A MATTER OF PREFERENCE: Family First helps elect Greens over Hanson

A correspondent writes that the Greens party is very two-faced when it comes to preferences:

There is a delicious irony here that despite their rant of six years over Steve Fielding, their 3rd NSW MLC, Jeremy Buckingham, was 180 votes behind Pauline Hanson when the Family First candidate was eliminated in NSW and his preferences then put the Green ahead by 2,437 votes.

Great to see Pauline Hanson’s platform was again rejected in NSW, but I imagine there is a very sheepish Green who will need to thank Family First for his eight-year term!

It is a bit like Liberal Donna Petrovich in Victoria who needs to thank the Greens for the preferences that helped her beat Country Alliance for the last position in Northern Victoria and hence the Baillieu-Ryan Government’s majority in the Legislative Council.

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6 responses to “A MATTER OF PREFERENCE: Family First helps elect Greens over Hanson

  1. Gang Green

    Eight year term!! Does NSW have a provion for a double dissolution? Surely four years is too much.

  2. Byron in Wahroonga

    Not surprised, Andy. Gordon Moyes’ selection as first on the FF ticket after he was dumped by the Christian Democrats would be the biggest mistake any party has made since Mark Latham became opposition leader.

  3. Stephen

    Personally, I think the Greens are further to the left than Pauline Hanson is to the right. With the Greens’ extreme anti-Israel stance , one must ask themselves, who is more bigoted? I think Family First made the wrong call in preferencing the Greens. Given the troubled history of Christian-Jewish relations, for a Christian based party to preference a party hostile to the world’s only Jewish state is outrageous!

  4. Giuseppe De Simone

    Decent God-fearing Family First voters will be horrified that they elected the extremist pro-abortion, pro-euthanasia, pro-homosexual, anti-religion, anti-free market, anti-progress extremist Greens. Pauline Hanson is definitely less of a crack pot than the Gaia loving cave dwellers of the Socialist Workers’ Party rejects Trotskyist-Spartacist Alliance (work that one out – they are supposed to hate each other) sub-branch known as the NSW Greens.

  5. Giuseppe De Simone

    Donna Petrovich is an excellent member of the Victorian Upper House. She is an intelligent articulate sensible loving person who deserves her spot. Preferencing her was the most sensible thing the Greens in Victoria have ever done.

  6. Bob Santamaria

    If the ALP vote in Northern Vic had been just a little bit less their preferences would have elected Country Alliance and the over flow from their(CA) votes would then have elected Donna Petrovih at the expense of the Greens candidate.
    I for one think that this leftist marxist element of the ALP have seen the errors of their way and look forward to other such stunning preference gifts.
    The ALP who are now little better than running dogs for the big end of town are finally getting the conservatives catholic schism in control.
    I and Cardinal Pell are in favour of this and if I was still on the mortal coil would call on the DLP to get back into bed with them.
    Remember, is was a Greens candidate who lost on ALP preferences to the DLP in Western Vic in 2006. And what a stellar political career that man had.
    The only Greens ever elected on ALP preferences was Colleen Hartland, ex ALP member and as close to an existing ALP member as they could find.
    So far the number of ALP members elected on Greens preferences is about 3 squillion with comrade Hartland the only Green ever done any favours,.

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