COPY BOYS: Newspapers at war but Alan Howe remains the bigger bore

howoffensiveGlamorous Age columnist Suzanne Carbone is a team-player and loves to cheer her comrades on into ever more frenzied outbursts of whatever it is their ruling ideology is these days, perhaps best described as a confused pastiche of:

whining pseudo-libertarian, sanctimoniously sectarian, nanny-statist elitist know-better, big-government, climate dooming, Israel-hating, self-loathing private-school educated, inner-urban, big immigration, no more sprawl, no more density, contradictory con-politics.

Or something like that. Calling them lefties is a short-hand that doesn’t really do real lefties justice. Lefties at least stand consistently for something, however wrong they’ve often proved to be.

Be that as it may, Carbone certainly compares favourably to soon-to-be-unemployed Herald Sun columnist and highly-paid low-rent grub Alan Howe, whose most substantial achievement of the past two years was arranging a koala photograph for the 12th floor foyer in the HWT building. These are things that constitute being an “executive editor” in-name-only at his sheltered workshop of self-love.

Insiders within the industry slammed Howe yesterday as an over-promoted sub-editor fascist with barely sufficient skills to warrant employment at outsource slavery-outfit Pagemasters. Foreign backpackers do better work than Howe, it is widely believed. Soon VEXNEWS readers will be titilated with revelations about sub-editor Howe’s colourful descriptions of Chairman’s spouse Wendy Deng. Unless military censors get to us first. Other Howe indiscretions also loom large. For such a little, little man, he has such a big, fat mouth. Not even his angry protests to his boss about the cruel injustices perpetrated against him by “evil blogs” can save him now. We see Centrelink in his future.

On the more pleasing subject of the glamorous Carbone, whose stylish wearing of sunglasses is perhaps the only thing keeping The Age team-spirit soaring in these dark days, in her column today the tough-loving columnist pays out on the Herald Sun for lifting The Age’s stories. This is an on-again off-again newspaper spat that in a way is a symptom of having two newspapers in one city. A situation that will, for better or worse, be soon corrected. One shrewd media analyst was telling VEXNEWS (the future of news) that Fairfax will close The Age and News will close the Daily Telegraph, an unlikely prospect we think but we like to share. It does all seem somewhat unlikely to us. Perhaps though angry foreigner sub-editor Howe could be bumped into editing the notionally still existing Tele to keep the ACCC happy, his skills could certainly ensure its circulation didn’t exceed that of the Epoch Times or Green Left Weekly. This is a promise he could deliver.

Of course, on our watch, the Hun is far more often the victim of Age story-swiping than the other way around, we’ve been tempted to chronicle these but thought it best not to do so that low-life Alan Howe could be tasked with the job to fill his otherwise lazy days (his working day concludes at the lunch-hour where he gives his expense account a thrashing of the kind he usually only metes out when imitating Max Mosley). Hopefully he’ll keep us abreast of this situation should he ever put slightly shaking little hand to keyboard some time soon.

And yet there has been a notable and somewhat appalling situation pass without reporting until now. An effort so ugly that even those like criminal Alan Howe, who has been found guilty in our courts of serious crimes of child endangerment, would find ethically confronting.


On June 3rd, The Age ran this story.

It looked very similar to this story. Indeed, it was identical. And even attributed to the correct authors.

And yet, scandalously, no permission was sought from the copyright owners to republish this material. The famed VEXNEWS Investigations Unit has learned that no payment was made or offered to the authors either.

On Facebook, the authors revolted, writing:

Fairfax continue to engage in ‘journalism’ by recycling our stuff from Macrobusiness. I hope Pagemasters gave this piece a good rogering first.

It’s a blatant act of theft, be it plagiarism or otherwise. It wasn’t even sub-edited properly, according to the claims of the distressed content-producers on their Facebook page.

One appalled industry insider told VEXNEWS:

Interesting new nadir plumbed by The Age – apparently they have ripped a piece off a blog and published it with acknowledgement but no permission, much less payment. An extraordinary move if true – they see something they like on web, filch it and run it in a fashion that seems as if they have the author’s imprimatur.

Perhaps the Age has discovered a new business model after all.



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6 responses to “COPY BOYS: Newspapers at war but Alan Howe remains the bigger bore

  1. Ben

    “Highest pants in recorded history.” Now that’s observant. I was so focused on his 1988-style haircut I missed that scoop.

  2. Antsin Pants

    To the tune of High Hopes, Howe has high pants. He has high pants. He has high pants.

    Howe thorough of the Vexnews FBI Unit slash CSI: Howe to run the Howe Offensive series. Maintain law and disorder at Howe HQ. Dick Wolf would be proud.

    Was hoping for a photo of Suzy wearing her sunnies.

  3. Hey Vex, do you mean that local HWT potplanthead Howe organised a photograph of SAM THE KOALA? re: “was arranging a koala photograph for the 12th floor foyer in the HWT building.” Surely not, cant have been Alan?

  4. Veronica

    anyone read yesterdays Age and Sydney Morning Herald, Craig Thomson withdrew which defamation case, geez wonder why

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