SHORT MEMORIES: Pedophile Lionel Rose didn't deserve taxpayer-funded, Baillieu-blessed state funeral

lionelrosegraveThe Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu and many other elected leaders have turned a blind-eye to the whole story of boxing legend Lionel Rose.

Victorian taxpayers paid for his state-funeral today where the Premier took centre-stage lavishing praise on a man regarded by Victoria Police sources as a serial and predatory pedophile who escaped justice.

lionelrosePremier Ted Baillieu said Rose would forever be remembered as one of Victoria’s greatest champions and a national treasure.
"There was, and remains, only one Lionel," Mr Baillieu told mourners.
"People genuinely loved him and felt protective of him.
"He was a thoroughly decent and gentle soul.
"He inspired us, he charmed us and he in turn grew up with us."

As this disturbing Herald Sun report makes clear he was also accused of sexually abusing children as young as eleven years old. Sources have told VEXNEWS the incidents described below were not isolated. Other incidents of a similar kind relating to obtaining oral gratification from minors were also in circulation in Melbourne’s media community. Rose was never charged by Victoria Police for child sex offences.



Herald Sun

27 October 2004
By: Craig Binnie   

BOXING legend Lionel Rose has been interviewed by police over a girl’s claim he sexually abused her when she was 11.
The girl’s family yesterday sought an intervention order to keep Mr Rose away from the girl and her mother.
The application followed a confrontation that allegedly forced the family to flee their home and spend Monday night in emergency police accommodation.
In her application for the order, the girl’s mother said Mr Rose got out of a car outside her home with his hand behind his back. He was allegedly persuaded to get back in the car by his sister.
The court will hear the intervention order application next month and Mr Rose will have an opportunity to respond.
The confrontation follows two weeks of investigations by the Herald Sun into the sexual abuse claim. Mr Rose has refused repeated invitations by the Herald Sun over the past week to respond to the allegation.
The Herald Sun has a statutory declaration signed by the girl describing the alleged abuse.
In a video-taped interview, the girl told police she locked herself in her bedroom and cried herself to sleep after the alleged incident in late 2001.
The Herald Sun has chosen not to publish details of what is alleged to have happened because of its graphic nature.
The girl, now 14, who lives in a Victorian town with relatives, said she was initially afraid to tell anyone what allegedly happened because she thought she would be blamed.
Police said Mr Rose denied any wrong-doing when interviewed last year.
Detectives told the family the case was closed, unless they received fresh information.
In the interview with police, the girl described in detail what she alleged Mr Rose did.
She alleged that when she tried to get away, the former world boxing champion grabbed her and forced her to continue.
“After some time he let me go and I ran to my bedroom,” she told the Herald Sun.
“I locked my bedroom door and cried until I
fell asleep,” the girl said.
She said Rose gave her $5 the next morning but did not mention the alleged incident.
The girl said she only realised what she alleges happened was not her fault when a friend told of her experience of being molested by her stepfather.
“I asked her what molested meant and when she told me I said that that had happened to me too,” the girl claimed.
When approached by the Herald Sun on Sunday, Mr Rose denied knowing the girl.
“Don’t know who you are talking about mate,” he said.
“I can’t comment about anything mate, sorry.”
But Mr Rose now stands accused of harassing the girl and her family.
The girl’s family fled their home on Monday after Mr Rose’s sister allegedly confronted the girl and her mother.
Mr Rose’s sister first approached the girl at a friend’s house to ask if she had spoken to the police or the Herald Sun recently.
Mr Rose allegedly sat outside in a car while his sister quizzed the girl.
Mr Rose, his sister and another man then allegedly drove to the girl’s mother’s house. In line with Aboriginal custom, only Rose’s sister approached the girl’s mother to ask if she had spoken to police or the Herald Sun.
The girl’s mother claimed yesterday she was in fear of her life when Mr Rose got out of the car. She said he was persuaded by his sister to get back in the car.
In her intervention order application, the girl’s mother said she was worried about the safety of herself and her daughter “as the defendant seems to be looking for her”.
The girl’s parents told the Herald Sun they were frustrated that the word of a child was not enough to lead to police charges.
“How can anyone do something like that to a little girl and get away with it?” the mother asked.
When the girl eventually told her mother in January 2001 about the alleged incident, she was taken to the Department of Human Services.
Child protection workers immediately took her to police.
Police interviewed the girl twice before interviewing Mr Rose at the Chelsea police station.
The girl’s father said only the legal system prevented his family and friends from exacting Aboriginal justice from Mr Rose.
“If we had our way we would truss him up and do to him” what the girl claims Mr Rose did to her, he said.
One detective close to the investigation confirmed an allegation had been made by the girl.
“I can’t confirm what it was about, but there was an allegation made and an investigation was carried out which didn’t find sufficient evidence for the matter to go to court,” he said.
“The person that was interviewed denied any involvement in it at all.
“No one has been charged and no one is likely to be charged and the allegations were not substantiated.”
The girl said she cannot see why Mr Rose has gone unpunished.
“Why would I make something like that up,” she said.
“He made me feel disgusted. I hate him. I wish he was dead. I wish he was locked up.”



