FOREIGN INTERFERENCE: Greens MP Jamie Parker busted breaking Canadian campaign laws

jamieparkerlawbreakerNSW Greens MP Jamie Parker has been caught violating Canada’s election laws that ban foreigners from meddling in their ballots, VEXNEWS can exclusively reveal.

The incident occurred after Parker’s election to the Parliament, as he boasts about his election in the video.

While it has been removed by Youtube after complaints were made, because of its vast global resources and the undying dedication of its truth-seekers, the VEXNEWS Investigations Unit has obtained a copy of the illegal video and presents for the purposes of news-reporting the segment of it on which Parker appears.

The blatantly illegal campaign advertisement prepared by Australian Greens activists and members, has Parker talking directly to camera urging Canadians to vote for the Canada Greens boss Elizabeth May at their elections on May 2nd. The Vancouver Sun reports on the foreign interference campaign scandal:

Elections Canada spokesman David Rutherford said the elections act prohibits people who do not reside in the country from participating or encouraging Canadians to vote in a certain way.

Section 331 of the Canada Elections Act states: No person who does not reside in Canada shall, during an election period, in any way induce electors to vote or refrain from voting . . . for a particular candidate unless the person is (a) a Canadian citizen; or (b) a permanent resident.

Green Party of Canada spokesman Kieran Green said the party noticed the video online Saturday and is trying to make contact with the producer.

The Mercedes-Benz driving Parker has an extensive rap-sheet, being previously embroiled in serious allegations of illegal and unethical dealings in a series of incidents including dodgy promotions of vitamins as ‘Horny Goat Weed’ and ‘Fatblaster’ and has had a business association with criminals involved in car re-birthing. He also launched into a vicious anti-Semitic rant at “these Jews” who’d dare criticise him over the Greens party’s racist boycott of Israel, which is widely blamed for their poor showing in the NSW state election.

Greens leader Bob Brown distanced himself from the anti-Semitic activities of his rogue NSW branch although it has since emerged that one of his own staff was one of the Marrickville councillors who voted in favour of the now repudiated anti-Israel boycott.

One of the unfortunate-looking chaps in the illegal campaign video appears to be doing an Andrew Wilkie impersonation too.


The Canadian Greens seem to have much in common with their Australian comrades. One Greens candidate, Alan Saldanha, resigned after a public furore over a Facebook entry where he had listed his “favourite quote”:

“If rape is inevitable, lie back and enjoy it.”

A senior Labor figure when told of this latest Greens misadventure told VEXNEWS last night “Their brand is idealism, their reality is vile cynicism and vulgar crudity. Their positioning is about a new standard of ethics in public life, their reality is law-breaking and breath-taking improprieties.”

It’s at this stage unknown whether Parker can or will be prosecuted and extradited to Canada to confront the notorious tough-guy enforcer of the country’s very tough electoral laws, Marc Mayrand. The Electoral Commissioner is known for instructing Mounties to raid political parties’ HQs in order to bring them to justice for electoral violations including over-spending on campaigns and other exotic electoral laws in place there.



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58 responses to “FOREIGN INTERFERENCE: Greens MP Jamie Parker busted breaking Canadian campaign laws

  1. the Insider

    Ian cohen is still upset that Jaime made it to Macquarie st

  2. Sidney

    Bob Brown should shut down the NSW Greens. They are a disgrace.

  3. jimmy

    Did Jamie Parker step down as Mayor at Leichhardt Council last night ?

  4. Alfredo

    Snake-oil shonk

  5. Giuseppe De Simone

    I just can’t help wondering what power crazed bureaucrat would have dreamed up such a stupid law and which idiotic parliamentarians would have allowed it through the legislature.

    However, it is deliciously ironic that the new Greens parliamentarian, a strong supporter of invasive legislation in all sorts of nanny state areas, would have fallen victim to this law which sits right up there with other unjustifiable impositions on the free exchange of ideas and the expression of beliefs across international borders.

    Let’s hope he scrurries back to Australia with a more realistic appraisal of the damage intrusive legislation does. I doubt it.

  6. c u on the tram

    which senior labor figure andy – you been talking to yourself in the mirror again? [VEXNEWS: No more than normal]

  7. Shirlee

    No idea if he stepped down last night as Mayor or not, but he has raised the BDS issue again, seeing as to Marrickville’s motion was defeated

  8. Anon

    Please do an article on Rick Garotti the Rat

  9. Ben

    The Canadian Greens think rape is a joke, hey? These people have no shame. One word: Disgusting.

