BOMB-THROWER: Anti-Israel militant wants to launch attacks on Jewish state from Queensland Parliament

davidfordelaborQueensland Labor operatives are worried the fanatic and incendiary Irish-born anti-Israel campaigner David Forde could embroil them in the same kind of carnage that has engulfed the militant NSW Greens party at the recent state election.

VEXNEWS has learned that Forde is considered the Left faction’s front-runner preselection candidate for the state seat of Stretton. The plum seat of Stretton, on Brisbane’s southside, is up for grabs following the announced retirement of long-serving Labor Left MP and minister Stephen Robertson. The seat is held by around a 9% margin and is a must-hold for Premier Anna Bligh’s government.

Even those in Forde’s own Left faction have strategists who worry they could be blamed for losing the seat if LNP campaigners focus on Forde’s obsessive promotion of a boycott against the Jewish state. “He’s unelectable if given the same kind of scrutiny that (the Greens party’s) Fiona Byrne got. There’s just too much there, as you’ve no doubt uncovered,” one worried operative told VEXNEWS this morning. “He’s not a viable candidate in my opinion and I think many in the Left who want to back him have got their heads in the sand on this issue. He’s about to become political road-kill, given just how obsessive he is about Israel.”

Forde is considered the leading and most ferocious anti-Israel “boycott-divestment-sanctions” crusader in the country and has been described by leading members of the Jewish community who spoke with VEXNEWS as a “menace who would put (dumped Labor MP and anti-Israel bigot) Julia Irwin in the shade.” In an interview on ABC radio in February last year, as we will see, he foreshadowed what he called a “one-state solution” to Israel, in other words its obliteration. His views as such put him at the fanatical fringe of the Middle-East political debate. Forde has persistently advocated a boycott of Israel and other extremist views in violation of ALP policy.

The Irish-born militant is well-known in Brisbane Labor circles for peddling bizarre conspiracy theories about Israel including stupid and false claims that the Israeli army targetted the Republic of Ireland’s peace-keeping forces in Lebanon in the 1980s (in which Forde served). His extreme views about his military service appear to have fuelled a decades-long jihad against Israel that include weekly newsletters attacking Israel, stalking Jewish members of Parliament seeking “interviews”, regular media appearances excoriating the Jewish state and demanding boycotts of Jewish commerce and so on. He is bad news for Labor, which is often assumed to have triumphed over anti-Semitic extremists who express their hatred against the Jewish people by imposing standards on Israel they’d never seek to impose on its neighbours and demanding boycotts of the Jewish state that are calculated to undermine the viability of the country and put the lives of its six million Jews at risk.

Forde is a constant, strident critic of Israel but despite seeing the barbarity and brutality of terror groups like the drug-dealing and Iranian-financed Hezbollah who terrorised the people of Lebanon is eerily quiet about them, insiders tell VEXNEWS.

“There’s no question that Forde is high-risk. His fanatical campaigning against Israel opens himself to attack as someone obsessed with foreign and extremist issues that have no bearing on the daily lives of Queenslanders, some have spoken about whether there could be national intervention on this as Forde’s selection definitely undermines the party’s considered and much-debated position on the Middle-East” one Labor insider told VEXNEWS.

Forde is the self-appointed militant head of Labor For A Just Palestine, a loud anti-Israel ginger group that inundates Labor MPs and members with material attacking Israel. He has also worked for the notorious CFMEU and as an electorate officer and ministerial staffer to Labor Left identities. He is a prolific online campaigner against Israel and has been instrumental in pushing the Queensland Council of Unions to adopt the anti-Israel “boycott, divestment and sanctions” campaign.

On February 26th 2010, Forde attacked the ALP’s position on the Middle East as “one-sided” (in favour of Israel) and admits that he joined Labor in order to influence its policy on Israel. Forde joined the ALP shortly after his arrival from Ireland. In that same interview he also demanded that Israel cease being a Jewish state and various other embarrassing, barely cloaked anti-Semitism and lunacy. Even the sympathetic ABC interviewer seemed troubled by this.

In that interview, at its conclusion, the pompous know-all alarmingly indicates that he is considering what he describes as a “one-state solution” to Israel, in other words, its obliteration and replacement by a “Palestine” state that would presumably be run on the same foul basis as the Palestinian Authority, where factions compete with each other in their anti-Jewish rhetoric and then once they achieve electoral success pilfer and pillage the meagre resources of the authority to line their pockets while its occupants do it tough.



