SAD CASE: Craig Langdon expelled from the party that give him everything

garottiFormer Victorian Labor MP Craig Langdon has run into reality nearly a year after publicly pouring scorn on his party and quitting to cause an inconvenient by-election as bitchy payback for being relieved of his preselection. He has been expelled for life from the Australian Labor Party as of today.

Despite that disappointment, it has been reported that Langdon has received a parliamentary pension worth at least $3 million.

He was charged by the ALP State Secretary Noah Carroll, acting on behalf of Labor’s Administrative Committee, in what is an unusual process, and was judged guilty on two of three charges by the ALP Disputes Tribunal.

Langdon, who switched factional allegiances from the moderate faction Labor Unity to the now increasingly extremist Rebel Right group (that is principally led by the Shop Assistants Union) after he lost preselection was bitterly disappointed after being dumped. He enjoyed being an MP and, for the most part, he had quite a good local following among those who didn’t know the full extent of what he got up to behind closed doors.

His messy deselection led to an unfortunate early resignation which failed to achieve what it was intended to achieve, a by-election in an ugly act of revenge against the ALP. He was just two weeks shy of causing one but was apparently trying to squeeze out every last dime from the parliamentary gig. Langdon was today condemned for this by the Tribunal which held:

Craig Langdon is found guilty of gross and contemptible disloyalty to the Australian Labor Party

The former MP has continued to run the Heidelberg branch of the ALP as its President in association with close personal friend Rick Garotti, a twenty-something accountant from KPMG, who is believed to enthusiastically maintain the remnants of Langdon’s machine, as the Secretary of Langdon’s Heidelberg branch. Garotti has recently followed Langdon from their former group to the “Rebel Right” or “Taliban” where they identify as part of the operation of Nazih Elasmar MLC, a prolific multiple recruiter.

Elasmar is a leading figure in Melbourne’s Lebanese community, focuses his political activity on what opponents call branch-stacking which is an expensive exercise, in his case reputedly funded by the cashed-up Shop Assistants Union. Its secretary, Michael Donovan is a good friend of Marlene Kairouz, a relative of Elasmar, who was shoe-horned into the state western suburbs seat of Kororoit despite living far from the area. Kairouz went onto to win the seat after a spirited campaign directed by Labor uber-campaign-strategist Stephen Newnham against property millionaire Les Twentyman.

Langdon has placed his former staff in Elasmar’s office which has also printed most of Langdon’s material in the Banyule council by-election he recently won and arranged some finance for Langdon’s successful council bid. Some thought Elasmar unwise to be engaging with such an embittered and angry chap.

Others worry that the close personal bond between Garotti and Langdon might have led the young lad to be too closely associated with Langdon’s wrongdoing for his own good. They tell VEXNEWS that it is likely to be so messy that it could have an adverse effect on his reputation at the accounting firm KPMG which carefully monitors the external activities of its staff. Not a good situation for Garotti to be in, his Young Labor friends fear. And one that brings great sadness to those who thought he had good political prospects.

Langdon, for example, prior to Garotti’s time it should be emphasised, financed his ALP memberships, it is believed, in part, from the stolen proceeds from the Banyule-council funded “Bell Street Mall Traders” association which paid rent for the use of his electorate office, it was claimed years back in the Herald Sun, to what was described as an ALP campaign account.

It is a minor miracle Langdon was not charged with criminal offences for these activities, Labor insiders tell VEXNEWS. He was investigated by VicPol but was, inexplicably, not charged for what was undoubtedly a brazen criminal dunder-headed enterprise. While a big call, we are very conscious of how gravely serious an allegation it is and have made the decision to tell the whole story, here and now.

Part of the reason why it was not seriously pursued was that his friend, the then Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, Judy Maddigan, declined to make a complaint to authorities about the ugly situation. Parliamentary Services ought to be ensuring its offices in the burbs are not leased out for the private benefit of serving MP’s. Something went badly wrong.

Scandalously enough, Langdon’s theft and misconduct was generally tolerated by his group and party. It was when personal scandals threatened to catch up with him that his nervous colleagues decided enough was enough and he was dumped.