  10. Stephen Hawking

    yeah andy let’s hear about how rick the retarded rat cheated all his friends so that he could be on the losing team in a young labor election. clearly you’re a spectacular intellect garotti………

  11. Taking of Pell 123

    Godless Greens, they need a good spanking and an altar boy

  12. Adrian Jackson

    Sidney (20 Apr 11) – How un-Australian and made just before ANZAC Day. A comment one would expect from a totalitarian government or party but not from a Aussie citizen. Perhaps you are foreign and do not understand democracy.

  13. Adrian Jackson

    Andrew who is the ALP MP for SA arrested tonight on aggravated child porn charges?

  14. Veirity

    any one for a chill pill right now?

  15. Adrian Jackson

    Apparently the SA Labour MP arrested is a minister according to one online news site.

    Gee I hope he is not the minister for families & children or police minister

  16. Anonymous

    Nevermind the headlines News is that Rick the Rat has done a deal with fatso Nahzir for Northern Metro. It’s just a shame that he would RAT on his friends for such a crappy deal

  17. Cardinal Pell

    Brother Abbott oh the joy we share inducting the eager young boys into St Chester’s Choir.

  18. Old Man [deleted]

    The police have siezed my computer. Does anyone know of an an internet cafe where they don’t ask too many questions?

  19. Darren

    @Taking of Pell – are you willing to join Brother Abbott and I in the spanking?

  20. Adrian Jackson

    Well, well, well the Acting Police Minister Bernie Finnigan in SA resigned today after only 72 days in the job and [deleted]

  21. Keyser Soze

    This story is clearly a Labor/Zionist/News Ltd/VexNews smear. Jamie Parker is allowed to break the law in any country that he chooses.

  22. Adrian Jackson

    Yes the arrested SA ALP is [deleted] according to the Herald Sun today (23 Apr 11). I bet he is a good Roman Catholic boy too. He was raised on a dairy farm with all those animals to play with – baaahh

  23. Adrian Jackson

    The name of the SA [deleted] charged for child porn offences is suppressed in SA but it can be published outside SA as I understand it. [VEXNEWS: We publish in South Australia so we won’t be publishing his name until advised that we can, which I believe is when he enters a plea, if there was no legal impediment we would do so obviously. There’s a big story about a person held in the highest esteem accused of a gravely serious crime, many people left very distressed and a government in incredibly deep political trouble. When we can tell the whole story, we certainly will.]

    What Labout faction is he in?

  24. Claptrap

    Oh dear! Not first with the worst! Tsk! Tsk! Vexnews is slipping… ‘many people left very distressed’ … Huh?

  25. anonski

    re: Rick the Rat has done a deal with fatso Nahzir for Northern Metro

    Unless the leadership acts Labor can expect more of this feral sub factional action that will damage the Labor brand.

  26. chuck out the crooks

    re: Rick the Rat has done a deal with fatso Nahzir for Northern Metro

    Labor cannot rebuild the Labor vote in the north until it deals with the rotten foundations. Sub Factions of factions have stolen our party. The faceless fractions of Labor.

    This latest ‘secret deal’ for the third Labor spot (that was lost in Nov) shows fractional warlords will ignore the Bracks report – local Labor voters know what’s what – take the party back and give the pre-selection vote to the local labor voters. This is the only way to chuck out the crooks who have stolen our democracy.

  27. Labor losers unlimited

    The Brimbank faction of the Labor party is at it again.

    Clearly this time the action is focused on putting pressure on sitting MPs to keep Nahzir in the safe position on upper house ticket.

    To secure this Nahzir needs useful fools to contest pre-selection in Northcote, Ivanhoe, etc.

    You can expect a range of people to be ‘promised’ a go at the 3 spot in the upper house in exchange for them putting up their hands in pointless internal pre-selection battles and FEA elections.

    Meanwhile Victorian Labor faces the real prospect of losing, Brunswick, Northcote, Ivanhoe and Eltham at the next election. These grubby deals and factional battles hurt the Labor reputation in the north and will make it impossible for Labor to make gains in the lower and upper house.

    The greed and stupidity of all this is unbelievable.

  28. Labor losers at it again

    Clearly this time the action is focused on putting pressure on sitting MPs to keep Nahzir in the safe position on upper house ticket.

    To secure this Nahzir needs useful fools to contest pre-selection in Northcote, Ivanhoe, etc.

