STICKER SHOCKER: Where's the chewy?

THE finest royal collectables on the planet are now available on the streets of London.

Everyone from the most discerning buyer to the most American of tourists can pick up anything their hearts desires with Our Will and Kate’s mug on them – including mugs, if that takes their fancy.

Not wanting to be left out, VEXNEWS today bought its first and probably last keepsake from the Royal Wedding.

VEXNEWS forked out 50p for a packet of stickers – not unlike footy collector cards but without the plastic-tasting chewing gum.

Panini Group – which produces kiddie collectible cards/stickers of all sorts from Premier League Soccer to Winnie the Pooh – has released “The Royal Wedding Souvenir Collection”, which is, in their own words: “220 large, varnished stickers to collect with 20 kiss cut stickers to look out for!”

“British Royal weddings will always be a source of huge national pride and worldwide fascination. These Royal romances give us a glimpse into a private, privileged world. Kate and William’s marriage is part of our heritage and in a way we will all be guests on the big day,” the Italian-based company said on its website.

Unfortunately, VEXNEWS’s pack of five stickers included possibly the worst collection of royal photos ever taken – so much so, only one half of Our Will and Kate was included.

The Our Will-only photos from the collection supposedly celebrating the Royal Couple were:

OUR Will not looking all that impressed as he inspects a small boy’s home-made Union Jack during a street parade.

A CLOSE-UP shot of a zombie-like Our Will, probably taken at his graduation from Sandhurst Military Academy.

A PENSIVE Our Will looking at an atlas, pondering over the millions of souls he will one day rule over as king.

A HOLIDAY snap of Our Will in his teenage years with his crossing-dressing Dad, Prince Charles.

AND sorry, I said there were no photos of Our Kate in sticker pack; while you can’t see her – Our Kate’s presence may be being felt in this photo.

If these bargain basement pix are anything to go by, VEXNEWS will not be forking out another 50p to buy any more of the 215 stickers from The Royal Wedding Souvenir Collection – especially when they don’t come with any chewy.




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4 responses to “STICKER SHOCKER: Where's the chewy?

  1. No chewy?
    Is this what Western civilisation has sunk to?

  2. blackmambo

    does anyone care about this stuff, vexx has lost its way.

  3. Ben

    “Everyone from the most discerning buyer to the most American of tourists…”?

    Except the Americans I know have far more class and style than some here. Or over there.

    Keep it polite please. No need for a Geelong boy to bash a great nation. Save your bitchy comments for Red Korea Labor boy.

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