We cannot completely elaborate on the personal scandals, for legal reasons.

In unrelated matters, though, we can reveal for the first time that one of Langdon’s former electorate office staff has told VEXNEWS that the member of Parliament was known to repeatedly “hook up” with sometimes scantily-clad gay-for-pay teen male prostitutes that he solicited online from his Bell Street office. Former parliamentary colleagues of his have also told VEXNEWS that when on a parliamentary delegation overseas they saw Langdon meet – in a hotel foyer in Belgium – some similarly curious looking youthful local lads before they went off for a stroll. It seems unlikely the once-popular northern-suburbs MP had teen-fans in Europe. We do not suggest they were below the age of consent.

If we could elaborate beyond this, we doubt anyone would find his de-selection as a candidate for public office in any respect surprising or untoward. It was inevitable.

That he was tolerated for so long, is probably the greater issue.

It doesn’t reflect well on anyone associated with him, then or now.

It certainly doesn’t reflect well on anyone politically hooking up with the disgraced figure as he enters this bitter stage of his venal activities.

Ironically the end result of what evolved into being an incredibly salacious and sleazy political career was that he has ended up in bed with what is perceived to the socially conservative Shop Assistants’ Union who are usually known to expect high ethical standards from their own officials and MPs. Indeed, a current ally of the Shoppies, Senator David Feeney, is known to be privately scathing of Langdon and has warned his own people of the dangers of associating with him, in any way. He’s pragmatic enough to accept votes from wherever they come though.

Langdon is now a local councillor, elected mainly with the help of upper house MP Nazih Elasmar’s office and Labor moderates in the local area who are mostly unaware of Langdon’s racy history, who now fills the vacancy created by his parliamentary successor Anthony Carbines. Carbines would have done well, insiders say, to ensure a strong alternative was found to Langdon.

While he may be expelled from the ALP, he continues to be a political, legal and ethical time-bomb waiting to explode in his former party’s face. Langdon is seen by leading Labor moderates across the party to be a menace enabled by extremist elements in the Shop Assistants Union who should use their normally sound judgment to avoid him the plague.

UPDATE: VEXNEWS has obtained a copy of the reasons for Langdon’s expulsion issued by the ALP Disputes Tribunal.



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110 responses to “SAD CASE: Craig Langdon expelled from the party that give him everything

  1. Medici

    What a load of drivel. While I can well believe that this chappy is perhaps morally challenged he would not be alone in the ALP or in politics in general. As for the SDA and their ‘high ethical standards’ are you kidding me! While the ALP vote collapses nationally; perhaps irretrievably, silly people in the ALP and their loyal lieutenants in what remains of the unions still think all this shit matters. They still play the silly games and some even take the moral high ground which is even more hysterical, it would be like standing on an ice floe in the middle of the Arctic ocean. The problem for the ALP is that all this stuff that used to be hidden under the mat is now visible to the voters, they have cottoned on to it all and they don’t like it. People unfit for office, any office, sitting as MP’s because they were good at collecting dosh in brown paper bags, thugging, lying and branch stacking. They will fight over less and less spoils, so I expect that all the once hidden shit will float to the surface as it always does.

  2. Anonymous

    This is slander, unbalanced and blinded by the authors own factional loyalty.

  3. Adrian Jackson

    Another good Labour man.

  4. Anon

    Goodness, it had taken some former HSU officials years for this – I am sure that HSU were heavily involved in getting Marlene Kairouz
    in. How much was former Darebin councillors involved in this and Leighton

  5. Irene Webber

    Go away and get a real job FEGAN!!

  6. Lol

    This is slander just wait and see. Langdon will be back and stonger than ever he has great people behind him! This is the party playing games within themselfs and you really need to do your reseach before you right your next article.

  7. Possibly

    So, if he applies to join another political party to continue his political journey as suggested in your last para, would I be right to suggest your advice re his joining is “no way”?

    Unless we want some entertainment?

  8. Anonymous

    Next Ricky, Nazih, Marlene branchstackers of SDA.


    The SDA are now propped by the CFMEU at one end and the Langon/Elsamer/Khairouz at the other.

    Strange book ends indeed.