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48 responses to “BOMB-THROWER: Anti-Israel militant wants to launch attacks on Jewish state from Queensland Parliament

  1. Dan Lewis

    Hmmm… Allah will destroy Israel.

    Well, he has certainly destroyed all of the other Muslim states. They’re a disaster!

  2. Real

    All political parties have these elements – the Greens have NSW; Labor had Julia Irwing and now this danger, the Libs have Cory Bernardi.

    Labor needs to address this type of extremism before it costs them, as the Aust Greens have been hurt by a few in NSW who have gone off on a tangent.

  3. Nutcases

    It does not matter what those nutcases say,the fact is Israel is a democratic country and it is the people who elect there covewrnment.

  4. Grover

    Wonder if Forde and the Watermelons use computers powered by Intel; most are. Intel processors are made in Israel. Drop kicks.

  5. Anonymous

    Real, are you mad, People like Cory Bernardi don’t go around hurting people. Cory’s statements are based on real concepts.
    While David Forde should meet up with
    Allah, put on a Burqa and walk around the Middle East and see how great a people he has for slaves.

  6. Real

    Real concepts huh? Like carbon is god’s gift and we should have more of it? Stand behind my car and breathe in deeply my friend …

  7. Mysterie

    Forde and his ilk should take note as to what the fate of his “type” has befallen them over the past 5000 years when they take on the Jewish nation because that is what Israel is today – the Jewish nation. The Romans, Spaniards, Turks and the Nazi all failed. What does a low-life like Forde expect to achieve but a sticky end.

  8. laboehm

    Is there a worse Health Minister in Victorian history than David Davis? OMG what a catastrophe he is.

  9. samantha

    he sounds bad although his opponent is Duncan so it is the best option

  10. He's disgusting

    Samantha, as a woman you are so lucky you’ve never been stalked with harrassing threatening emails or bullied from this lunatic, what is written here is the tip of the iceberg.

    The ALP would have to have rocks in their head to support him for anything, he’s aggressive, threatening, obsessive, and has a history of abusing people.

    He’s in Palestine now and I hope he stays there forever, nasty man.

  11. A Bully

    Vex News should check his workplace history of bullying woman when he worked in State MP’s offices, they all got rid of him in the end. He’s so full of himself he weasels his way out of accusations.

    The Queensland ALP and the extremists in the Left took no notice of the many complaints about him. Will they now?

  12. Anon

    Iabohem, you have a very short memory. Daniel Andrews was easily a much worse Health Minister than David Davis.

    To make matters even worse, Andrews has been rewarded for his gross-mediocrity by being made Opposition Leader. This guy makes Robert Doyle look good!

  13. Anon

    He’s managed to divide any group he’s involved with. He is so arrogant and fanatical he thinks everyone loves him. But ask some of the people he’s threatened because they don’t agree with him and his militant views

    I am scared to write this but the truth has to be known

  14. Extreme- yes Forde is

    Forde is a loose cannon who tells the LNP anything, that SS Newman told him he’d be a good candidate and the stupid fanatical idiot believed it.

    Watch out queensland ALP, Forde will tell the LNP everything.

    The gullible members of the ALP Left in Brisbane believe anything Forde says. Idiots.

  15. Forde a bully

    Just check Fordes long history of workplace mishaps,and you will find information

    Bad news for Labor in Queensland do they need any more

  16. Enough

    This man is a bully and a thug. He has a history of pushing women out of jobs while appearing to be squeaky clean himself. And Stephen Robertson needs to cop some of the blame. He has taken Forde’s side time and time again. Forde is quite mad and not the type of person Labor wants to associate with.

  17. Westboro Baptist

    David Forde won’t win. Just another Stephen Robertson fuck up.

  18. gays against hamas

    @samantha, you sound stupid. If you vote for Forde then shut up and wear a burgha

  19. Westboro Baptist

    my comment saying that Forde won’t win was deleted. Is it a conspiracy?

  20. Westboro Baptist

    damn now I see it. LOL

  21. Harrassing Forde

    @westboro Forde is a crazy and the ALP is crazy if they support this militant fanatic. God help us.

