HOT-HEAD: Barnaby's impressively weird media release

Senator Barnaby Joyce is more than just a clever politician – as the insult goes – he’s a pitch-perfect communicator with rural folk and many others too.

While his brief moment as Finance spokesdude didn’t add up, he is otherwise very impressive.

Impressively weird though is this press release drawing on climate spruiker Tim Flannery’s apparently off-message moment.

It’s bound to be a strange one when the only part that makes sense is the Flannery quote.

We suspect the Senator and/or his staff celebrated especially joyously over the weekend as the Coalition barn-stormed its way to a smashing win in NSW.

Media Release – The carbon tax may work – in a 1000 years

Senator Barnaby Joyce

Shadow Minister for Regional Development, Local Government and Water

Leader of The Nationals in the Senate

LNP Senator for Queensland

28th March2011

The carbon tax may work –in a 1000 years

Well I do not know whether William the Conqueror was governing for me when he knocked over poor old King Harold but according to Tim Flannery he should have been.

As absurd as it is, here is the quote, Res ipsa loquitur and 1000 years ago that would have been well understood around the castle.

Professor Tim Flannery, the Commissioner for Climate Change said on radio on Friday,” If the world as a whole cut all emissions tomorrow the average temperature of the planet is not going to drop in several hundred years, perhaps as much as a thousand years…”.

By the time this proposed carbon tax has had its affect Jesus will have come and gone, again!

The two great mysteries in 1000 years time will be, “Is Stefano DiMera from Days of Our Lives really dead?” and, “Who in the Australian Labor party honestly thought they could change the climate from a room in Canberra?”



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8 responses to “HOT-HEAD: Barnaby's impressively weird media release

  1. sg

    That Barnaby thinks Flannery’s quote somehow supports his case is telling – I’ve spoken to 8 years old with greater capacity for logical reasoning.

  2. sg

    Wow, I see this particular Flannery meme is making its way around all the usual intellectual-challenged commentator’s blogs.

    For those of you still amenable to reason:

    If the world cuts emissions tomorrow, the average global temperature will climb for another 20-30 years. It will then stabilise slightly above where it is now, but then take up to 1000 years to fall.

    If the world fails to do anything about cutting emissions, then the temperature will continue to climb up and up. Within 40 to 100 years it will be a good 4-6 degrees warmer, and it won’t stop there. Again it could take hundreds of years for us to return to where we are today.

    Urg, I feel filthy having to explain this.

  3. TheRVMGuy

    @sg: Thanks sg. Interesting points you make.

    Well, as a (adjectives mine!) very pragmatic, considered thinker, I believe that the burden of proof is yours on some of your comments.

    So, can you please provide hyperlinks or ISSN/ISBN of any published books/articles that have been written using sound scientific method, by authors who have had their work peer-reviewed, where they resoundingly prove your claim that by doing nothing to cut emissions, that the average surface temperature of Earth will be 4-6 degrees Centigrade higher than it is today, in 40 to 100 years. For the purposes of this, you can submit articles that make this claim, whether or not humankind does something or nothing.

    I am not trying to catch you out or seek to cause embarrassment, but these, seemingly, are large-ish claims, and I have never, in all my research on the topic, come across them.

    I look forward to hearing from you and reading your supplied articles and the supporting scientific facts and argument.

  4. Zaf

    Oy, what a schmuck.

    (Also: William the Conqueror doing his thing is precisely why we speak what we do, using words like ‘governing’ ‘climate’ etc. Oh what’s the use…)

  5. adam

    heres the interview in full with the quote at the beginning

  6. Harold Godwinson

    If only William the Conqueror had possessed the foresight to introduce a comprehensive carbon dioxide tax or trading scheme after he organised regime change in Saxon England. The marketing of Papal indulgences might have provided a good model for the sale of CO2 indulgences, as an ETS effectively proposes today. The impact of a thousand years of CO2 tax on what we now know as the Industrial Revolution might have been salutory.

    William was clearly a denier and an extremist.

  7. anon

    Joyce is a typical rural dweller or farmer, they spend most of their time mating with their farm animals.

  8. Nature is self-correcting


    SG talks about hundreds or a thousand years for his or her claims to be proved. I guess none of us here will know one way or another whether SG is right or not?

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