ENOUGH: Notorious WA Corruption & Crime Commission slammed over racial slurs as another of its victims dies

johndorazioThe infamous WA Crime and Corruption Commission is being widely blamed for another death following sudden and unexpected passing of former Labor MP John D’Orazio on Monday.

The colourful, highly successful and locally popular pharmacist in Perth’s Bayswater was mayor for some 17 years before chancing his arm in state politics.

D’Orazio is considered by political insiders to be the first victim of the brutality and pre-judging of matters by the notorious Commission, a body increasingly hated by both sides of politics in WA and regarded with growing suspicion in the community.

One of the Commission’s attention-hogging and sleazy lawyers, the low-rent, high-priced Perth media-tart Patti Chong disgraced herself in her pursuit of D’Orazio by asking in a public hearing whether the Italian-Australian figure whether he was the “godfather” suggesting he was some kind of Italian mafia-style operator.

Her racial slur did him tremendous damage politically, appealing as it did to odious racial stereotypes. She used slurs of that kind to build her own profile, so much so she even hires herself as entertainment to those willing to pay her thousands of dollars, alongside Kate Ceberano and magician Shane St James. It’s a shame her act doesn’t include making herself disappear.

chongcouchesWell-known in Perth, Chong even endorses leather lounge suites and is a petty, spiked-hair C-list celebrity who insists on being invited to cocktail parties at what passes for Perth’s social circuit.

Even the Commission itself was troubled by Chong’s race-baiting:

The use of the term ‘godfather’
The term ‘godfather’ was used by Counsel Assisting the Commission at the City of  Bayswater public hearing in June 2005 to ask Mr Drago who had suggested the meeting between Mr Drago and Mr Spagnolo.
Subsequently, Ms Chong has acknowledged that her use of the term ‘godfather’ was  a throwaway line.
In the Commission’s opinion, the use of the term ‘godfather’ was, in the context of the Bayswater hearing, inappropriate.  It had no basis in fact and enabled an incorrect inference to be drawn that suggested the existence of some form of conspiracy involving either Mr D’Orazio or some other ‘godfather’ figure.

Of course by the time they reviewed all of this, the damage had been done. The front-page headlines had been achieved. A political career was in the toilet.

Interestingly, Chong learned what goes around comes around. Chong’s ex-husband Ken Bates was the prosecutor in the infamous false murder conviction of Andrew Mallard who was locked up for twelve years for a crime he did not commit. Ironically, the CCC found Chong’s own hubby guilty of misconduct by keeping secret evidence that would have cleared Mallard.

The race-baiter complained about the grave injustice of it all, prompting Greg Barns to comment:

Chong blames the Mallard case for her marriage break up and seems to think that what has happened to her and her husband as a result of his being investigated by the CCC has been just as awful as the 12 years of hell Mallard went through! “What Andrew Mallard went through was bad enough”, said Chong, but “what Ken and my family went through is bad too.”

Give us a break Patti, you and your family didn’t get falsely accused of murder, have the police and prosecution deny your legal team a fair trial, and have 12 years of your life wiped out because you had to spend it in jail!

After Chong’s race-baiting hit the headlines, it was all downhill for D’Orazio politically even though there was no evidence of any wrongdoing on his part in any respect. The mere hint of it, coupled with race-baiting suggestions from CCC officers about “Godfathers” was very wounding in the political climate at the time.

Previously he’d been quite the tricky and effective operator, siding with Defence Minister Stephen Smith’s New Right against the SDA Right in WA ALP factional frolics.

When he was cut loose by the ALP as a result of the political turmoil caused by race-baiting CCC attacks, he smited them all by running against the ALP as an independent and won 18% of the vote directed preferences to the Liberals which was enough to give them the one seat they needed to win at the last WA state election.

It should all have ended differently for him. Decades of party membership ended in bitterness and splitting from his own. It wasn’t as it should have been.

And while it’s not right to blame race-baiting CCC officers for the pre-existing medical condition amyloidosis – a form of blood disease – that triggered his heart attack, it isn’t unreasonable to say after everything he went through that he died of a broken heart.

The CCC’s taxpayer-funded lawyer Patti Chong doesn’t have blood on her hands but she certainly has a racial slur that she has never adequately explained.

What happened to John D’Orazio can happen to any elected official when accountable bodies like the Corruption and Crime Commission are allowed to run unconstrained by any normal legal standards or any dictates of decency. They are too often populated by bad lawyers with bad attitudes, by those who’ve failed to advance in law enforcement and have a chip on the shoulder a mile wide who are out to cause as much damage as possible to the prominent and powerful.

