WHICH WITCH: The sad truth behind the fake name of Greens Senator-Elect Lee "Rhiannon"

leerhiannongreensNSW Greens Senator-Elect Lee Rhiannon changed her surname from her married name O’Gorman to “Rhiannon” in honour of a Welsh “witch” warrior.

The “witch” – commemorated in a hit Fleetwood Mac song – is a well-known figure in Welsh mythology.

The revelations confirm fears at the highest level in the Greens party that the Senator-Elect. a domineering figure and numbers-boss in their NSW branch is a troubled and extreme character who will not easily be turned on issues like the Greens boycott of Israel and other mad policies that have nothing to do with the environment like shutting zoos, imposing death taxes and taking an axe to independent schools.

The Greens party’s aging leader Senator Bob Brown has been trying to publicly shame her into silence but party insiders are saying to all who listen that this is just the beginning of an epic struggle between Brown, the many young dilettantes on his staff, “blue-Greens” and those who like “Rhiannon” come from the extreme-left part of politics that like the extreme-right has been a historical safe-haven for anti-Semitic bigotry.

Choosing the name of a witch – whether honoured in verse or not – is curious conduct indeed, even by the occasionally eccentric standards displayed by Greens party militants.

This week, founders of the Greens have told the press they are worried the party has strayed into becoming an ultra-left movement and is neglecting environmental protection.

“Rhiannon” might have been prompted to adopt a false name after abandoning her former married name because her parents Bill and Freda Brown are infamous Stalinist communists who supported the former Soviet Union’s worst atrocities.

The Senator-Elect has been trying to scrub their memory clean despite not being willing to bear their name. The wonderful Gerard Henderson who doesn’t let political extremists forget their past chronicled:

On 28 July the Sydney Morning Herald carried a letter from Ms Rhiannon in which she wrote, inter alia:

Neither my parents nor I were Stalinists.  The crimes committed under Stalin were horrific and I and Greens members certainly condemn them. For the record I joined the 1968 protest against the invasion of Czechoslovakia.

What a load of tripe. And now for some facts:

Bill Brown (1917-1992) joined the Communist Party of Australia (CPA) in 1940.  Freda Brown (1919-2009) joined the CPA in 1936.  During this period one or more of the Browns – usually both – supported the following acts of the leadership of the Communist Party in the Soviet Union, headed by the totalitarian dictator Josef Stalin.

â–  The Forced Famine in Ukraine
â–  The purges and show trials of the 1930s
â–  The Nazi Soviet Pact of 1939-1941, which effectively commenced the Second World War following the decision reached by Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler and communist dictator Josef Stalin to divide Eastern Europe between the Soviet Union and Germany.
â–  The crushing of Eastern Europe by the Red Army after the Second World War and the establishment of totalitarian Soviet satellites in the Baltic States, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, East Germany and Romania.
■ The suppression of workers’ uprisings in East Germany and Poland in the early 1950s.
■ The anti-semitic “Doctors’ Plot” of the early 1950s which was instigated by Stalin.

Josef Stalin died in 1953. Some of his crimes were denounced by his replacement Nikita Khrushchev in 1956.  But until at least 1956, contrary to Lee Rhiannon’s claim, all communists were Stalinists – and all Stalinists were communists.  This included Mr and Mrs Brown who were to have a lovely daughter named Lee.

In any event, the Browns did not denounce Stalin or his heirs in 1956.  Based on the “whateverist principle” – meaning that good communists followed whatever dictator was in charge in Moscow – the Browns supported the Soviet Union’s invasion of both Hungary (in 1956) and Czechoslovakia (in 1968). When the CPA opposed Moscow’s suppression of what was called the Prague Spring in 1968, the Browns quit the CPA and joined the Socialist Party of Australia (SPA) which received funds from Moscow.

And what about Lee Rhiannon (nee Brown)?  Born in 1951, Lee joined the CPA as a teenager and left the party in 1970/71 with her parents – in protest at the CPA’s opposition to the Soviet Union’s invasion of Czechoslovakia.  She joined the SPA – the continuing Stalinists – which supported the Soviet Union’s invasion of Czechoslovakia.

In short, Bill Brown and Freda Brown were Stalinists – without question.  And Lee Brown supported the Stalinists who backed Moscow’s suppression of the Prague Spring – without question.  A “little bird” has advised MWD that – when named Lee O’Gorman – Ms Rhiannon edited the SPA’s journal Survey.  Apparently, Lee Brown/O’Gorman/Rhiannon edited Survey during its final years – the magazine went out of business as a consequence of the collapse of the Soviet Union.

