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"THESE JEWS": Greens MP Jamie Parker won't publicly deny anti-Semitic outburst

jamieparkerliarNewly elected NSW Greens MP Jamie Parker is reputedly a factional rival of anti-Israel bigot Senator-Elect Lee Rhiannon. A “blue-Green,” a small-businessman who was not beyond associating with car re-birthers and vitamin shonks and slagging off hard-working unionists as “union hacks”. While he once worked for Rhiannon, they hate each other, legend has it. He’s a slick, reformed fast-buck artist and she’s an old Stalinist with a bad haircut.

So the weekend’s revelations by AWU National Secretary Paul Howes that he’d been told by Parker that some seriously unpleasant patronising anti-Semitic hate-speech he’d been quoted as using by anti-Israel zealot Antony Loewenstein in a lefty online publication was something of a relief. It meant there was some hope that not all of the NSW Greens had been contaminated by views and attitudes that belong on the ethnic-hatred-promoting fringe of politics, on its far-left and far-right.

When we heard prior to the weekend that Parker was privately denying the remarks, we quickly updated our story and waited patiently for a public disavowal of his “these Jews” commentary.

It didn’t come.

Despite news of his election win – by 200 votes or so – over Verity Firth and a usually very active Twitter account, Jamie Parker has not denied Loewenstein’s quotes.

And VEXNEWS hears there’s a reason for that. Loewenstein kept an audio recording. And as a self-described “independent journalist” he won’t cop having his bona fides directly challenged in such a serious way. It seems Loewenstein as a solidarity gesture with his fellow extremist will tolerate Parker’s back-door denial but no more than that.

Howes took Parker at his word. He assumed he wouldn’t falsely deny the Loewenstein quotes.

It seems Howes was wrong. Seeing the world through an ALP prism leaves one desperately looking for moderates amidst the maddies and assuming that the person you’ve known for some time – and known to be committed to winning elections – mustn’t be the mad bigot presented in some silly article by a low-rent unemployable “journalist” in an online publication notable for never breaking news and limping along financially. It was a reasonable mistake. He’s a “blue green” is the comforting line of reassurance. They’re not all that bad, good people tell themselves.

We’re not so sure.

He wanted to make the point that Loewenstein has an unethical history as a “journalist” and that’s certainly true.

Our view is not optimistic about the extreme-left Greens party. Its retirement-age “calculating politician” leader Bob Brown last week ran a mile from Rhiannon’s feral anti-Israel policies, only because they appeared to cost votes, not because they are founded in bigotry.

The Greens are not moderates in any respect, as any careful examination of their policies reveals. They are though very cynical and have a cadre of pragmatists in Bob Brown’s office who are forever having to crack down on the public indiscretions of their latest loud-mouthed loon. They usually get their way.

So far, Jamie Parker has ignored countless media inquiries on the subject.

He hopes it will go away. We can promise him it won’t.

UPDATE: Sure enough, the VEXNEWS Investigations Unit appears to have been proven right once again. Loewenstein hasn’t referred to sneakily made audio recordings but does insist he had detailed notes confirming Parker’s quotes and even told the financially troubled New Matilda audience of the background of how he came to quote the Greens MP’s anti-Semitic tirade:

In the case of Parker, I read back his quotes to confirm what he said. He was happy for me to publish them.

You can therefore imagine my surprise when I read in yesterday’s Sunday Telegraph a piece by union leader Paul Howes that claimed Parker had denied making this quote, which I had attributed to him in my original piece:

“These Jews provide cover for extreme actions if they occur. If there’s a sniff of you being critical of Israel, such Jews will attack you and cut you loose.”

Again, context is important (and Howes doesn’t provide any). When Parker said this, he was referring to the silence among the local Jewish community when the Greens suffered death threats, hate calls and Nazi swastikas on their signage during the campaign because of BDS.

I stand by my article and Parker’s quotes and I have the notes to back this up.

In the days after my New Matilda piece on the Greens ran, Parker called me a few times to discuss the Middle East and BDS and did not dispute the accuracy of my article. In fact, he said he liked it and wanted it to be widely read.

In a statement to New Matilda today, Parker says:

“An article published in New Matilda last week by independent journalist Antony Loewenstein outlined my experience during the recent NSW election campaign. Certain quotes are attributed to me which do not reflect the language that I have always used in relation to the conflict in the Middle East.”

Parker does not deny the quotes. He is, however, clearly keen to distance himself from the issue.

Parker and Loewenstein are quite the pair. Inner-city leftistes united in hatred for Israel and by their willingness just to make up any old falsehood to assist their vile cause. Loewenstein’s orginal article was inadvertent friendly fire that could only damage the NSW Greens and their newly elected dunder-headed MP who consorts with fraudsters and anti-Semites.

The dynamic duo were eventually forced to come clean, with Parker issuing one of the sleaziest non-denial denials we’ve read in a long time. We even feel a bit sorry for Loewenstein who, while certainly a grub, emerges from the unpleasant affair slightly less soiled than his interlocutor. He didn’t fabricate the quotes and he is so numb to reporting maliciously on the Jewish community and Israel that he didn’t even seem to have the sense to know he was going to land his comrade in serious trouble.

From this sorry saga, we are left with facts indicating that Mr Parker has the morals of a Mercedes Benz driving vitamin fraudster and car re-birther (his business associates). The NSW Greens in recent times have enjoyed the great triumph of electing Senator Lee Rhiannon to the Senate and now him to the NSW Legislative Assembly. The fruits of these victories will surely be ashes in their mouth.



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