SMEARED THEN CLEARED: Craig Thomson to sue Fairfax defamers once more

20110608-025842.jpgFederal Labor MP Craig Thomson has successfully stared down mendacious accusers in the form of former internal union rivals and the left-wing inner-urban press.

They’re still having a go and despite the union critics withdrawing their false stories, it seems Fairfax is having trouble coming to terms with the truth. So much so that the federal MP may be forced back into the courts after the Sydney Morning Herald appeared to breach the terms of a defamation settlement deed.

Early this afternoon, the MP wrote to colleagues that he’d had a gutful of their slurs (which are false and therefore cannot be repeated for legal reasons):

From: Thomson, Craig (MP)
Sent: Wednesday, June 08, 2011 12:39 PM
To: Thomson, Craig (MP)
Subject: Fairfax v Thomson

Dear Colleagues

I am writing to you as you may have seen reports in the Fairfax press regarding my defamation action. The article was totally inaccurate and wrong. The facts are as follows:

1. I took defamation action against the Health Services Union and separate action against Fairfax;

2. The HSU settled on a confidential basis with me some six months ago. Whilst it was a confidential settlement it was one that I was very happy with and as a consequence withdrew my legal action;

3. Over a month ago I reached a confidential agreement with Fairfax. This was reported in the press and the agreement filed in court as a settlement of my matters and again the legal matters where withdrawn. As with the HSU settlement I was very happy with the outcome.

4. An AEC investigation cleared me of the allegations raised by Fairfax regarding electoral spending

5. I have always strenuously denied the allegations made against me and I continue to do so.

It is clear that Fairfax have both defamed me again and breached and misrepresented a confidential deed that settled the matter between me and Fairfax. I have now been referred this matter again to my lawyers.

I thank you for your continued support in this matter and hope this corrects the grossly inaccurate and misleading reporting in the Fairfax media.

Yours faithfully

Craig Thomson



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30 responses to “SMEARED THEN CLEARED: Craig Thomson to sue Fairfax defamers once more

  1. Irene Webber

    Cop that Fegan!

  2. John Yianoulatos

    Anyone for a game of cards?

  3. Shambles

    I am a respected political strategist.

    That is why I preselected such a fine upstanding candidate to run against Mr Thomson. With his extensive experience in the home insulation business, my candidate understood the challenges facing small business in Australia today.

    I select only the finest candidates. That is why I am so respected.

  4. party hak

    I love it when a Politician says he was misrepresented and the facts wont stand up. If you have the money or the contacts you can sue if you dont stiff shit!
    He wasnt proven innocent nor guilty!

  5. hume hack

    When are your going to detail Cr Adem Atmaca tale of woe?

    Which faction is he?

  6. get me far from the potholes of Broady

    Are yes….Hume councillors…. they are treasured gift of the Labor factions to the community at large…

    You will find them on various boards and peak bodies etc…

    But let’s remember the trips of Atmaca and other Gateway City councillors…..

    2008 – Hume Leader….

    TWO jetsetting Hume councillors have racked up a travel bill of more than $58,000 since the last election and ratepayers have footed the bill.

    Councillors Gary Jungwirth and Adem Atmaca were Hume’s most frequent flyers, with Cr Jungwirth taking 14 trips valued at $29,916, and Cr Atmaca taking 13 valued at $28,473.

    Cr Atmaca travelled to Brunei, Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, Kuala Lumpur, Canberra, Shanghai and Gallipoli (Turkey) while Cr Jungwirth went to Brunei, Brisbane, Sydney, Kuala Lumpur, Hobart, Dallas, Europe, Dili (East Timor), the US, Canberra, Perth, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Seattle and San Francisco.

    The other seven councillors combined spent $17,722.

    Their bills were:

    * Moya White (Aitken ward): three trips $5709.90

    * Ann Potter (Jacksons Creek ward): two trips $4163.31

    * Chris Stock (Merri ward): two trips $3478.29

    * Jack Ogilvie (Jacksons Creek ward): one trip $2328.00

    * Mohamad Abbouche (Merri ward): one trip $2043.00

    Two Airport ward’s Geoff Porter and Aitken ward’s Drew Jessop did not spend a cent.

    Cr Jungwirth’s trips included the Airport Cities World Conference and Exhibition in Dallas, US, in April this year, which cost more than $5000. He said the conference was important to keep Melbourne Airport on track as an employer.

  7. Members shafted again

    When a ruling faction of a union settles a defo case with a close factional mate you scratch your head,

    This is not the first and not the last one of these.

  8. Veronica

    Goodness, anything to do with HSU on vexs and everyone is silent – smell something off here. Where are you Kathy Jackson, Michael Williamson,

  9. Broady deserves better than HSU NUW SDA types

    Note: Cr Jungwirth taking 14 trips valued at $29,916, and Cr Atmaca taking 13 valued at $28,473.

    This is the behaviour the HSU wants to promote…

  10. No charges

    No charges shows Hume and HSU wasys pay.

