SNELL, SNELL: Vic Liberals stand to attention to salute new President

backstageTony Snell has been elected President of the Victorian division of the Liberal party unopposed. Liberal insiders say many think Snell is an independently-minded slightly pro-Costello operator. But some tell VEXNEWS that he’s tricky and will be keen to make nice with Premier Baillieu and his Rasputin, Petro Georgiou, the former federal Liberal MP who is thought to wield a domineering influence over Victorian government decisions despite not being elected and holding down no official position of responsibility.

Snell made his pile – many millions it is believed – from being a partner at the legal millionaire factory Mallesons, coming into his own during the Kennett era where the firm was one of that government’s favoured legal pets.

He is thought to be very bright and with plenty of rich bloke time on his minds now that he is basically semi-retired and has got stuck into post-graduate studies and will now potter around the Liberal party garden.

He might even have time to pop into the Tolarno Galleries at Liberal HQ 104 Exhibition Street where highly controversial artist Bill Henson is exhibiting a few teen and pre-teen nudes (all in the name of art). Some of Henson’s work can cost $30,000 a throw even though many of the images would probably be unlawful if produced by anyone else.

Observers say the Admin Committee will be very interesting as the Victorian Liberals settle back into being in government after the initial shock that Ted had a victory in him. At the end of the new Admin Committee’s term, federal preselections will be due including a widely anticipated grudge match between Senator Helen Kroger and factional brother turned possible foe Scott Ryan over positioning on the Senate ticket. Looks like #3 will be reasonably safe so we’re not really sure what the fuss is about and many others share our view.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Liberal Party of Australia (Vic Div) <>
Date: 28 March 2011 17:54
Subject: Nominations for Election

I set out below details of nominations received for the following positions:

State President
Tony Snell

Andrew Abercrombie

Vice President – Metro (Male)
Ross Fox

Vice President – Metro (Female)
Dr Sandra Mercer Moore, AM

Vice President – Country (Male)
Angelo Kakouros
Peter McWilliam
John Renyard

Vice President – Country (Female)
Maureen Clifford
Louise Staley
Norma Wells

Administrative Committee – Metro (Male)
Daniel Bevan
Ross Fox *
Greg Hannan
David Mulholland

Administrative Committee – Metro (Female)
Jane Hume
Caroline Elliott

Administrative Committee – Country (Male)
Peter Angelico
Christopher Earl
John Gault
Angelo Kakouros
John Renyard
John Van Beveren

Administrative Committee – Country (Female)
Robyn Cox
Maureen Clifford
Samantha McIntosh
Louise Staley
Norma Wells

State Assembly – Metro (Male)
Jason Aldworth
Wajde Assaf
Julian Barendse
Andrew Bell
Daniel Bevan
Alexander Cambria
Ben Coleman
Yoni Cukierman
Nicholas Demiris
Con Frantzeskos
Greg Hannan
George Hua
Byron Hodkinson
Mathew Knight
Christopher Koch
Simon Kroger
Trent Martin
David Mulholland
John Nguyen
Samli Ozturk
Ian Quick
James Paterson
Scott Pearce
Mike Pountney
Philip Ratcliff
Bradley Rowswell
Brendan Rowswell
Tim Smith
Roger Teale
Luke Tobin
Simon Wilson
Tim Wilson

State Assembly – Metro(Female)
Chantalle Abou-Haila
Susie Bartlett
Lydia Bevege
Caitlin Brown
Hanife Bushby
Holly Byrne
Sally Carrick
Isabella Cicchiello
Cate Dealehr
Caroline Elliott **
Rebecca Gauci
Felicity Giles
Jane Hume **
Georgia Letten
Jenny Mulholland
Jemma Townson
Susan Turner
Jeanne Wheeler

State Assembly – Country (Male)
Florian Andrighetto
Peter Angelico
Liam Barry
Dean Bushell
Ben Collier
Courtney Dixon
Christopher Earl
John Gault
Martin Ireland
Angelo Kakouros
William Kenny
Aaron Lane
Bruce McClure
Adam McKee
Matt Makin
Rohan Millar
Joshua Morris
Rodney Nockles
John Renyard
John Shipp
John Van Beveren
Lindsay Webb

State Assembly – Country (Female)
Mary Aldred
Ann Bitans
Noni Bartlett
Amanda Campbell
Michelle Challis
Vicki Coltman
Robyn Cox
Charley Daniel
Narelle Earl
Robyne Head
Sarah Henderson
Helen Leach
Samantha McIntosh
Amanda Millar
Fiona Ogilvy-O’Donnell
Helen Senior
Rosemary Trepp
Virginia Wallace
Norma Wells
Voi Williams

