YOU'RE NEXT, NUTBAR: Violent vegan terrorist still on the lam

ecoterrorismOsama bin Laden’s death leaves a number of “Most Wanted Terrorists” nervously looking over their shoulder. A highly vigilant member of the VEXNEWS Investigations Unit in Melbourne’s northern badlands has just alerted us to the chilling presence of a killer-vegan terrorist American Daniel Andreas San Diego, who is thought to have fled the United States.

He’s just one of many lethal eco-terrorists and animal rights militants as Michael Heimbach, the Assistant Director for the US FBI’s Counterterrorism Division explained:

"Animal rights and environmental extremists remain a significant threat based on the economic damage and widespread nature of this threat," Heimbach added, noting that eco-terrorists have carried out more than 1800 criminal acts and caused more than $110 million in damages. The FBI is currently investigating about 170 animal rights or environmental extremism incidents, he added.

danielandreassandiegoThe FBI reports he bombed two office buildings in San Francisco, including bombs strapped with nails. The Times reported:

In 2003 San Diego allegedly rigged explosives to the entry door of the Chiron Life Science Centre Building in Emeryville, California. When the authorities showed up a second set of explosives went off before they could be defused. A month later San Diego allegedly set off a nail bomb outside the front lobby of a company in California.

The target of the vegan’s viciousness had a business connection with Huntingdon Life Sciences which “uses animals in its work toward curing AIDS, cancer, and Parkinson’s disease.” The vast majority of their vital animal testing is done on rats. The company has won awards for the decent way it conducts its laboratory work which saves lives.

In Britain, the company was quite literally terrorised by militant activists, many of whom were later criminally convicted for a variety of offences.

The FBI reveals the US vegan terrorist was carrying out a similar extremist agenda:

San Diego has ties to animal rights extremist groups. He is known to follow a vegan diet, eating no meat or food containing animal products… He is known to possess a handgun.

The vegan of violence sports several tatts including:

a round image of burning hillsides in the center of his chest with the words "It only takes a spark" printed in a semicircle below;

The vicious vegan has supporters, even boasting a Facebook support group where chums like Monica Martella exclaim:

I admire Daniel Andreas, and I wish him well-being and success in his efforts for animals. I hope he doesn’t get caught, and as far as I’m concerned, a government that punishes people for trying to better the welfare of animals and/or free them is a sick government. I wish I had half of the courage it took for him and others to subvert industries and systems based on cruelty and parasitism.

An FBI search of the terrorist’s home revealed his possession of a book titled the “Joy of Revenge,” suspected explosive ammonium nitrate, posters of the Red Brigade, his stockbroker’s statements, videos labelled “Animal Liberation Front, a shopping bag from Nordstrom (ritzy US department store), pistol ammunition for a Luger, pistol, animal rights posters, animal rights books, books on bombs, fire and such.

It’s time he was brought in. No doubt he soon will be.



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5 responses to “YOU'RE NEXT, NUTBAR: Violent vegan terrorist still on the lam

  1. Greensborough Growler

    The good news is Richard Gere could probably play him in the movie.

    Bad news, when will the FBI update their Most Wanted list?

  2. Julia

    Ha! This article is hilarious!!! How many times can they mention the word VEGAN??!! lol

  3. TheRVMGuy

    Huh … That Investigative Unit in the North have really cottoned on to something here!!

    Here I was thinking that nothing much ever happens North of Victoria Parade, only jobs-for-the-boys or union organising, but apparently they can get out of bed to do something! It mightn’t be something that we would consider ‘valuable’, but I wasn’t sure there was any life here, so this proves at least it is there.

  4. Ben

    PS> Hitler was a vegetarian.

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