All good things must come to an end.

But sadly for the Greens party, this “Rhiannon” nightmare is just beginning. The witch is not dead, she’s just about to start her six-year flight of fancy.



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45 responses to “WHICH WITCH: The sad truth behind the fake name of Greens Senator-Elect Lee "Rhiannon"

  1. Shirlee

    Good piece Christian

    Interesting what you say about Czechoslovakia in 1968 being invaded by Russia .

    I grew up in a Communist household, but my parents were certainly not radicals as the Browns obviously were.

    I was in Czechoslovakia in 1956, at a Young Pioneer camp in the Tatra Mountains, as part of a youth group from Britain. We travelled by train from Prague to the mountains. At one stage the blinds on the windows where pulled down and we were forbidden to look out. Our cameras were also taken away from us. This was, as we later found out, so that we didn’t see the Soviet build up of weapons.

    I have looked back further than you into Rhiannon’s history.

    I found out that her mother’s second name was Yetta. !!! Freda Yetta, you can’t get more Jewish than that. My mother was named Yetta. I looked further and found that her father was Benjamin Lewis.

    It all falls into place now.

    Communism was seen by the Jews of the old Soviet bloc countries, as an escape from the pogroms and atrocities with which they had lived for so many years.

    Stalin let them down with a huge bang and brought most back to reality pretty quick smart.

    It seems when you look into the life of Freda Brown, she too was one of them as she resigned from political life, as she felt not enough was being done for the worker

    Hopefully soon the Greens will implode, as I feel that people are now seeing them in the true light. The problem is – where do these people go? The ALP looks as if it has well and truly lost its way and I the main, die hard ALP supporters won’t vote Liberal… even though they’ve shown otherwise in the NSW State election

  2. SHY Senator

    I like climbing on a broomstick after a couple of dozen drinks at the Kennedy Room. There is alwatys a Mr Right to fly me home. Please don’t tell my husband though.

  3. reds under the bed

    Gee now I know that reds are under the greens bed I will never vote that way…haveing revived the cold way fears in my feeble brain now please let me go back to watch my peoples republic of china made plasma TV….

  4. do not trust those reds

    Vex news make more sense after the 3rd bottle of red…

  5. watermellons

    The Greens elite are all watermelons they are happy to tax the poor in the outer suburbs with no public transport while they drive 4WD in the inner city as they gobble up government grants as consultants on organic community gardens in Fitzroy and St Kilda.

  6. not stalinists

    The Victorian Greens are not Stalinists.

    Stalin sent people to Siberia for not following the party line.

    In the Gregnista world of the Victoria Greens you get expelled for following Greens party policy and sent to Moe!

  7. Forgotten Australian Family

    I thought Rhiannon was a goddess, lover of horses, who was wrongly accused and eventually vindicated and reunited with her estranged son.
    Do correct me if I’m wrong.

  8. not kosher

    Ve x news continuing attacks on the greens are not kosher…

  9. Green and here to stay

    I am Green and here to stay – you need to do better than dragging up the politics of one senator’s parents in the 1950s.

    You continue to serve up tripe and cannot count

  10. Shirlee

    @not kosher: My word they are


  11. not kosher

    Shock horror…latest report shows that ol man landeryou’s sand-witch shop served ham and salad sand-witches..

  12. For the record, prior to 1956 not all communists were Stalinists.

    Some were Trotskyists! The most dedicated and credible opponents of Stalinists and Stalinism.

  13. Blackmambo

    classic Vexx. Timeless. Bravo again.

  14. Anon

    Lee “Rhiannon” is an absolute disgrace. The Greens are complete and total filth. How can Julia govern with the support of such feral scum?

  15. Trev

    There is no way I’d ever vote green as they oppose the freedom and lifestyles that me and my past family and many Australians have enjoyed and fought for but I see this article as purely viscious. Is she responsible for her parents actions and beliefs of decades ago? How many other young people supported the commies and other unsavory groups simply as either exploration or to be seen as trendies?

  16. saint.anthony.k

    Oh stop it,you!
    If you want to attack someone then
    target me…I have done some really
    bad stuff…

  17. Whiter shade of greens

    The greens are the mirror image of one nation. A shallow nymby party for inner city whingers. Blaming Israel and big business and migration for the aussie problems. Just another small minded party looking for scapegoats.

