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MAKE HIM WEAR ONE: Greens party Councillor David Ellis pleads guilty to electric "shock collar" cruelty against dogs

Controversial Melbourne eastern suburbs councillor, Greens party member and dog kennel owner David Ellis has been punished after pleading guilty to gravely serious animal cruelty crimes.

David Ellis, who has previously run a vicious campaign of vilification against a Chinese community-owned nursing home that cares for seniors, owns the Lyndon Boarding Kennels, Lyndon Park and Lyndon Grange.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals brought charges against him after it discovered he had repeatedly put electric-shock collars on dogs at the kennel despite being told before that they were being unlawfully used.

Electric-shock collars are thought to potentially physically injure and mentally damage animals who are forced to wear them. Humans who’ve tested these despicable collars say even their mildest settings cause considerable pain, with the highest setting the equivalent of a taser.

Dog owners were not told by Ellis or his kennel staff that they would be using electric-shock collars on their loved pets. It’s horrifying to think what other acts of cruel barbarity are unleashed on animals staying at Lyndon Park and Lyndon Grange kennels.

The Herald Sun has reported that the Ringwood Magistrates Court heard that, scandalously, the councillor:

■ Used the cruel electric-shock collars without the dog owners’ permission

â–  Had been repeatedly warned by the RSPCA not to use the collars

â–  Had not required the legally mandated permission of a veterinarian and used the cruel shock collars for more than 12 hours.

greenscruelEllis is a close political associate of Manningham local politician and mayoral aspirant Stephen Mayne, who is believed not to have been aware of Ellis’s criminal offences prior to them coming to public attention in court. Ellis had hoped his guilty plea would minimise publicity.

With municipal elections next year in Victoria, it is now thought likely that the Greens party hierarchy will pressure Ellis not to re-contest the election after this scandal although he is yet to confirm his plans after his criminal conviction. Ellis has previously represented the Greens party in the Victorian state election in 2006 as their candidate in Warrandyte.

Ellis has previously faced criminal investigation for alleged physical attacks and threats on council rivals and is currently a defendant in a messy defamation case after he made a series of inflammatory attacks on the Chinese community. Council insurers are believed to be considering withdrawing cover because of Ellis’s random misconduct and perceived erratic behaviour.

Greens party sources declined to comment on the animal cruelty scandal this morning but thought it “unlikely” Ellis would face party disciplinary proceedings over his crimes.



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COMPETITION LICKED: Vexnews scores Royal Mail stamp of approval



AUSTRALIAN web patriot Andrew Landeryou will be honoured on a British postage stamp.

The VEXNEWS chief, who has been liken to a young Rupert Murdoch or an much older Robert Maxwell, will be seen on a limited edition “first class” stamp soon to be released by the Royal Mail.

The stamp will honour Landeryou for his unrelenting and fearless promotion of freedom and merciless and tireless upholding of public morals and standards through his popular VEXNEWS.com web site.

Landeryou’s stamp announcement coincides with news that Indian billionaire Subrata Roy caused considerable embarrassment to London establishment figures this week when he held an unveiling of vanity stamps “dedicated” to him that could be purchased by anyone for £8.

It is unclear whether Landeryou – who will be seen on the stamp in several “provocative” poses – will follow Roy’s lead by holding a high-profile launch and invite celebrities to promote his Royal Mail honour.

Roy’s stamps were unveiled at a function in London earlier this week in the presence of the Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow,  Liberal Democrats House of Lords deputy leader, Lord Navnit Dholakia, and Cherie Blair, wife of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, among others.

Speaking on the occasion, Roy is reported to have said, “I don’t have voice to express my heartfelt gratitude to Royal Mail for issuing the special stamp. I don’t think I deserve it. I will try to come up to the expectation of such a great honour”.

The stamps “dedicated” to the owner of the Indian Premier League Pune Warriors cricket team were later revealed to have been bought online via the Royal Mail’s website and are known as “Smilers”. You can get your Smilers here too.

It is believed that Roy purchased 10,000 of the stamps through an agent in India.

It is likely that the Landeryou stamp will be much more limited.

MORE UK NEWS & VIEWS: www.davidsaunderson.com.au


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