    Hard to see how such an arrangement can last.

  10. Anonymous

    Who said anything about him joining another party!

  11. Ben

    Any more details on the MP’s various positions? Andrew is busy right now – but feel free to forward your exclusive photos my way. I’m not here to judge.

  12. Anonymous

    garoti has fukced himself in the date way harder than langdon eva fukced him!

  13. Orko

    Isn’t Cr Langdon’s behavior the norm in the ALP?

  14. The Ghost of Bob Collins


  15. Anonymous

    Langdon in bed with Donovan? well it is legal, but they cant get married

  16. Possibly

    Anon – there is no evidence Langdon is wanting to join another party. It’s just that, as you might know, this type of persona can be found in serial party hoppers who have axes to grind….

  17. wolf

    Oh noes an article insuating a politician might be gay! I guess it’s a good thing the ALP got rid of him then. Once you sturt down the path of letting homosexuals into parliament who knows where it may lead? [VEXNEWS: Quite wrong, I don’t mind what people do but paying young vulnerable chaps money they desperately need to perform acts they wouldn’t otherwise is probably not what most people want in their Members of Parliament]

  18. megsie

    It is a pity you can’t comment on his personal dirt. Good on you Andrew.

  19. Anonymous

    It’s a pity. His a person. You know not a toy for all to comment on. I’m sure you have hidden dirt in your past who doesn’t! Good on you Craig I say

  20. Sticking up for gay rights

    Wolf- you need to get a life who cares if his gay straight or whatever! There are heaps of gay people in parliament all over the world!

  21. Daniel Andrews

    Nazih Elasmar WILL LOSE his senate preselection for supporting Big Bird

  22. chairman roflmao

    rick garotti’s really garotted himself.

  23. megsie

    He is a loser. Poor Banyule.

  24. Anonymous

    Look at him. There is a striking resemblance to Homer Simpson, don’t you think?

  25. Anonymous

    Rick Garotti is a sweet tooth. He loves a sticky date!

  26. Anonymous

    Did someone say Kanose??

  27. Three Cheers

    Horah Horah Horah! Journalism LIVES! A true investigative piece, we applaud your bravery Andrew. Pulling the trigger of truth is always much harder than stacking branches and being generally incompetent and shady as the subjects of your expose have been allowed to be for too long. HERALD SUN, BOLT REPORT, you MUST investigate these matters further please.

  28. Come out of the Closet Craig !

    Now Craig can bend over all he likes without the need to stay in the closet.

    Must be terrible leading a double life. One as respectable straight man with a career in politics the other a as a homosexual into all things young and sweet.

  29. Anonymous

    1. Took money for “renting” out a government building

    2. Took it from local and international homos.

    What a PIG.

  30. Bring on the Corruption Hearings !

    Can’t wait for the new anit-corruption commission to be up and going.

    He can be the first to be prosecuted in the star chamber.

    Dumped from Parliament, Dumped from the ALP and soon dumped from the local Council for criminality.


  31. dimity

    i respect rick but more importantly i respect my chin. I will continue to rise in the ALP with the guidance of garotti.

  32. Sda endorse langdon

    Is the sda endorsement of langdon and elasmar really at odds with those with a Christian brothers background?

    The trouble with these behaviours is that it becomes entrenched.

    It is infact hard to communicate to sda types what is normal.

    So I expect they will back various ex and current mps until labor reach south Australian and new south wales depths.

    One of the issues lost on ALP power brokers is that NSW labor was not just punished for poor govt it was punished because it lifted up people with values at odds with common decency. The SDA is locked into to the same moral abyss.

  33. Anonymous

    Langdon is a very garotti little man.

  34. Anonymous

    Langdon’s future has just gone “poof” into thin air!

  35. KPMG ?

    I wonder what the KPMG partners will think about one of their staff be associated with a person like Langdon – investigated for financial fraud by VicPol.

    Dont think this is the type of image KPMG will be happy with.

  36. Rough Trade

    Trolling the internet for rough trade hey Mr Langdon? You dirty dirty man.

  37. Alan Jones

    Even though my prostrate has gone I still love a good punch in my gaping ring.

