FRUITY CONTRABAND: Former MP couldn't give two figs to convicted sex offender Milton Orkopoulos

orkopoulosA former Parliamentary colleague and friend of convicted child sex offender and former NSW Minister Milton Orkopoulos has been recently banned for two years from visiting him in jail after attempting to “smuggle contraband” to him at prison, NSW sources tell VEXNEWS.

The poster-boy for the near-destruction of the Labor “brand” in NSW, Orkopoulos was sentenced in 2008 to fourteen years jail for a string of offences related to his use of under-age male prostitutes. A Victorian MP was also involved in a similar prostitution scandal although that led to the prosecution and jailing of a gay male prostitute for attempting to blackmail him.

The NSW ALP’s most embarrassing fiasco involving a then minister’s conviction for child sex offences relating  to a gay prostitute scandal continues to keep the rumour mill grinding with talk from Sydney that a former parliamentary colleague has been banned from visiting the former MP over a “contraband smuggling” saga.

The source says that one of Orkopoulos’s former parliamentary colleagues – who we’ve decided not to name at this stage – had been busted attempting to “smuggle” figs into prison for Orkopoulos recently. Yes, figs.

The loyal mate has previously raised funds for the convict’s legal defence and had been a regular visitor since his arrival in jail.

Orkopoulos has previously been incarcerated in Sydney’s Long Bay jail but is now thought to be at the Lithgow Correctional Centre in the Blue Mountains.

Figs are by no means the most exotic contraband found in NSW prisons, with drugs of all kinds frequently detected, in addition to mobile phones, alcohol, acrylic nails, FootyTAB tickets, passports, firecrackers and tobacco.

Many visitors receive indefinite bans as a results of these efforts with two years considered at the lighter end of the scale, according to those familiar with the matter.



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23 responses to “FRUITY CONTRABAND: Former MP couldn't give two figs to convicted sex offender Milton Orkopoulos

  1. ho hum

    You call this a fig’n news story?

  2. Fruity Chris P

    Don’t listen to any rumours, I am not a fruit . I am married with four test tube children.

  3. Citzen Kane

    Can’t figure this one out.

  4. Anon

    Why isn’t fake commenter “Cardinal Pell” making lewd and filthy comments about convicted ALP pedophile Milton Orkopoulos?

    Too busy preparing for Easter homilies, perhaps?

  5. Cardinal Pell

    Brother Abbott don’t forget noon tomorrow with the latest Choir Boy to induct.

  6. Cardinal Pell

    Brother Orkopoulos, your skills in depravity are required.

  7. Anon

    Isn’t Orko one of those schismatic Orthodox?

  8. The Ghost of Bob Collins

    Repent Orko, repent. The fires of Hades are most painful. Repent.

  9. Jarnaby Boyce

    Come on Daisy slip your rear legs into the gum boots as I stand on the step ladder.

  10. partyhack

    So thats the secret to getting endorsed by the ALP. What a great team that would have made, Orko & Collins the new “Australia’s Lecherous Pedophiles”

  11. Ben

    Chain him. He is an enabler. What a sick think to do. This do-gooder should work in a homeless shelter.

  12. Adrian Jackson

    On line news tonight says a South Australian Labour MP has been arrest on child (aggravated) sex porn charges.

    Andrew who is he?

  13. Adrian Jackson

    The SA MP on aggravated child sex porn charges is a government minister an online news site says.

    Bye bye SA Labour government if this is proven. Who in the party preselected him. It all makes the Green beat up on Vexnews a bit tame by comparison

  14. Adrian Jackson

    The SA Labour MP arrested tonight is a minister according to an online news site I googles

  15. Adrian Jackson

    Gee who preselected this SA government minister who was arrested last night on child porn charges.


    We are unable to publish his name for legal reasons and will permanently ban the IP address of any who does.

    While it doesn’t look good, he is, of course, in any event, innocent until proven otherwise.

    We’re not yet familiar with the exact details of the allegations of him but error in these matters is always possible, even if it seems unlikely.

  17. The filthy ranks of Milton Orkopoulos, Bill D’Arcy and Bob Collins may now have a new addition.

  18. Dan Lewis

    What was that? Adrian Jackson was up after midnight googling for child porn related matters?


  19. Adrian Jackson

    No Danny boy it was online with The Herald Sun, The Australian and The Age newspapers. I often read them on line at night. But who is this ALP grub? I bet he (she) is a Papist and a former staffer hack.

  20. Lowrain Woeful

    Why are my 4 children not my facebook friends when I give them the celbrity status of being mentioned in my campaign brochures and speeches in parliament?

  21. Adrian Jackson

    Interesting that after 72 days as an Sa Minister Bernie Finnigan has resigned as Acting Police Minister without an explaination [deleted]

  22. Giuseppe De Simone

    It used to be that the ALP ministers in government couldn’t keep their hands off the perks and the Liberal ministers in government couldn’t keep their hands off the staff. The Whitlam Government proved ALP Ministers couldn’t keep their hands off either the perks or the staff.

    Since then, governments of all political persuasions have had scandal after scandal involving people not fit for public office being in relatively senior positions in government.

    Child pornography is an abhorent crime but as a society we encourage the sexualisation of children, particularly young girls. Even Premiers defend people who exploit children for commercial gain as “artists” – forgetting that the slippery slope is quite steep indeed.

    The presumption of innocence in relation to any accused person is a sacred precept of our system of justice. We will need to wait until charges are laid before being able to find out the substance or otherwise of the allegations. We will then need to wait until a guilty plea or a jury finding of guilt before we comment on the veracity or otherwise of those allegations.

    Whatever the case, someone’s political career has just imploded because there is no way a person under such suspicion can continue to hold public office and perform their duties even if they strongly protest their innocence.

    Given the tragedy that has befallen someone, let’s hope for the sake of justice and fair play that the allegations are not just fabricated nonsense and there is no vendetta or score being settled.

    Of course, if a person holding public office is guilty of possessing child pornography, especially material depicting children under 16 (not just material with teenagers over the age of consent which is still illegal) or worse still under 10, then they deserve to receive the most severe sentence possible. They have no excuse and should not be spared.

    I don’t buy the arguments advanced by some that the offending is a case of illness or some sort of victimless crime. It is evil, pure and simple.

    This is not about the rights of adults to consume or produce pornography. It is all about the rights of children to be protected from harm and the obligation of adults to provide that protection.

    Consenting adults should be allowed to admire an attractive adult even one with relatively little or no clothing and perhaps even get some sort of unseemly sexual pleasure from the viewing.

    However, no one can consent to being exploited when they are below the age of maturity.

    The horror stories of the sex trade in children from former Soviet satellite countries, from the slums of Brazil and Africa and even if first world countries like Canada and the United States and Australia are not some sort of beat up – if anything, they are just a small exposure of a serious problem.

  23. Adrian Jackson

    According to the Australian newspaper (Monday 25 Apr 11, Page 3) the SA Labour MP who resigned without reason is also the convenor of the ALP right faction in SA

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