MAKE HIM WEAR ONE: Greens party Councillor David Ellis pleads guilty to electric "shock collar" cruelty against dogs

Controversial Melbourne eastern suburbs councillor, Greens party member and dog kennel owner David Ellis has been punished after pleading guilty to gravely serious animal cruelty crimes.

David Ellis, who has previously run a vicious campaign of vilification against a Chinese community-owned nursing home that cares for seniors, owns the Lyndon Boarding Kennels, Lyndon Park and Lyndon Grange.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals brought charges against him after it discovered he had repeatedly put electric-shock collars on dogs at the kennel despite being told before that they were being unlawfully used.

Electric-shock collars are thought to potentially physically injure and mentally damage animals who are forced to wear them. Humans who’ve tested these despicable collars say even their mildest settings cause considerable pain, with the highest setting the equivalent of a taser.

Dog owners were not told by Ellis or his kennel staff that they would be using electric-shock collars on their loved pets. It’s horrifying to think what other acts of cruel barbarity are unleashed on animals staying at Lyndon Park and Lyndon Grange kennels.

The Herald Sun has reported that the Ringwood Magistrates Court heard that, scandalously, the councillor:

■ Used the cruel electric-shock collars without the dog owners’ permission

â–  Had been repeatedly warned by the RSPCA not to use the collars

â–  Had not required the legally mandated permission of a veterinarian and used the cruel shock collars for more than 12 hours.

greenscruelEllis is a close political associate of Manningham local politician and mayoral aspirant Stephen Mayne, who is believed not to have been aware of Ellis’s criminal offences prior to them coming to public attention in court. Ellis had hoped his guilty plea would minimise publicity.

With municipal elections next year in Victoria, it is now thought likely that the Greens party hierarchy will pressure Ellis not to re-contest the election after this scandal although he is yet to confirm his plans after his criminal conviction. Ellis has previously represented the Greens party in the Victorian state election in 2006 as their candidate in Warrandyte.

Ellis has previously faced criminal investigation for alleged physical attacks and threats on council rivals and is currently a defendant in a messy defamation case after he made a series of inflammatory attacks on the Chinese community. Council insurers are believed to be considering withdrawing cover because of Ellis’s random misconduct and perceived erratic behaviour.

Greens party sources declined to comment on the animal cruelty scandal this morning but thought it “unlikely” Ellis would face party disciplinary proceedings over his crimes.



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24 responses to “MAKE HIM WEAR ONE: Greens party Councillor David Ellis pleads guilty to electric "shock collar" cruelty against dogs

  1. Ben

    Thank God for Vex News (the first with the worst). Granted, I hear some Greens are really into dog collars and role play.

  2. Joy fFreeth

    Not the warm & cuddly environmentalists they would have us believe

  3. the Insider

    Maybe that is how Browny will get ‘green’ Lee to behave when she hits Canberra?

  4. Nonsense!

    Every party should have someone like this on board. Puppy training stupid staffers and activists would be so much easier!

  5. and of course!

    It’s recommended practice that you have your more frisky Green/Red staffer’s desexed to stop them making a nusiance of themselves around the halls of Parliament jumping fences, chasing cars and scaring the voters.

    Regular worming to keep them sweet-tempered and litter training to stop them from relieving themselves on Abetz’s office door can also make for happier pet ownership.

  6. blackmambo

    Love the momentum and the relentless focus. Please keep it up Vex!

  7. bravo

    has fairfax’s manningham news picks this up?

  8. Sandy Greenstreet

    We need a real environmental party. When will we get one?

  9. Adrian Jackson

    I think idiot dog owners that allow their pets to do the wrong thing in public or on their properties should wear a “shock collar” that other resident can activate using a mobile phone code when the dog owner dog craps in the shopping centre or pees on shop fronts for example. What a laugh to watch the bogans dog owner twitch a bit.