  38. Skeletons in the closet

    Knew it is was only a matter of time before the whole grubby truth came out. Reap what you sow Langdon!!! You’ve been exposed for what you really are. Now it’s not just party insiders loyal to the greater cause that know the truth…it’s out there!

  39. Anonymous

    Langdon sounds a decent sort of chap when all the Landeryou poison is extracted. He should be seeking an expert defamation lawer’s opinion now that Vexnews is solvent.

  40. Anonymous

    Your forgetting one big thing this is Craig Langdon he will come back stonger than ever! Ha ha ha to all the haters!

  41. Rough Trade

    Expelled from the ALP, siphoning off money, trawling gay beats and this man is elected to a local Council.


  42. The 4th estate

    Wait until the story about Langdon blackmailing the previous Labor premier office senior staff with a threat that he would quit and cause a by-election unless he was given a senior posting – comes out. In fact the idiot put it in writing

  43. Anonymous

    The 4 th estate I wonder who you are! In fact he did that was a trick on you hahahaha

  44. Anonymous

    Who is Marlene Kanose I have never heard of her.

  45. Nazih

    mi no speak english.

  46. Vicki Yianoulatos

    Well if want to convert to women Craig i’m in the market for a new bloke, call me big boy

  47. Rickrolled

    Rick Stackarotti!

  48. partyhack

    where do I go to learn how to be a slimy rock spider and get ALP preselection.

  49. Anonymous

    14 McNeil Street, Heidelberg West. Ask the young boy for Craig.

  50. Anonymous

    The Langdon family must be so proud. First one son with HIV and now the second one Craig.
    I guess the disappointment in McKenna Street must be growing.

  51. Anonymous

    Rock-spider man, Rock-spider man,
    Does whatever a Rock-spider man can.
    Spin a web between his thighs,
    Doesn’t matter, gay or bi,
    Look out, there goes Councillor man!

  52. Cardinal Pell

    Leave him alone he is just like my Disciple Brother Abbott.

  53. Anonymous

    Ask the young boy for Craig that would be his son leave his family out of it, what is wrong with you people and yes his family is every proud of him.

  54. Xenon

    To the dumb fs who are attacking this story, well it is BLOODY WELL TRUE and if langdon sues then it WILL all become VERY public and he will have to give back much of that parliamentary pension


    All the way with SDA!


    The S DA are the best.

  57. S DA mps collective

    Please leave Craig and that nice chap in SA alone.

  58. Rough Trade

    42 minute sex video hey Craig? Gid help us.

  59. Rough Trade

    Like you’d ever shake this guys hand, uughhh…

  60. S DA mps collective

    lets shake on it….people of victoria when can we have human service back….

  61. Rough Trade

    He really is the Queen of the Banyule Council castle.

  62. Nazih El SmellsMar

    Its hard driving a taxi driver!

  63. Micky D

    If the ALP can expel Langdon then why was disloyal Tammy Lobato not expelled years ago.

  64. partyhack

    Are you sure his son wasnt a grudge baby? Perhaps someone had it in for him.
    I just hope he doesnt have a part in the centre of his head!!!

  65. Anonymous

    Not McKenna Street: I think you mean Jacka Street, Macleod.

  66. Anonymous

    Senior Constable Gregory Peter Ryan did very well supporting Craig Langdon over the years. Do his bosses at Victoria Police know he associates with a Rock Spider?

  67. Sen Cons Greg Ryan

    I am NOT a rock spider!

  68. Nazih El SmellsMar

    Dun worri Danl I wll gert us ourt of Oppostion

  69. Nezih El

    Come on down to Bulleen Rd Kababs, I maka the best in town.

  70. S D A MP collective

    Not only are we proud to have stacked the Rimbank Council election in 2008 we are proud to have backed Langdon in 2011.

    We will keep using public and party resources to back Langdon and Sietz puppets in local and state government elections.

    We are proudly the S D A Labor MPs.

  71. S D A MP collective

    Please note the normal meeting post ALP conference meeting of the S D A MP’s collective at the olympic village toilets.

    Many motions to move tonight.

  72. S D A morals

    The idea of high ethical standards in the S DA is a very big joke.