The cowardly thugs at the CCC would much rather take down politicians with half-assed allegations that would never stack up in court but make front-page headlines than build a serious case of wrongdoing against a bikie gang or dangerous drug kingpin because they know the latter group are a genuine threat to the community and to anyone willing to take them on.

Fifty-five years old is too young for anyone to die. But we should learn the lesson of John D’Orazio’s public life and keep fighting the battle to curtail the foul excesses of agencies like the WA CCC which did so much to make his political existence a living hell, for no defendable reason.

With CCC targets committing suicide and some fighting for justice through the courts after facing false accusations from the Commission there has been a slow change in community sentiment about its role.

People like John D’Orazio, successful, go-getting, community-focused, happy, intelligent people are exactly what politics needs. And it’s agencies like the CCC – with their headline generating war on politics and politicians – that scare off many decent folk from putting themselves forward.



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31 responses to “ENOUGH: Notorious WA Corruption & Crime Commission slammed over racial slurs as another of its victims dies

  1. Picador

    In a bizarre twist of the Dunning-Kruger effect we find the incompetent CCC suffering from their own form of cognitive bias in which, in this case, skilled people make poor decisions and reach erroneous conclusions, but their incompetence denies them any metacognitive ability to appreciate their mistakes. The CCC therefore suffer from illusory superiority, rating their ability as above average, much higher than it actually is.

  2. Crime Against Logic

    Have you ever turned on a light in a room of dubious accommodation, somewhere near the equator, and been surprised to see a horde of vermin scurrying for cover? It’s memories like these that tend to leave one with a permanent and appropriate metaphor for the CCC.

  3. Life on Mars

    I believe the CCC logo reads: TE AUDIRE NO POSSUM. MUSA SAPIENTUM FIXA EST IN AURE. (I can’t hear you as I have a banana in my ear.)

  4. C-list is rating her a bit high… unless the C stands for Constable Care.

  5. From the Crazy Clown Circus

    She must have a hide as thick as the faux pas leather she sells for people to plonk their arses on.

  6. Simon

    Yeah mate, I might get some crap for this but I was in Bayswater under Mayor D’Orazio and the rumours about him were pretty prevalent a long time before CCC. CCC would not have been invented if it weren’t for how blatantly corrupt the ALP were, men like D’Orazio were the ones who refused to publicly clean the party up and so as you’ve said what goes around comes around, he had is chance to act and decided to let sleeping dogs lie. Chong is an effective lawyer and has a pretty reasonable reputation. Getting information from the WA Labor party hardly qualifies as anything more than sour grapes when you consider they rank barely above organised crime to the average Western Australian.

  7. Operative from the Terrace

    Simon, well let’s look at what you say – “rumours about him were pretty prevalent” the key word is and was “rumours” and this is something the CCC has made their la spécialité de la Star-Chamber. To claim that the CCC would not have been “invented” if it were not for the ALP is to ignore the fact that it was The ALP who created the CCC and then it was ALP Union man McGinty who gave them Rolling Royal Commission Powers. Chong as an effective lawyer? Effective at destroying reputations behind the cover of a CCC desk as it was then – referencing to John D’Orazio as the Godfather was certainly effective for her agenda. To say that the ALP ranks barely above organized criminals is an insult to the average thinking Western Australian and suggests that your own agenda is steeped in bitterness. I think you are a good example of the legal principle known in WA as the Fiannaca Principle: Every absurdity has a champion who will defend it.

  8. irrate ratepayer



    From MELTON leader

    MELTON Shire Council has denied Mayor Justin Mammarella breached its expenses policy by making two credit card transactions and not providing supporting receipts.

    Credit cards for use by the mayor and deputy mayor have been in use since April last year.

    Former deputy mayor Cr Kathy Majdlik said the new credit card arrangement was more transparent because all expenses would be documented with supporting receipts required.

    But the credit card statements reveal Cr Mammarella twice signed off on his monthly credit card bill without supporting receipts.

    The first amount was for $119.35 on December 15, 2010 for a lunch meeting with acting chief executive officer Kel Tori at Witchmount Winery.

    A council note says no receipt available.

    Cr Mammarella says the receipt for the lunch was inadvertently misplaced, therefore verification of the expenditure was authorised by Mr Tori.

    Cr Mammarella was also reimbursed for a parking charge of $15.80 on January 24 this year without a supporting receipt.

    The council note reads: “Mayor did not state what meeting he was attending, mayor not able to provide a receipt.”

    Cr Mammarella reimbursed the council on February 28.

    “In the instance of the parking receipt, where I had misplaced the receipt, as it was only a very minor item I reimbursed council $15.80 rather than pursue the matter further,” he said.

    The credit card statements also show Cr Mammarella mistakenly used his card to buy a $1000 bed. A credit from the shop for $1000 was refunded later that day.

