CALM BEFORE STORM: UK about to poop itself

TOMORROW will go down as the greatest day ever for mankind.

The Wedding of Our Will and Kate will be watched by an estimated two billion people around the globe and VEXNEWS will be one of them, bringing you the latest from a pub in East London most possibly near, or literally on, Brick Lane.

VEXNEWS has been in the West Midlands for the past two days investigating the crucial UK council elections but have no
fear, your intrepid London correspondent will be heading back to cover all things Westminster Abbey first thing tomorrow morning.

London is about to explode with emotion and we’ll leave it for this article from The Sun to say it all for us.



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6 responses to “CALM BEFORE STORM: UK about to poop itself

  1. bravo

    love you kate and wills

  2. Ben

    What a good-looking couple (not to mention smart). Malcolm Turnbull must be spewing.

  3. Syphologist

    A beautiful wedding.

    Listening to that stirring rendition of “God Save The Queen”, I wonder if we should search for grounds to sue Gough et al for the aural pain they inflicted on us with that wailing dirge that no-one can sing … otherwise known as “Vance Straya Fair”

  4. Anon

    I wonder who will show up to Rick the Rat’s wedding? My guess is noone

  5. Sir Lesley Twentytonneguts HRH

    Fill still can’t understand how that fwit Postman lost me invite to the Wedding. You could have come along as me Butler and my Subjects in the West could have seen me on the telly again. ‘Burp’ come on Fill drive us to Walters for my daily piss intake.

  6. Ben

    Syphologist: Yes, the Bogan Left love to trash Australia’s Judeo-Christian heritage (but we all know they were watching the wedding).

    As for the odd Mao-loving, Edward Gough Whitlam, he still has time to repent.

    Side note: Pearson has a good piece in The Australian today on our ABC’s feral Republican instincts. I suspect you’ll like it.

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