    Seems as long as you are catholic and anti abortion then you get the tick from S D A union bosses.

    This is a very low moral bar – perhaps some more basic principles should apply at the S D A.

    I dunno …but maybe you should exclude the scum you seem to be attracted to?

  73. skizziks

    @ Megsie
    ‘Poor Banyule’?
    Really, poor Ivanhoe.
    Indeed, look what we got, loser Carbines~ the little weasel.

  74. Nah Zee

    Please leave Mr Langdon alone. He very good man. Also S Dee A very good union. Makes me very proud to help Mr Craig and S dA. Proud to be Victorian Labor. Local Labor members made big mistake to dump Craig. High court should put Craig back. That would be justice.

  75. Nah Zee

    Please leave Mr Lang don alone. He very good man. Also S Dee A very good union. Makes me very proud to help Mr Craig and S dA. Proud to be Victorian Labor. Local Labor members made big mistake to dump Craig. High court should put Craig back. That would be justice.

  76. Na h Zih

    Please leave Mr Lang don alone. He very good man. Also S Dee A very good union. Makes me very proud to help Mr Craig and S dA. Proud to be Victorian La bor. Local Lab or members made big mistake to dump this man. High court should put Cr aig back. That would be justice.

  77. Na zee

    This web site not fair to good man.

  78. anon

    Oh dear what an embarrassing joke State Conference was no wonder the natives are restless.

  79. get real vex

    Whoe cares about half pissed Greens and has been Labor MPs….andrew why not look at the real carbon debate…..

    Pauls Howes has said he will pull out of supporting carbon tax if one OZ STEEL JOBS IS LOST….well wake up and smell the roses andy….

    The Indian carbon tax is only 11% so gues what the Indian owners are doing to UK steel jobs (see below)?

    Bob Brown may want a high carbon tax of 40% but anything higher than India (our fourth largest trading partner) is recipe for jobs losses in steel industry.

    Paul Howes vowed war if one job is lost wha would he do is 1500 jobs are lost……

    Tata cuts 1500 UK jobs over ‘double whammy’ of carbon targets

    TATA, the Indian steel giant, has blamed the UK government’s environmental policies as it cut 1500 jobs in one of Britain’s poorest regions.

    The company, which took much of the former British Steel business five years ago, will axe 8 per cent of its British workforce. Its Scunthorpe plant is to close with the loss of 1200 jobs. A further 300 jobs will go in Teesside.

    Unions described the cuts as a “devastating blow” to the region, which is already home to some of Britain’s worst unemployment blackspots.

    Karl-Ulrich Kohler, Tata Steel’s head of Europe, blamed the cuts on the decline of the construction industry, but added that new EU environmental laws and planned British legislation had compounded the company’s problems.

    “Europe’s steel industry is in danger of being made uncompetitive in the world market because of European taxes on UK emissions,” said Dr Kohler.

    Start of sidebar. Skip to end of sidebar.
    Related Coverage

    * UK plan for giant carbon cut Adelaide Now, 2 days ago
    * UK to halve carbon emissions by 2025 The Australian, 3 days ago
    * Jaguar and Williams F1 set for UK hybrid Adelaide Now, 6 May 2011
    * Tata Steel in smelting pact with Rio The Australian, 20 Apr 2011
    * Tata succession battle heats up The Australian, 10 Apr 2011

    End of sidebar. Return to start of sidebar.

    “But here in Britain we are facing a double whammy of carbon targets.”

    Under the coalition deal, the government plans to bring in the toughest carbon emissions targets in the world by 2027. The EU has already said that member states must slash emissions, but Britain will go farther and cut them by 80 per cent by 2050.

    Godfrey Bloom, the UKIP MEP in whose Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire constituency the Scunthorpe cuts will fall, said the “misguided” carbon legislation had made “a bad commercial situation far, far worse”.

    He added: “Certain extra costs and additional targets are clearly undermining business confidence. The result, as we see, is lost jobs.”

    Keith Hazlewood, national secretary for manufacturing at the GMB union, said: “All we’ve asked for is a level playing field for the steel industry. The government is just piling more costs on to us.”

