NATION IN SHOCK: An effete Green leads Canberra Press Gallery AFL tipping competition

lucysurprisedGreens spindoctor Ben Oquist has stunned all by leading the pack of the Federal Parliament’s Press Gallery AFL tipping competition.

A form of gambling not yet the subject of Wowseristic purging from Nazi-saluting Andrew Wilkie and his po-faced chum Senator Xenophon, journalists have been consistently outdone by politicians and their staff in the contest managed from the monopolist resources of the West Australian newspaper.

West Australians have put in a strong showing so far this year, with colourful Liberal MP Don Randall and Kim Beazley out-tipping all others, even though both hail from great distance from the home of football, Melbourne.

Minister Conroy, a pathetic Collingwood supporter, is well up theretips amid a selection of staffers including Richmond tragic Andrew Porter who spins for the Defence Minister.

Rugby Union buff Tony Abbott is not performing well but is doing better than whichever PMO staffer is choosing for Madam GIllard, whose enthusiasm for the lamentable Western Bulldogs often sees her embraced by various of their boof-heads.

Astonishingly, former Goth turned Greens Senator, Sarah Hanson-Young is interested enough in the game to have a crack but is not travelling that well at this stage of the season.

Just slightly above her is Kangaroos loyalist Simon Crean who probably spends many waking hours trying to figure out how to shovel Regional Development largesse into the usually distressed finances of his rent-seeker football club. With talk of them playing in Ballarat and various other cold places in years to come, no doubt his cheque-book is getting itchy.

Meanwhile, his tips are no good.

We’ll keep all posted on the progress of the tipster hipsters from Club Fed as the season unfolds and Essendon continues to reassert its rightful and probably God-given dominance.



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7 responses to “NATION IN SHOCK: An effete Green leads Canberra Press Gallery AFL tipping competition

  1. SHY

    I get plenty of tips after the Kennedy Room on a Wednesday night. Don’t tell my husband though.

  2. Taking of Pell 123

    take your top off SHY

  3. Giuseppe De Simone

    This is breathtakingly important political news! I am truly vexed by this development. I demand a Senate enquiry into insider information and games being thrown e.g. Collingwood losing to Geelong in the last minutes. There is defintely corruption in high places.

  4. Giuseppe De Simone

    Did anyone else notice the brilliant juxtaposition by Vexnews of Lucille Ball at her wackiest and the Deputy Leader of the Victorian Parliamentary Party?

  5. The Insider

    is SHY being SHY?

  6. Real

    Hey idiots, a Labor genius is leading the NRL parliamentary footy tipping comp .. what you say about that hey?

    This is just garbage. Is this news, a staffer leaders a comp after a few weeks? Andrew Bartlett, a Democrat who never watched a rugby league game in his life, won the tipping comp one year. Why wasn’t that front page?

    Farking idjit – waste of a download.

  7. ho hum

    So Greens the protest party tamed by the Labor machine and the most they do is tip for the football. Even Greenleft has walked away from them.

    Still no suprises from the Melbourne end there. Having achieved a bit of power one forgets former friends, even those of the earth.

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