OINK: Greens hate Israel so much they oppose young Israeli troops being protected from bullets

greensisraelTwo Greens Senators have been exposed today as supporting Greens Senator-Elect Lee Rhiannon’s anti-Israel boycott policy.

One of them, Senator Scott Ludlam, even went so far as to oppose Australian supply to Israel of body armour (like bullet-proof vests) that is used to protect the lives of young Israeli soldiers from bullets and bombs. We’re unaware of such protective gear ever taking a life, they are designed to protect the lives of the twenty-somethings and teenagers who are obliged by law to join the army for usually three years to take part in defending the Jewish state from its many sworn enemies.

Ludlam’s view is so obviously disgusting that it’s little wonder he wore sunglasses to shield his eyes from view during his remarks.

dollyputinAnother, former Goth, SA Senator Sarah Hanson-Young, known to harbour leadership aspirations in the radical left party, was also pictured addressing a similar rally where attendees urged Israel’s destruction through boycotts.

At both rallies, the standard chant from the ultra-left group organisers, echoed through the crowd “Israel out of Palestine.” They don’t mean Israel out of Gaza (which it already is) or the West Bank (where similarly the Palestinian Authority run the place, not especially well), they mean Israel should be wiped from the map.

It’s particularly interesting that these two Senators, one of them (Ludlam) thought to be quite close with Brown, frequent and support such extremist gatherings. We note WA Labor Senator Louise Pratt attended too. It’s just as inappropriate, even though she wasn’t demanding boycotts. No wonder Labor in WA barely has a pulse if she’s the best they can do.

Brown recently condemned the few anti-Liberal loons who attended the No Carbon Tax rally in Canberra because of their foolish, nasty and misogynist signs directed at the Prime Minister.

And yet that didn’t stop him from employing a comedian as an economic adviser (oddly appropriate for the Greens, we know).

“Dolly Putin” (aka Naomi  Edwards) has an act where at one stage she brought a pig on-stage in her live show ‘Dolly goes down on the farm’. She called the pig “Amanda Vanstone” much to the amusement of her politically correct inner-city crowd who’d be convulsed in horror if any of the three little anti-Israel pigs of the Greens party were so described.



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20 responses to “OINK: Greens hate Israel so much they oppose young Israeli troops being protected from bullets

  1. Dan Lewis

    The Israeli security barrier, which was built after relentless Palestinian terror attacks is also a completely non-violent way of preventing terrorism. And it’s effective too, having all but stopped suicide bombings inside Israel by Palestinian baby-murderers.

    There’s a reason why the Palestinians and their supporters are always complaining about it. It stops them killing Jews. This is simply another example. Antisemites have always hated the fact that since WWII, the Jews aren’t so easy to fuck with any more.

  2. Selma

    That is despicable. The Greens won my seat of Balmain. Now I’m sorry they did. I just don’t see what the connection between the Greens and Israel is. Am I missing something? Is it to do with that councillor in Marrickville mouthing off?

    Anyway, now I am really disappointed. The Greens are showing signs of fanaticism which is not good news for anyone.

  3. reignalldaylong

    Well the Greens may be loop da loop but at least they believe in something. Not like Mad Ted Baillieu who is a nothing going to nowhere via no beliefs per empty rhetoric. What a loser

  4. This actually has nothing to do with anti-semitism and to expand the notion that a Greens Senator is anti-semitic because he is against selling industrial military products is kind of an odd thought.

    The Greens’ policy on International relations is that our policy be independent foreign and defensive policy, and a “a peaceful solution to the long running conflict between the Israeli and Palestinian peoples and lasting peace and stability to the Middle East as a region.” (Source: http://greens.org.au/policies/human-rights-democracy/international-relations) That kind of sounds like, you know, what Obama was talking about last year. Pretty mainstream and sane.

    If the Greens were for wiping Israel off the map then you’d also expect to see Greens leaders advocating to arm the -other- side, but you don’t. The Greens don’t want to arm either side for the simple logical reason that if you arm one side, then the other side will enter a race to build up it’s arms too.