  22. He's disgusting

    Forde stay in Palestine and don’t ever come back to Australia take “gays against hamas” advice and wear your burga to your next labour meeting in Palestine LOL

    oh do they have any democracy there? silly me

  23. Ben

    Great: Irish extremism and anti-Semitic tendencies? God help us. We need to reopen Port Arthur.

  24. Harry Lime

    Has anyone ever seen Mel Gibson and David Forde in the same room at the same time? Talk about peas in the pod, Catholic extremism, anti-semitism and accusations involving a lack of respect for women. No wonder he is in Palestine at the moment. Sort of bloke Hamas would like.

  25. robocop

    David Davis is a joke. Reddy Teddy should sack him nand save his Government before it’s too late.

  26. Anon

    Who ranks lower in the order of human filth, the Nazi-saluting Andrew Wilkie or the Israel-hating Greens?

  27. Ben

    Stop beating around the bush people: chain this animal (if he is a security risk).

  28. Cathy

    No Australian political party needs a war-mongering anti-semite such as David Forde. He’s been a divisive character from get-go defining himself on hostility. Qld Labor needs to distance from those such as David who use prejudice as a passport to political office. He simply doesn’t understand so many people sought asylum in Australia for peace and quality of life. David has no intention of offering more than the same misery other than in another location. Forde’s involvement in Amnesty International is an insult to those who support the organisation’s defense of human rights. David doesn’t.

  29. Alex

    Sorry but where is Palestine? He’s disgusting posted; “Forde stay in Palestine and don’t ever come back to Australia take “gays against hamas” advice and wear your burga to your next labour meeting in Palestine LOL” and “He’s in Palestine now and I hope he stays there forever, nasty man.” So I will ask again. Where in the world is Palestine?

  30. morgan

    Anyone who disagrees with David Forde’s muddled mindset on any issue is then subjected to his wrath and stalked with emails and phone calls, including stand over tactics. Forde’s rage and anger bubbling just under the surface is just a sign of his unbalanced mind

    keep clear, from one who dared to disagree with Fordes one eyed tunnel vision

  31. Enough

    I’ve shared Mr Forde’s concern for the Middle East since the Seven Day War. Many across the globe, including World leaders, those of the Region & the United Nations, believe that the current situation is unacceptable. I can understand David’s passion for the issue. I’m sure Gillard, Rudd and each member of the parliamentary caucus have a view on Palestine & UN Resolutions.

    My concern as a soldier in the Labor movement, on learning of David’s nomination for Stretton pre-selection, is what hay the LNP will make of David’s activism. If it’s true, as posted, that he is currently in the Middle East whilst the media, the ALP & the LNP are focussed on the next State election, then David’s Stretton nomination could explode into front-page news and set back the Bligh government’s bid for re-election. The NSW Greens and all parties have learnt that lesson.

    Forde’s passion for Foreign Affairs should be applauded. Perhaps he should consider withdrawal from Stretton and instead make a run for Moreton in the Federal Parliament.

  32. Colin

    First up, Amnesty International should explain why it tolerates Branch President David Forde’s war-mongering forays into foreign climes. So too Queensland Labor until it rules out David Forde as a likely candidate in the seat of Stretton. Poking your nose into Middle East conflicts on behalf of Palestine doesn’t make for impartial MP advocacy nor does it comfort the victims of such struggles many of whom reside in the electorate that Forde wants to represent. With a poll just months away you’d imagine candidates would be working at winning the hearts and minds of potential constituents, ensuring victims of Middle East and other melees were re-settling as well as possible. You know, building bridges with survivors and others and generally putting the past where it belongs. But no, Forde right now is on his second personal crusade to Palestine funded by donations raised during his anti-Israel rants at various clubs around southern Brisbane suburbs. Until David purges his entrenched bellicose habits he’s better off donning the old army fatigues and returning to a Middle East war and clearly his comfort zone.

  33. eek now the LNP is supporting Forde

    What an idiot. Forde has the LNP supporting him.

    Just stay in the middle east and do as Colin suggests

    Stephen Robertson is a complete fool if he supports this idiot, he will lose any credibility he may have.

    Why would he do it? run Robertson run

  34. geoffff

    I had never heard of this dickhead until I read this article. Thanks.

    I found an indepth ABC radio interview from last year and also the time and discipline to listen to it.