  18. Better red than dead

    Greens are proud to be an open party were leftwing views can flourish.

  19. Former greens voter

    I won’t vote green ever again. The Greens have turned their backs on conservation.
    Fringe issues like boycoting Israel and same aec marriage matter more than the earth.
    Real energy policy and action on climate change has been compromised for political posturing.

    For the Victorian Greens the only thing that matters is slogans. Saving the planet is a second order priority for the political animals in charge of the Greens.

  20. Dave

    The warior Goddess Rhiannon was not a witch.

    Does Vex actually do any research or just notice something and start am all out attack in the hopes that people wont notice?

  21. russ

    Wow, what a great name, but Rhiannon was a celtic goddess, it’d be the roman invaders that called her a witch

  22. russ

    sorry, I think my above comment didn’t capture my contempt for the author’s obvious religious bigotry, but anyone not blinded by religious chauvinism themselves ought to be able to see it.

  23. the Insider

    there is a war a coming to inside the Greens – Brown and his allies are steeling themselves for a battle royal against Rhiannon and her ilk

  24. Fiona Ogilvie

    I think ignorant extremists is the most appropriate term for this political party

  25. Jenny T

    This article is full of misinformation, bias and insults. It says more about the extreme right-wing views of the author Christian Lyons and this hate filled web site. I feel sorry for the author. A person must be in a lot of mental emotional pain to write that sort of vicious rubbish.

  26. Freedomlovergreenhater

    Nothing suprises me about the filty scum Greens Party. So not only are they filthy communists and anti-semites but now they are also witch warriors.

    The only people worse that the actual party members are those bastards who vote for them.

  27. Byron in Wahroonga

    She’s a mad old fruitbat and as such, representative of the greens. Maybe ten years ago her goth/punk son used to blare death metal out into the streets of Bondi in the wee small hours. Neighbours would call the police with a request to enforce the Noise Abatement Act. Instead of putting his CD player in the bin where it belonged, O’Gorman placed A4 handbills on telephone poles nearby, accusing locals of victimisation. I still have a faded handbill in the files somewhere Andy, let me know if you need a copy? cheers, Byron

  28. western sydney leftie

    Byron – goths and punks don’t listen to death metal…get your sub genres right

  29. Byron in Wahroonga

    Thanks, Westie. Not being of the flanno and neck tatts persuasion I’m enormously grateful, for these cultural insights.

  30. charlotte


    Freda Yetta Brown was NOT Jewish.Her mother was a Munroe,her father a Lewis.He may have been Jewish but married out.Since Judaism is carried forward by the mother, Freda was NOT Jewish.She was probably given the name Yetta by her father in memory of his mother whose name may have been Yetta but that is all. Freda and by implication Lee Rhiannon were not Jewish

  31. Poor Man

    Jews created the theory of Communism (Marx/Engels. Jews created the Soviet Union, Trosky/Lenin etc. Sarkosy is a Jew, Churchil was Jew etc. etc. Jews run the USA etc. Locally the Biggest and most famous activist in the 60’s/70’s at Monash Uni(Monash was a Jew)was Albert Langer (Maoist/huge supporter of POl Pot) is a Jew actually a rich trust fund brat from the Smorgon family)90% of all media in USA owned by Jews all of Holywood, Google, Facebook, Sun Systems etc etc. all Jews. Russian investor in Facebook, Zunga, Groupon and one of the richest men in Russia today is Yuri Milner (Jew). Get the picture. Jews run the world and there is nothing anyone can do about it. It has always been like this and always will be. The companies that stolle all the billions of $’s and caused the GFC are all Jewish, Golman/Scahs, Lehman Bros, The US Federal Reserve is conglomeration of Jewish banks. Get the picture.

  32. Adrian Jackson

    Poor Man (16 Apr 11) you forgot Bernie Madoff (made off with other people investments, including many fellow Jews) formerly from New York (now in gaol).

    Locally Rodney Adler (HIH) who now has a Jewish religion building in East St Kilda named after him after the “broke” Mr Adler donated money to the building fund.

  33. Adrian Jackson

    Actually French war monger (Libya) Sarkozy is of Hungarian Jewish stock who family moved to Greece and later to France where he converted to Roman Catholicism, became President and married a bed hoping artistic prostitute from Italy. So much for French culture.

  34. Adrian Jackson

    The new NSW Premier has threatened to sack Marrickville Council over the Israel boycott issue. Surely that is up to voters at the next council election if they want to do that.

