TICKET CLIPPER: Scott Ryan staffer Daniel Bevan shocked by Greg Hannan in Vic Lib Admin upset

greghannanAmbitious sunglasses wearer Daniel Bevan was elected a member of the Administrative Committee as a metropolitan male representative of the Victorian Liberals on the weekend. But he’s not happy.

The Senator Scott Ryan protégé and staffer was elected second behind young Higgins powerbroker former Stonnington mayor Tim Smith’s favoured candidate Greg Hannan. Indeed, Bevan was some sixty votes behind Hannan, in a showing that disappointed supporters.

It was an extraordinary result, Liberal insiders claim, because Bevan was #1 on both the Action Faction (former known as Kroger) ticket and also the Baillieu faction ticket. Both Bevan and Hannan hail from the anti-Baillieu grouping, so it was really just a bit of friendly internal jostling among the righteous.

danielbevanFriends of Daniel’s insist he’s quite relaxed about it although is puzzled why some delegates went “rogue.”

Backers of Hannan though say their man is the more popular and suave operator, unafraid to pick up a phone to sway a vote and generally a man to watch. They are less impressed with Bevan’s form.

The shrewd Senator Ryan now has a headache of trying to figure out how to rehabilitate his loyal lieutenant.

If the Baillieu-aligned Tim Wilson had run, as expected, some think he might even have won in these extraordinary circumstances.

More generally, some in the anti-Baillieu camp think Helen Kroger might be demonstrating more feisty fighting than her Senate preselection rival, Scott Ryan. Both are thought keen to avoid the #3 Senate death-seat. But some think Ryan’s slack staffer might portend ominously. Some are suspicious that Ted’s forces might insert glam-candidate 1TP staffer and lawyer John Pesutto into the Senate preselection process just to shock and terrify all. “He’s definitely running for something,” one observer noted as he strolled state council promenade.

While we await results from the Policy Assembly count, delegates speaking to VEXNEWS complained of a bizarrely lengthy Baillieu oration that ran for some 70 minutes.

“Several older delegates appeared in need of personal portable electric fans and defibrillators to survive the experience,” one observer explained.

We understand voting for the PA was extended to 2.30pm as a result of Baillieu’s unexpectedly long remarks.

Also notable during the weekend, party insiders say, was that the Nats Leader Peter Ryan got louder cheers than Baillieu did, as those many delegates who don’t rate Ted very highly at all were sending a very subversive message indeed.



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16 responses to “TICKET CLIPPER: Scott Ryan staffer Daniel Bevan shocked by Greg Hannan in Vic Lib Admin upset

  1. Anon

    Not VP’s, metropolitan male reps Andrew.

  2. Get informed

    Not that well informed got the name of the position wrong. The rest of it wasn’t much better.

  3. Pissy Chryne

    Cor PLEASE penetrate my well used ‘ring’ Scotty?

  4. McPerton

    Snelly is keeping the President’s chair warm for my glorious return.

    PS Mary, make sure the “miss” the next vote against the Equal Opportunity legislation- it violates the Charter.

  5. Glory

    If Baillieu camp tried they could do much better

  6. Jeffistas Rising

    I agree. Daniel Bevan is despised by many in his own faction and hardly anyone knew who Hannan was.

  7. John

    VICKI coooommmmmmeee home now i need you!

  8. Anonymous

    great to see a return of mcperton to this forum – where’s doyley and RDR??

  9. Spring Street

    This is interesting in that it speaks to Senator Ryan’s political strengths (loyalty) and his weaknesses (a tin ear on whether his fiends are perceived as hard workers or up to a given job).

    Last year, Ryan decided to split the faction over the order the Metro Male admin ticket – putting his mate Scott Pearce up against the now freshly minted VP Ross Fox. Two problems existed with this strategy: firstly, Scott Pearce’s wife was about to have a baby and he has a very senior job, so it was apparent to all that Scott Pearce would not have the time to contribute much as a member of Admin for the coming year. Secondly, if you split the ticket you need to deliver serious numbers. Instead, Fox outpolled Pearce more than 2 to 1, and went on to be a workhorse, chairing Taskforce. Meanwhile, Pearce discovered he was too busy with work and family, and took a backseat before resigning from Admin this year. Nothing wrong with Pearce’s position – but he could have done all of that without Ryan picking a factional fight over his “mate.”

    Now, however, Ryan had set a precedent that the order for Metro Male Admin was a political hot potato and that it was ok to break with the Faction. So it became easy for all the Daniel Bevan haters to drop him to number two….

    Ryan is loyal to those he considers mates – but that loyalty comes with a blindness which also is very damaging for his friends. Ryan’s heavy-handed backing of Pearce last year actually cost Pearce critical support which could have been parlayed into a State Preselection. It also cost Daniel Bevan dearly this year.

  10. real local

    Hannan popular and suave? More like bootlicking wannabe from Glen Waverley destined for disappointment. How this dork will manage his day job, council duties, administrative committee and a new baby will be interesting.

    Smith young Higgins powerbroker? Puhleeese. Drafted into Higgins by another draftee Michael O’Brien he is despised for his arrogance. Give us Kroger the young any day.

  11. Fatty Doyle

    Victor, my dear chum. Do you remember the golden days of State Council when I was the Leader? My addresses to State Council were legendary. So much so that at the next State Council Old Man Winter is releasing a book, a collection of my inspiring orations, “Forgotten Speeches of a Forgotten Leader”. I’m not so sure about the title.

  12. EPC

    Fatty what is this stain on your shirt tails? It looks like red lipstick.

  13. Johnny on the spot

    Ryans boy didn’t just have a bad convention with the vote. Rumor was that his girl was seen kissing another bloke near the telstra building on Collins street. Story was true because I was johnny on the spot. An upgrade version with no sun glasses.

  14. Anon

    Didn’t Ryan’s boy screw over O’Dwyers sister? Risky move, he was already punching above his weight.

  15. Manchild Hannan

    Manchild Hannan fears the back of David Davis’ drinking hand, should he ever covet seats he shouldn’t be even thinking about running for again…

  16. Sword of Damocles

    Hannan can’t take a trick. He didn’t stand for Burwood because he thought Ted would lose. He then defected from the Baillieu faction to the Kroger faction and became Michael O’Brien’s campaign manager. He thought O’Brien would be the new leader when Ted lost. Unfortunately for young Hannan, Ted has a long memory.

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