  29. self defence

    The online attack on ‘Fatso’ and ‘Rick the Rat’ is unfair. Nahzeer needs some back up to protect his upper house seat. Robbin also needs Nahzeer’s numbers to keep his spot – the wheeling and dealing and ethnic branch stacking is just self defence.

  30. cost of FEA votes?

    Dear self-defence
    there is no defence for Labor MPs engaging in Brimbank-style deals.

    And by the way exactly how many FEA votes does two days work at a local MPs office buy you these days?

  31. Anonymous

    Re: cost of FEA votes?

    The allocation of FEA votes in Labor and votes in the Liberal party varies.

    In the case of the Liberal party it is for ongoing internal preselection votes for candidate in winnable 2nd upperhouse spot.

    In that case they have a dopey ‘xxxxxx’ who thinks that an unwinnable Bundoora is worth helping Libs in Ivanhoe and upper spot.

    In the case of others in Labor it is often spelt out in deals at pre-selection.

    The beauty of the auctioning off of electoral offices for support from specific ethnic groups is now cross factional and cross party.
    It is very important for both the small Baillieu Liberal faction and for under performing sitting ALP MPs.

    The allocation of these electoral jobs determines pre-selection outcomes in both labor and liberal parties.

    Any real anti-corruption commission would need to investigate this abuse of these positions by all parties.

  32. Adrian Jackson

    Andrew; lets have a story on the decline of the Rann Government in SA; just like the NSW government, that we can comment on. MP’s bashed, resigned, charged it’s all good Labour political cesspool discussion stuff

  33. Captain (Retard) Wacko Jacko (active) WANKER

    I don like the Joos or the Kathlicks.

  34. Electorate officer positions = branch stacking slush funds

    In NSW one of the first areas clean up was electoral officer positions that were also traded in Labor pre-selections deals in NSW. The new rules in NSW led to some spectacular falls.

    In Victoria the system was so crook that Brumby had many of his family in positions. Nepotism and rewards for ethnic branch stacking was and is still normal practice.

    Not sure who can reform this in Victoria as even Premiers office relies on employing ethnic stackers with minimal qualifications in electoral officer positions.

    In the past council spots were also traded – this has declined post Brimbank as Labor MPs have found it harder to control councils.

    Employing family and friends of key ethnic branch stackers is a low risk strategy for sitting MPs (and those in Labor who ignore this practice do it at their peril). Sadly, that is the current culture in Victoria. But in reality these are not private positions but in fact public roles that require skill sets beyond the average branch stacker.

    If Ted was serious about fighting corruption he would bring in the same rules as NSW.

  35. Northern Labor a mess

    re: Rick the Rat has done a deal with fatso Nahzir for Northern Metro

    The practice of trading votes in internal ALP ballots for positions in electorate offices is deplorable and leads to low standards and poor service for the public.

    Labor was wise to cuts ties with councillor/ethnic power brokers but when will they ban electoral offices from contesting internal ALP ballots and finally stop the auctioning of these jobs by factional warlords.
    Some Labor MPs are simply told who they can hire.

  36. nero fiddles

    Labor leadership fiddles while its Labor heartland burns.

    Instead of engaging in shady factional trading over the 5th upper northern metro spot Labor’s sitting MPs need to rebuild Labor’s credibility in the suburbs in the northern metro area.

    Labor lost a huge slab of primary votes in nearly all northern seats from Broadmeadows to Preston – this had little to do with the Greens.

    Labor needs to focus on big picture policies and promote a lift in all services in these suburbs.

    Going back to the old factional ways is not the way forward.

  37. Pull ya heads in

    Cmon nahzi surely we have better things to do than play young labor games?

  38. Safe seat rats

    Time to put shadows in safe seats and ditch the rat masters. Why waste Fiona in northcote or Jane in Brunswick?

    These two should be accomodated in safer seats.

  39. rat catcher

    Rick is just another rat to catch in the Preston sewer. Most come in via high street.

  40. rodent watch

    Another rodent eating away at core labor values…time for labor to clean up the north.

  41. Know your vermin

    @rodent watch

    which labor rat are you referring to? There is a long list.

  42. Clap trap

    In plain terms when it comes to ethnic branchstacking labor has the clap.

  43. free for all

    Looks like a Labor free-for-all faction fight is unfolding. Did any of these jokers notice the kicking state Labor just got?

