RAMADGED GOODS: The Age's editor Paul Ramadge to be boned?

ramadgeThe Age newspaper is in fully-fledged crisis-mode this morning amid wild speculation that its editor-in-chief Paul Ramadge will be removed, given a corporate job in Sydney, and replaced by outgoing Daily Telegraph editor Garry Linnell.

Others ominously speculate about a senior role for Bruce Guthrie who enjoys as much in common with middle Australia as Prince Charles, possibly less so.

The besieged flash Fairfax premises “Media House” could become an expensive echo-filled ghost town with other rumours that profitable parts of the empire, like Fairfax Radio’s 3AW will be sold to Sydney patriot John Singleton.

This will almost certainly mean the closing of excellent Melbourne radio station MTR, although with its best and brightest like Steve Price and Andrew Bolt moving across to 3AW as all-conquering representatives of the new owner. We’re sure they’ll handle the vanquished with sensitivity.

Ramadge spent all of last week, it is said, in Sydney, playing an active role in the decision to axe nearly 100 sub-editors and a total of 300 staff in an unprecedented cull. While universally regarded as an untalented hack and hopeless editor, he is seen by Fairfax boss Greg Hywood as a loyal company man and worthy of keeping in their cart for as long as it can steer away from the cliff.

VEXNEWS yesterday visited The Age for a fraternal latte in their coffee pit yesterday and while we were lucky enough to score a picture of Ramadge meeting with union reps, our gloat parade was quickly rained on by the tears of the mainly female staff crying into their fair trade brews. No-one likes to see unemployment foisted on even the most culturally deserving and we left before feeling inclined to pick up a “Save Our Subs” placard at today’s first planned stopwork meeting.

The tales of woe, the injustice of hearing about losing your job by email, the shock, the sudden change of direction, the “I was sick of working here anyway but this is just horrible” all left us feeling very bleak indeed. We hope all involved find honest work soon enough. Pagemasters “Slave-masters” beckons.

The Age’s self-indulgence, not just the change in the way things are advertised, is in no small way responsible for their inevitable decline. A change in culture, a broadening of who they represent, and what they stand for is what they needed long ago. It’s almost certainly too late for them now.

Yesterday’s treatment of the death of Osama bin Laden said it all.


The Herald Sun’s poster “How we got him.”

The Age’s “How they got him.”

“We” are so very much looking forward to the end of “they” even if their tears do make us sad. They can’t wash away their shameful record, the lives they’ve tried to ruin, our nation’s enemies they’ve cheered on, the values of indulgence, sanctimony and preachiness they’ve so long embodied.

It would have been nice to keep a second newspaper in Melbourne but not one like this. We don’t wish unemployment on even the most smug and unpleasant but it really is time this newspaper at sea was given the burial it so richly deserves.



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15 responses to “RAMADGED GOODS: The Age's editor Paul Ramadge to be boned?

  1. JO

    The Age could save some scarce funds by reprintng their banner page, “How They got Him”.
    Just delete the photo of Osama, & insert a photograph of Ramadge!

  2. anon

    The precious ponce Mitchell will be prancing around with his usual abundance of self interested importance and flattery.

  3. Worried chardonnay sipper

    But if the Age goes under who will tell us what to think? What will we use to feel superior to Herald-Scum readers?

  4. Ben

    Ouch. They are in shit creek.

  5. Adrian Jackson

    It reminds me of the ADF in the early 1990’s when units were amalgamated or disbanded and personal numbers slashed by Paul Keating. Only to face panic in 1999 when the ADF had to start a number of overseas deployment with an under equipped and under manned force; something it still has not fully recovered from.

  6. Dan Lewis

    I think you meant personnel numbers, Adrian.

    What did they need troops for anyway? Surely a fearless soldier such as yourself was more than enough to terrify any enemy.

  7. Davy Davis

    Dear Cormack Foundation can you please pay for my shout I left my wallet at home tonight?

  8. Adrian Jackson

    ABC TV’s “Hungry Beast” tonight said mining mogul Gina Reinhart is behind the move to get Andrew Bolt a show on Channel 10.

  9. Greg

    No doubt many of the Aged will find their way to the ABC who is always able to find room for unemployable journalists with the correct opinions.

  10. Cr Craig

    I enjoy a boning, the bigger the bone the better I say.

  11. Bill

    The long awaited “downgrade”, (about the 10th in a row), says group costs overall are up 1%, but revenues down 4.5%.

    Since the radio and internet assets profitability is presumably rising, The Aged cant be doing much better than Al Quaeda.

  12. Dopey Dave Davis

    Doh Ted I think I’ve got it wrong again.

  13. Adrian Jackson

    My local Fairfax trash magazine, Melbourne Weekly Port Phillip, had a story on line yesterday saying after an oil spill in Acland St, St Kilda, the street would be closed on Saturday (today).

    The oil spill as the story stated was only hydraulic fluid from a garbage truck and I thought that it could be cleaned up in a few hours.

    I rang the local councillor for St Kilda and Serge told me on Friday the spill was cleaned up in a few hours, Acland St was open and it would not be closed on Saturday.

    Another Fairfax f**k up it would appear. I rang the new editor Jane and a new story appeared online shortly after saying Acland St is now open. The original uninformed story could have affected business today if it was not challenged by me.

  14. Townsend

    Rupe could do worse than to look at hooking those running the show in Adelaide especially the Sunday rag

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