Agenda Committee – Metro (Male)
Wajde Assaf
Nicholas Demiris
Thomas Ellis

Agenda Committee – Metro (Female)
Kaye Farrow

Agenda Committee – Country (Male)
Peter Angelico
Angelo Kakouros
Rodney Nockles
John Van Beveren

Agenda Committee – Country ( Female)
Samantha McIntosh

* Indicates elected unopposed to the senior office of State Vice-President and thus the Administrative Committee
** Indicates elected to the Administrative Committee and thus State Assembly

All candidates are reminded of the provisions of Clause 11.17 (a) (d) of the Constitution relating to public statements and the circulation of material.

In addition candidates are reminded that they may, under Clause 11.17 (e) request a copy of the delegates list by writing to me via Julie Reid, Manager, Membership Services

Candidates may appoint a Scrutineer, per Clause 11.2 B, by notifying me in writing prior to the commencement of voting for that election. A Scrutineer must be a Party Member. Correspondence should be addressed to Tony McKenna, Manager, State Council at

Damien Mantach
State Director

Authorised by Damien Mantach
104 Exhibition Street



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23 responses to “SNELL, SNELL: Vic Liberals stand to attention to salute new President

  1. Peter Russell Clarke

    Where’s the “Jindi” Cheese?

  2. Adrian Jackson

    Snell seems a good bloke, is from St Kilda and catches the No 96 tram to the CBD.

    8 years out of the Liberal Party and I hardly recognise any names on the list above. A lot of the old faces must have moved on or died I assume

    Simon Kroger; is that a son of the Michael and Helen failed marriage?

  3. Giuseppe De Simone

    Dear Adrian

    It seems you still hold an abiding hatred of the people who sought your suspension from the party. Do you still miss us? Do you hanker for the 15 minutes of fame? Is that why you appear so bitter? Do you want to be allowed back into the tent?

    The ongoing renewal in the organisational wing is a sign of a party with a future. Many of the “old faces” have voluntarily moved on to allow new people to take leadership positions thereby developing the next generation. Yes, Simon Kroger is the son of Michael & Helen Kroger. However, he is a person with his own values and beliefs, not some appendage of his parents as you would seem to imply.

    It is interesting that of all the candidates for election you focus on one surname. That shows just how significant the contribution of the Krogers has been to the Liberal Party for over 30 years.

    I am sure that when more time passes so some measure of objectivity can return, Liberal historians will regard the Michael Kroger presidency as the most significant event in the party’s task of renewal and the Helen Kroger presidency as a period of great rebuilding of spirit after the liquidation and destruction years of Carson, Howley and their ilk. Both came to the party presidency at a time of crisis and both energised the party in their own way. They were great periods to be a member.

  4. You're kidding yourself

    Helen Kroger’s presidency a great rebuilding of spirit? Her tenure was the bleakest and most depressing in the Victorian Liberals history. The Libs effectively bottomed out during her era and the regeneration didn’t begin until she buggered off.

  5. Harry The B


  6. Wenchy

    I’ve have a ‘big furry present’ for him.

  7. Shambles

    I am a respected political strategist. I too was elected President unopposed.

    Does this Mr Snell require any strategic advice on how to be a successful President who eshews factional games, earns the trust of the Parliamentary party and runs preselections on time?

    For a fee, I could provide him with the benefit of my experience. He would then see why it is that I am so respected.

  8. Adrian Jackson

    Giuseppe – what the party membership now in Victoria? Has it dropped below the 10,000 it was claimed it was in 2003 with an average age of members being about 65

    The Kroger’s still have time to breed more children (with new partners) and then they can get them onto position in the party like they have with Simon to maintain the dynasty.

    Incidentally, I dont see to much action from the new Victoria Government in the last 6 months.

  9. Dryasachip

    The same tired old names…

  10. Adrian Jackson

    It appears they had trouble filling all position in the various committees and executive positions and as a result there is an imbalance between the number of female (fewer) and male (more) delegates. The Krogers will have to pump out more female children to help out

  11. Adrian Jackson

    What no Frank Greenstein this year? Perhaps he is on the outer now as his mentor Helen Shardey is history

  12. Anon

    Gee we haven’t seen any of those names before.