    There is also an $86.13 cab charge on Cr Mammarella’s card for a sick Cr Broden Borg to return home from a councillor development course attended by Cr Mammarella, Cr Borg and Cr Majdlik in Melbourne on October 8 last year.
    Western Australian Labor cancer is here in Melton too….

    Melton Council acting general manager of corporate services Peter Bean said when Cr Borg took ill, it was decided that Cr Mammarella would travel with him and left Cr Majdlik at the course to drive the car back.

    He said none of the mayor’s credit card usage had breached council’s expenses policy.

  9. ratepayer revolt needed

    Sorry Andy but too many ALP types in local government try to outdo the WA ALP councillors.

    It is ratepayer’s money not theirs to buy beds etc

    When will they learn?


  10. Ben

    Thanks for multiculturalism Labor!

  11. From the Crazy Clown Circus

    Hey, Simon, the CCC investigators and lawyers are not just any workers; they are the ones who have most deliberately chosen to base their livelihoods and value systems upon the prevailing order, and thus are the least likely to be sympathetic to those who struggle against hierarchy. We can never have solidarity with the CCC or their WAPOL brothers-in-arms. So long as they serve their masters, they cannot be our allies. They are the allies of the system they are the servants for. It sounds to me like you’re one of the faceless bureaucrats who can only make a living by handing over your thinking to the prevailing order in return for a livelihood.

  12. A minister in the making

    This mayor would make a good minister.
    I like the way he makes out he is doing ratepayers a favour when with no receipt he has no claim. no employee or small business could make acclaim like this.

  13. who pays for lunch in Melton

    So let’s get this clear the winery has lunch bought by the Mayor.

    But when Delvin Lend lease come for lunch in Melton who pays?

  14. super lunches for super suburbs

    There must be some ‘super lunches’ in the growth corridors when you are building super suburbs.

  15. liberal lies

    The bigoted white bread media always attack labor councillors and MPs like the late and great D’Orazio and the ‘rising star’ Cr Justin Mammarella just because they are of Italian origin.

    The liberals in Victoria and WA fan these lies for their own advantage.

    Enough racism. Justice for Justin.

  16. Donna Banga

    Geoffrey I’m a bit confused with all these bells, committees, caucus and cabinet. Can we meet for some more ‘mentoring’ over the weekend?

  17. serial offenders?

    What is it with these serial Mayors?

  18. Ben

    “What is it with these serial Mayors?” They’re not all bad. One sent me some naked photos not long ago.

  19. long serving

    ‘mayor for some 17 years’ – now there is a clue.

  20. justice crew

    If he had been a WA liberal he would be given an OBE.

  21. coast to coast justice

    The Liberal state governments will soon be coast to coast with ICAC in each one so you labor types cannot hide.

  22. some states ave em

    NSW also had some interesting long serving Mayors…

  23. Liberal pay back

    The liberal dirt unit is just targeting Melton Labor councillors because they have pointed out Liberal cuts to transport in western suburbs.

  24. Liberal pay back 2

    Yes and they targeted good people in WA in the same way. Liberals are vile.

  25. SHY

    Would anyone like me to go down on them in the toilets at the Kennedy Room? I thought I had found Mr Right but there is always room for another pleasure stick in my mouth. The only condition is that you don’t tell my husband.

  26. some dirt always sticks

    The Liberal dirt unit is growing each day in Victoria.

    The have turned Treasury into a low level propaganda unit – watch what they do when their witch hunts start in earnest.

    The Liberals know it does not matter what the facts are some dirt always sticks.

  27. justice for justin mamarello

    Time to reject the liberal-backed racial slurs against the Labor Melton Mayor.

    Is he the only Mayor in Victoria to have accidentally buy a bed or furniture on the ratepayer?

    I think not.

    I am sure a few national party types have order a tractor from time to time…

  28. silence of the libs


    very good work to point out the racial slurs that lay at the heart of these political with hunts.

    I notice that this shameful abuse of power by the liberals has silenced Adrian Jackson and other Liberals on this site who know that their party has cross the line.

  29. Adrian Jackson

    All of the simply shows average Laborite cannot spell or operate a credit card. I do not need to add anything to this sorry display of ineptitude.

  30. Adrian Jackson

    The comment above by Adrian Jackson is not mine unless it is another AJ.

    Do you really think I would be interested in a dead ALP MP from WA I have never heard of. Regards, Adrian Jackson

  31. cynic

    Like many in WA, we have seen the ALP at work & it’s not that flash. Attacking the CCC because the early death of dorazio which is NOT limked to his appreances before it is as low as some of the conduct vex news so often abhors. Having seen some of what labor does behind the scenes, maybe an underbelly series might be the go. Be careful of whom you defend!

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