NOT COOL: Fairfax Radio senior executive revels in nickname "Himmler"

Politically correct publisher Fairfax Media – proprietor of the nation’s most lefty preachy newspapers – also owns some ill-fitting yet tidily profitable radio stations, none more successful than the oldies’ fave Melbourne’s 3AW.

Despite a format that is largely unchanged since Derryn Hinch’s legendary flared-pants days working over the expense account and the frequently-soiled office couch, the talk-station continues to do well, getting record ratings in the most recent survey.

On that occasion, various Fairfax Radio chaps had a little tweet-celebration amidst air-punches, with one observing that their boss Clark Forbes was very pleased. The station’s official tweet account observed: “Clark Himmler just fainted” indicating his pleasure at how well they were all doing.

An informant thought that was an unusual appellation for 3AW’s long-time Programme Director Clark Forbes to bear, with subsequent inquiries revealing to the famed VEXNEWS Investigations Unit that Forbes actually delights in the troubling ‘nickname’ “Himmler.”

Heinrich Himmler was of course a Reichsfuhrer of the SS who – in that capacity – oversaw concentration camps responsible for the murdering of six million Jews.

Holocaust humour is not usually the stuff of watercooler jesting, even at Fairfax Radio…

Holocaust humour is not usually the stuff of watercooler jesting, even at Fairfax Radio which so often employs useless, venal, greedy, loud, red-faced, angry, menopausal blokes of a certain age often with an enormous sense of entitlement, a wallet stuffed with cash-for-comment loot and a four-hour-a-day workload who can usually thunder on for at least an hour without interruption about society’s bludgers and wastrels and crooks. In some cases on Fairfax Radio, it’s no doubt a case of it taking one to know one.

‘’Himmler’ though is a remarkably unpleasant nickname for anyone and one that Forbes has revelled in for years, sources tell VEXNEWS.

While adopting an infamous Nazi mass-murderers’ nickname is clearly in poor taste and potentially very offensive to Melbourne Holocaust survivors, sources close to Forbes insist it is a description of his feisty and assertive personal style not a reference to genocidal tendencies or his politics.

Politically, some think he is quite progressive by the asylum-seeker-hunting standards 3AW has aspired to maintain, although it is a pal

3AW employee – and son of former Treasurer Peter Costello who enjoyed close relations with Melbourne’s Jewish community – Seb Costello chirpily retweeted the “Clark Himmler” reference back on 29th of March.

Boys will be boys but VEXNEWS hears that there is much tut-tutting and naysaying about the Fairfax bunker relating to the 3AW folks’ “yobbish” behaviour more generally. They are an alien life-force in the lefty high-church of judgmental sanctimony at Media House, observers have explained.



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9 responses to “NOT COOL: Fairfax Radio senior executive revels in nickname "Himmler"

  1. Eyeon

    It’s cause Forbes was once a chicken farmer.

  2. First with the news

    What a scoop. Ross and John have only been calling him Clark Himmler daily on air for 10 years now…..

  3. Shameful

    He calls himself Himmler?


  4. Upset

    Yes,very shameful.Heinie was a good German,help Deutschland get back on its feet.Solve many probleme that needed fixen.Ja,those where the days,when workers had a job to go too and had starcke Leaders,not those piss weak Labor Professional Politicians we are now stuck with

  5. Tumbleweeds

    Quiet news day…

  6. Adrian Jackson

    14 million, including 6 million Jews, were murders in Nazi camps. You sums next to Himmler’s portrait are a bit out. Of course 30 million or so were killed outside the camps too

  7. Cr Craig

    Oooops I was really excited for a minute, I misread and thought they called him “rimmer”…..

  8. Anonski

    Ross and John are ALP patriots.

  9. Gen x out of loop

    Andy you may need to bring gen x AND Y up to speed on WW11… start with the English Princes..

    e.g Hitler not cool. we was on other side.

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