    Mr Kohler said last night that he hoped the government would be able to tinker with the carbon legislation, which is the brainchild of Chris Huhne, the Liberal Democrat Climate Change Minister, in order to help Tata’s exports.

    “We need reliable long-term policies that support this business and an assessment of the regulatory impact on our export,” he said. “It is very clear that we have been heard and listened to (by the government).

    “No company can sustain the level of losses we have had and by acting now, we have given ourselves the best chance of success,” said Mr Kohler.

    Vince Cable, the Business Secretary, said that he was “very disappointed by the cuts”, and added that he would be setting up a task force to help workers. Ian Lucas, Labour’s industry spokesman, called the announcement a worrying sign for British manufacturing.

    “This seriously calls into question how the Tory-led government is facing up to the challenges facing the economy.”

  80. alp conference watcher

    At this historically low point in the ALP base vote a quiet state conference is not a good sign.

    We need to cut out the cancer that saw the Brack’s legacy thrown away.

    We all know that the same WA, SA, NSW sickness is eating away at Labor.

    When will vic admin muster the courage to act?

  81. Arth Ed

    Rule no 6 part g clause 1 states ‘branch members have no rights to interfere in the Party’s direction, they must be grateful to assist in all menial tasks where needed’.

  82. Anonymous

    Langdon loves felching with very young boys.

  83. Look at this guys employment of people:
    1. Dean Sherriff – resigned after something “sinister at STAY Youth Services involving Craig” was found where Langdon was entrusted with homeless adolescent males. Langdon hit the roof after a police report was made and Sherriff met with senior ALP Opposition figures.
    2. Dale Peters – sacked after an ugly sexual harrassment incident occured in Langdon’s office and he threatened to go public. Apparently Langdon wasn’t his type.
    3. Colin Brooks – extracted Langdon’s votes in Bundoora by keeping silent. Shameful but clever.
    4. Andrew Kaigan – departed after a photo of a mans posterior was found in Langdon’s desk. Perhaps Craig forgot to ask for permission.
    5. Anthony Carbines – why was he soooo keen to get rid of Craig. Maybe he knows about his sexual acitivities.
    6. Other young men who all came from the Also Foundation (

  84. Anonymous

    Mn a wanka who is going no where! What eles former staffer? Seeing as you know so much!

  85. ALP conference watcher

    What a sad and hollowed -out Labor party was on display this weekend.

    No wonder Sietz and Langdon have been able to clone themselves with a new batch of non-achievers.

    This will end in years and years of tears for Victorian Labor – but the greens and Liberals will profit.

  86. When he worked at Michael Leighton’s office, Craig Langdon used to go home via a nearby toilet block. I don’t think the Preston public dunnies had nicer toilet paper or cleaner seats than the office did.

  87. Anonymous

    So what was the attraction?

  88. The usual type of male “bonding.”

  89. Anonymous

    Bonding or bondage?!

  90. Kweayg Rayngden

    I love you my sweet Andrew….

  91. megsie

    You cute boys, does this involve Carbines.

  92. Brimbank Party hack

    Wasned one of the motions at state conference passed to do away with Rank and File Members? They are a pain in the arse.Alway complaining on how we the Brains of the Party stuff it up.Those trouble makers,the Taliban will to hunted down and kicked out of the Party before the Party becomes History.Damn,I forgot,I am member and big supporter of the
    Taliban faction.

  93. Adrian Jackson

    The “Laaa Baaar” national conference in Melbourne was a hoot. Gillard sheepishly enters via a side door and leaves the conference after her speech closely followed by most of the delegates so a quorum was not present for all the great “light on the hill” decisions.

    “Laaa Baaar” is going the way of the Democrats if the polls are to be believed

  94. Anonymous

    Is Rick a one of Craig’s little boys? Do they have some secrets?

  95. Anonymous

    Craig always used a condom with Anthony. Anthony is not stupid.

  96. Anonymous

    Off to court I see Craig. Well, you really are a joke.

  97. Heidelberg Leader article

    Life ban is not the end of this

    24 May 11 by BLAIR CORLESS

    THE drawnout saga surrounding the future of former Ivanhoe state Labor MP Craig Langdon is over, for now, with the ALP banning the Banyule councillor for life.