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69 responses to “SHORT MEMORIES: Pedophile Lionel Rose didn't deserve taxpayer-funded, Baillieu-blessed state funeral

  1. Wendy

    Do you know the difference between ‘allegation’ and ‘charge’? EG, if I allege Tony A has make beautiful music with a nanny goat does that make it so? Is the answer ‘only if the Sun Herald says it is?

    The similaries to this and the Brett Stewart case are eerie. Why won’t you make the same charge against Brett. Because he’s still alive and you are gutless farking wonders, that’s why. I pray you get AIDS.

  2. Real

    Brave reporting. Bloke’s dead, but we’ve got an unconfirmed and denied story from someone else run many years ago.

    If the desire is to be a credible news outlet and you believe this to be so then why not run it last month? Have you other brave stories – maybe a certain opposition front bencher perhaps? Or that well known political reporter who likes the Canberra suburb of Fyshwick? Or that famous shock-jock and the football player in the carpark?

    Be brave, we are roooting for yous all. Run the presses.

  3. Real

    And he once stole a chocolate when he was 12 years old.

  4. Terrance

    Prove it. You make the accusation, wheere is the proof?

  5. Wendy

    Don Bradman liked the gravy boat. That’s why he was so good at taking the shine off the new ball.

    Bob Menzies liked to shower. In the golden aroma of a youthful British school maid. Don’t want to rain on his parade, but it’s true. I read it in ‘Smallest Room Weekly’.

    Ted Whitten. Dogs. Loved his dogs. No really, he looooved them. Terriors, labs, poodles.

  6. Wendy

    Don Bradman liked the gravy boat. That’s why he was so good at taking the shine off the new ball.

  7. Wendy

    Ted Whitten. Dogs. Loved his dogs. No really, he loved them. Terriors, labs, poodles

  8. Wendy

    Okay it was me. I’m the person in the story. It was when I was young. I mistook him for Neville Bonner. They all look alike. Sorry.

  9. Wendy's daughter

    Okay it was me. I’m the person in the story. I mistook him for Neville Bonner. They all look alike to me. Sorry.

  10. Adrian Jackson

    Andrew, when are we going to see the full story on the SA ALP kiddie porn MP? Perhaps we will have to wait until his death too to get the full tacky tale

  11. It was me

    It was me what made them claims. I thunk it was Neville Bonner cause they all alike to me.

  12. Ben

    “He made me feel disgusted. I hate him. I wish he was dead. I wish he was locked up.”

    “Wendy” you’re a shocker. I wouldn’t wish AIDS upon my worst enemy. When kids and brave media voices talk about alleged abuse incidences they should be listened to, not thrown under the bus. What happens if more come forward? Or are you content to take the role of the protector and enabler?

  13. Wendy

    That’s right Ben, true story. I read it in the paper, that makes it FACT. Why have a legal system at all. After all, no child has ever made a lie, told a fib, concocted a story.

    Look up the Mr Bubbles case in Sydney and see what happens to innocent people when false accusation are aired.

  14. Cardinal Pell

    Leave the poor man alone, he has similar pastimes to Brother Abbott and many others in my flock.

  15. Bryce Wright

    Christian Lyons you piece of reporting gutless shit. You’re a typical kick them while your down reporter. Lionel was never charged you idiot, why would you do this on his day. Why didn’t you say this live on TV, scarred you will get reconised. You media gutter rats just can’t let things be. Get your facts right arsehole he was never charged & by the wat Lionel Rose is a Aussie legend & will always be remembered not like you a gutter rat reporter. He will rest in piece but will you?

