Executive Editor” (like me be the “business manager” of my household) of the Herald Sun ?

    An MP, bureaucrat or some other usual target can’t even get a speeding fine without having their job threatened but Howe was found guilty on 17th May 2006 for breaching the ‘Children and Young Persons’ Act 1989′.

    His crime carried with it a maximum penalty of 2 years jail which he should have got.

    Alan Howe gets a lenient sentence – why’s that not held up as an example of weak courts ?!?!?!

  10. Mickey

    I am surprised your being so hard on him because he is quite a big supporter of Israel!?

  11. Blarber

    I remember the last big tease on this web site turned out to be some pizzling little story about Julia Gillard havbing some tangential relationship to some possible lesbian advocacy in her uni days or something equally pathetic. I hope this one is better.

  12. Giuseppe De Simone

    Less than 24 hours to go!

  13. Cr Craig

    Oh Alan, if only you were 40 years younger. I’d be interested in sticking it up you, oops sticking up for you I mean haha.

  14. Giuseppe De Simone

    Less than 10 hours to go ……

  15. Frank

    Andrew, you have not been entirely frank with us about Alan Howe’s interest in YOU!

  16. Anonymous

    It’s Monday now and I cant wait – cant sleep !

  17. Alan Howe - Convicted in the Magistrates Court

    Remember May 17 2006 Alan Howe?

    Found guilty of breaching the “Children and Young Persons Act 1989”.

    Your crime carried with it a maximum of 2 years in jail.

    Why did you get let off without a prison term?

    If you want to look at lenient sentencing, look into your own lenient sentence first.

  18. party hak

    Whats this obsession with Alan anyone would think he was a mass murderrer. Why didnt you go this hard on the shifty bastard Seitz and all his illegal branch stacking deals not to mention the bingo or holiday house down the beach!
    Still havent heard about the Poliies wife who belted a copper and never got charged? come on Andrew do some investigating on that she was an A/C sister in law!

  19. Ben

    Alan Howe: Who did he play in Lord of the Rings again?

  20. Ben

    PS> Does Vex News have a Twitter button?

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