    But the Banyule councillor and one-time Brumby government whip said he would take the ALP to court, and was investigating whether he could sue the party for defamation. Mr Langdon did not attend the party’s disciplinary hearing on Thursday, May 12, on legal advice. “The advice I had been given was not to attend the meeting as there was no signed documentation forwarded to me. It was an illegitimate meeting,” he claimed. He said he received an email last week confirming the ALP’s decision to strip him of his membership. “I have a strong case to take to court to get the decision overthrown,” Mr Langdon said. “The next step would be for another hearing, following the proper rules.”

    Mr Langdon said he had not decided when to launch legal action. He would also not rule out standing as an independent at the next state election, which would pit him against his replacement for the Ivanhoe seat, former Banyule councillor Anthony Carbines. “Certain learned people in the party have told me, ‘Craig, if you wanted to run as an independent, they have just freed your hand. You can now raise all the issues you have ever wanted to’,” he said.

    The ALP has repeatedly refused to comment to the Heidelberg Leader on the matter.

  98. Nazih El SmellsMar

    Sorry my first day on job! where is airport?

  99. Sir Lesley Twentytonneguts HRH

    Fill I need some piss before my Boys Club meeting tonight, pick us up at my exclusive luxurious Penthouse.

  100. Rumourfile

    Note to Nazih: A parliamentary barcode is like a fingerprint. You will soon be gone because of your favors to Craig.

  101. Sophie Miraballa

    You haven’t libelled me for a while Andrew. I feel neglected Darling!

  102. Anonymous

    Langdon step-down a loss

    Posted on 02 September 2010
    Share |

    Rate This

    Former ALSO Foundation president CEO Adam Pickvance has said the gay and lesbian community has lost an ally with the resignation of Victorian Ivanhoe MP Craig Langdon.

    In a letter to Southern Star Observer, Pickvance said when he was working for the GLBTI community organisation, Langdon had been helpful behind the scenes, assisting the community with strategies to push for gay and lesbian law reform in Victoria.

    “He provided advice on achieving GLBTI law reform, the processes of parliament, access to MPs, including advice

    on which MPs to focus efforts on and which ones to watch out for,” Pickvance wrote. “Craig’s work and achievements should be acknowledged and thanked.”

    The long-serving Labor MP resigned from his seat last month, three months before the state election, accusing the party of “disloyalty and betrayal”.

    Langdon was set to stand down at the upcoming election, having been defeated in a pre-selection vote won by Banyule councillor Anthony Carbines.

    Since Langdon’s resignation was announced an ugly stoush has resulted between the dumped MP and the Government, with Langdon claiming Premier John Brumby has not been consulting with backbenchers and unnamed Labor figures hitting back in the media claiming “personal circumstances” meant Langdon had to go.

    The Sunday Age said there were elements of Langdon’s personal life that could not be mentioned due to a court suppression order which had contributed to a marriage breakdown.

    Langdon revealed on ABC radio he was currently going through a divorce.

    “Given his complicated personal circumstances, it was not in Craig’s interests or the ALP’s for him to stand at this year’s election,” a Labor source was quoted in The Sunday Age.

    A past Hansard check revealed Langdon was not present to vote on the 2008 Assisted Reproductive Treatment Bill giving IVF access to lesbians and single women, or the Relationship Act in the same year.

    It’s unclear if Langdon’s resignation will force a by-election in the northern Melbourne seat, or whether the party can hold on until the November state elections.

    The Labor Party currently holds the seat of Ivanhoe by more than 10 percent.

  103. Rough Trade

    Craig, out trawling lately? Wet on Wellington is the latest hotspot hey? Sicko.

  104. Anonymous

    Langton is in love, in love with young boys from STAY.

  105. dimity

    it’s all about rick and my chin.

  106. Anonymous

    Ricky is very Grotty!
    Craig is very dirty!
    Colin hides it better than most!

  107. Anonymous

    Langdon is being very anal about all this.

  108. Anonymous

    Craig is being very anal about all this.

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