  16. Observer

    Presumably the family will consider appropriate legal recourses. Good luck – I suspect you may need it.

  17. Lionel

    It is impossible to defame the dead – but decidedly cowardly!

    I might come back and give you a big right-cross.

  18. Gutless

    Andrew, how can you allow such cowardly, unfounded rubbish on your site? Is this really the best that you can do?

    Irrespective of political and personal belief, the right to innocence until otherwise proven is held by nearly all Australians (as with the citizens of other western democracies) to be a fundamental right. However, VEXNEWS has chosen the day of Lionel’s funeral to call him ‘a predatory pedophile who escaped justice’ although he was never charged and never found guilty by a court of law. This is outrageous, and you would be calling for the head (and quiet rightly so) of any journalist who called any public identity a ‘pedophile’ or any other slur of similar nature on the back of one untested allegation (think Theo).

    I have long been a follower of VEX, but without a retraction of this gutless article I am sorry to say I can no longer support this site.

  19. Mick

    Wendy, noble defender of alleged rapists.

  20. Lionel

    Weak as piss!

  21. partyhack

    Never let the truth get in the way of a good story isnt that the creed.

  22. blackmambo

    Your kidding Vexx….I feel sick. Take it down. But in anycase, Adios to what was once a promising blog.

  23. Wendy

    Mick … ‘alleged’, get it. Not charged, or evidence produced or witnesses under oath but an allegation. Like I allege you and a guinea pig have been out dating and you had dinner with her and now plan to elope to Peru. True? Prove me wrong.

  24. Adrian Jackson

    Christian Lyons better watch out as an Aborigine my point the bone at him

  25. cynic

    Using rose to attack the lib govt is pretty low. Sometimes there are better ways to make a point. This reminds me of the taliban suicide bomber approach. No sense, no compassion, no brains and no f#####g idea. This stupid act has undone so much good work.

  26. Jeez-Chill-U-Lot

    All clever/witty remarks to one side, Andrew. This is appalling and serves no-one’s best interest. Take it down. Please.

  27. Sam

    This is low even for you.

  28. heinrich

    Anyone who reads the Sun Herald report will recognise that girl is telling the truth. She hates his guts and she has reason to. Lionel Rose may have been a good bloke in the eyes of many but if the past few years have taught us anything it’s that sexual abuse of children is endemic and widespread in Australian, not to say Aboriginal, culture. People want to bury their heads in the sand about it all. More stories like this need to be published. Fear and self blame such as this girl experienced are hell for victims.

  29. david m

    this is crap. what a gutless accusation.

  30. cona


  31. Ben

    I’m not sure who the hell Mr. Bubbles is Wendy. But I digress. Perhaps you should visit the “Zig Zag Young Women’s Resource Center” in order to educate yourself. Kids should be free to be kids.

    (Not to be confused with Jack Perry, one half of the Zig and Zag clown duo, who was convicted in 1994 of sex offences against a child.)

  32. Jeez-Chill-U-Lot

    Not going to do it, eh, Andrew? Ah well, that’s the end of Vexnews for me, too.

  33. megsie

    Sounds like a similar story to a certain polly that suddenly resigned.

  34. Wendy

    Ben, Mr Bubbles was the name given to a famous case in Sydney where a husband & wife who ran a childcare centre were accused of abuse. The media hounded them, 60 Minutes practically convicted them. The couple lost everything: home, business, friends, reputation.

    Turned out a kiddy had made up a story during bath time. Mummy and daddy ran to the police and media. Two people had their lives destroyed.

    Moral of the story – this is a delicate and dangerous issue and to make accusations and allegations (as has been done here) without evidence being tested and witnesses examined etc may result in innocent people being ruined. If you have evidence, go the police, don’t host it on a homepage and hide.

  35. lift your game VEXNEWS

    heinrich (May 17, 2011, 11:47), the key question that you cannot answer, is why Vic Police in possession of this evidence made the decision that there was insuffecient proof to prosecute, or that any evidence was dubious? What do you know that they don’t? Do you have any incriminating evidence that the Police don’t have? If so, why not disclose this? Ultimately, what gives you the right to deem this man guilty and under what circumstance?

    Or is it as it seems, you are supporting a cowardly attack of a person who cannot no longer defend them.

    Sorry Andrew I am afraid that while you endorse this rubbish and publish it on your page, my time using Vexnews is over!

  36. Age copyboy

    I won,t be back either!

