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BARNABY STRIKES AGAIN: The nation’s strangest media releases continue unabated

Barnaby Joyce’s brief shining moment as Australia’s alternate finance minister was fortunately not enough to discourage him from opining on financial issues.

He is against government debt “gross debt” and would like to spend more in ways he details. If you find that confusing, you probably aren’t a country accountant.

His media release is of the exotic kind, as we have come to expect, and reads much like the earlier written works of former Essendon super-coach Kevin Sheedy who wrote by means of Dictaphone.

We suspect Barnaby or his underlings record the exact words as they come from the financial oracle’s mouth and put them – without dilution or alteration – in media release form for the edification of the populace.

Where would we be without him?

Senator Barnaby Joyce
Shadow Minister for Regional Development, Local Government and Water
Leader of The Nationals in the Senate
LNP Senator for Queensland

14th April 2011

Q. Who am I? Two weeks ago there were 183.8 of me, this week there is 187.3 of me.
A. Billions of dollars in gross debt.

Is there any way we can get the penny to drop on why this is not healthy for the Australian people? Look at it this way; we had all those demonstrations on Tuesday because of a prospective $400 million loss in medical research funding; in two weeks we dropped almost 9 times that amount. We could have built the Toowoomba Range Crossing twice, or we could have completed the required sections of the inland rail for this amount. We could have put slightly more money, than $1.4 million towards myrtle rust, an introduced direct threat to eucalypts in Australia.

Something smells. Ken Henry has left, Julia Gillard is panicking, and our gross debt is tearing through the roof.

Seeing as Mr Swan always talks about net debt, maybe he would like to find some of these funds he used in netting off this $187.3 billion and use it now to pay off some of the debt. I will tell you there are two things, he won’t be able to tell us where the money is and secondly, if he did know where it was, he would be terrified of what would happen if he actually used it to pay off the debt. For example, the largest section of the money used in the netting process is for public servants’ superannuation.

I have been banging on about this for about two years and I am not going stop till Wayne stops borrowing and starts paying the money back.

We have found ourselves in this position because we have got a government that spent like a person who should have been swabbed. We will look back in history and cringe as to how on earth we got ourselves into such strife. $2.5 billion on ceiling insulation, $16.8 billion on school halls and random $900 cheques, for who only knows what purpose followed by a little home cooked policy cake to cool the planet. Australia asks where do these manic ideas come from, and how on earth are you going to repay this debt?

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BOMB-THROWER: Anti-Israel militant wants to launch attacks on Jewish state from Queensland Parliament

davidfordelaborQueensland Labor operatives are worried the fanatic and incendiary Irish-born anti-Israel campaigner David Forde could embroil them in the same kind of carnage that has engulfed the militant NSW Greens party at the recent state election.

VEXNEWS has learned that Forde is considered the Left faction’s front-runner preselection candidate for the state seat of Stretton. The plum seat of Stretton, on Brisbane’s southside, is up for grabs following the announced retirement of long-serving Labor Left MP and minister Stephen Robertson. The seat is held by around a 9% margin and is a must-hold for Premier Anna Bligh’s government.

Even those in Forde’s own Left faction have strategists who worry they could be blamed for losing the seat if LNP campaigners focus on Forde’s obsessive promotion of a boycott against the Jewish state. “He’s unelectable if given the same kind of scrutiny that (the Greens party’s) Fiona Byrne got. There’s just too much there, as you’ve no doubt uncovered,” one worried operative told VEXNEWS this morning. “He’s not a viable candidate in my opinion and I think many in the Left who want to back him have got their heads in the sand on this issue. He’s about to become political road-kill, given just how obsessive he is about Israel.”

Forde is considered the leading and most ferocious anti-Israel “boycott-divestment-sanctions” crusader in the country and has been described by leading members of the Jewish community who spoke with VEXNEWS as a “menace who would put (dumped Labor MP and anti-Israel bigot) Julia Irwin in the shade.” In an interview on ABC radio in February last year, as we will see, he foreshadowed what he called a “one-state solution” to Israel, in other words its obliteration. His views as such put him at the fanatical fringe of the Middle-East political debate. Forde has persistently advocated a boycott of Israel and other extremist views in violation of ALP policy.

The Irish-born militant is well-known in Brisbane Labor circles for peddling bizarre conspiracy theories about Israel including stupid and false claims that the Israeli army targetted the Republic of Ireland’s peace-keeping forces in Lebanon in the 1980s (in which Forde served). His extreme views about his military service appear to have fuelled a decades-long jihad against Israel that include weekly newsletters attacking Israel, stalking Jewish members of Parliament seeking “interviews”, regular media appearances excoriating the Jewish state and demanding boycotts of Jewish commerce and so on. He is bad news for Labor, which is often assumed to have triumphed over anti-Semitic extremists who express their hatred against the Jewish people by imposing standards on Israel they’d never seek to impose on its neighbours and demanding boycotts of the Jewish state that are calculated to undermine the viability of the country and put the lives of its six million Jews at risk.

Forde is a constant, strident critic of Israel but despite seeing the barbarity and brutality of terror groups like the drug-dealing and Iranian-financed Hezbollah who terrorised the people of Lebanon is eerily quiet about them, insiders tell VEXNEWS.

“There’s no question that Forde is high-risk. His fanatical campaigning against Israel opens himself to attack as someone obsessed with foreign and extremist issues that have no bearing on the daily lives of Queenslanders, some have spoken about whether there could be national intervention on this as Forde’s selection definitely undermines the party’s considered and much-debated position on the Middle-East” one Labor insider told VEXNEWS.

Forde is the self-appointed militant head of Labor For A Just Palestine, a loud anti-Israel ginger group that inundates Labor MPs and members with material attacking Israel. He has also worked for the notorious CFMEU and as an electorate officer and ministerial staffer to Labor Left identities. He is a prolific online campaigner against Israel and has been instrumental in pushing the Queensland Council of Unions to adopt the anti-Israel “boycott, divestment and sanctions” campaign.

On February 26th 2010, Forde attacked the ALP’s position on the Middle East as “one-sided” (in favour of Israel) and admits that he joined Labor in order to influence its policy on Israel. Forde joined the ALP shortly after his arrival from Ireland. In that same interview he also demanded that Israel cease being a Jewish state and various other embarrassing, barely cloaked anti-Semitism and lunacy. Even the sympathetic ABC interviewer seemed troubled by this.

In that interview, at its conclusion, the pompous know-all alarmingly indicates that he is considering what he describes as a “one-state solution” to Israel, in other words, its obliteration and replacement by a “Palestine” state that would presumably be run on the same foul basis as the Palestinian Authority, where factions compete with each other in their anti-Jewish rhetoric and then once they achieve electoral success pilfer and pillage the meagre resources of the authority to line their pockets while its occupants do it tough.


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