    There is no doubt that Forde is a typical anti-Israel obsessive who barely bothers to conceal an antisemitic core. It’s all there. Israel deliberately targets civilians, schools, kids, a hospital … In short just about every blood libel going since Hugh of Lincoln. He even seems to claim eye witness status of this through his UNIFIL service in Lebanon.

    Listen to it if you can bear. Zionists, because of their “religion”, stealing the poor noble Palestinians’ land. Jews are not the indigenous people of Israel. He even mentions the “on state solution” with approval. Code for the obliteration of Israel. The “final solution” must be out of fashion.

    This man is a grub. It is a disgrace for the ALP in Qld that he has got this far. It is time he got wider attention.

  35. the liars of zion

    He aint anti-semitic he is anti-zionist. He knows that the Hebrew people are not the problem in the world it the zionist fools who think they are better than everyone else and who have created the apartheid state of israel.

  36. Adrian Jackson

    the liars of zion – spot on

  37. Ben

    “He aint anti-semitic he is anti-zionist.”

    To the “liars of Zion”: First up, I’m not Jewish but I’m sure Hitler would have loved your web name. If only you reserved your strong language for anti-voting dictators.

    Second up, don’t you think it’s a bit unusual when one man is obsessed with the state of Israel, given that there are many border disputes across the world? He seems too obsessed with the “Jewish Question.”

    Third up, you sound like an enabler to me. But given that you hate “lies” why don’t you confront all the misogyny on display from Syria to Iran – not to mention related political corruption?

  38. morgan

    If extremist Forde finds out who posted any negative comments about him, I fear for them.

    And what did he actually do in the Irish Army except abuse people?

    All his friends are Muslims, just google the images

  39. Giuseppe De Simone

    The anti-Semites from the ultra left claim they are anti-Zionist because they think it will somehow stop them being classed as racist.

    The Zionist movement was one of the most instrumental of the authentically Jewish international organisations in establishing the democratic state of Israel as a homeland for the Jewish people after millennia of living in the Diaspora and the unspeakable horror of the Holocaust.

    I quote from the Zionist Federation of Australia web-site

    Zionism, the national liberation movement of the Jewish people, brought about the establishment of the State of Israel, and views a Jewish, Zionist, democratic and secure State of Israel to be the expression of the common responsibility of the Jewish people for its continuity and future.

    The foundations of Zionism are:

    1. The unity of the Jewish people, its bond to its historic homeland Eretz Yisrael, and the centrality of the State of Israel and Jerusalem, its capital, in the life of the nation.

    2. Aliyah from all countries and the effective integration of all immigrants into Israeli Society.

    3. Strengthening Israel as a Jewish, Zionist and democratic state and shaping it as an exemplary society with a unique moral and spiritual character, marked by mutual respect for the multi-faceted Jewish people, rooted in the vision of the prophets, striving for peace and contributing to the betterment of the world.

    4. Ensuring the future and the distinctiveness of the Jewish people by furthering Jewish, Hebrew and Zionist education, fostering spiritual and cultural values and teaching Hebrew as the national language.

    5. Nurturing mutual Jewish responsibility, defending the rights of Jews as individuals and as a nation, representing the national Zionist interests of the Jewish people, and struggling against all manifestations of anti-Semitism.

    Zionists believes in the centrality of Israel to the maintenance of Jewish identity.

    Summary: one cannot be anti-Zionist without harbouring a deep anti-Semitism. The two are in all practical senses inseparable. Zionism is the movement that links Jewish identity to the state of Israel. The Jewish people have reclaimed their ancestral birthright. It will never again be taken from them.

    At this time of Easter and Pass-over, may God bless the Jewish people and their Zionist brethren, a civilising force for good in the world.

  40. Giuseppe De Simone

    If Forde is still a good catholic, like every Irish boy should be, he must listen to the Pope who acknowledges the responsibility we Christian countries bear for our collective silence in the face of atrocities committed against the Jewish people right up to the present day. The Pope accepts the right of the Jewish people to their homeland – the state of Israel. This is not just a political decision by Vatican diplomats, it is the moral precept of self-determination in line with catholic social teaching.