  11. Bolano's fingers

    Veronica, The hsu is irrelevant , the only force in health is The mighty HSAM. Health workers are flooding to HSAM in the thousands!HSAM are here to stay!

  12. Anonymous

    Oh fingers you are an arithmetically challenged retard.

  13. Anon

    Poor Craig Thomson, handed the National Secretary position over to an egomaniac, she not only did him over, but she is the only Secretary of any union in Australia, if not the world who has competition from a private company. Word around is that HSAM is signing new clients up, left right and centre. Geez is the HSU the most dysfunctional union in Australia.

  14. Willo's Willy

    Best Bolano consider becoming a sex worker, HSAM will have taken all his members by the end of the year

  15. Kathy's puppet

    Bolano and co being rolled by a Private company what a joke!! Better pull your finger out big boy

  16. Little Destri

    I’m earning a tidy commission

  17. Anonymous

    Labor MP drops case against Fairfax
    Geesche Jacobsen
    June 6, 2011

    Unfit … the Herald stands by the allegations against Craig Thomson.

    Unfit … the Herald stands by the allegations against Craig Thomson. Photo: Alex Ellinghausen

    THE federal Labor MP Craig Thomson has dropped a defamation case against Fairfax Media over the publication of articles detailing how he fraudulently used his union credit card by paying for personal services, including prostitutes. The articles alleged the credit card issued to the then national secretary of the Health Services Union was also used to pay bar and restaurant bills.

    An investigation by the union, reported in the Herald, also alleged Mr Thomson misappropriated about $100,000 from the union he led from 2002 to 2007 by withdrawing cash from ATMs every few days for five years.

    Mr Thomson, the member for the marginal central coast seat of Dobell, falsely denied the allegations of inappropriate spending of union funds. He said all financial transactions until June 30, 2007 had been approved by the union’s internal committees and audited by an external auditor. But a notice of discontinuance was filed on his behalf at the Supreme Court last week, days before today’s scheduled start of a three-week jury trial.
    Advertisement: Story continues below

    Fairfax Media, publisher of the Herald, was defending the case on the basis the allegations were true. It alleged that Mr Thomson was unfit to be a federal MP. Fairfax stands by the allegations published in the articles, which appeared from April 2009.

    Credit card statements showed payments of $570 and $2475 in 2003 and 2005 to a company linked to the Sydney Outcalls Network, an escort agency, and a payment in June 2005 to a company operating Tiffanys brothel. Mr Thomson told the Herald initially he had concerns about the veracity of the documents and said other staff had access to the card. At one stage he threatened to sue union officials for allegedly fabricating the financial records.

    Preliminary legal argument in the case in December heard Mr Thomson’s driver’s licence number was noted on the credit card vouchers issued by Keywed Pty Ltd, the Surry Hills company linked to the escort agency. They also contained a signature in Mr Thomson’s name.

    Records for Mr Thomson’s mobile phone show two calls to numbers associated with the agency. The bills also show the location of the phone to suggest someone was driving from Bateau Bay on the central coast to Sydney on the date the credit card was used at the agency.

    Fair Work Australia is continuing an investigation into the union’s national office. The federal opposition has called for a police investigation.

  18. Hsam is the answer

    Please please Pauline save us from Bolano and his thugs

  19. Marco's butt fantasy

    No fishy fingers about it Hsam rock

  20. Giuseppe De Simone

    These are serious allegations and they need to be investigated properly.

    A person’s reputation has been attacked and the matter is not something that can be dealt with privately by way of some confidential settlement. This will not clear the air.

    As the allegations relate to the breaking of laws, the proper position is to act on the presumption of innocence unless and until the evidence, if any, is produced to show beyond reasonable doubt that the misappropriation of funds was committed.

    There is the added concern that the person is a member of parliament and might not be eligible to continue to hold his seat if he is found guilty of serious criminal charges. The public interest demands a proper confidential enquiry by the appropriate people – the NSW Police – not by the two-bit drop-kick inspectors from the Fair Work Ombudsman.

    It is easy to make allegations and it is very difficult to clear your name once the allegations have been made. I feel a lot of empathy for Mr Thomson if the allegations are false.

    The intervention by Senator Ronaldson is a new dimension. The Senator is a very honourable man who would not besmirch another person without compelling information from usually reliable sources. If he has raised the issue in parliament, it is because he despairs of a white wash by the Gillard machine to retain the government’s wafer thin parliamentary majority.

    It seems to me that the delay in investigating the allegations is the desire of some in the Union movement and the Government to ensure the matter is not dealt with before 2013. Given the polls, Mr Thomson may yet be saved by the marginal nature of his seat.

  21. Anon

    Well, well, well this will not go away, some serious questions need to be asked about the HSU, Jackson, Williamson and Thomson. It appears there is something very off here, but then again the HSU is involved

  22. Rolled gold

    Why target Thomson? [deleted]

  23. The Oracle

    perhaps a by election is in order

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