  37. blackban

    last time i will ever read vex. you are a pathetic piece of shit landeryou.

  38. Anon

    Can we have a full list of MPs who attended Lionel Rose’s funeral, please?

  39. Observer

    Well, the post is STILL here. SO. . . . . . . . .that’s it for me. Never to return again. Sorry – you actually had a decent chance to do something good. But then you let the site get polluted by the scumbags and sexually deranged of this State/Country, and you have descended to their lower-than-a-stone level. That’s where snakes live. Goodbye. Cheers.

  40. Sir Lesley Twentytonneguts HRH

    He helped me with my ‘youth camps’.

  41. Anonski

    In the true spirit of ALP solidarity with pedos (Orkopoulos, D’Arcy, Collins) Danny Andrews was in attendance.

  42. Bollocks


    This is a vile libel on the dead. You should be utterly ashamed of yourself.

  43. famosus libellus

    Get a life anonski, what about your glorious Red Ted who said Rose .
    “People genuinely loved him …He was a thoroughly decent and gentle soul”

    Throw Christian to the Lions

  44. Anon

    MP Roll Call at Lionel Rose Funeral:
    Ted Baillieu
    Daniel Andrews

    Anyone else?

  45. heinrich

    There are several likely reasons for the Victorian cops not to proceed with prosecution. Lionel Rose is an icon – not least for individual coppers. Unless they are on very sure grounds they would be reluctant to touch him. A cop would risk his career and popularity with colleagues. That would stop proceedings in most cases. Secondly the girl was probably very emotional. Talking about it to a bunch of unsympathetic, hard-nosed rozzers and reliving the embarrassment, humiliation and bewilderment would need courage and support. She was just a simple kid who would be calling down the wrath of police, relatives, friends on her head. She obviously was unlikely to stick with it to the bitter end and appear in court. That is another reason for the cops not to proceed. There can be no doubt that he got away with it because of who he was and who she was.

  46. Really what is the point of this?

    If you wanted to put some sort of value, honesty and integrity to this story you would have interviewed people involved in the original story. Talk to the police and also some other sort of legal representation. Showed evidence of research and non-bias judgement to conclude on your research and sources. All you did was google an old story without even rehashing it, cut and paste some text and there you go you think that this is something worthy. What an offence to your readers! What a lazy and ignorant style of writing.

    All you have succeeded in doing is showing that you are bias, have a grudge and could not even bother researching your story. I stumbled across this website whilst doing my own research into Indigenous people and state funerals and I must say if you regularly read this – STOP RIGHT NOW he will be quoting Wikipedia next as a creditable and worthy source. I feel to come back from such a low point you might need to discuss why you have done this…

    But then again I thank people like you as it keeps me educated and informed. I like to research the truth and I do this through more then one news article written in 2004. I like to discuss with the general public ignorance and bias like this as when people like yourself make sweeping and unjustified statements it makes my job easier to debunk you.

  47. Honest Cop

    I remember many years ago my cousin (a cop) responded to a call saying that someone had broken into Oak Park HS. He found Lionel hiding in a coat locker. Lionel was charged and turned up for his court appearance pissed and dirty. My cousin had the matter adjourned so Lionel could clean himself up and present himself in a manner more pleasing to the eye of the judge.

    No doubt that Lionel had many a struggle once his ring career was over. I’m guessing his icon status helped him out on more then once occasion.

    Having stated the above, I have no idea what Lionel’s rap sheet read like.

  48. Ben

    “If you wanted to put some sort of value, honesty and integrity to this story you would have interviewed people involved in the original story…Showed evidence of research and non-bias judgement to conclude on your research and sources…What an offence to your readers! What a lazy and ignorant style of writing.”

    Honest Journo: Speak for yourself. I’m not offended. As a student of history, I beg to differ.

    Firstly, and most obviously, I’ve seen more legitimate-sounding evidence here than most of the “Stolen Generations” stories cooked up by university nerds in Melbourne. Christian Lyons deserves a Walkley Award.

    VexNews has obtained primary source material from a newspaper, so from a local media history standpoint, this is also of historical interest.

    By the way, are you suggesting that self-identified abuse victims should be censored? Or, that they were making things up? And, if so, why?

    Furthermore, I sense you’re projecting here. For example, you claim that people weren’t interviewed. But how do you know they weren’t, without evidence? Or, how do you know they refused out of fear? It seems like you’re making wild assumptions yourself. Please, where is the evidence to back the wild assertions you’ve just made?

