STAFFER LAUGHS: Baillieu staffers living large at the Logies

The Logies on Sunday night was the usual glamorous affair the nation has come to love. Bringing it to new levels of excellence was the presence of a number of the Premier Ted Baillieu’s private office staff, including our favourites Michael Kapel, currently Chief of Staff to the Premier and press secretary Paul Price and their respective wives Marisa and Lisa Panther-Price. Sadly, we are obliged to report none of their party disgraced themselves in the Crown precinct or at any of the occasionally drug-fuelled, violent after-parties.

Sources familiar with the matter tell VEXNEWS that the Victorian Government heavied the Logies organisers for extra tickets to allow for the presence of staff. Previously, ministers, the Premier, heads of Victorian Major Events Corporation and such have usually gone flying the flag for the generous Victorian taxpayer. The presence of ministerial staff is considered highly unusual, even inappropriate, by Treasury Place know-alls, particularly in the lead-up to the budget.

While the government is crying poor, as is part of our amusing democratic tradition after the Treasury benches change hands (or is that bums?), it didn’t stop them stumping up at least $1 million taxpayer hand-out for the “night of nights”. Corporate welfare is alive and well in Victoria.

The largesse, while highly questionable in our view, was calculated to prevent the rapacious Sydney from taking Melbourne’s traditional event, something they frequently attempt and succeeded in the case of the Australian Film Industry awards.

Liberal sources, who pointed out the presence of the Kapels and the Panther-Prices, say it seemed a remarkably frivolous use of the key political staff’s time two nights before the state budget. The Premier’s office has reputedly had a strong, some say meddling, role in the budget, undermining the authority of state Treasurer Kim Wells and his chief of staff Michael Brennan.




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14 responses to “STAFFER LAUGHS: Baillieu staffers living large at the Logies

  1. bravo

    ‘a remarkably frivolous use of the key political staff’s time two nights before the state budget’ – some would argue productivity increased with their absences!

  2. NA

    Simon Overland’s performance in the October 2010 crime statistics release might be worth a nomination as best fictional interpretation of a script

  3. Adrian Jackson

    Perhaps the MP’s that got the free tickets did not want to go and be bored to death?

    There is only one TV night that is more boring than the Channel 9/TV Week Logies and that is the Bogan Brownlow medal count – “The Bogies”.

    Sadly next day Karl Stef…….(whatever) was upstaged by Bin Laden death too. Poor Channel 9.

  4. Chris

    Insanely inappropriate. Who does this silly little man, Kapel, think he is?

  5. Ben

    Not a good look. Vex News is right to question feasting Liberals when they could be doing more important things.

  6. inga binga

    that lisa pants may just be the challenger I need! hope my little boys like neil burgess don’t go wandering elsewhere.

  7. coz

    Attending the logies is more a form of torture than a pleasure, surely. Hours of tedium.

  8. Bollocks

    Its like the last page of Animal Farm–where the pigs are trying to turn into people.

  9. RDR

    Lisa PP, eeewww never txt me please. I’d rather have a txt session with Michelle Gratton.

  10. Ronnie

    The budget was seriously disappointing…I trust Vexnews will be turning on the blowtorch?

  11. Sober sam

    Drunk on debt Ted’s staffers are wrecking Victoria.

    DOUBLING state debt.
    SLASHING $2.2 billion from state services.
    CUTTING surplus by 30%.

    And to top it off they are out on the town getting a skin full –

    Victorians deserve a sober state government not these debt doubling party animals.

  12. Lowrain Woeful

    Wenchy should have received a Logies for the the best porn star in berwick.

  13. Ben

    Hey, did that broad in the top left hand corner steal my chicken drumstick? Now I’m just pissed.

  14. Boofa

    Wenchy sure is eager but once the gear is off it’s not a good look, everything fun is heading South.

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