BESTIES FOREVER: Hulls and JB break bread together

Nostalgia was on the menu this week at our favourite Café Excello near Melbourne Parliament House as former Deputy Premier and current deputy Victorian Labor leader Rob Hulls caught up for a two-hour luncheon with his former boss and chum former Premier John Brumby.

Some thought this story not worthy of publication, we disagree and explain why.



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3 responses to “BESTIES FOREVER: Hulls and JB break bread together

  1. god help us Rob Hulls is deputy leader

    ohh how very sweet

  2. partyhack

    Get ready for another financial parachute. Hullsy is flogging a dead horse in Opposition and he knows it so why not do a Brumby! Take your Million $ super and perks and land a plum job with some of your old business/Legal mates.Brumby did and isnt he sitting pretty.

  3. Café Excello? Clearly the taste buds of JB and RH died long ago, because that place serves shockingly bad coffee. There are better coffee places!

    You can tell Café Excello’s coffee is bad because it’s far too bitter, which means they use cheap, harsh-flavoured coffee beans.

    Anyway, JB and RH probably chose Café Excello because it’s not a particularly posh cafe and they wanted to appear down with the masses.

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