    “Sources have told VEXNEWS the incidents described below were not isolated,” leading a compassionate reader to the conclusion that some traumatised people are probably still working through years of pain. In truth, this issue has been handled sensitively, in my professional view.

    I also suspect the power of misogyny and name fame has blinded heartless critics.

  49. heinrich

    Honest Journo – you’re not an honest journo at all. You”d rather turn your head from a disturbing story because it’s unsettling to think of a bloke like Lionel Rose doing such a thing. But that’s not fair to the kid who alleges he abused her. Of course, there’s nothing in this for any journo except ostracism and rejection such as we can read here. Stories about Catholic priests are popular because it seems like a problem with a particular group of strange men. But the Lionel Rose story – like the story about then Governor General and war hero Thomas Blamey fiddling with boys in the back of his Rolls – shows us that it’s a much wider problem.

  50. Typical Abo

    Another dirty Abo pedo.

  51. Bollocks


    You are an arsehole’s arsehole. Sickening crap.

    Foolish ‘Honest Cop’ should access LEAP (the disastrous police database) so that he/she can read Lionel’s rap sheet.

  52. Princess of the Parliament

    I wish I had known this before he died. We could have shared my media adviser – he was very slim and handsome…but lately he has rebuffed my affections. I wonder if he found out I am married with four children?

  53. Mick

    @ Bollocks – doing so could cost said cop their job.

    There is nothing bad about LEAP at all – it is a magnificent piece of programming. It is late 70s tech and still somewhat surviving 30 years later. That it should have been replaced 10 years ago is not the fault of the original software…

  54. Ben

    Heinrich: Good point. I agree. It often comes down to herd instinct and groupthink politics. If say Gore tried to rape his masseur, the media would hide or downplay the story. But Bush? Fairfax front news for two years. The hard Left only cares deeply for children when there is a pay off.

  55. Reds are better in bed

    Any dirt on Bobby Davis

  56. Anon

    Rose’s funeral

    Premier Ted Baillieu
    Federal Sports Minister Mark Arbib
    Former Premier John Brumby
    Opposition Leader Daniel Andrews

  57. Patrick

    @typical Abo

    You’re a sicko, mate.

  58. Glenroy boy

    He was certainly a criminal. I too remember him breaking into the school and hiding from the cops.

  59. Anon

    Lowrain Wreford, mew bimbo for Mordialloc also went to Rose’s Funeral.

  60. Barry Howlett

    Good onya for printing this Andrew. Hinch will soon shake off this mortal coil and you may be the only one left to defame the dead and ignore the principles of justice.
    You’re the real champ!

  61. Ben

    Turn it up Barry Howlett. As a general statement, the Left have a history of ignoring or downplaying abuse allegations when they interfere with tribal politics (kids be damned). Just let the children share their stories.

    PS> No one really believed Gandhi slept naked with girls to “keep him warm” either.

  62. D.J

    u guys are fags STFU. get over it he was a mad dude, i think. he’s dead we can’t do anything about it now. so u guys should get a life and get off the computer.

    kind regards, D.J

  63. ya mum

    ya mum is awesome dj

  64. ranga

    i got red pubes

  65. will the real slim shady

    please stand up

  66. Giuseppe De Simone

    For now, let the dead rest in peace. He was clearly a tortured soul. We cannot judge him from on high. The allegations were serious but no charges were laid so he is entitled to the presumption of innocence. However, I agree that people should not get adulated in death when a more dispassionate analysis is required. Perhaps over time that will occur. As a young energetic inspired world champion he brought honour to Australia and as a broken man in later life he brought disgrace on himself.

  67. Giuseppe De Simone

    Lest there be any doubt, I fully support Vexnews raising this uncomfortable story and expressing a strong view. The protection of children should be a paramount consideration in any society. To err on the side of caution including removing access when abuse is reasonably suspected is the correct and proper approach. However, the laying of criminal charges should only be done on the basis of evidence that will stand up to scrutiny. This often leads to unsatisfactory outcomes where someone is suspected of molestation but not given the opportunity to clear his or her name. However, all the other alternatives are just as bad.

  68. Michael Webb

    Only those in Heaven laugh ‘from the grave’ with joy. No one in Hell could laugh, being in everlasting torment.

    I speak generally and not with any specific person in mind as that is not our place.

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