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WHICH WITCH: The sad truth behind the fake name of Greens Senator-Elect Lee "Rhiannon"

leerhiannongreensNSW Greens Senator-Elect Lee Rhiannon changed her surname from her married name O’Gorman to “Rhiannon” in honour of a Welsh “witch” warrior.

The “witch” – commemorated in a hit Fleetwood Mac song – is a well-known figure in Welsh mythology.

The revelations confirm fears at the highest level in the Greens party that the Senator-Elect. a domineering figure and numbers-boss in their NSW branch is a troubled and extreme character who will not easily be turned on issues like the Greens boycott of Israel and other mad policies that have nothing to do with the environment like shutting zoos, imposing death taxes and taking an axe to independent schools.

The Greens party’s aging leader Senator Bob Brown has been trying to publicly shame her into silence but party insiders are saying to all who listen that this is just the beginning of an epic struggle between Brown, the many young dilettantes on his staff, “blue-Greens” and those who like “Rhiannon” come from the extreme-left part of politics that like the extreme-right has been a historical safe-haven for anti-Semitic bigotry.

Choosing the name of a witch – whether honoured in verse or not – is curious conduct indeed, even by the occasionally eccentric standards displayed by Greens party militants.

This week, founders of the Greens have told the press they are worried the party has strayed into becoming an ultra-left movement and is neglecting environmental protection.

“Rhiannon” might have been prompted to adopt a false name after abandoning her former married name because her parents Bill and Freda Brown are infamous Stalinist communists who supported the former Soviet Union’s worst atrocities.

The Senator-Elect has been trying to scrub their memory clean despite not being willing to bear their name. The wonderful Gerard Henderson who doesn’t let political extremists forget their past chronicled:

On 28 July the Sydney Morning Herald carried a letter from Ms Rhiannon in which she wrote, inter alia:

Neither my parents nor I were Stalinists.  The crimes committed under Stalin were horrific and I and Greens members certainly condemn them. For the record I joined the 1968 protest against the invasion of Czechoslovakia.

What a load of tripe. And now for some facts:

Bill Brown (1917-1992) joined the Communist Party of Australia (CPA) in 1940.  Freda Brown (1919-2009) joined the CPA in 1936.  During this period one or more of the Browns – usually both – supported the following acts of the leadership of the Communist Party in the Soviet Union, headed by the totalitarian dictator Josef Stalin.

â–  The Forced Famine in Ukraine
â–  The purges and show trials of the 1930s
â–  The Nazi Soviet Pact of 1939-1941, which effectively commenced the Second World War following the decision reached by Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler and communist dictator Josef Stalin to divide Eastern Europe between the Soviet Union and Germany.
â–  The crushing of Eastern Europe by the Red Army after the Second World War and the establishment of totalitarian Soviet satellites in the Baltic States, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, East Germany and Romania.
■ The suppression of workers’ uprisings in East Germany and Poland in the early 1950s.
■ The anti-semitic “Doctors’ Plot” of the early 1950s which was instigated by Stalin.

Josef Stalin died in 1953. Some of his crimes were denounced by his replacement Nikita Khrushchev in 1956.  But until at least 1956, contrary to Lee Rhiannon’s claim, all communists were Stalinists – and all Stalinists were communists.  This included Mr and Mrs Brown who were to have a lovely daughter named Lee.

In any event, the Browns did not denounce Stalin or his heirs in 1956.  Based on the “whateverist principle” – meaning that good communists followed whatever dictator was in charge in Moscow – the Browns supported the Soviet Union’s invasion of both Hungary (in 1956) and Czechoslovakia (in 1968). When the CPA opposed Moscow’s suppression of what was called the Prague Spring in 1968, the Browns quit the CPA and joined the Socialist Party of Australia (SPA) which received funds from Moscow.

And what about Lee Rhiannon (nee Brown)?  Born in 1951, Lee joined the CPA as a teenager and left the party in 1970/71 with her parents – in protest at the CPA’s opposition to the Soviet Union’s invasion of Czechoslovakia.  She joined the SPA – the continuing Stalinists – which supported the Soviet Union’s invasion of Czechoslovakia.

In short, Bill Brown and Freda Brown were Stalinists – without question.  And Lee Brown supported the Stalinists who backed Moscow’s suppression of the Prague Spring – without question.  A “little bird” has advised MWD that – when named Lee O’Gorman – Ms Rhiannon edited the SPA’s journal Survey.  Apparently, Lee Brown/O’Gorman/Rhiannon edited Survey during its final years – the magazine went out of business as a consequence of the collapse of the Soviet Union.

All good things must come to an end.

But sadly for the Greens party, this “Rhiannon” nightmare is just beginning. The witch is not dead, she’s just about to start her six-year flight of fancy.



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TOTALLY ROYALLED: VEXNEWS opens London bureau in time for Royal Wedding

In a crazy experiment that will no doubt plumb new depths of taste and good judgment, VEXNEWS has established a London bureau to ensure the highest quality of steamy coverage of the forthcoming Royal Wedding and possibly beyond.

Our newly appointed and remarkably poorly paid London correspondent David Saunderson will be filing regular – and possibly disturbing – reports and pics from London during Royal Wedding mania over the next month. We have also offered the fearless investigative journalist a bounty for the most tacky Royal Wedding souvenir and also for pictures at his local Maccas of the apparently increasingly corpulent Aussie exile in a dirty-old-man overcoat Crikey’s Guy (pronounced ‘Gee’) Rundle, a London-based Marxist blogger whose vigorous attacks on and repeated identifying of the alleged victims of the alleged rapist publisher Julian Assange could perhaps entitle him to high office in the Australian Defence Force Academy.

Grunge-meister Rundle has little connection with matters regal unless you count his fine collection of Prince Alberts so VEXNEWS readers can really look forward to a broad range of reporting from one of the world’s most exciting cities.

julianassangeguyrundleWhen not hunting down ‘Gee’ Rundle, our intrepid Saunderson – formerly an employee of internationally renowned Geelong Advertiser before going to a series of ever more spectacular election wins on the Geelong council – will bring an enlightened sensibility to Royal Wedding coverage touched only occasionally by the cynicism built up over years in the dreary Addy newsroom and Geelong clowncil chamber.

As a pre-game warm-up, Saunderson has already been reporting on matters of moment relating to the Royal Wedding to his adoring followers on his own site which we demanded be called “A Piece of Work” but he has so far stubbornly persisted in calling the slightly less provocative “A Work in Progress.” Please make the newest member of the famed VEXNEWS Investigations Unit stable welcome.

And we also commend the fine work of the Nine Network whose Royal Wedding promo knows no peer.


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