HIT THE ROAD JACQUES: Power-mad psycho causing rift in anti-carbon-tax movement


Conflict between the mainstream of the No Carbon Tax movement and the extremist Jacques Laxalle is boiling over into conflicting dates for the next Sydney rally and a fight over the future of the group.

Insiders with the grassroots movement – that has impressively signed up no fewer than 22 different right-wing organisations to support its popular cause – have told VEXNEWS that Laxalle acts like a “jumped-up dictator” who won’t listen to advice from those trying to ensure public rallies build opposition to the carbon tax not provoke sympathy for its proponent, Prime Minister Gillard.

Laxalle was repeatedly warned, insiders say, of the need to be strict with extremists who were carrying or wearing offensive messages that would be exploited by hostile elements within the media who were desperate to pain the anti-carbon-tax movement as being controlled by the ultra-right.

The concern about Laxalle is such that Liberal members of Parliament, from the Leader of the Opposition down, are reluctant to appear at future rallies unless and until they can be assured that responsible, sensible and pro-Coalition people are firmly in charge.

“There can be no repeat of the farcical situation where the area behind the speakers at the rally was not cordoned-off and protected from people carrying stupid signs that don’t reflect the mainstream of the anti-carbon-tax movement and only served to help Gillard,” one worried insider said.

“Laxalle has come from nowhere and suddenly wants to be the control-freak in charge. He’s certainly a freak and many are worried that he is basically a lunar-right type who is intent on setting up his own fringe-dweller political party under the banner of Consumer and Taxpayers Association,” they explained.

Megalomania is defined as:

  1. A psychopathological condition characterized by delusional fantasies of wealth, power, or omnipotence.
  2. An obsession with grandiose or extravagant things or actions.

Laxalle has made no secret of his anti-Liberal political ambitions to get into Parliament under his own self-promoting banner, exploiting the carbon-tax issue as his springboard to power. The fact that this is regarded as the raving as someone totally disconnected from the Liberal party and barely in touch with reality offers mainstream conservatives no comfort, we’ve been told.

His lack of organisation and contempt for the advice of the more politically savvy contributed to the sign fiasco and apparently caused considerable inconvenience to many older people about the logistics of getting to Canberra on the rally’s buses and so on. “All the seniors wanted to string him up,” one close observer explained.

Insiders tell VEXNEWS that they have built a mighty grassroots movement with literally tens of thousands of email contacts and hundreds of people who’d like to volunteer and take part in opposing the Gillard government.

The view of mainstream conservatives is not surprisingly that the single best expression of opposition to the tax is to get behind Tony Abbott and the Coalition, not play games with fringe-dweller, lunar-right groups that are the notorious haven of crooks, psychopaths and those with an obsessive wannabe-dictator complex that is best treated by counselling.

Dictatorial Jacques Laxalle is considered to be a serious impediment to the movement continuing to gain momentum and stop the tax. While pretending to be vehemently opposed to the Prime Minister, many no-carbon-tax insiders believe his foolish leadership have played right into Labor’s hands.



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18 responses to “HIT THE ROAD JACQUES: Power-mad psycho causing rift in anti-carbon-tax movement

  1. Byron in Wahroonga

    ***his lack of organisation and contempt for the advice of the more politically savvy contributed to the sign fiasco***

    Turn it up, Andy. Attendees were asked to bring their own signs, how can Jacques be held accountable?

  2. garry

    ok all reports may have merit however it does seem dissapointing that the first opposition ralley was actioned by an individual now its time to organise a ralley at a more appropriate venue at a more accesable time and place this must be arranged by tony abbotts team liberals try anz stadium ?? with advance notice and support from all 2ue. attandance would be 800000 people invite juliar and let her see what people think of her can i help

  3. WAlian

    Tony Abbott’s poisonous politics slides naturally close with just this type of lunar. Kind of inevitable and unstoppable as long as Tony focuses on the “man” and not the policy.

  4. superb article . Will definitely copy it to my blog.Thanks.

  5. A Nonny Mouse

    Yup, that’s right, introduce a Straw Man, or in this case a woman riding on a straw broom, to totally obfuscate what the real issue is. Don’t mention that a Price on CO2 pollution is the best way to transform the economy and decarbonise it before we all get consumed in an ongoing series of more frequent extreme weather events.
    Just concentrate all your self-interested fury on a broken election promise as a way of helping the vested interests behind this issue do nothing about it.
    No wonder the fringe dwellers like Laxalle gravitated to it like a fly toshit. Tony Abbott too. It suits him right down to the fig leaf he wears to pretend he wants to do something about it as well.
    What a bunch of blinkered, self-interested crackpots you are.
    Talkin’ loud, sayin’ nothing. And doing nothing but bitching and carping about a serious problem, like a bunch of inconsequential teenagers.