  13. anon

    Christ both Mulholland’s are on board.
    That sure to add a level of class, culture and intellectual debate to State Administration. Don’t sit too close if you are in disagreement, as Dave will use his fist.
    I wonder if he will take off his beanie before he comes into the building!

  14. Cain era junkie

    Jenny Mulholland…..Oh dear…will she give the Baillieu government a touch of social justice….East Ivanhoe style….

  15. Anonymous

    Oh come on! All he did was hit Craig Langdon. Just not hard enough.

  16. anon

    Dave Mulholland is a bottom feeder, he is from a very low level in the gene pool, it just shows how poor the numbers of Liberals are to have to select scum like him.

  17. Giuseppe De Simone

    Dear Adrian

    There is a vast difference between comedic commentary and plain offensiveness. Using humour effectively in political discourse requires skill and finesse not the bombastic rantings of someone embittered by the clear moral and intellectual superiority of the opposing view.

    I have no idea what the current membership of the Victorian Division of the Liberal Party is but I suspect it is still nearly double that of the ALP (excluding union conscripts) and much higher than that of any other mainstream political party in this state.

    You are entitled to your views and I respect your right to express them in a thoughtful and considered way. However, you really should cut out the abuse. It belittles the argument you are trying to make. Simon Kroger is entitled to be treated with respect and dignity and as an individual in his own right. You have denigrated him and should apologise.

    By the way, given Michael Kroger has produced 4 delightful intelligent well adjusted boys in a row, I suspect he doesn’t possess a single X chromosome.

    There are plenty of very talented female members of the Liberal Party but I agree with you that more active and engaged female members especially younger members would be welcome.

    Please continue your contributions to Vexnews, you are clearly vexed and hexed as well and they assist me by making my contributions sound more mainstream.

    Take care
    Your old friend


  18. Who am I?

    Who am I?

    I spent six months kissing Frank G’s backside over baba ganoush to be anointed as the preferred Admin candidate of a cake shop owner.

    I simultaneously labelled my generation of Liberals as “too unpopular” to run.

    I have bullied fellow Liberal staffers in Canberra, reducing them to tears.

    My behaviour was the catalyst for a split in the Young Libs.

    I have told friends that my relationship with my girlfriend isn’t going well, but that I’ll wait till after State Council to call it off to ensure her family votes for me.

    I had a “coming together” with Sarah Meredith in Japan.

    I failed to complete a BA.

    I profess to be a true blue MULCer, despite never being elected to Committee or contributing one minute of one day to any student union campaign.

    I am not very popular amongst the branch members in Higgins.

    Who am I?

  19. Anon

    Tony Snell and Ross Fox make a lovely couple.

  20. Anon

    Tony Snell, Ross Fox and Frank Greenstein – a cosy arrangement fok birds fo a feather.

  21. Custer's Nemesis

    The new Liberal Executive has plenty of problems to sort out. The party has a striking paucity of talent. Mary Wooldridge has shilly-shallied around questions regarding the two teenage girls in residential care who were involved in prostitution and a pregnancy (the mother was 12yo at the time). Wooldridge has also refused to name the agency responsible and funded for that care. Enough to say that it has offices in Portland, Warrnambool, Colac, Hamilton and Geelong. Wooldridge, like her predecessor Lisa Neville, was informed of problems with the agency but took no action. She then was not able to answer on Friday night’s 7.30 Victoria, a question on whether the safety of children in care of that agency is now guaranteed. The facts were reported in the Herld-Sun on Tuesday! Going back to Kennett a decision was made to devolve services to not-for-profits, with no auditing of training, expertise (or staffing levels) of their workers. It is welfare on the cheap, and both Liberals and Labor are to be condemned for their actions. I’m pretty sure that there is plenty more to come out, but will the current government do a fair-dinkum investigation? These kids, who are the most vulnerable of our children, deserve a much better deal. How about some information and guarantees of children’s safety Ms Wooldridge? That is your job. And we are entitled to know that it’s happening.

  22. Henry Greenly

    The previous minister was alerted to continual management and supervision problems in Community Connections, Victoria. The Board were also contacted by a number of workers. The Board and the minister did nothing. Poor supervison and management leads to poor services and poor outcomes. The vunerable client and the community suffers. We need a full investigation how Community Connections is spending its money on pursuing vendettas, unusual leasing deals and inability to address quality issues. Community Connections refused to have an annual meeting last year despite being funded by the public. Why is it so frightened of public scrutiny. I hope the new minister will do her job in ensuring the public receieves quality service provision?

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