    I have found out the a key O’Farrell staffer (female) lives in Marrickville and another long time females staffer was born in Israel. She used to work for Peter Katsambanis in Victoria 10 years ago

  35. PatClancyin Mackay

    And spent six months studying revolution at the Lenin School in 1977

  36. Katz

    Ahhhh…. what great times, when I was an MP……….

  37. Real

    Sorry Poor Man, but you show yourself to be both ignorant and bigotted. And a silly semi literate joke too. Churchill was not Jewish – what a laugh! Neither is Sarkozy. Jews did not create the Soviet Union, Stalin effectively did. Jews don’t own the US media, try the Aussie Murdoch, also Time Warner, Disney etc.

    Come on fool – name names and show shares and stock ownership? You make all these clais, back them up big man, or go back to your toilet seat and push out more of your anti-semtitic pogram style gravy.

  38. Mossad agent

    Poor Man, we do control the world and now that we know who you are and where you live, we will be coming to get you shortly.

    You will be made to watch every Woody Allen movie, listen to Bob Dylan records and eat matzo ball soup until you beg for mercy….

  39. Adrian Jackson

    Disney was Jewish and so was the MGM old guard but they generally made good films unlike the crap that comes out of the USA now. Merchant bankers now control the movie industry now.

    When ever a actors and other theatrical types goes on Yank shows like Letterman why do they tell us they are Jewish (if they are). The Protestants, Papists and other religious groups don’t do it.

  40. Adrian Jackson

    Disney was Jewish and so was the MGM old guard but they generally made good films unlike the crap that comes out of the USA now. Merchant bankers now control the movie industry.

    When ever a actors and other theatrical types goes on Yank shows like Letterman why do they tell us they are Jewish (if they are). The Protestants, Papists and other religious groups don’t do it.

  41. Poor Man

    It’s interesting how whenever anyone mentions Jews they are labeled bigots.

    What I am saying though is that people should be aware that the main players in just about everything in the West are Jews or of Jewish extraction (Murdoch’s mother was Jew) and don’t confuse race and religion. A person from the Jewish race can become a Christian, in fact there is an organisation called “Jews for Christ”.

    I have nothing against Jews, they got all the right genes and are the smartest people in the West. But the masses should be aware so they can make decisions with knowledge not in ignorance.

    And, “Mossad Agent”, I would love to watch Woody Allen movies in fact my favourite singer is Leonard Cohen, but that does not mean that I should ignore the crimes perpetrated by other Jews. When I was at Monash I would have liked to know that Albert Langer was a rich Jew form the Smorgon family. It would have made his politics (support for Mao/Pol Pot) sound more ludicrous that it did then.

  42. Adrian Jackson

    Is that Maoist Albert Langer still a Monash Uni student? If not did he graduate and has he ever had a job?

    I remember in the 1960/70’s he seemed to be a Uni student for a decade or so.

    However the Vietnam protests organised by Langer helped take the focus of Palestine so was Langer really a Mossad Agent then.

  43. Giuseppe De Simone

    Dear Adrian

    That working class “hero” Albert Langer ran a very successful mail order company providing extremely cheap software during a period when software copyright was in legal limbo so he could not be accused of being a counterfeiter or pirate. He was a near neighbour of mine in St Georges Road Fitzroy working out of a disused fire station which had been “liberated” by (some of) the people and become a mecca for all sorts of weird types.

    His previous work as a Telstra linesman had equipped him well for this entrepreneurial endeavour which he took to with gusto until the legal precedent was overturned on appeal.

    He also had a major case in the High Court over voting 1 2 2 which from memory may have involved some small amount of jail time courtesy of the Australian Electoral Commission prodded by the ALP’s concern that Greens voters wouldn’t preference them over the Liberals because of the twedledee tweedledum factor.

    In the 1960’s and 1970’s, Albert Langer provided a safety valve for direct action democractic but misguided leftists – pity that his legacy is the rotting stench that is the Australian Greens. Everyone knows that if you leave your “greens” like broccoli and cabbage unrefrigerated for too long they start to pong.

  44. Knowledge Is Power

    I posted two comments with factual information about who controls the US media.(with more to come) They have not been published. Why?
    Is factual information forbidden?
    I did not pass judgement that is for others to do. You “The editor” have obviously passed judgement. You can contact me if you like at the email I provided and I will respond. (Andy)

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