  10. Jarnaby Boyce

    Down Boy!! Immmm he is a nice young fit Stallion, I’d love to get him to my private paddock for some inter-species loving.

  11. Habib

    Greens winupper house seat in NSW – yip yip hooray

  12. Jarnaby Boyce

    Has anyone got a step ladder I could borrow for a few minutes?

  13. Anonymous

    @Sandy Greenstreet: The Germans had one in the 1930’s but it all went pear shaped in 1945. Not sure why.

  14. SHY

    Who said it was only Italian politicians who made beastiality films?

    Mr Right, please bring your camera and your Shetland pony to the Kennedy Room next Wednesday night. Just don’t tell my husband.

  15. Cardinal Pell

    Brother Abbott don’t forget our induction of the new Choir Boy at St Chesters tomorrow.

  16. Craig

    What are you “up” to tonight Mr. Ed

  17. Go Trent Club

    Vexnews sly attack on Greens councillor Trent McCarthy is very low.

    Just because you wear the same T shirt does not mean you should be linked to Ellis.

    Trent is the lone vegetarian voice of reason on the meat eating car driving Darebin Council – he does not ‘beat or eat’ animals.

    So back off Vex….

  18. Banyule boys (don't cry)

    Can Craig make the same claim to not ‘beat and eat meat’?

  19. Craig

    David meet you by the river under the banksia at bridge

  20. Green in name only

    Ellis should read the Greens policy on animals……


    The Australian Greens believe that:

    1. animals have intrinsic value, separate from the needs of humans who have a responsibility to ensure that animals’ rights are respected.
    2. we have a duty of care to minimise cruelty to animals resulting from human activity.
    3. native animals and their habitats must be protected.


    The Australian Greens want:

    4. the protection of native animals, and the restoration and extension of their current natural habitats.
    5. the most humane and effective means available to be used in the control of introduced and pest species, including humane population management methods.
    6. an end to cruel and unnecessary animal experimentation.
    7. increased community understanding of the impacts of consumer choices on animal welfare and on the environment.


    The Australian Greens will:

    8. strengthen national animal welfare legislation that prohibits cruelty and ensures that acts of cruelty are treated as criminal offences.
    9. legislate to protect the welfare of agricultural animals, including conditions of transport and captivity.
    10. end the export of live animals for consumption.
    11. phase out intensive farming practices in meat, dairy and egg production.
    12. develop an enforceable Australian standard for free-range farming practices for all agricultural animals.
    13. ban the use of animals as experimental objects in military and industrial research, and in cosmetics testing.
    14. ban genetic engineering involving animals, including reproductive cloning.
    15. ban the importation of animal products produced by methods which do not accord with Australian standards.
    16. ban the importation of animals for zoos, except where the importation will assist the overall conservation of the species.
    17. ban the exportation of animals to jurisdictions where levels of legislative protection are below those of Australia.
    18. work for improved global conservation of habitat for endangered species through Australia’s trade, diplomatic and aid relations.
    19. ban the use or display of wild animals, and phase out the use of domesticated animals, in circuses.
    20. ensure that trade agreements do not undermine Australian animal welfare standards.
    21. promote an accurate national labelling system that identifies products that are ‘cruelty-free’.
    22. support the research, development and implementation of more humane methods of introduced pest and introduced species management and control.
    23. foster community education about the needs of animals and our responsibilities to them.
    24. support a ban on commercial whaling in accordance with the Australian Greens Policy on Marine and Coastal Environments.

    Issued: June 2008

  21. time for animal rights

    The Greens lack of action on Ellis shows their scant regard for the welfare of animals.

    It is time for a real party that stands up for animals.

  22. vegan revolution

    As a vegan I am disgusted by Ellis and will be quitting the Greens.

  23. youth marketing

    The use of electric shock collars is just another shallow ploy by the Greens Party to make branch meetings interesting.

  24. rjd

    People trusted Ellis to look after their dogs, how dare he use such a cruel device on an animal that was left in his care.

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