    Granted, Israel should not be left defenceless and nor should any nation. But let’s not advocate for the extreme end of arming any nation either. I’m not saying Israel is “over armed”, either, by the way, but I am trying to outline the logic for being cautious with providing arms in excess for ANY nation.

    You can’t really have an independent defence structure if you’re intervening in the defence affairs of other nations continuously, and that gets to the core of the Greens’ IR policy.

    Doesn’t sound like “let’s wipe Israel off the map” to me. I mean does anybody actually take the accusation that the Greens’ are military aggressors of -any- kind seriously? If so, how can they?

    I’d love to see any evidence that this advocacy of not selling arms/armour to Israel extends to wanting to wipe Israel off the map. Because that really is just total hyperbolic nonsense.

  5. Vernadah Sandstone

    If that funny woman brought her pig anywhere near me I’d eat it.

  6. SHY

    I am more than happy to prove how much I love jewish boys after a big night at the Kennedy room. You just have to promise not to tell my husband.

  7. Ahmed Jibril

    I can’t understand why some sections of the Australian Greens Party appear to be so eager to boycott the only Middle Eastern country that has a Green Party?


    Marrickville Council might be better served by their Greens Party Mayor establishing ‘Sister City’ relations with Tel Aviv, where the Vice-Mayor is leader of the Green Party of Israel.

  8. Flavian Hardcastle

    So Scott Ludlam sometimes wears sunglasses. Has it ever occurred to you to listen to what people say before branding them

  9. politicalrealist

    Geez I’d rather Ted Baillieu any day over the dirty filthy opportunistic Greens.

  10. the Insider

    The battle for the Greens heats up – Cate Faerhmann has castigated the marrickville mob for their anti-Israeli stand

  11. Anonymous

    The Greens and National Front seem to be one and the same.

  12. Bernnie Finn's fan

    I am sure our very own Speaker off what it is all about,Bernnie Finn had the right words,when he spoke about what Muslims are all about.They love to live under the Iron Heel of Dictatorships.Need I say more?

  13. Shirlee

    @Brenton Eccles: If the Greens are supporting the abominable BDS, then they are calling for the annihilation of the State of Israel

    The founder of the BDS, Omar Barghouti, openly states his basic agenda is the destruction of the State of Israel.

    He openly speaks of a Two State Solution as being “A Palestine next to a Palestine, rather than a Palestine next to an Israel”.

  14. Blackmambo

    @Brenton Eccles:I wanted to re-read the policy but the link you provided resulted in this error message on the greens page:

    Hi – sorry but you seem to have ended up at a page that doesn’t exist, possibly because the site has been upgraded and some content got relocated or removed. We suggest you use the footer to find your way out of here.

    I was disappointed because ignoring Israel for the moment, I wanted to read where the Greens policy explained how a significant section of our economy is to simply stop exporting to other nations.

    Does it also say that Australia should not accept defense materials from other nations? Or just not continuously? What if the most evil nation in the world had some technology it developed that was superior to ours. Morally, could the Greens accept it? What if we were at war?

    It is brave of you to post your views and I do agree with the spirit of some of them. But as a party you need to explain these things better or get another job, maybe with a religious organisation.

  15. SamG


    anti democracy perhaps? The same reason The London School of Economics accepted donations from saif qaddafi for a Global Governance Unit.

  16. mach kamilisfartin

    Why dont they change their name from the Greens to the Browns as all they seem to stand for is complete and utter shit.It is a far more appropriate color

  17. Mick Ninchin

    Kommodore Cafer is a fine man as he covered the failings of Nuff Nuff my son.

  18. Boofa

    Hey Wenchy, can I have an appointment on your new MP desk in your new Cheltenham office. I know you’ll be very keen to impress.

  19. Simon

    @Dan Lewis: Well said mate, could not have been put more astutely!

  20. Simon

    @Brenton Eccles: Sane, the Palestinian government has declared it’s aim is the total destruction of the Jews and especially Israel, this comes after attacking 3 times and failing to do anything but slaughter their own people. Face it, no one likes Palestininans because they have become subhuman and those that feel for them are looked at like nutjobs for as good reason.

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