  44. nothing will change

    Premier Fail-you Baillieu will turn a blind eye to all this Labor ethnic branch stacking and the use of electoral officer positions as the spoils of factional warfare – do not forget he is doing the same in north and south east with Chinese and Indian Liberal party branch stackers.

  45. Anon

    Hi Lion of the North, you seem very busy over the holiday. Not much of a Lion as you never put your name to your rants but everyone knows it is you.

  46. aghast

    The Greens do not have very good screening of candidates. If they want to be a mainstream player as Bob Brown claims then they need to keep these extremists out.

  47. former Greens voter

    The Greens have lost their core mission to put our environment first.

    Fringe views, unreliable candidates and non-core policy adventures are of no interest to real environmentalists.

  48. anon

    Andy still waiting on that story about Rick the Rat..

  49. banyule braveheart

    Get over it. Rick has new friends.

  50. Anon

    The Lion of the North is very quiet now. Best you save your breath for another failed tilt at Bundoora.

  51. realist

    Those that mock the lion of the north are off the mark. He is right on target to take Bundoora off Labor at the next election.

  52. Anon

    Brar will need Greens preferences to win Bundoora. So who is the donkey?
    And for the record there is only one real Lion in the north – the Greens Gurm Sekhon – a proud and uncut Singh.

  53. anon

    Adrian Jackson here is your answer on that small ALP ‘problem’ in SA.

    From the AUSTRALIAN:

    THE Rann government must wait for a May 3 caucus meeting before it can replace former minister Bernie Finnigan as government leader in the South Australian upper house.

    Mr Finnigan, 39, the convenor of SA Labor’s dominant Right faction, resigned his portfolios of industrial relations, gambling and local government relations on Thursday after just 72 days on Labor’s frontbench.

    He will remain Labor’s leader in the upper house until a caucus meeting elects a replacement.

    The resignations have been accompanied by stunned silence from within Labor ranks and it is unclear whether Mr Finnigan intends to remain in the parliament.

    Promoted from obscurity in February, Mr Finnigan was part of a much-vaunted renewal of Premier Mike Rann’s tired cabinet.

    The former trade union official and devout Catholic has given no explanation for his sudden exit.

    Family members have declined to comment, as have senior ALP figures thanked by Mr Finnigan in his maiden speech for their loyalty and support. These include ALP state secretary Michael Brown, federal MP Nick Champion, state Treasurer Jack Snelling and Senator Don Farrell. None returned calls yesterday.

    In his maiden speech to the Senate in 2008, Senator Farrell described Mr Finnigan as “a tower of strength in times of trouble”.

    Mr Finnigan grew up in a family of 12 children on a dairy farm in the state’s southeast and was an official with the Shop Distributive and Allied Employees Association before entering parliament in 2006. In a February speech to the ALP’s Flory sub-branch, historian Gary Lockwood painted the hulkish MP as an ultra-conservative who belonged to secretive Catholic Church political organisations such as Opus Dei.

    Mr Lockwood described a visit to Mr Finnigan’s home when it was on the market. “It was like going into a monastery — austere, religious tapestries on the wall, prayer kneelers and praying areas,” he said.

    “Now I am not being critical of Bernard and his religious activities. That is his right and his business. But it does give me reason to believe he is a member of either the Legionaires of Christ, Opus Dei, or both.”

    Mr Finnigan introduced the state child employment bill, which he said would help ensure under-18 workers had “safe, fair and productive working lives”.

    He also introduced the model work health and safety bill

  54. secularist

    re South Australian Labor ‘problem’ – the SDA continues its good work to protect the public from the election of non catholics.

  55. saving labor from the factions

    For a balanced article on reform to bring back NSW labor see below.

    Let Labor voters into the pre-selection process and you will see extreme, shadowy and fringe candidates weeded out.

    Cohen’s observations apply to all states too.

  56. Gang Green

    Why would anyone vote for a brand that is cheap and nasty. The Greens like the sex party are not labour policy or reform. They are gang busters and disgruntled spoilers.

    Clearly Jamie Parker should be put on the ASIO Watch list if he is not already on it.

  57. Adrian Jackson

    Claptrap (23 Apr 11) The “other” (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) MP that resigned in SA was also the [deleted]. No wonder Vex finds it a bit sensitive.


    We’re not allowed to identify the person according to SA law. No responsible online publication has done so. Adrian Jackson is free to set up a website to name and shame the bloke if he wishes to fully embrace the legal risk he seems to want us to.

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