  6. Ben

    Right. So the guy must check every sign and have it approved by the media and Labor before all politically-incorrect protests? Turn it up. Let’s hold Labor and the Greens to the same standards then. Better yet, let’s look at history (as Andrew Bolt has done) and attack Labor for not policing every sign at every protest rally on the record. Vex News must resist this Labor–like tribalism.

  7. A Nonny Mouse

    Just because, ‘Labor done it too’, doesn’t make it right.

  8. Good ide garry. suggest people take signs to the footy and hold them up for the cameras. 40000 at the sgc.

  9. To be quite honest I dont know Jacques & I dont think this article is profitable. This protest is not organised to prop up any politician, it is a peoples movement politically neutral……

  10. Anon

    Surely JuLIAR is the face of farce, given her now infamous and disgraceful lie to the Australian people:

    “There will be no Carbon Tax under a Government I lead.”

  11. DaveB


    What do you call it when the Liberal party goes to the 2007 election proposing an ETS and then goes to the 2010 election opposing one?

    Other than lying of course…

  12. It is very amusing that someone who is fronting a taxpayers association is NOT EVEN REGISTERED TO PAY GST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Shambles

    I am a respected political strategist.

    Does the carbon tax movement need a strategic adviser? Bulk discounts available.

  14. Prometheus

    Why should we trust the Liberal Party? One minute Tony Abbott is saying climate change is crap, the next he says it is real, the next he’s being wishy-washy and saying the jury is still out. And meanwhile they’re proposing to spend tens of billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money on their “direct action” on climate change. Of course the Liberals want to push Jacques Laxalle out of the picture and run the show themselves, because they have no actual convictions on the issue, they just want a stick to beat the government with. Labor and Liberal and Tweedledum and Tweedledy, don’t trust either of them, Jacques.

  15. Giuseppe De Simone

    Climate change is just climate change. Change may be good or it may be bad overall. There are always winners and losers from a change – the winners tend to be less vocal than the losers. No one has modelled the global impact of climate change in terms of a few degrees increase in ambient surface temperatures. The sea level will rise and make Kew a beach side suburb – good for me. A bunch of people will be displaced and need to move – but the rise due to melting ice will be slow and steady – unlike a flooding rain – and people will be able to get out of the way. The more extreme weather conditions caused by a warmer planet will require some adjusting but that isn’t such a bad thing – we will be able to ecologically flush our rivers more often with decent environmental flows. It could be that Lake Eyre will again be full of water regularly and the desert will bloom. People forget that the Sahara was once covered in forests and green from coast to coast. We may be spending a lot of money on slowing down or stopping something that may be beneficial to the planet as a whole for the sake of a few people living in Albert Park and Vanuatu and Bangladesh needing to move to higher ground. Adrian Jackson is rich enough to take care of himself and the Vanuatu people can migrate to some other island just like their ancestors did. It may be harder for the Bangladeshi people living in the delta but they too will adjust if they are allowed to move. After all, native people have migrated according to the seasons and the climate for millennia. Sure, I am simplifying things a bit but I am sick of all this talk that equates progressive change with bad and stultifying stagnation with good.

  16. I offered my support to the cause having studied climate science for many years, even when the great global warming swindle DVD’s were realised, I shared them around the country and was originally ask to speak on the ABC panel debate. When I offered my support both on the national arena and here in my home town of Adelaide, rather than accept my support, I was deleted and banned from nearly every group, as were many if my emails and PM;s are anything to go by. Those I know from the carbon arena, endured similar issues, in fact I have never had so many attacks on my good name, during my 12 years in the political arena.
    I had several radio interviews lined up to help promote the rallies, and was even asked not to speak on a topic I had spoken on for many years by some of the organisers of the rallies, which really made no sense, to be honest when I was interviewed I still mentioned the rallies, even though I was starting to wonder if their was hidden agenda.
    Grass roots is one thing, but major party speakers is another, and what is best for the cause is everything, still do not know what the hidden agenda is, and do not care, all it is doing is creating more separatism we do not need in the fight for our countries future

  17. Matt Sydney

    I don’t think Tony Abbott should speak at the Sydney Rally because he is a hypocrite. Why don’t they just tell the truth about climate change and stop pandering to the leftards who believe all this CRAP.

    We now have turncoat Abbott proposing some deal with the farmers about carbon sequestration in the soil and wasting taxpayers money to pay off the farmers. I don’t want to pay more taxes to bludging farmers or big business.

    The climate change industry is a ripoff and we need a new political party if the Liberals don’t want to stop this garbage. This is where Laxelle comes into the picture as we need someone to stand up the cow and stop this crap now.

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