    Forde should also study history where he will find that the Israeli state was the real protector of the Palestinian people who would otherwise have been obliterated by the rabid nationalism of their Arab neighbours in Egypt, Syria and Lebanon. Indeed, the only country in the Middle East where Palestinians get to vote for who forms government is in Israel. Figure that!

  41. Anon

    Forde’s anti-Israel views are common place in the ALP.

  42. geoffff

    The objective of BDS is to reduce Israel to a rump state without a capital or a security barrier against terrorists and without sovereignty over its borders and population. The proponents themselves make this quite clear in their stated goals. Read them.

    There is only one example in all of history of anything remotely like this. What was left of Czechoslovakia after it was betrayed to the Nazis at Munich in 1938.

    This will happen again? Think about it. Give up the state and all it provides? Liberal democracy and the rule of law? Security and relative peace? A free market and prosperity? Civil rights including minority rights?

    In return for what? Fatah? Hamas and the murder gangs? The Muslim Brth and other religious lunatics who have declared a murderous hatred of Jews since and from the Nazi era? All of them?

    There are too many people who would prefer to be dead. Just like here.

    Now think if you need how much these people have been made to fight for what they have and how much they have been forced to pay.

    The Czechs were unable to defend themselves in 1938. Israel can. Only an ignorant dupe or an antisemite would dare to suggest they should not.

    BDS urgers can only be one or the other.

  43. liars of zion

    To Ben,

    Just because there are other bad things going on in the world we dont have to let the apartheid regime in Israel off.

    Most people can chew gum and walk at the same time.

    The australian government does many things i dont agree with. I am not racist for disagreeing with them.

  44. Check your facts

    Actually, I’ve spoken to David at length about BDS, and he has advised me that he doesn’t support it.
    There is nothing radical about any of David’s positions on Israel. If you have a look at the charter of his group Labor for a Just Palestine, you will see that he is only concerned with just outcomes for both sides of the conflict.
    If you’re going to print a hatchet-job story like this, you might at least include at least one fact to justify the rubbish.
    Instead every time anyone sticks their head over the parapet offering support for the Palestinians in any forum, they get shouted down, accused of racism, subject to the same bullshit attacks as evidenced above no matter what they have said.
    This reactionist us-and-them approach tells you there’s only one side of the debate with any sort of analysis, moral standpoint or realistc solution.
    And yes, the ALP is full of people who think like this. So it should be.

  45. NotHappy

    @echeck your facts. What a load of crap! If you believe what Forde tells you you are stupid. Forde and his union the CFMEU support BDS, in fact they moved a motion to that effect. Check the CFMEU website and the link below

    Your the one who should check your facts, Forde has a obsessive vendetta against Israel He’s dangerous and mad.

  46. He's a tool

    Just like Mark Latham. But Latham is more appealing. And Forde is more of a loose cannon.

  47. Josh

    The Dos & Don’ts of Palestine

    don’t call it genocide
    we don’t want to offend anyone
    if we offend them
    they’ll never listen to us
    we have to be reasonable

    1,400 is just a number
    no names
    no death
    we want peace and negotiations

    don’t mention Zionism
    if you mention Zionism
    they’ll call you anti-Semitic
    and people will believe them

    don’t cite Palestinian sources
    no one will believe you
    I won’t believe you
    trust Israeli sources

    don’t ever be angry
    if you’re angry
    they’ll call you angry
    if they’re angry
    everyone will call them understandably emotional

    we have to be pragmatic
    pragmatic is not a euphemism
    for concessions
    although it may feel that way

    don’t mention Allah or martyrs
    it reminds them of Al-Qaeda and 9/11
    it’s not your job to fix their ignorance

    don’t talk about refugees
    or a one-state solution
    if we want to win
    we have to compromise
    the road to peace is just ahead

    don’t make analogies that include
    the Holocaust, Nazis, or the Warsaw Ghetto
    only Israelis are allowed to do this
    when discussing wars on
    Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, and Iran

    don’t mention Yaffa, Haifa, Safad
    or where your family is from
    but if you do
    nod when random people say they love Israel
    it doesn’t matter where you came from
    you can’t go back

    just don’t
    and that will lead to doing

    Remi Kanazi

  48. morgan

    To He’s a Tool:- Latham is a lot smarter than Forde, he’s an uneducated fool, but both meltdown!

    Forde will have a meltdown if he’s a candidate, in fact he’ll explode long before the election!


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